Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra hands-on

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Samsung announced its latest flagship phones, the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra. The camera system is the big, new thing, plus a 120Hz screen. Dieter Bohn goes hands-on with the new phones, their wild zoom lenses, and more. They’ll be available March 6th with prices ranging from $999.99 to $1,599.99, and with preorders beginning February 21st.
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Commentaires 80
The Verge
The Verge Il y a mois
What feature on the S20 interests you the most?
Mihai Palade
Mihai Palade Il y a 19 jours
S20 doesn't start at 12gb of ram, is 8gb
QUIETSTORM1323 Il y a 28 jours
Samsung A70. This is a pass.
airupthur ML23
airupthur ML23 Il y a mois
The camera is beast!
Louisville Il y a mois
The 120hz display is what I'm interested in I'm using pixel 4xl and the 90hz is very smooth and snappy I wonder if it's a big difference
Ilya Nemtsev
Ilya Nemtsev Il y a mois
120hz screen and 240hz touch refresh rate
Nicholas Akinola-Ajayi
Nicholas Akinola-Ajayi Il y a 8 jours
Galaxy s20
Ps3gamerlol 14
Ps3gamerlol 14 Il y a 14 jours
Bro I just got this phone Imma get it when I’m ungrounded just want to see how good it is
Dhillon Saab
Dhillon Saab Il y a 15 jours
I m facing problem on my ultra 20. On whats app when some call me they can't hear me but wen I call them we hear each other. Its with all callers . Anyone who can help me to resolve this issue .thanks
David Karlsson
David Karlsson Il y a 18 jours
how do i turn on 4.3 ratio i dont have it
Soban Faiz
Soban Faiz Il y a 19 jours
He is a perfect representation of an apple user trying to use an Andriod phone
saucyheels Il y a 20 jours
It only to 30× zoom
Ezra is yes
Ezra is yes Il y a 21 jour
S29 =2020
となりのペドロ Il y a 23 jours
I'm watching this on my S20 Ultra
Aeonian H
Aeonian H Il y a 23 jours
Lol i just saw your gaming video
DIANA M Il y a 23 jours
For theses prices tag's they better be worth the money. I think price is too high but hopefully again they better be worth it
ex Il y a 24 jours
I saw on the website that you can get it for 400 if you trade in any samsung device. Is this true or does it work a different way?
Chris Festini
Chris Festini Il y a 24 jours
I'll just wait 6 months and get for free haha
Adrian G
Adrian G Il y a 26 jours
Stupid question but would my S9 be considered out of date?
Aniv Khawaunju
Aniv Khawaunju Il y a 29 jours
I wanna know the camera zoom for the regular s20 and s20+ especially the 10x zoom
khrom Il y a 29 jours
If you're fine with 8GB Ram and 4G LTE only you can buy the international unlocked models on ebay right now for significantly cheaper.
William Tabaro
William Tabaro Il y a mois
win s20 pro or ultra from Mrwhosetheboss @t
That'sSoBrittany Il y a mois
Wonder if the phone will come with a jack to alter the charger port for those of us who still have aux cords in our cars?
I wish You well
I wish You well Il y a mois
Subscribed. Need your good info. Thanks.
Bryan Thompson
Bryan Thompson Il y a mois
Can you test gaming?
David Martrano
David Martrano Il y a mois
If I had to chose, the base model would do me, Why? The form factor, the 6.2in display. Normally I'm a plus guy but the size, 6.7 or 6.9 are out of the mix, their just too big? The 6.2 would be perfect for my uses!
CesAlvz Il y a mois
iPhone 11 Pro looking dated in comparison with its thicker bezels, chin and notch
Ross Il y a mois
Doesn't make sense to me the S20 plus having the exact same cameras as the S20. Surely it should be somewhere in between both?
maxroman2010 Il y a mois
Now that s9+ costs 250 bucks, I am thinking of getting it 🤣)) while rich kids (a lot of the time aren’t appreciating their lives) are thinking which over 1000 dollars phone to buy
maxroman2010 Il y a mois
They aren’t all contenders... only the ultra is the contender for the best flagship. 🤦‍♂️ all others are just regular phones.. 🤣 like iPhone 11 is good phone, but... it is not “the best flagship”.
