Recreating The Most Expensive Meals In The World

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We've made cheap meals more expensive, but can we recreate the most expensive meals in the world on the cheap? GMM #1398
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Commentaires 80
"It just tastes like someone farted on a lemon" 😂😂😂 Josh is #relatable
Punky Plays
Punky Plays Il y a 6 mois
boss boss
boss boss Il y a 6 mois
How do you know what that tast like???😂😂😂
Bob Kaplan
Bob Kaplan Il y a 7 mois
This got pinned?!
Gauge Cassidy
Gauge Cassidy Il y a 7 mois
HollyPollyDoodle I got this to 5k likes
Jax Il y a 7 mois
@Dogfishdog o yeah? Well I was like # 5k...beat that buddy 😂😂
Amanda Renoir
Amanda Renoir Il y a jour
Is Josh single?????
egg eater
egg eater Il y a 4 jours
Link is coming for reht in the beard game
Diana Costea
Diana Costea Il y a 7 jours
Livia Perkins
Livia Perkins Il y a 11 jours
Tokyo is THE BEST
oza Il y a 15 jours
" some people will get suckered into buying them" camera pans to mr beast eating insanely expensive food and saying ew
Derek Goodman
Derek Goodman Il y a 17 jours
Mr beast???
Sam Oates
Sam Oates Il y a 18 jours
Someone should show them any video on mrbeasts channel
Carolyn Bells
Carolyn Bells Il y a 19 jours
Darryl Pigeon
Darryl Pigeon Il y a 20 jours
So basically you're buying just normal food with expensive metals on them
Mylum O'Shinn
Mylum O'Shinn Il y a 25 jours
1:16 the beginning of a legendary intro song. Whomever wrote the lyrics need a serious pay raise! man it was so catchy!
Seth Il y a 26 jours
Why yams, EA?
Gaiden Il y a 26 jours
Dude I like caviar
quirkeyidiot Il y a 27 jours
me sitting on a 6 year old couch, propping my phone between my knees, eating a piece of american cheese with both hands and the plastic wrapper still on it: 👁👄👁
deloreanfan81 Il y a mois
"Why yams?? That's the question on everyone's mind"
Anton Ego
Anton Ego Il y a mois
Back when they thought a $600 dish was expensive...
Debargha Bhadury
Debargha Bhadury Il y a mois
Well I share a birthday with Rhett. So I can justify why he has the the better humour.😜
Diane Williams
Diane Williams Il y a mois
Who wrote the intro song and who sang it? LOL!!
uberlisk Il y a mois
The fact that you can still win if you guess over the price bothers me way more than it should
Robert Kurowski
Robert Kurowski Il y a mois
So now that you ate all that gold....can you get heavy-metal toxicity from it?
Sasaki Ted Shiroyama
Trashy Gamer
Trashy Gamer Il y a mois
7:45 😳
Sunshine Love Yashar'al
When they made the segment title a song🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Toxiic Banks
Toxiic Banks Il y a mois
This is the richer version of basic to boujee
Blake Christopherson
Why do people need to eat gold
Emerald Equipped Kyle
They spent a few hundred dollars on caviar they didn’t eat
lonely Tylenol
lonely Tylenol Il y a mois
Arnt rhett and link like super rich
Faith Port
Faith Port Il y a mois
Fritada all your troubles.... Hakuna fritada?
quince maxwell
quince maxwell Il y a mois
Krispy kreme donuts is all I need to have a good donut
Destiny Figueroa
Destiny Figueroa Il y a mois
I love Rhetts reaction when he hears Link say “Tokyo” 😂😂
Danny Maiden
Danny Maiden Il y a mois
3:49 "the foie gras🤢" 😂😂😂
Coatesy C
Coatesy C Il y a mois
Whoever got a bottle of that champagne for under £20 let me know
Hoshimaru57 Il y a mois
I still say, if I can do that grilled cheese for $23.41 I want to do it. Cause odds are I can make more than 1 sandwich, and if I make at least 4, that’s almost reasonable. Then if we determine they’re really good we can mark em up to like $50/sandwich and make bank on them. VITAMIN AU JOSH!😆
tristan jaedan carino
happy bday
Bryce Dinyer [Student]
Today we answered the age old question Why yams?
Austin Wilding
Austin Wilding Il y a mois
Josh’s transformation is motivating from then to now
Erik Vandusen
Erik Vandusen Il y a mois
That intro song!!!!!
lil Shinigami
lil Shinigami Il y a mois
sorry to break it josh but alioli is made with garlic and mayo is not...
