Revolt Voice Reveal!? Kappa (VRChat Stream Highlights ft. Thamriyell)

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Welcome back to a new video c:
Today's video was part of a Subathon reward that consisted in having Thamriyell as my voice for an entire stream. That meant that I wasn't able to use any marker whatsoever or reply to anyone but Tham. It was a super fun day and I laughed a lot, I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I did, in case you missed it!
Make sure to check out Thamriyell's channel, he also edited this video:
I hope you all enjoy this video and hopefully will make you smile, thank you all so much for all the support, make sure to follow me on my other socials as well such as joining my discord server to stay updated ♡:

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7 oct. 2019




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Revolt Il y a mois
I hope you guys like it and have a laugh with this different format than our usual, something new c: Enjoy! ♥ Also to clarify, in the description there is all the context needed to understand more about this video, so make sure to read it! ^^
Celestial Heart I know I’m just joking
Celestial Heart
Celestial Heart Il y a mois
@GREENFIRE PRODUCTIONS I really hope you're joking. It says it in like 5 places, and IN THE VIDEO. Descriptions are there for a reason.
Wait I’m really confused is Thamriyell revolt or is Thamriyell I’m vary confused
Celestial Heart
Celestial Heart Il y a mois
@Creeper_boy READ. PLEASE.
Alexander Arokiam
Alexander Arokiam Il y a mois
We've been tricked, we've been backstabbed and we've been quite possibly, bamboozled
Alexander Judd
Alexander Judd Il y a 15 jours
Love ur videos so much plz do another stream on yt when u can
Peter S.
Peter S. Il y a 18 jours
A L A logo. WTF???
Fearless GD
Fearless GD Il y a 24 jours
Russian attempts Italian
Criminal Action
Criminal Action Il y a 25 jours
It’s Thamriyell
Gama Active8
Gama Active8 Il y a 26 jours
My detective senses were tingling as your voice reminded me of Tham. Turns out it was, found him in the comments. I also don't know why this was in my reconditions. lol
Revolt Il y a 26 jours
That’s okay ^^
Gama Active8
Gama Active8 Il y a 26 jours
@Revolt I have terrible internet connection so I couldn't tell in the beginning. lol
Revolt Il y a 26 jours
Gama Active8 i mean, it’s also in the title, in the pinned comments and in the description, and also at the beginning of the video. So things are clear lol
Sarah Broken
Sarah Broken Il y a 27 jours
Why u sound like Tham? T^T
Justin C.
Justin C. Il y a 28 jours
Ayaya, i remember this. Best day for me Bigsis!! x3 -0ta
Crafty Gaming
Crafty Gaming Il y a 28 jours
Revolt's has exceeded my expectations, a potential trap
Scream Il y a mois
And subscribed! I wish I new about your channel sooner XD
Revolt Il y a 29 jours
Better sooner than later right? c: But welcome! Thank you for supporting me 💕
RealDomino VR
RealDomino VR Il y a mois
god damn it thamriyell XDDDD
Novagaming 76
Novagaming 76 Il y a mois
BRUUH he sounds like dema
Philip Christian Duca
Revolt Il y a mois
Philip Christian Duca yep I’m Italian ^^
Alcatraz MYC
Alcatraz MYC Il y a mois
Revolt Il y a mois
Alcatraz MYC it’s_a_Tham.mp4
Allison Roberts-Wolfe
i thought u were a girl ......WAIT IS THAMREYALL WITH YOU
Revolt Il y a mois
Dominic Schultz's
Dominic Schultz's Il y a mois
I think revolt had this planned with thamrieyl and the pineapple pizza gave it away sorry bro
Ricky Russell
Ricky Russell Il y a mois
You do look really cute Revolt. Love you.
Gavin Roper
Gavin Roper Il y a mois
Knew it was tham
Jamel George
Jamel George Il y a mois
Nat see boot see dali de solo.
Hanma Baki
Hanma Baki Il y a mois
Marco Uotinen
Marco Uotinen Il y a mois
Awesome video....
Shadow Lord
Shadow Lord Il y a mois
Lol it was tham cuz I immediately recognized the laugh lol busted you guys lol busted
Jose Vill
Jose Vill Il y a mois
Is the video of this stream still on your twitch? cant seem to find it T_T
Ao Il y a mois
I waif for your voice reveal, your voice so amazing dude
FxF Saranavii
FxF Saranavii Il y a mois
For those that don't know~ Yes it's tham talking as rev & to be clear it was apart of there subathon goal~ So NO this is not revs ACTUAL voice reveal. Please refer to the DESCRIPTION & THE TITLE Lol~
Crafty Gaming