Tyebrea Battle
Tyebrea Battle Il y a mois
do they have expandable storage ?
boxertest Il y a mois
16 gb of ram on a phone..................
AR Il y a mois
Still has chins in 2020, wow
FullAttach Il y a mois
Sounds like a 12mp phone with subpar sub-divided pixels.
Kemari Gooden
Kemari Gooden Il y a mois
i love everything about the s20 except the price
Erwin Rommel
Erwin Rommel Il y a mois
David Francisc
David Francisc Il y a mois
Everybody on 5g!!! Come one guys the technology is not yet accurate, is not tested full capacity and the test were made give low results not even up to 500mb constantly !!! My opinion stick to s10,10plus,note10. Keep the money for holidays and wait another 1-2 years before invest over 1000£ in a phone !!! When 5g actually start working i mean really working then you will realise that what is on the phone now is just commercial and advertise . Thanks.
William Mackay
William Mackay Il y a mois
Interesting question here is S20 Ultra or Z Fold. I know which one I’d pick.
Naman Popat
Naman Popat Il y a mois
Apple doesn't really seem that bad now,does it? 999$ starting price,what were they thinking
PROJECT Owl Il y a mois
Is Huawei p30 Pro better in regards to camera specs?
Raghuram Somanchi
Raghuram Somanchi Il y a mois
Sir please explain how the 12 Mega pixels cameras on S20 and S20 +are superior to the 64 Mega Pixels camera on Samsung A71? Is it a downgrade or an upgrade? I am unable to understand.. 😃
Eric Yeung
Eric Yeung Il y a mois
Chaika Gaz
Chaika Gaz Il y a mois
Who else is skipping s20 and waiting for note 20? It will probably be s20 with a pen.
MeesNaguMuiste Il y a mois
Does S20 suffers PWM screen flicker issue as previous generations?
HamzahK Il y a mois
Dieter needs to make a video together with MKBHD
s diggly
s diggly Il y a mois
Disulfur monoxide
Robert Marcus
Robert Marcus Il y a mois
I'm so sad about that you get the s20 series in europe only with the exynos 990 processor and not with the snapdragon 865😪
Huỳnh Duy
Huỳnh Duy Il y a mois
I see u more times than the phone in this video. We need to see the phone
Alexander Sokolov
Alexander Sokolov Il y a mois
All the Apple 1000$ phone haters suddenly vanished from comment sections over last 2 years...
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez Il y a mois
I don't see how this is better than the OnePlus 7 Pro. I'd much rather have that compared to this.
Oxi Clean
Oxi Clean Il y a mois
Why does he talk so damn fast? 5:56 What does he mean by milli meter wave? What is all this nerd language? Not everybody is gonna know what youre talking about bro. And why is the background music always so loud in verge videos???
Timo Genzen
Timo Genzen Il y a mois
Music = too loud
MGR 99
MGR 99 Il y a mois
16GB of RAM 512GB SSD $1600 Is that my laptop? Oh, no, it's a phone, like holy hell.
GK M Il y a mois
India 4g version 8 GB ram 128 GB
Julian Rollinson
Julian Rollinson Il y a mois
I got the s10+ instead of another high spec phone soley because it has a 3.5mm aux audio jack- I shall wait until until samsung finally comes around and they release another one.. in like.. 4 years
Shubham Tripathi
Shubham Tripathi Il y a mois
If the next iPhone had specs like these, tech reviewers would be salivating. But since its an S20, all you can say is, "it's a lot of specs"..
Raul M
Raul M Il y a mois
I don’t think these phones or any phones for the matter should cost more than $1000..
