Riverdale has completely lost its mind...

Alex Meyers
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Riverdale Season 4 Animated Reaction
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how is Riverdale still on tv...
Riverdale: The Musical
how is Riverdale a real show
Riverdale Season 4 is a mess...

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11 févr. 2020




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Commentaires 100
Ridhima Gohiya
Ridhima Gohiya Il y a 2 jours
imagine if aliens invaded the earth and this was the only proof of humans ever existing- they'd probably leave in 5 seconds flat
akshath sri
akshath sri Il y a 3 jours
how did u watch it from stremio?
something ok
something ok Il y a 3 jours
Okay but when he explains river dale it doesn’t sound that bad.
Blue Coco
Blue Coco Il y a 6 jours
Money tastes like a thousand people's fingers Bruh 😂😂😂
Robert Burdett
Robert Burdett Il y a 9 jours
There was also a story about a guy trying to turn lead into gold and it was real very and now a days we can using lots of equipment we can make gold from lead I heard but I’m just some guy on the Internet you don’t have to trust me but I heard someone that I think is believable.
GalactoFlame Il y a 12 jours
Stonewall was the name of the high school Harry Potter was supposed to go to LMAO
Blessing Danduri
Blessing Danduri Il y a 13 jours
Veronica's dad is probably not her dad
Elhison M
Elhison M Il y a 18 jours
That "cheerleading" routine with Cheryl was super cringy and awkward 😬
James Robinson
James Robinson Il y a 19 jours
Time jump
Namrata Varma
Namrata Varma Il y a 25 jours
Cease and DESSISSIST???!?!?! 😹😹😹😹😹😹
Kat Likes Cats
Kat Likes Cats Il y a 26 jours
The most unrealistic part about this show is that Brett would’ve absolutely called Jughead “Foreskin” not Forsythe
Carmen C
Carmen C Il y a mois
*Veronica and her father have fought for so long I literally forgot what they were fighting for.*
Carmen C
Carmen C Il y a mois
Remember when Archie actually had a point in this show?? Me neither.
Carmen C
Carmen C Il y a mois
I really want to know wtf happened to riverdale. Like everything was fine in season one. And season two was bad but not that bad. But then seasons 3 and 4 went 📉📉📉📉
Tom LaPrise
Tom LaPrise Il y a mois
Lucy Dreaming
Lucy Dreaming Il y a mois
Akira Thorson
Akira Thorson Il y a mois
Eti D'Amico
Eti D'Amico Il y a mois
I agree with most of your stuff, but I LOVE AND WORSHIP Riverdale.
Aves aryanna
Aves aryanna Il y a mois
guys, i don’t think he likes riverdale
Horses are Life
Horses are Life Il y a mois
Watch riverdale at 6am it’s interesting to say the least
Beyonce Ygnace
Beyonce Ygnace Il y a mois
I've watched Riverdale and I haven't seen these parts
Scotti Brown
Scotti Brown Il y a mois
Maybe Season 5 might include a time jump???
Ghost Il y a mois
Why is Katy Keene so nice I mean wasn't Veronica supposed to be like a mean girl or something.
Juul x
Juul x Il y a 2 mois
1:38 Ain't that the dude who assaulted Theo in CAOS?
sweater weather
sweater weather Il y a 2 mois
“girls some steal from claire’s” boy...the memories that came through my mind
Chelsea Il y a 2 mois
Sebastian Smythe was my favorite character on Glee. He was awful. He actually reminds me a lot of Brett and yet I freaking hated Brett but I am still in love with Sebastian Smythe so there's a couple things I really don't understand.
Spider - Comix
Spider - Comix Il y a 2 mois
Someone is trying to make piss into gold?! *messed up*
Adele Aslan
Adele Aslan Il y a 2 mois
Did you guys ever play that game where you sit in a circle with your friends and you say a bunch of random words to make a story? I feel like the writers played while they were high
Everything Dibs
Everything Dibs Il y a 2 mois
I’m a huge fan of sam witwer as maul in clone wars and am actually physically ashamed that he was on riverdale.
