Rush Exit...Stage Left 1982

Phil Hughes
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Exit... Stage Left was filmed March 27, 1981, at the Montreal Forum, in Montreal, Quebec




23 avril 2018




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LlamaKing 98
LlamaKing 98 Il y a an
Limelight 2:26 Tom Sawyer 7:03 The Trees 12:00 Xanadu 16:28 Red Barchetta 29:15 Freewill 36:08 Closer to the Heart 41:57 YYZ 45:13 By-Tor and the Snow Dog 46:45 In the End 50:50 In the Mood 52:33 2112 54:38 YYZ (credits) 56:49
Anti Murphy
Anti Murphy Il y a mois
The perfect set list!
Jahknee Provo
Jahknee Provo Il y a mois
@Daniel Shea right on, man. Same here. I love this era and vibe and look, though my 1st show was G.U.P. in Providence, RI.
Robert Videc
Robert Videc Il y a mois
@Daniel Shea Same here! GUP my first Rush show and saw them every tour right up to R40.....35 shows. RIP Neil.
Trav D.
Trav D. Il y a mois
Found a longer set list from the same tour. The audio sounds great considering the age of this show.
Marcos H. Ary
Marcos H. Ary Il y a mois
Thank you
James Stewart
James Stewart Il y a 4 jours
Songs with substance there isn't realy any collection of albums better the Rush trio. Bootle boy.
Son of Elohim
Son of Elohim Il y a 6 jours
I was a black male growing up in central Pennsylvania I was in to rock all my growing up years and it was my first girlfriend's little brother who turned me on to Rush, their sound us unique and I love the storylines of the songs, I listened so much I figured out some of Geddy's bass lines and Alex's guitar riffs on my own....
Clay Moore
Clay Moore Il y a 10 jours
Rush is my fav band of all time most talented 3 man band of all time. But did anyone hear Alex miss that note at 25:10 and him look at Geddy😂
John Doe
John Doe Il y a 11 jours
The band was absolutely at the top of their game live in the 1980s. They had all matured as players, began to understand songwriting, and still experimented constantly. Rush were easily the greatest live band of the 1980s, and one of the better ones of the 1990s too.
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia Il y a 11 jours
18:30 reminds me of John pettruci in intro to live version of trial of tears... defiant see Alex’s influence on him
Tony Scott Blazer Anthony Noble
Timeless. Im amazed , no matter what im doing when Rush is playing on the radio, cassette or CD player it basically stops me in my tracks. In Grade school i was enamored with their sound. It was mesmerizing. Anyway, my thoughts and prayers goes out to Rush the living members. And of course Neil P. We love Rush and their love of their fans. Legends
Donald Dodds
Donald Dodds Il y a 16 jours
Now I know all too well how Elvis's death and Jon Lennon's Murder deeply impacted people.....I have never gotten over Eric Carr's tragic death..But Neil's death has really hit me hard...Not just because he was a phenomenal Drummer but an amazing Lyricist and quite the Philosopher ...Canada has lost a Musical Icon.. I am still thinking back to that November 1982 Evening at Maple Leaf Gardens when I not only experienced RUSH in concert for the first time but my very first Rock Concert in General.....GODSPEED NEIL..YOU ARE NOW REUNITED WITH JACKIE AND SELENA IN HEAVEN
Julio Cervantes
Julio Cervantes Il y a 19 jours
2020 IM HERE!!
Craig Graham
Craig Graham Il y a 20 jours
420th comment
Martin Benoit
Martin Benoit Il y a 22 jours
Getty lee at its best (vocally)
alex ubillus
alex ubillus Il y a 23 jours
All Neil Peart fans...go to 49:48 into this video and watch for a few minutes to see Neil at his Peak!!!!!!
alex ubillus
alex ubillus Il y a 23 jours
RIP Neil....There will never be another group as synergistic as Rush....and Neil was and always will be in my mind the best rock drummer of our epoch!