Tania Juarez Hernandez
checking in my pocket....nope just remembering that I don't work 😂😂😭
Callum Oorandom
Callum Oorandom Il y a mois
Much as I love these phones the prices are just disgustingly high. Would never pay anymore than £700 myself. Even though I love a great camera set up.
Poonam Gupta
Poonam Gupta Il y a mois
Does s20 ultra have edge yes or not
Tooth andNail
Tooth andNail Il y a mois
rjdraper205 Il y a mois
7.0 inch phone
dexterter Il y a mois
Single shot feature looks pretty neat
Santiago Il y a mois
Prefer to pay less than half price to get Xiaomi 10 or almost same price for an iPhone.
David Faiheng
David Faiheng Il y a mois
That Camera has a phone in it...
Watching E
Watching E Il y a mois
I want this phone but it cost 😞
GK M Il y a mois
I ordered
BigMackhan Il y a mois
They have and know the technology but they don't use it ?I think it's a universal expression. Anyway the industry is like any other animal they want to take advantage not necessarily be used like a beach. Be used or get a beach. 😆
Shantanu Singh
Shantanu Singh Il y a mois
I loved this video A LOT
X YZ Il y a mois
Interested in the S20+ but in the UK only the 128GB version is available for pre-order. If I’m spending that much on a phone I want 512GB. It made me consider the cheaper S10+ 512GB but I hate the larger selfie cam cut out.
rotane Il y a mois
Man the background music is obnoxiously loud in this video…
YouTube Zone
YouTube Zone Il y a mois
Samsung : I am the best camera phone Camera : Am i a joke to you ???
calmyCB Il y a mois
why do we need that much cameras..
mtm CEPAT Il y a mois
I still use my Nokia 6.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Il y a mois
Man there's a lot of commwnts in this video and A lot of highlight "Alot"
Pharaoh Bz-Nine
Pharaoh Bz-Nine Il y a mois
I'm rocking a note 8 and honestly think the ultra would be a great step up but I know my note is fine. I dont want for anything. Just got to appreciate what you have and understand that you dont need the current phone every year.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Il y a mois
So glad these big companies are raising the prices like they are crazy. This is only helping smaller companies that are almost as good.
Dark Star
Dark Star Il y a mois
you guys are just the best! 😘 i will go with the ultra in grey 'coz yolo 🤣
pinky1900's Il y a mois
Still working with my horrible Note 10 battery. Finish an 8 hr work day and end with 25% you are eating dinner while the phone is charging.
Hamza Malik
Hamza Malik Il y a mois
S20 Vs ultra please. I wanna know battery life differences and if the different camera setups actually have a big difference.
M E Il y a mois
I wonder who these expensive phones are supposed to be marketed to?
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Il y a mois
much different.
xavierrobinson55 Il y a mois
Ever since you mentioned that it doesn't have an audio Jack I am no longer excited for this phone.
xavierrobinson55 Il y a mois
@niduoe stre I still have a Galaxy s8. I don't need to upgrade, I just thought maybe I should because the phone looks cool.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Il y a mois
I want the ultra but ima wait a bit till it gets a lil cheaper. I feel like getting the s20 and s20+ is a waste of money cause I already have the S10+ and I don't feel like it will be that
Robert Adams
Robert Adams Il y a mois
A high amount of Ram and a 108MP camera and 100X Zoom feature that's a horrible gimmick isn't " Alot" of specs. 3 is only a few.
Joao Roman
Joao Roman Il y a mois
Why someone who reviews a galaxy uses an Apple Watch? It’s like, the review looses credibility
Daniela Pacheco
Daniela Pacheco Il y a mois
No headphone jack me no like
Louie Fajardo
Louie Fajardo Il y a mois
922k Views? Wow!
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Il y a mois
Remember the time when Samsung was much cheaper than Apple?
L Willoughby
L Willoughby Il y a mois
Upgrading my Note 8 into a pink S20 asap!
Roy Martin
Roy Martin Il y a mois
nice phone but way to much in price . think I will stick to my s10+
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Il y a mois
I honestly wouldn't even use 50% of the phones features yet XD
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