Crafty Gaming Il y a 28 jours
Well no wonder!
Celestial Heart
Celestial Heart Il y a mois
But reading is h a r d. Oh wait... no it's not.
KillerMike_ Il y a mois
People are dumb not much you can really do ;3
Revolt Il y a mois
Thank you sis ;-;
HapitokP Il y a mois
Remember, this was also when you broke Saranavii, Rev XD
alpha king
alpha king Il y a mois
God damit tham i was ready for dat voice reveal xD
Anime Pasta
Anime Pasta Il y a mois
revolt: *talks* me: thamriyel clone??? *checks description* oh
Lathan Arbujo
Lathan Arbujo Il y a mois
I'm confused is this really your real voice or you just have a different person I need an answer please
Celestial Heart
Celestial Heart Il y a mois
"FT. Tham" - says it in the video - says it in the description. If you take two seconds to think, you wouldn't be that confused :)
KillerMike_ Il y a mois
Lmao bruh stop being lazy and read the description
Revolt Il y a mois
Please, I tried my best to leave hints all over. Just check the description. Gdi
Jimmy Summers Jr
Jimmy Summers Jr Il y a mois
I was triggered lol.😆
Robin DaBank
Robin DaBank Il y a mois
KillerMike_ Il y a mois
It is quite the bruh moment
Thamriyell VR
Thamriyell VR Il y a mois
Officially available to be every mute's voice and to mentally scar all your friends with confusion :^) please have payment in headpats and pineapple pizza UwU
Gama Active8
Gama Active8 Il y a 26 jours
Big OOF.
UndeadZorath Il y a mois
How many headpats and how much pizza cause I'm down xD
Gassed Games
Gassed Games Il y a mois
Would vodka do?
Celestial Heart
Celestial Heart Il y a mois
Poor Sara :(
JumpTheGamer Il y a mois
Magnifico Boopitty boppitty!
Foxy Sempai
Foxy Sempai Il y a mois
You sound like thameil
Celestial Heart
Celestial Heart Il y a mois
It's almost like it was Tham... like it says in multiple places!
KillerMike_ Il y a mois
That's because it was ;3
Welmet Il y a mois
I dont often laugh when i alone watching videos. But this made me crying 😂
Nicholas Berardi
Nicholas Berardi Il y a mois
what stream was this?
M Il y a mois
Dayum it
M Il y a mois
RedGamerKillz Il y a mois
This video would have been better on April fools
Pixelated Blue
Pixelated Blue Il y a mois
Ive been jebaited
KillerMike_ Il y a mois
Jebaited so hard lol
A Bird
A Bird Il y a mois
This is making my head hurt.
DarknessAkuma Il y a mois
Farrell Swain
Farrell Swain Il y a mois
This was a great laugh, been so long since I seen one of these videos again! Only this one has a slight twist from what I can see!
Hazna Il y a mois
Not gonna lie you got me in the first half
Shiraori Hiiro
Shiraori Hiiro Il y a mois
#littlemozzarella interesting nickname revolt ;3 this was quite an amusing stream highlight XD
『TS』 TERMINUS Il y a mois
( ^ω^) THAT GENIUS!!!(it’s still a great video like everyone
dragonxstreme Il y a mois
That was one of the best streams you did couldn't stop laughing 🤣
TheCoolShawn Il y a mois
I had feelings it was Tham
Revolt Il y a mois
I mean, it’s not that hidden anyways xD it’s literally in the title, in the description and on the first pinned comment. And Tham says that in the video too lol
Shawn Rice
Shawn Rice Il y a mois
Onee San yeah there no way revolt would never reveal him or her voice that just a joke
Onee San
Onee San Il y a mois
Ye because of the laugh and it sound like tham
Scorch Whirlwind
Scorch Whirlwind Il y a mois
that was a good stream, even tho i missed a majority of it.
Revolt Il y a mois
Scorch Whirlwind well that’s exactly why I want to have highlights of my streams on FRvid 💕
Matthew Kennedy
Matthew Kennedy Il y a mois
🤣👍Amazing!!!!! 👍
Inception 2442
Inception 2442 Il y a mois
Cringe cringe....
KillerMike_ Il y a mois
Yes I agree everyone on the internet is cringe.... including yourself :)
EnderBorn Il y a mois
saw this just now on twitter and was life imma check this out and bam dont play us like this man XD
zul is
zul is Il y a mois
Now you are famous revolt
Mathias Andreasen
Mathias Andreasen Il y a mois
I need more of this.
Okami Shasha
Okami Shasha Il y a mois
Oh they confused!!
Jérémi G.
Jérémi G. Il y a mois
im dead sheesh. didn't expect that
Maihime Tenkisam
Maihime Tenkisam Il y a mois
Josef The Erazor
Josef The Erazor Il y a mois
Kirito Kirigaya
Kirito Kirigaya Il y a mois
Wait... Revolt is Thamriyell?! Hold on... my pp is still processing all this.... *NANI?!*