Rosa del Milagro Reyes Matos
I in season five Archie’s mom is gonna die and then they’re going to bring back his uncle because Archie’s about to go to an orphanage or something
smithi veepuri
smithi veepuri Il y a 2 mois
It feels like Riverdale writers literally write the story and script a night before they shoot the episodes and that too by 10 year old..come on seriously who even watches this show...... . I do 😅 because I am NOT A QUITTER 😕😂
BatmanFan 76 Channel 2
6:39 Hello Daddy, Hello Mom!
Madeline Rappold
Madeline Rappold Il y a 2 mois
The whole show could be over if all they just I dunno MOVED AWAY
LENNY! Il y a 2 mois
Gosh I've never watched Riverdale but I've watched plenty of these Riverdale is a mess videos and I can already tell it's such a garbage TV Show poor Alex who has to waste his time watching these garbage TV shows.
StrekozkaPlays Il y a 3 mois
Wow! That t-shirt company is impressive af!
jessica ayala
jessica ayala Il y a 3 mois
Maya Rivers
Maya Rivers Il y a 3 mois
I stopped watching Riverdale halfway through season 2 so.............. I don’t know what’s happening
If i'm being honest
If i'm being honest Il y a 3 mois
I wish i could checkmate my way out of life like jughead did with that game of chess
Dream Xrbby
Dream Xrbby Il y a 3 mois
Remember when riverdale was actually nice , yeah
Drixi Il y a 3 mois
I seriously need this video so much! Like I feel crazy when I watch this show. The tickling thing? What the actual fuck! You're reactions are so necessary
The JJ Show with S & S
This is how season 5 might go (according to Madeline Petsch who plays Cheryl): Season 5 will be set 5 years later so when the characters will be 24-25 and done with collage. T
AhahNo Il y a 3 mois
How dare Cheryl ruin the best song ever, Cherry Bomb
jo Il y a 3 mois
This is the only episode I've ever seen and hopefully it will stay that way
Kool Kat
Kool Kat Il y a 3 mois
According to Madelaine Pestch (Cheryl), season 5 will be 5 years into the future.
Layth Il y a 3 mois
6:37 when I saw that started laughing. Like wtf? No one does that at a school dance or cheerleading at a game 😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ And what the hell is up with that tickling stuff, it was so weird What kind of 17 year old runs a rum business is that even legal? And what kind of father-daughter relationship is that? They are fighting each other about business and through the law
Garrett Cassidy
Garrett Cassidy Il y a 3 mois
Hiram: *Is there* Veronica: 6:39
Rishae Gray
Rishae Gray Il y a 3 mois
Jughead looks so cute in the thumbnail
Zama Ngcobo
Zama Ngcobo Il y a 4 mois
Veronica has a crush on her dad
Rishae Gray
Rishae Gray Il y a 4 mois
jughead looks so cute in the thumbnail
Clayton Luxenburg
Clayton Luxenburg Il y a 4 mois
everytime he has a chance he talks about the two moms fighting with tmnt weapons
Cipher Skies
Cipher Skies Il y a 4 mois
6:55 I’m crying. Actually crying. WHO WROTE THIS OMFG
NJGuy1973 Il y a 4 mois
According to the Riverdale wiki, Bret's full name is Bret Weston Wallis. No, really.
Chloe Cameron
Chloe Cameron Il y a 4 mois
So fun fact: this isn’t my first time watching
Madeleine Chamberlain
Madeleine Chamberlain Il y a 4 mois
Please do a video on the movie scales mermaid's are real
Jay L.
Jay L. Il y a 4 mois
Could you please mention the episodes you talk about in the descriptions of the videos? I like to watch these as I watch them. You're the reason I still watch Riverdale. I watch it when it comes out on Netflix so I get the whole season at once.
