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Revolt Trailer #1 (2017): Check out the new Revolt trailer starring Lee Pace, Bérénice Marlohe, and Amy Louise Wilson! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping @MovieclipsTrailers.
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In the war-ravaged African countryside, a U.S. soldier and a French foreign aid worker team up to survive a deadly alien onslaught.
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19 sept. 2017




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Commentaires 80
Federica Il y a 26 jours
here’s thranduil
NOODLE Il y a mois
WTF is the King of Mirkwood doing in here?
João Pedro
João Pedro Il y a mois
Fredi Rosas
Fredi Rosas Il y a mois
She's Arielle from the movie 5 to 7. Also a great movie.
Fã do Matuê
Fã do Matuê Il y a mois
nice dms guyz
VAL13C Il y a 2 mois
The abduction of humans resembles the movie Skyline .
l p
l p Il y a 2 mois
I felt the ending to be pointless all that adventure to just take down 1 of the ships.
Lordo Demons
Lordo Demons Il y a 2 mois
Thanks for spoiling 🤐
sudhanshu kumar
sudhanshu kumar Il y a 2 mois
Skynet revolt
Kenneth Mulaudzi
Kenneth Mulaudzi Il y a 3 mois
This is a good movie. However, I have one concern. This movie is acted in South Africa and they actors are saying they are in Kenya Nairobi, the car registration are for Keny. Why give credit to another country, instead of giving South Africa the credit. Even 98% of the actors featured on this movie are South African. This does make sense to me.
joel tauti
joel tauti Il y a 5 mois
is it just me or does it look like he about to nut in the thumbnail
philip collins
philip collins Il y a 5 mois
How the hell did I get here? I was watching QI
mateo lopez
mateo lopez Il y a 6 mois
Que pelicula más mala, esos robots perecían en el bazuco.
JanuszWonsz Il y a 6 mois
This looks like something that Mr. Neill Blomkamp would direct :P
MidwestMom MaBear
MidwestMom MaBear Il y a 7 mois
This reminds me of some of my bad dreams. Better start writing them down!
Tinfoil hat stoner
Tinfoil hat stoner Il y a 7 mois
The decepticons without the autobots to protect us 😂
Diama 99
Diama 99 Il y a 10 mois
0:14 rubber rifle bouncing
Alessandro Blue
Alessandro Blue Il y a 10 mois
Min Pyae
Min Pyae Il y a 10 mois
They take guns with them when taking the emp knowing that they can't kill robots with guns lmao
StevanSRB Il y a 11 mois
Yo , Ronan survived
peddle Il y a 11 mois
Awful movie. Good concept but it gets more ridicilous as it progresses. The background action in the final scenes were comical.
Ph@tMantv Il y a an
Ok I'm sold. It is free on Netflix!
Ph@tMantv Il y a 11 mois
@Boss Man It is for me;P
Boss Man
Boss Man Il y a 11 mois
Ph@tMantv Netflix isn’t free pal......
BoNeZ Il y a an
Please dont tell me there weakness is that they have a Hive mind, kill the Queen you kill them all!!!!
Colin Trystram
Colin Trystram Il y a an
Why wearing a bulletproof vest if it desingrates u ¿?
Charles Gichuki
Charles Gichuki Il y a an
Africa, I am coming to rescue you.... and the world.
fernandez takeshi
Based on my assumption, the plot is simple, and shallow; common movies. But it is sci-fi action focused movie. Common People judge the movie based on the quality of the action; Therefore they say "It's not that bad". Because they only focus on enjoying the action (graphics too) and nothing else...
dalurin zinia
dalurin zinia Il y a an
i was skeptical at first but it actually is not bad at all i tell u.....not oscar worthy but definitely it's entertaining....7.8 out of 10
Phúc TV
Phúc TV Il y a an
Mẹ phim cái méo gì có hơn 1p thế ai xem dc
Haus of Stifflered
Not a bad film.
AngryKitty Il y a an
I remember watching this awhile ago. Not a bad flick.
