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Storytime r maliciouscompliance where Rebill my account! I don’t care about the cost! Stop playing with the yellow jackets? Ok, but they tend to get a bit stingy when they get bored. Want to get the principal involved? Okay, I’ll do it for you. Told to dress better for a job that requires getting dirty.
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14 oct. 2019




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Commentaires 74
ragnhild thingstad
ragnhild thingstad Il y a 5 mois
Very COOL: If you put on text, you'll get 2 stories at the same time! One on the screen and another on the underline :-)
Iris Shikoba
Iris Shikoba Il y a 5 mois
Lol. I would ask the teacher driver how much my parents were paying him to keep me from driving. XD
Satoshi Kenji
Satoshi Kenji Il y a 5 mois
When I heard that it's for tax purpose, I knew what that lady in the 1st story actually asking for. What she wants is actually only a a *receipt* with higher price written (a fraud BTW), while paying in reduced price offered. If written that she pays more on paper, she can claim more for her taxes.
Case Nately
Case Nately Il y a 8 mois
I love this channel. The content and format is pleasant and very enjoyable. Please keep it up!
Zero_Code_Name_Reaper Il y a 8 mois
I like how he changes some of the wording that doesn't really need changed.
Audiogeeks Vintage Sales
This teacher is so fucked up. He is in deep shit. Making accusations for mental health by a lowly drivers Ed instructor is very bad for him. This is very illegal.
ashmacandcheese Il y a 8 mois
That instructor shouldn't have even grabbed the wheel, if he wanted to have the power to stop the car when he needed to, he'd have a clutch and brake on his passenger side too. That way, he didn't need to grab the wheel. Irresponsible and delusional.
Dur'id The Druid
Dur'id The Druid Il y a 8 mois
That driving instructor reminds me of a couple of people I have actually met. They can do no wrong, and when things happen around them they blame others, outright saying other did what they themselves did. Most frustrating people I've met.
Spectre Il y a 8 mois
Driving instructor needs a good hard look in the mirror. That'll tell him who's 'unhinged'. What an ass.
eskimo lost
eskimo lost Il y a 8 mois
instructor needs to get his license taken away and just let him ride a bus for work
Arcamean Il y a 8 mois
Screw that "instructor" he's lucky they didn't get into a wreck, bastard deserves to be caned on the wrists as you never grab the wheel when someone else is driving.
I Hate Stupid People
I Hate Stupid People Il y a 8 mois
At a daycare center I worked at years ago, the owner's wife told me I had to wear make up. She said I need to present myself as 'age appropriate' as possible.... I didn't think she remembered what being in your mid 20s with 2 toddlers was like... I was lucky to get 4 hours sleep a night and worked 60hrs a week. But SHE insisted I wear make up. Seriously, in that state of being, I didn't do make up unless there was a family get together for the holidays....Just saying.
Firsona Il y a 8 mois
@I Hate Stupid People I get it, it's just crappy that she'd do that.
I Hate Stupid People
I Hate Stupid People Il y a 8 mois
@Firsona I'm sure it wasn't... now. But then I was still in the middle of a messy divorce and with a very brow beaten, non-confrontational personality. At the time there was no way I was going to 'rock the boat'.
Firsona Il y a 8 mois
Not sure that's legal ^^;
XionSteel Il y a 8 mois
that best deal story reminds me of when i worked at sales for a cable company. When a customer has certain services and 6 calling features on their phone they can be put under a plan that has exactly everything they had and to upgrade them litterally does nothing but take 25$ off their bill for 4 years (after the 4 years, it is still 5$ cheaper). One customer got into an argument with me once because the wording on her bill changed so she assumed that we did something nefarious, a back and forth went on for a while until i got fed up and said "doing this did nothing but take 20$ off your bill, if you hate it that much then ill put it back and have you pay that extra 20$", *after a 4 second pause, "never mind, just leave it like that, thank you *click"
1SLUGGO1 Il y a 8 mois
"most pharmacies are trying to screw people". No actually, every pharmacy ive ever used or worked at always goes with the lowest price, because if the price of the medicine is below copay when run through the insurance, the insurance doesn't even cover it anyway. This poster is full of crock.
Paul Rasmussen
Paul Rasmussen Il y a 8 mois
No they do.
Kameshia Elsenpeter
Kameshia Elsenpeter Il y a 8 mois
I have a great pharmacy like in the first story, not only do they deliver to my house but they bill me over time so I can pay per month for my copays (like a tab) so I don't have to whip out between 2 and 7 dollars for the copays at my door!