Jay L.
Jay L. Il y a 4 mois
@Izi Ayee! :D
Izi Il y a 4 mois
Literally same here!
Jesus Pinillo
Jesus Pinillo Il y a 4 mois
RIP Darth maul aka Galen mavrick
Kiki Essilfie
Kiki Essilfie Il y a 4 mois
Katy Keene is amazing
Cosmic Activity
Cosmic Activity Il y a 4 mois
1:30 yoo he’s from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Analiese Rea
Analiese Rea Il y a 4 mois
So we aren't discussing that Nancy Drew's name has been used since season 1 but all of a sudden its Tracy True?
Liliane Nahon
Liliane Nahon Il y a 4 mois
2:13 " ne'er-do-well " just in case you where wondering
Caitlyn Camp
Caitlyn Camp Il y a 4 mois
Every time he says Devils Tango I just die, idk why.
Edgar Vargas
Edgar Vargas Il y a 4 mois
Whenever you bring up Mr. Chipping we need to see him jumping out the window at least once lol
Daniela Ruggiero
Daniela Ruggiero Il y a 4 mois
I stoped watching the show and started to watch your videos
Colette Groenewald
Colette Groenewald Il y a 4 mois
This was 3 days after my birth day Rip me
Marcus Gadsden
Marcus Gadsden Il y a 4 mois
Cheryl: hEllO dadDy Jughead, Archie, Betty, Veronica and whoever else cares: I mean, if you like it
• Night • Lover •
I really refuse to watch Riverdale 😂 i have standards
Aaliyah Maywald
Aaliyah Maywald Il y a 4 mois
It was great in season 1 and 2 but 3 and 4 went downhill for me 😬😬
Mariana T
Mariana T Il y a 4 mois
Kaya Olwit
Kaya Olwit Il y a 5 mois
I have only watched this...I gave up on Riverdale on season 2 .... Now I just watch Alex meyers videos and I get even more confused
Joshua Deputy
Joshua Deputy Il y a 5 mois
I stopped watching after the red hood arc cause it started it get bad like it sucked
*hufflepuffs are particularly good finders*
1:30 this whole scene had a big Mean Girls vibe to it. I don’t know how to explain it. It just does😂
Maliyah Moreno
Maliyah Moreno Il y a 5 mois
did anyone else a sabrina cast member was in here, no just me okay
BroBastii Il y a 5 mois
You should do a video on Outer Banks
Beatriz Maia
Beatriz Maia Il y a 5 mois
Plz react to Beastars!!!!!!!! I know u don’t normally do anime’s but there is a first time for everything right??? Plz do Beastars!!!!! It’s like Zootopia on steroids!!!!
marilythe Il y a 5 mois
why are there so many hidden gangs and cults and why hasn't this whole town been arrested yet
Onaclov Il y a 5 mois
I started wheezing when he checked in on Cheryl
your local pasta enthusiast
I love how the actors hate it too at this point (and I am not surprised). I saw an interview where the cast, especially Lili and Cole, were nonchalantly roasting the show
Crystal Mathers
Crystal Mathers Il y a 5 mois
How do i find / get to see the season of Riverdale after season 3? Theres only 3 seasons on netflix and I would like to know where i can watch the rest of the season.
Freaky Cookies
Freaky Cookies Il y a 5 mois
Lul i stopped watching after the first season
starbeauty623 Il y a 5 mois
I literally only still watch it because the plot is funny at this point and I’m bored
Madison TM
Madison TM Il y a 5 mois
Honestly Riverdale is the most stupid and cringe he show there is but it makes me laugh and distract me from the bad things happening in life so I just watch it anyways LMAO
Lester Nsiah Asante
Lester Nsiah Asante Il y a 5 mois
Sometimes I forget that these guys are 15-16 year olds...