Krypoto CC
Krypoto CC Il y a an
0Acacia22 Il y a an
The only thing that saves this film, is Lee Pace because the rest of the cast can't act for S**t
Nona Dido
Nona Dido Il y a an
I am not going to spend the time criticizing the hard work of other ppl, I am going to sit down like a good boy and enjoy the movie, and if i failed to enjoy it I will just close it and search for another good movie.
DRAWN Il y a an
How bout u all stay dafuck outta Africa. We already had our alien invasion and kicked them out. Now stay out lol
PS PS Il y a an
00:14 I'd start by using guns that don't bounce and wobble.
Ishak Hassan
Ishak Hassan Il y a 2 mois
At least they would have made it with wood instead of rubber.
Igor Land
Igor Land Il y a 8 mois
:)) right on
JustASnell Il y a an
Watched the movie. The acting is alright and the SFX are *god tier* which is a shame since the shitty story outweighs the rest of it
Justin Yates
Justin Yates Il y a an
What? it has an alien in it?! just another Alien, Independence day, Arrival, Battle LA, District 9, cloverfield, predator, star wars remake. I'm not even going to watch it. (I hope my comment sheds some light on the stupidity of some people here)
Cristopher Alvarado
Like si hablas español
zeland luli
zeland luli Il y a an
Hollywood should make more alien invasion or zombie films....anyway this looks nice
Mr swishaDank
Mr swishaDank Il y a 7 mois
zeland luli science fiction war movies are super underrated that’s what I want to see more of
Cebalrai17 Il y a an
Rubber guns, dead breathing, camera lenses that enlarge with time and finally ... ZOMBIES ... arrrrgggghhhh
Felix Calero
Felix Calero Il y a an
La ametralladora se dobla cuando cae evidenciando que es de goma o plástico jajaja :V
Cwyet Il y a 2 ans
Something that really pissed me off during this movie is when the AC130 crashed and the main character Bo called it a “bomber plane” ... If it were a B-52 Stratofortress then I’d be fine but nope
Ace Hby
Ace Hby Il y a 9 mois
ThatSlowTacoma lol stfu u tool
richardhalo Il y a 2 ans
Career ending movies.
Chris Reid
Chris Reid Il y a 2 ans
I wanted to go to sleep the whole time watching this. It's not a great movie. Not bad either
Raul Zepeda Sierra
Raul Zepeda Sierra Il y a 2 ans
I don't like this movie :(
Karin Bran
Karin Bran Il y a 2 ans
I did watched it. Nothing special, not saying it totally suck but isn't that good either. Just a mehhhh movie.
nghia sing ha
nghia sing ha Il y a 2 ans
So how we win?
Rave Flow
Rave Flow Il y a 2 ans
Oliver Mezquita
Oliver Mezquita Il y a 2 ans
Canal Informativotfvz
Terminator salvation + skiline?? Hahaha
diogo camargo
diogo camargo Il y a 2 ans
muito bom
The Warrior Scholar
The Warrior Scholar Il y a 2 ans
Looks like a job for clone troopers.
Falling Skies.
david reyes
david reyes Il y a 2 ans
Straight to Netflix
Tails and drift Fan
Tails and drift Fan Il y a 2 ans
It’s no bad at all
RedditISasshole Il y a 2 ans
This could of been a decent movie. Oh look women that act like men! So true... I mean in real life its not like they scream, throw pissy fits, run for help, complain, argue, blame others during real life tragedies... Thats just sexist! You kids are pathetic.
a che
a che Il y a 2 ans
Jafet Jahir
Jafet Jahir Il y a 2 ans
Continuación de la ultima noche de la humanidad?😮
Jarol Ontiveros
Jarol Ontiveros Il y a 7 mois
Ya la viste? Si esta buena?