Ryan P
Ryan P Il y a 24 jours
Something that gets overlooked is Geddy's voice....always seemed like an good old buddy's voice...that was special about their music, too.
antonella burnham
antonella burnham Il y a 24 jours
Stephen Mackie
Stephen Mackie Il y a 24 jours
This was the first record album I bought when I was much younger! Thanks for putting this up!
Richard Smith
Richard Smith Il y a 24 jours
I Love Geddy's voice then.
Son Of Life
Son Of Life Il y a 27 jours
Fun Fact: The Camera Eye was the first to be written for Moving Pictures.
Patrick Butler
Patrick Butler Il y a 27 jours
a band at its peak
R.TizzleTheTVShowGuy Il y a 27 jours
36:27 His alien voice sounded more invasion
Ed M
Ed M Il y a 29 jours
Every band has its “peak”....IMHO this was theirs. Unbelievable!!!! 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 Does anyone realize that it’s Neil that is providing the anecdotes between the songs??!!!!!
Rafael Cárdenas
Rafael Cárdenas Il y a mois
YYZ drum solo is my favourite onevof all times. Never heard again a drummer actually singing, telling, communicating so much and so beautiful with his drumset. Inigualable Neil.
mountain bear
mountain bear Il y a mois
My mom bought this tape for me when it came out and I was 12. I had asked for the album with "Tom Sawyer" on it, expecting Moving Pictures, and this is what I got for Christmas in 1981. I wore this thing out on headphones and my Sony Walkman. RIP, mom.
Bullens Blue Boy
Bullens Blue Boy Il y a mois
Simply THE BEST drummer this planet has ever seen... and possibly ever will. Exit stage … Heavenwards.
amerocker Il y a mois
Who's here just because their concert is awesome?
RenotS Il y a mois
No YYZ why no YYZ
Roger Cardenas
Roger Cardenas Il y a mois
I remember first seeing this on a t.v. show called night flight on the USA network back in the 80's RUSH rules!!!!!!!!!
simonvolt Il y a mois
50:10 Insane Peart !
Mr. Logic Pants
Mr. Logic Pants Il y a mois
There will NEVER be a band like Rush again. I love Dream Theater but they are not Rush. You legacy will live on in my life forever Neil. Thanks for all you gave us.
MSGsteve Il y a mois
this performance is the definition of timeless excellence. the replay value, out of ten, scores an outstanding one-hundred.
Vegetable Television
Fun fact: I account for at least 100 views
Kedbuka Il y a mois
Like everyone else I came back here because of Neil's passing. RUSH was such a big part of my young adulthood. I love them for that. Great band.
M D Il y a mois
His voice was amazing.
Lavish D.
Lavish D. Il y a mois
Wow - this brought back alot of memories - Rest in peace tha Professer !!!!
bigalbowski78 Il y a mois
Is there a better song than red Barchetta? RIP mr Peart.
Johnathan Cross
Johnathan Cross Il y a mois
R.I.P Neil Peart you brilliant amazing wonderful god of the drums. The greatest 3 piece band ever!!!!
Eric O'Brien
Eric O'Brien Il y a mois
The thought of Rush never playing again is almost too hard to bare.
Clay Moore
Clay Moore Il y a 10 jours
I’m only 23 and just discovered their music last year. My fav band of all time
Eric O'Brien
Eric O'Brien Il y a 29 jours
@Lacey Meisinger My first Rush experience was listening to 96 Rock in Atlanta one night in 1981. When suddenly Tom Sawyer came on the radio, and the world stopped for me. Rush has been in and out of my life for a long time. But they were always one of my favorite bands, for so many reasons. It is sad to think they are no more.
Lacey Meisinger
Lacey Meisinger Il y a 29 jours
I remember listening to Rush in the 70s on way to school R.I.P. Neil You are the Best
Rick Brummell
Rick Brummell Il y a mois
Rush should continue with another brother...I know a couple that can~
BARRY BAILEY Il y a mois
Heavy prog rock at its best not to mention the greatest drummer of all time!
tad casper
tad casper Il y a mois
went to this concert in salt lake city with my sister.
David Marley
David Marley Il y a mois
This band. Can't believe this actually happened.
