Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Part 9

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Finally got this 2020 Jeep Gladiator completely painted! This one was quite the challenge, especially the way we had to tape it up. However, after our painting experiences in the past, this jeep was no match for the goonzquad boys. Now it is time to move onto the next step! Be sure to stay tuned and watch what happens!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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Commentaires 1 804
Ruchel &John H
Ruchel &John H Il y a jour
cant you guys talk without using your hands ??, you both look like meth addicts.
Blaine Petty
Blaine Petty Il y a jour
The next build you guys do should be a mclaren!!
JG Snave
JG Snave Il y a jour
Any progress on the new shop?
soinu foig
soinu foig Il y a jour
“Chef Dude Man”. That was pretty funny.
Lazaro Z.
Lazaro Z. Il y a jour
It's looking good fellas 😉👍
Craig Voll
Craig Voll Il y a jour
Tryna sugar coat it lol dont hide the trash in the trash lol
Jeremy Driesen
Jeremy Driesen Il y a jour
Nice OSHA approved booth. Smh😕🤔
soinu foig
soinu foig Il y a jour
Awesome work, inspiration for those of us who are internet mechanics
MTLKEBEK Il y a jour
Man what’s with all these garage paint jobs? I can’t imagine the quality isn’t the same
TheDirtyDirtMcGirt Il y a jour
Dude! Being from California, the second home of good Mexican food and seeing dudes eat tacos with flour tortillas is more than I can take. Corn tortillas heated up on the burner or don't bother fellas.
JB Cepeda
JB Cepeda Il y a jour
is it hazardous to have those heaters in an enclosed area like that? especially with paint fumes?>
JB Cepeda
JB Cepeda Il y a jour
Any professional painters watching this can answer my question? I have a car that's been painted over the original paint, meaning it has the original black color and it has been painted blue now. I wanted to repaint it because the paint is in terrible condition from sun burn and years of abuse. is it ok to repaint over already two colors? will I still get a great job? Or do I have to have it sandblasted to get down the the bare metal and begin from nothing? please advise.
Wyo Chaos
Wyo Chaos Il y a jour
Y'all should build a kit truck from factory five
Insane Mantis
Insane Mantis Il y a jour
I love your fun living mentality! Not necessarily acting like children, but just having a great time doing everything and anything. Y’all stay positive and keep moving forward, it’s awesome!
Fernando Acevedo
Fernando Acevedo Il y a jour
Might As Well Buff The Whole Car 😂
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Il y a jour
Who remembers the boy's OG paint booth?...the canvas one located where the shop is now..haha
Arda Karaoglanyan
Arda Karaoglanyan Il y a jour
If i had the money, I would have send a portable inflatable paint booth to them so they can always do it in house 😢
Arda Karaoglanyan
Arda Karaoglanyan Il y a jour
@Nigel Molesworth of course ONLY if you are a moron you can think in that way without thinking why this person is can't afford but nice enough to think. But no! You need an attention! You need to use people's emotions to feel better. Good luck with that 😉
Nigel Molesworth
Nigel Molesworth Il y a jour
Nice one. You can pretend to be generous and not spend a cent!
Jeremy Huston
Jeremy Huston Il y a jour
Man you guys have to be doing something wrong?? I've painted in a barns before and have gotten pretty darn smooth paint jobs? Have you triple checked tip size, air pressure, etc
Nathan Rbnk
Nathan Rbnk Il y a jour
Bon appétit 🇨🇵🇨🇵
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Il y a jour
Hey guys you should do a power wheels build like grind hard plumbing Co
Terry Garvin
Terry Garvin Il y a jour
Did not expect to see the Prius! Love the excitement you have for your work. I learn a lot from the content and glad I got onto the channel.
Piotr Pilch
Piotr Pilch Il y a jour
Be careful guys. Gas heater may produce moisture. So You can have water drops on paint
Matthew Burgoon
Matthew Burgoon Il y a jour
So when your painting in a garage like that it helps to wet the ground down alittle to keep the dirt from being kicked up as you walk around. Also I like to wet sand my base with six hundred after I have full coverage then you a tack rag dust a coat of base then clear is helps to ensure that you don’t have trash in your base and it would have gotten ride of any dry rough areas before you cleared.
roy burnham
roy burnham Il y a jour
Awesome work, inspiration for those of us who are internet mechanics
Zay Weeks
Zay Weeks Il y a jour
Chef Dude Man!!! Love from buffalo ny - Weeks
Stuart Stogdill
Stuart Stogdill Il y a jour
Really need a pro to do paint... those techniques were brutal to watch.
Gvd Yg
Gvd Yg Il y a jour
Lippi l
Lippi l Il y a jour
Lothar Ruttert
Lothar Ruttert Il y a jour
Hallo Leute viele Grüße aus Deutschland, ich schaue alle Eure Videos und muss sagen, ihr baut tolle Autos. Könnt ihr nicht mal ein deutsches Auto bauen, einen BMW M3 oder M5, einen Audi RS 6,einen Porsche 911 GT 3 oder einen schönen Mercedes SLS, oder mögt Ihr keine deutschen Autos?
Serge Tatarinov
Serge Tatarinov Il y a jour
That drift tho😂😂
Tennessee Outlaw
Tennessee Outlaw Il y a jour
#48 on trending ay
Bakinfchannelagain StillBakingchannel
Oh dammit not the color red !!
y jimmy
y jimmy Il y a jour
You don't want to do your paint job in your backyard
Yahya Almohaya
Yahya Almohaya Il y a jour
why don you try to renewal a classic car ?