Mark Delfino
Mark Delfino Il y a 2 ans
Not straight to dvd, but more like straight to Netflix. 😂
Apollo'sProject Il y a 2 ans
wellcome to trnsformers the shitty copy paste of the low cost hollywood. and of course the copy paste of the war of worlds hahaha
Ilnath Il y a 2 ans
Saw it on netflix yesterday. Considering it's budget it was pretty good. Better than any of the Tranformers movies or War of the Worlds
alexhernandez49 Il y a 2 ans
John Connor is their weakness!
DikkieDikism Il y a 2 ans
Its actually not a bad story premise, its based on perhaps the number 1 held theory, that the reason we havent really come across aliens (or alien signals for example) is because they're all wiped out by AI lifeforms. Look at what we're doing on Earth, like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon etc, they're all working on AI and not too long ago they had to shut it down because the AI was starting to create its own language and so they couldnt communicate anymore with it. And so the real question amongst scientists (at nasa mostly) is, should we even send out signals? Do we really want to be "marked" like "hey here we are!"? It could have a very different result than what we'd expect.
Stripedbottom Il y a an
Well why have we not come across any AI lifeforms either then? As to sending signals, we've been sending those since the invention of radio.
Otto Skorzeny
Otto Skorzeny Il y a 2 ans
Excellent stoner Sci Fi war movie.
Jack Tate
Jack Tate Il y a 2 ans
What’s the king of the Elves doing in this pile of dung.
unitor699 Il y a 2 ans
WHAT IS Thranduil doing here?
Joannot Il y a 2 ans
how did it end up on netflix??
gabriel valencia
gabriel valencia Il y a 2 ans
Joannot Fampionona 'cause it's bullshit!
Feel OK
Feel OK Il y a 2 ans
I was looking for a game)) Not film
It reminds me of Edge of Tomorrow!
eviltreemonster Il y a 2 ans
Minh Vy Nguyễn
Minh Vy Nguyễn Il y a 2 ans
Lee Pace deserves much more than this movie, I'd love to see him back on the big screen not dvd. May be some characters with more make up would make him a better actor!
claudio da silva alves
He is in Vietnam.
Jake Mad
Jake Mad Il y a an
Minh Vy Nguyễn Driven. He plays John Delorian. He did fantastic
TheSchmuck2 Il y a 2 ans
The robots look really cool but those characters are dummbbb. Pass!
mccoy1303 Il y a 2 ans
Starship troopers, meets war of the worlds🤔
binzz Il y a 2 ans
in kosovo was worster than this
gabriel valencia
gabriel valencia Il y a 2 ans
RedAlbo arkan's tigers!!
Ethan Il y a 2 ans
Oh dang it’s half life the movie
heavymetal3rocks Il y a 2 ans
Thought Skynet already took over the planet
king Ramzi
king Ramzi Il y a 2 ans
Is it me or this main male actor who played Garret in the Twilight
robotpanda77 Il y a an
Wouldn't you remember if it had been you starring in the movie??
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers Il y a an
king Ramzi yes
yodaddy82 daddy
yodaddy82 daddy Il y a 2 ans
Rip off of Skyline and The Darkest Hour. Still not horrible but the relation ruins it a bit
AcidicParadise Il y a 2 ans
The music in this was unbelievable. Even if the movie itself was meh
Steed Blackman
Steed Blackman Il y a 2 ans
It's really stupid how so many people gave negative comments about this movie without haven seen it yet. And they call this movie stupid? Who's the stupid one. Actually. This movie is very entertaining. It has a few "holes" in the screenplay. But still a good watch. My only negative comment is what happened to Nadia. She had good chemistry with Bo.
Full Clock
Full Clock Il y a an
I dont like that the Humans won Aliens who are stronger that us about 100% lose.
labellav1103 Il y a an
Thank you for this now I will everytime I search a trailer from Netflix. Everyone is tearing it apart.🤔😒 You are right 👊😁
codmio Il y a 2 ans
Steed Blackman I want to know what happened to Nadia ☹️
Six Feet Under
Six Feet Under Il y a 2 ans
Thranduil with a gun. Amazing