Richard Haney
Richard Haney Il y a mois
Not only how bad ass Neil was but the man had a ear for good sounding gear. I picked up drumming due to this man
Nefty 1977
Nefty 1977 Il y a mois
Man...the LOSS. RIP Neil.
mark maddalla
mark maddalla Il y a mois
More than a rock drummer. Beautiful soul and a kind and caring man. He`ll be missed.
stridera91 Il y a mois
RIP Neil. All three masters of execution. Geddy’s vocals also sounded great - effortless.
Nick Graff
Nick Graff Il y a mois
I look at it very simply, Neil could do what Bonham , Moon and Baker could, they can't do what Neil did...RIP GOAT
Stephen Watt
Stephen Watt Il y a mois
This album was the first time I ever heard Rush, about 5 years after it was released. Being a young would-be drummer, I was immediately blown away by Neil's playing and the quality of the music. I was instantly a massive fan of both the band and Neil in particular - It was the best drumming I had ever heard. It is a real shock to hear of his passing. I'm gonna be listening to a lot of Rush and I appreciate it even more, knowing that something I've taken for granted is no longer here. A true inspiration, for me and countless others. Rest in peace Mr Peart.
fFinga Il y a mois
I'm so sad, I grew up with Neil Peart in my ears the whole time.
Wahfreak Il y a mois
I don’t understand it. This has never, ever happened to me. I feel like a piece of me died....I can’t explain it, and I don’t like it. Thank you for all the music of my early years. Thank you for being humble members of a single unit. Thank you for being life long friends. Thank you for not being strung out, self absorbed junkies. Thank you for being an example to me. Thank you for being unique. Thank you for being incredible, inspiring musicians! I will never stop listening.
Tommy D
Tommy D Il y a 5 jours
Hey my Friends...... I felt the same way when Keith Emerson died a few yrs back. Still haven't gotten over it and not sure I ever will. Bless you all!!!!
Jeffrey Sykes
Jeffrey Sykes Il y a 16 jours
I feel the same. I'm 49. Never felt such depth of loss after the passing of someone not related to me. I loved and admired him, as did all the people I looked up to. He was such a special person.
Robert Ghanem
Robert Ghanem Il y a mois
Dagger G Blue
Dagger G Blue Il y a mois
@PillCosby They might have tried to come take it. They failed. This is immortal level musicianship, the likes our lifetimes will never see again. We are lucky to have lived in this lifetime, if for no other purpose that to bear witness to what true mastery, at it's absolute pinnacle, looks like. "They" took nothing from us. What we have is intangible, and was almost free.
PillCosby Il y a mois
Same. Of the rock stars who passed recently, this felt like they came into my room and took one of mine. Too close!
Lyndon Dow
Lyndon Dow Il y a mois
Thank you Neil Peart.
Geetar Bear
Geetar Bear Il y a mois
I can honestly say if I could go back in time and see one concert...this would be it!
Anduril Il y a mois
This album changed my life.
Karl Powys Fadog
Karl Powys Fadog Il y a mois
I seen Rush on this Tour. Deeside Leisure Centre, North Wales. Diolch Neil Peart.
RikMan1025 Il y a mois
This is not ok.. a friend I’ve never met is gone and it’s hit me more than I ever thought.. 🙏
Clayton Stringman
Clayton Stringman Il y a mois
This has always been one of my favorite live concerts on film. RIP Neil
Twenty6 Il y a mois
Such a sound by a three piece band!!!
James F
James F Il y a mois
RUSH - The band that never let you down
Angelaina Marie
Angelaina Marie Il y a mois
I just didn't expect to have a hard time listening to Rush, ever in my life. But, it's hard when you can't sing along because you're crying. R.I.P Neil. A true genius in every aspect of his artistry.
tommybass40 Il y a mois
I saw Rush in ‘82 and ‘83 and in those glory days concerts were EPIC EVENTS....and held up our Bic lighters, no gotdarn cell phones!!! RIP Neil Peart!
The Matt
The Matt Il y a mois
I’m getting misty-eyed at work dude - RIP Neil Peart.
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