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Halloween JonTron Intro by Studio Yotta
Halloween JonTron Theme by Tom Ryan




15 oct. 2019




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Commentaires 12 201
JonTronShow Il y a 17 heures
Thanks to Rise of Kingdoms for sponsoring this video! Download the game now by using my link and don’t forget to check out my alliance by searching “JonTron”!
Christopher Il y a 17 minutes
What's Jon's alliance name? Cause I wanna join him instead of taking him cause he's obviously too strong
Southern Slushie Chan
Southern Slushie Chan Il y a 23 minutes
Will you do Halloween content til Christmas please?
It's ya boi
It's ya boi Il y a 31 minute
This comment section is a train wreck Suck my dick
David Wilson
David Wilson Il y a 35 minutes
@Jeremy Joyner because they're exploitative cancer that deserve to die. Use fucking Nord or Honey or some shit, don't support malicious 'games'.
Trey Lo
Trey Lo Il y a 54 secondes
How does youtube trending work lol...
Knight Fall
Knight Fall Il y a minute
Yanny #1
HBA Poetry
HBA Poetry Il y a minute
Really real ghost stories
michael donato
michael donato Il y a 3 minutes
If something strange... who you gonna call?:GHOSTBUSTERS! if someones strange...who you gonna call?:DOCTOR STRANGE
JamHam Il y a 4 minutes
This se wes anderson shit right here
TellmeNinetails Il y a 4 minutes
Yonny Yonson is a jojo.
Life of a Fat Man
Life of a Fat Man Il y a 4 minutes
That noise made my cat run out of the room
fuzzwobble Il y a 6 minutes
In all seriousness, how does a full swing with an axe to ground-level glance off a log, then somehow flip upside-down to swing into the shin? On another note, why does Google think that 'axe' isn't a real word and why is it trying to autocorrect it to 'ace'?
Kaia Button
Kaia Button Il y a 6 minutes
It is inspiring that John always does his own stunts!
Ubous ?
Ubous ? Il y a 6 minutes
had to watch about 9 adds in this 18 min clip no lie things going down the drain
IsaacsOverrated Il y a 6 minutes
Pls I need my shins I don't want to walk like a roblox man
Ernwaffles Il y a 7 minutes
Man the axe was still in his shin there was no way he was bleeding that badly
Queen Royalty
Queen Royalty Il y a 8 minutes
I laughed way to hard at the door @3:15
Eddy B
Eddy B Il y a 8 minutes
Elizabeth Osen
Elizabeth Osen Il y a 9 minutes
I haven’t watched it
Tyga Il y a 9 minutes
Is it just me that i think he sounds like Timmone from Lion King.
jessica lefebvre
jessica lefebvre Il y a 10 minutes
that elevator killed me XD
Nicklas Olsen
Nicklas Olsen Il y a 11 minutes
This really made my day less crap 😂👍
River Thompson
River Thompson Il y a 11 minutes
I have notifications on for you but didn't get notified for this video? Nice one FRvid! Glad to see you still haven't figured out that I want to watch JonTron's newest videos. It's only been like 10 years
Lil Malaria
Lil Malaria Il y a 11 minutes
BreeStake Bobba
BreeStake Bobba Il y a 12 minutes
holy christian fuck i thought it was an 18-minute unskippable ad
tigerlep hunter
tigerlep hunter Il y a 13 minutes
5:01 right under the psychic nonsense "2 rebel suicide attacks killed 70+" glad to see that CNN has their priorities straight
Rory Hoffman
Rory Hoffman Il y a 14 minutes
Too scary Jon
王浩林 Il y a 14 minutes
Thomas Winsted
Thomas Winsted Il y a 14 minutes
How in the mother fuck is this shit monetized and number one on trending
Southern Slushie Chan
Southern Slushie Chan Il y a 15 minutes
Why does every video seem like I already seen it?
The Hundredth Monkey
The Hundredth Monkey Il y a 16 minutes
production quality is off the rails in this One!
Seth Adams
Seth Adams Il y a 17 minutes
#1 on Trending!