Kshitij Jain
Kshitij Jain Il y a mois
Wow Rhett looks like he's 26
Tyler Kincade
Tyler Kincade Il y a mois
I guessed 25 on the grilled cheese I didn’t get as close on the other ones tho lol
Shrekie Hulk
Shrekie Hulk Il y a mois
link is the the type of person to think mayonnaise is spicy
Ryan Henry
Ryan Henry Il y a mois
I love that they played La donna e mobile and Di quella pira
Hashim Khawaja
Hashim Khawaja Il y a mois
HAPPY Birthday man may god bless you with health and prosperity
Nicolette Jenkins
Nicolette Jenkins Il y a mois
Tokyo almost gives me a heart attack every time.
hermest99 Il y a mois
Oh my Rhett looks young here.
Eala Swan
Eala Swan Il y a mois
Did link say "truckles" instead of Truffles??
Piggy Lover
Piggy Lover Il y a mois
October 11 is my bday and 1977 is my mom birthday year (me)October 11,1977(mom)
Sara Kathryn
Sara Kathryn Il y a mois
hakuna frittata everyone
Ramsey Schaefer
Ramsey Schaefer Il y a mois
Just realize how young Josh looks
George Anderson
George Anderson Il y a mois
They had a meeting after the expensive dessert episode and said bring the budget waaaaaaay down.
YeetusMcBacon Il y a mois
I got news for you guys. Its 2020 and people are still asking "WHY YAMS??"
YeetusMcBacon Il y a mois
XD XD seriously Josh is actually hilarious
marius oerberg
marius oerberg Il y a mois
1:06 what a snap
The weird Girl
The weird Girl Il y a mois
Is nobody talking about how funny josh is
Kathryn Leigh Art
Kathryn Leigh Art Il y a mois
Josh can cook AND he’s hilarious? Gmm gives me unrealistic expectations of men
Clickboom47 Fun
Clickboom47 Fun Il y a mois
Nana 1997
Nana 1997 Il y a mois
That song was AMAZING 😆
smokeydbob Il y a mois
Loved that intro song best one yet!
Tony And DJSam Youtuber
I like that little intro. It’s kinda catchy atleat for me it was. Much love from Canada ❤️🇨🇦😎🤟
Avenged foREVer
Avenged foREVer Il y a mois
10 days after mine
MeowgicalCatt Il y a mois
11:54 at the where? Hahahhaa
Marian Scherezade
Marian Scherezade Il y a mois
Alioli is not mayonnaise, is like mayonnaise but with olive oil in and a lot more garlic, so it is a little more ”spicy”.
Ashton Franklin
Ashton Franklin Il y a mois
Why would a crust @$$ sandwich cost that much knowing damn well you can make that 💩 at home
laneofmagic Il y a mois
How is that man 41? He looks like someone in his early - mid thirties
Taylor Willis
Taylor Willis Il y a mois
He hasn’t had to work hard.
William Voight
William Voight Il y a mois
You know... I'm coming back to this episode and realizing this might be the one and only time something made from squid ink didn't almost make them both hurl.
Encrypted Aqua
Encrypted Aqua Il y a mois
Can someone make a 1 hour video of Rhett’s screaming as they display Tokyo
Matthew Caissie
Matthew Caissie Il y a mois
Hakuna frittata, what a wonderful egggggg
Coal Cracker
Coal Cracker Il y a mois
So its 10x the real costs
cat . ios
cat . ios Il y a mois
Wangu stuff aka coronas virusss
Jonah The Person
Jonah The Person Il y a mois
Love the prince parody
L3thal W a s p
L3thal W a s p Il y a mois
I love the song
a s
a s Il y a mois
The dumbest and probably most expensive ingredient to throw in there is the gold. It doesn't have any flavour whatsoever and the only 'benefit' of it (if at all relevant) is that your poop is laced with golden sprinkles. Save up and buy yourself some golden jewellery instead.
Kat Love
Kat Love Il y a mois
Link's Prince impression is really good.
Kelly Kyler
Kelly Kyler Il y a mois
I keep forgetting that these are like grown men,,, with children,,, like
Arunvir Shergill
Arunvir Shergill Il y a mois
The real punishment was paying for the meals.
Mickael Il y a mois
the shortest Tokio ever
pewdseptiplier rex
pewdseptiplier rex Il y a mois
Seriously, this type of content should be on mythical kitchen.
legolex 2005
legolex 2005 Il y a mois
"This is the most grotesque thing I've ever seen, and I've seen snakes" The most relatable quote of all time
CheddarBeezy Il y a mois
Gold exists and people are putting it on food
Eli Porter
Eli Porter Il y a 2 mois
Josh's fitness transformation is so inspiring!!
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