SnowblindOtter Il y a 8 mois
Good job, Principal. Let's not get the police involved, it's not like grabbing the steering wheel of a vehicle while you're not the driver is a felony or anything, regardless of who you are.
Nigredo Ooal Gown
Nigredo Ooal Gown Il y a 8 mois
set speed to 1.25
Albrat Gaming
Albrat Gaming Il y a 8 mois
As a suggestion for the person that was driving and the instructor yelled at them... challenged their mental health... Etc. IF that ever happens to someone and they are the driver... You immediately pull the car over (safely) no matter what you pull over, turn off the engine and THEN you go absolutely ballistic on the person. along the lines of "how dare you YELL at me while I am trying to drive a vehicle, do you realise how dangerous it is to yell at a driver while they are concentrating on the road and other vehicles." If they drag the steering wheel to the side, even if they are an instructor... You turn off the engine, hit the emergency blinkers (hazard lights) and then turn to them and say "Who is in control of the vehicle? Do you realised how stupid and dangerous what you just did was?" The driver of the vehicle is the one that would get blamed for an accident. They are responsible for everyone in the car wearing a safety belt and the safety of people in the vehicle. If a passenger pulls the steering wheel or interferes in the control of the vehicle... Stop the vehicle immediately in a safe manner.
Caseko CSK
Caseko CSK Il y a 8 mois
I understand the last story though... No matter how dirty your job is, you still have to dress up some kind nicely and neatly, especially if you work in "good" place. So the OP move is rather kinda (mildly) jerk... But since no one is hurt or getting angry, I guess all is ok.
Steve Adams
Steve Adams Il y a 8 mois
People in any level of management who say "dress up a bit" to workers DON'T EVER get their hands dirty.
Firsona Il y a 8 mois
I had a position in an IT department at one point, and the manager demanded we wear khakis and collared, button up dress shirts and shoes... and then made us crawl around on the floor under desks and in the ceiling to hook up cables. The khaki pants were fine, but the shirts and dress shoes made it difficult. I can't count how many shirts I ruined that way.
Jenny Tokumei
Jenny Tokumei Il y a 8 mois
Copay being higher than the at-cost rate sounds like a bunch of bullshit. I don't doubt it happened, it's just bullshit, whether or not it's true.
Jenic Darling
Jenic Darling Il y a 8 mois
As someone very allergic to bees, wasp, yellow jackets etc like always 2 epi pens in my bag when out allergic! I dont know if i would know how to handle that but probably would've darted for a building for my safety and call another worker for help.
Kim Hohlmayer
Kim Hohlmayer Il y a 8 mois
Driving instructor was a classic abuser. They set up one person in a group or even a single child in their own multi child family unit. That person gets all the crap. It’s a power/anger thing. Bet he had been doing it that way for years. Also agree he may have been setting up OP for sexual abuse as well.
Aaron M
Aaron M Il y a 8 mois
some people should not be driving instructors. When my friend was taking Driver's Education, he had a teacher who would grab the wheel when she got concerned. Mind you, my friend is a very good driver. She tried to grab the wheel, and he slapped her hand away. He told her not to touch the wheel while he was driving. She only tried to grab the wheel one or two more times, getting her hand slapped away each time before she stopped.
The Other Devil
The Other Devil Il y a 8 mois
Seriously, someone please catch that gas-lighting POS of a driving instructor in a dark alley and put his head straight.
kaijinu Il y a 8 mois
Hmm, I hadn't done this for a while *pulls out my trusted straight-jacket and slowly sneaks behind the driving instructor*
Lechkingofdead Il y a 8 mois
let me get the padded cell ready and take his shoes and socks so he wont try to harm him self.
SnacksLP Il y a 8 mois
The 1st one, there's actually a few scams you can pull if you push the large bill via insurance. Too bad it seems she's not aware.
Deldarel Il y a 8 mois
That driver story is so infuriating. That person has nerves of steel. I would have asked the instructor to keep it to the end of the trip because he was distracting me. When he wouldn't, I'd park ASAP, record the conversation, and not budge until he shut up, and get out of the car when he's still screaming after 5 minutes and take the bus. No way I'm getting my attention and wellbeing tested in a death box on wheels.
The Last And First Time
If you tried to take the wheel from me while driving then enjoy being kicked out on the side of the road and repeatedly kicked in the face. You lunatic.