Nina Keijzer
Nina Keijzer Il y a 5 mois
I completely lost it when I saw Harry Styles, because same😂
Syaimma Alia
Syaimma Alia Il y a 5 mois
It's like Lucy Hale purposely trying to land herself shitty series and movies.
Hannah Saurer
Hannah Saurer Il y a 5 mois
I'm not saying I LOvE Riverdale but bro could you act? can you direct? can you sing? probably not cuz your voice is not very appealing. So stop hating and judging other things when you could never do them. People actually like some of these things and some may be very loved by some groups. It offends people when you make fun of what they like and embarrass them making them insecure and upset. Im sorry I don't wanna be mean but don't go and just be rude.
Robyn Retro
Robyn Retro Il y a 5 mois
I have watched every single episode and I love it as much as I hate it at this point. I like Alex’ videos. They’re poking fun at the absurdity of some of these storylines and I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers are playing into the controversy, they have to know some of this is hilariously batshit crazy. Don’t take it personal.
Marianna Ferry
Marianna Ferry Il y a 5 mois
Riverdale went from one of my favorites tv show to "wtf is this? I cant even keep on watching".
Ngozika Udeh
Ngozika Udeh Il y a 5 mois
Every time: Alex:Keats see what Cheryl is up to Cheryl:does something extremely questionable Alex:moving onnnn...
Regan Steves
Regan Steves Il y a 5 mois
i only watch this show to look at beautiful people doing cringey things. and thus remind me that we all have our demons
Jashan Sharma
Jashan Sharma Il y a 5 mois
Jashan Sharma
Jashan Sharma Il y a 5 mois
The Only Reason I SEE RIVERDALE is basically of Bughead
ENchanted Il y a 5 mois
Congrats on 2 million subs
grumblefalls Il y a 5 mois
SPOILER WARNING (i mean c'mon though) As I recall: when Archie turns up at Stonewall, he and Bret actually fight right? Like Archie punches and Bret throws one back (not throws it back, though that would be far more entertaining). BUT, when Bret and Jughead have their little squabbles at the end of the season Bret punches Jughead, and when Jughead hits back, he absolutlely SPINS that motherfucker and Bret is out, however Archie is suppossed to be the one that plays football and "fought a bear". How the fuck does Bitch Boy Number 1 Bret manage to survive a single game of football? I would make a joke about oOh WhErE hAs LoGiC gOnE but that shit left a loooong time ago.
Lee Estibeiro
Lee Estibeiro Il y a 5 mois
7:19 One LITTLE BIG problem😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #alexmeyers#charliemeetspumpkin#alexmeyersanimation#riverdaleisamess
Melannie _
Melannie _ Il y a 5 mois
It’s funnier knowing that there’s people that watch Riverdale unironically
Mia Malone
Mia Malone Il y a 5 mois
I have a question....WHERE IS THIS ALL LEADING TO???
Elizabeth Il y a 5 mois
wait so when does jughead die
Annie H.
Annie H. Il y a 5 mois
Wow! Riverdale has great actors, a good soundtrack, great props and sets, brilliant makeup team, great lightning, fantastic shots, amazing costumes and more! And it’s all set in 1950s America based on one of the worlds best selling comics that tells the story of a picture perfect town with underlying dark secrets of social and political corruption/injustice with its own Twin Peaks spin! Sign me up Nothing can go wrong! The writers of Riverdale: I am about to end EVERYONE’S career!
Dog Lover 101
Dog Lover 101 Il y a 6 mois
Riverdale Writers: how utterly ridiculous are we going to make the plot this time Season 5: Yes
Gatomon Sophie
Gatomon Sophie Il y a 6 mois
My friend: so what do you think about riverdale so far? Me after watching this video: problematic like digimon adventure tri. So confusing. My Friend: ...
Danny Tsai
Danny Tsai Il y a 6 mois
6:39 When you finally get back home after 4 years of college but also super horny at the same time