Gamer Joe
Gamer Joe Il y a 17 minutes
This is like an edgy public access show
Dj Khalidius
Dj Khalidius Il y a 18 minutes
This was my first ever Jon Tron video and man I haven’t laughed this hard in a minute, that’s a sub right there
Marianne Johnson
Marianne Johnson Il y a 20 minutes
Directed by Tobe Hooper?????
period farts
period farts Il y a 20 minutes
Holy shit that intro was instantly familiar. I must've watched this ages ago. Also shout out to #1 trending
Lotus Fomalhaut
Lotus Fomalhaut Il y a 20 minutes
I lost it at 3:16
Brandon Rich
Brandon Rich Il y a 21 minute
Yonny finds Elizabeth in next life. Elizabeth: "Ah sh*t, here we go again!"
Zebedee Totty
Zebedee Totty Il y a 22 minutes
8:44 dam Jons lucky he didn't cut his hand open with that cup, ceramic is sharp af
DaKing VA
DaKing VA Il y a 23 minutes
Yonny Yonson? about Laurel Laurson?
MrCrazyGameGuy Il y a 23 minutes
'This mother fuckers in a time warp" some might say... it's just a jump to the left.. and a step to the right....
1Bloodpaladin Il y a 23 minutes
laughed so fucking hard when the doors came in flying
Yol Riin Lask
Yol Riin Lask Il y a 24 minutes
Um... ok? he axed his knee and he... dies from it.... I mean what the fuck. XD
Dusty Fedora
Dusty Fedora Il y a 24 minutes
This is number 1 on trending
Nick Owens
Nick Owens Il y a 24 minutes
3:51 excuse me, directed by Tobe Hooper? The guy who made the fucking Texas Chain Saw Massacre also directed this garbage??
Hiraeth Il y a 25 minutes
I actually saw quite a few episodes of this show, I'm a bit disappointed jon only covered parts of the 1st episode, but its nice to see a new episode nonetheless.
Sleepypandaboi Il y a 25 minutes
I never laughed this much in my life
Shadow Lantern
Shadow Lantern Il y a 27 minutes
Can we just take a second to appreciate that Tobe Hooper - the guy who made ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ - directed the Toys R Us episode?
Guys Gaming
Guys Gaming Il y a 27 minutes
“And accidentally kill himself in the leg”
Yetd Il y a 27 minutes
the door bit got me to like the video. love the wit
AL C Il y a 27 minutes
Woah hearing your voice audio over clips of gameplay from the rise of kingdoms ad is super entertaining! I think It’d be super cool if you were to try something new like do videos where play your live voiced reactions and personality over gameplay footage! Just an idea im throwing out there. I personally think itd be super cool if you did that. Please do that.
No. Il y a 28 minutes
#2 Trending in Australia
Le Chalk
Le Chalk Il y a 28 minutes
Is that Trump at 3:24?
Just D1z
Just D1z Il y a 28 minutes
Omg. My dogs are barking at me because of the skeleton/achilles shin skit. Wow!
B2l4z3 Oof
B2l4z3 Oof Il y a 28 minutes
I usually love Jons halloween videos
Viron Il y a 29 minutes
I'm not sleeping tonight
Kevin Ehrlich
Kevin Ehrlich Il y a 30 minutes
“I come from the future to tell you that brick-and-mortar establishments will become unsustainable due to online retailers such as” 😂
Orion Vlogs
Orion Vlogs Il y a 30 minutes
rest in pepperonis Yonny Yonson
Albedo Shalltear
Albedo Shalltear Il y a 30 minutes
He's not sponsered by Raid Shadow Legends? Impossible all other ytbers: Is it possible to learn this new power
Michael Angelo
Michael Angelo Il y a 30 minutes
Why 👈⛰
Thugasaurus Rex
Thugasaurus Rex Il y a 30 minutes
7:36 that guy at the top right is my spirit animal 11:54 oh cool there I am
Gumbo Grapplium
Gumbo Grapplium Il y a 31 minute
peak slapstick humor, jontron is at his funniest here folks
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