Zeke Marsh
Zeke Marsh Il y a jour
Hey guys you should do a power wheels build like grind hard plumbing Co
thebombaklat Il y a jour
yeeeeyyyy new music
Arrie Van Rensburg
Arrie Van Rensburg Il y a jour
If paint goes on dry the pressure is to high and always strain the paint that goes in the gun.
Christopher Hylton
Christopher Hylton Il y a jour
Funny to hear someone else call Home Depot the Home De-Pot.
Its Evansxx
Its Evansxx Il y a jour
Can someone please tell me what the song is called at 13:23 👍🏼
E M Il y a jour
Boys, with those types of heaters so close I hope the paint you are using is water based.
DemenTor Il y a jour
New subscribers will think you guys are couple lol.
The Country_Man
The Country_Man Il y a jour
I'm no expert but I remember my mate who is a car sprayer, when you are spraying I'm sure you have to let off the trigger when you sweep back around.....think you are putting too much paint on (unevenly) Do a line then just at the switch back trigger off for second. Hope it helps! Knowledge is god!!
earlbond007 Il y a jour
Usaa insurance claim you should of painted it a badass army green color lol f8 green from the challenger or the rescue green from the early rubicons make yours unique , I could see you guys doing like Mopar did with a dirt bike and toy hauler themed Jeep gladiator look up their gladiators from Easter Jeep safari
earlbond007 Il y a jour
It's called the flatbill concept
earlbond007 Il y a jour
Jason Cascone
Jason Cascone Il y a jour
Why don’t you guys use the paint booth anymore?
Keyser The Red Beard
Just4Fun Productions
What happened to billy's tooth?
Allan C-B
Allan C-B Il y a jour
Propane and Propane Accessories.
The Real Cody Bersick
*bone apple teeth*
carmenkinder Il y a jour
That’s 🔥
Sam Jonas
Sam Jonas Il y a jour
Hey Goonzquad, I love the videos so much that you guys have been getting me through a tough time in my life. Last week on February 4, 2020 at the age of 55, my mother passed away. I too am a FRvidr, own two off the hoodies, really loved the Hellcat build and the car, but love how you two guys have fun. I know one brother is for sure Billy, but did I get it right with Tommy for the other one? Anyhow, if you guys can send me a shout out and some love to my channel, it would be greatly appreciated? Through all the grieving knowing you guys got my comment and gave the shout out will alleviate some of the grieving process. Love the way the Jeep look, if I can ever hook you guys up with some good Mexican Food recipes, HMU.
Lafee Lafee
Lafee Lafee Il y a jour
Cooking? Great content
Mr. Goebel
Mr. Goebel Il y a jour
Ay number 46 on trending
Vik P
Vik P Il y a jour
Are you kidding me , what u first time spraying , it was hurting my eyes watching you guys pain, look at that orange peel, I could see it right away ur settings are off , , first ur pressure seems to high, or ur clear coat too thick , u spray all over , holding gun way to far , and spray way to fast , gosh dang that paint job looks like shit , miracle buffing job not sure will fix this shitty job.
Junior Santizo
Junior Santizo Il y a 2 jours
I really love this channel one day I hope to be like u guy maybe meet you or maybe Evan work with u guys as a colab one day I love ur videos keep up the work goonz squad 💯
Abner Tinoco
Abner Tinoco Il y a 2 jours
Anyone else like goonzsquad bcz they get so much done in one vid
Monte Lowry
Monte Lowry Il y a 2 jours
Lousy excuse for tacos
Corbin Matheny
Corbin Matheny Il y a 2 jours
That jazz music is 👌👌👌👌
Rainbow Reza
Rainbow Reza Il y a 2 jours
It’s amazing how the clear coat brings out the red in that paint, it is surprisingly dull and kinda lifeless with the base coat, but as soon as the clear started going down it popped real good like it’s supposed to.
david russell
david russell Il y a 2 jours
Dang looks like the dudeattee was out working on it legit
Maureen Sommerfelt
Maureen Sommerfelt Il y a 2 jours
Love your motivation ! But yo, You Goonz are gonna blow yourselves up. That paint may be water borne but the sealer, primer, paint pigment has V.O.C.'s and the clear coat the same. The flammability of Volatile Organic Compounds at just the right percentage mixed with Oxygen will go BOOM! That will ruin your day! Any open flame in the "PAINT BOOTH" is extremely dangerous. That's why you don't ever have a propane heater or a fire place not even an electrical outlet in the "BOOTH"! STATIC electricity has even caused explosions in the concentrated conditions of V.O.C.'s I was working at a Fighter Jet base in England one day we were taking a break when we saw the Hanger doors blow open, fire, smoke, people running out on fire! They ignited the atmosphere from a hammer strike on a screw they were trying to remove in a external fuel tank maintenance shop. The TANKS WERE EMPTY! The Fumes were at just the right concentration to go BOOM! I will never forget that one died and one was burnt everywhere by 3rd degree burns. One of the guys was so shaken by the incident he went crazy from seeing his friend be blown through the hanger wall where he hit the next hanger with enough force to kill him dead! Enough said Please, Please stop with the open flame temporary Paint Booth.
Graham Lake
Graham Lake Il y a 2 jours
Ouf. Well good on ya for kind of showing us that paint job. Respect you guys are spraying these yourselves but that one might be the worst job yet lol!
Brian Dale
Brian Dale Il y a 2 jours
That's solvent pop dude. Google solvent pop that seems to be how you guys learn everything so far.