Ryan Hill
Ryan Hill Il y a 8 mois
My driving instructor would constantly yell at me to get to the center of the lane, no matter how well i was in the lane. He didnt yell at anyone else in the car, even when they touched the gravel on the side of the road. He would also constantly jerk on the wheel while i was on the freeway at night without telling me what was wrong.
Christopher G
Christopher G Il y a 8 mois
A Driving teacher that *grabs into the sterring wheel to cause a dangerous situation* and then blames the student, should be loosing his driving and driving teacher license. Until he has prooven he is over his anger issue and not a danger for everyone on the road.
XerShade Il y a 8 mois
Sorry but barring an emergency a passenger should NEVER grab the driver's steering wheel. You'd thing a driving instructor would know this since a non-driver does.
goldosprey Il y a 8 mois
I had an instructor say I sneeze for attention while I was driving which was one of my fears while driving
DeadeyeXL Il y a 8 mois
I’m pretty sure OP could sue the driving instructor for at most 4 attempted murder and emotional abuse. Everyone in that car could have been killed.
Danger Dash
Danger Dash Il y a 8 mois
If I was the student, I would've calmly turned the car around. When he asked what I was doing, I would say: Heading back to school, I don't feel safe with someone trying to pull the car into a semi and blaming me for it. He was to put up a fight, I'll get out and walk back myself.
karen carter
karen carter Il y a 8 mois
Really when someone else is driving you don't touch the steering wheel. Plus you need to look behind you when changing lanes something the passenger can't do as well as the driver since the rear view mirror is position for the driver. The teacher was incredibly unsafe and was not following an unwritten rule of changing lanes when you are behind a person who is turning and there are people in the other lane, you don't just by pass someone unsafely cause they are turning.
Slytherin Queen
Slytherin Queen Il y a 8 mois
God that story with the driving instructor. It reminds me of the time my brother was in the car crash. He wasn't driving but was in the car with two of his friends. It was night time and rainy. They were stuck behind some dingbat that was both speeding and texting while driving. She was all over the road, cutting people off. Well, she goes to get in their lane with no signal. The friend who was driving saw her and started to change to the furthest lane. The friend who wasn't driving decided this wasn't good enough and reached over and jerked the wheel. He caused them to run off the road and into the guard rails. Totaled the driver's brand new car that wasn't even paid off yet. He'd literally only had it like a month.
Winter Archer
Winter Archer Il y a 8 mois
oi, that thumbnail image belongs to Brave wilderness from Coyotes Stung By a yellow jacket video.
Freedomcustom Il y a 8 mois
1st person was an absolute twat and clearly can't understand basic math
Luke Green
Luke Green Il y a 8 mois
Yellowjackets aren't bees. They're wasps.
Raistlin Chesko
Raistlin Chesko Il y a 8 mois
@B. K. Hutterer one is unable to sting after doing it once The other can continue repeatedly Pretty important difference fam
B. K. Hutterer
B. K. Hutterer Il y a 8 mois
apples and oranges. Both are pollinators.
Rhianna Williams
Rhianna Williams Il y a 8 mois
That driving instructor realllyyyyy pisses me right off. He was obviously hardcore projecting some serious issues of his own.
Anne Rebeka Sveigdalen
Apotheosis: Magnum Opis: TL;DR Apotheisis means climax/Cricendo and Magnum Opis means Masterpiece, or ones best work
Bradley Kars
Bradley Kars Il y a 8 mois
Dude I would have punched that driving instructor in the face out of reaction to trying to fucking kill me.
So Many Humans, So Little Common Sense
I can't help thinking the driving instructor was seriously projecting! At the very least, he was trying to lay blame for his own inattention and stupidity. I hate people who can't own their own mistakes!
BFT Neelix
BFT Neelix Il y a 9 mois
What the hell is with that teacher? Is he trying to bully the OP in order to get sexual favors? Thats how that reads to me.
I Hate Stupid People
I Hate Stupid People Il y a 8 mois
That's what I was thinking too and that he was projecting as well
as someone who works with insurance, your response in the first story is exactly why you should believe someone who says they are giving you the best deal. more often than not, it's actually an insurace agent that is screwing you, as the beneficiary, over because they want to make their commissions. a person, especially, from a pharmaceutical company in an ltc makes p*ss all from the situation. in fact, it's surprising that op's company is still in business considering.
@Gerald Grenier possibly. i haven't checked the post to see if op was asked about it, so we can't really speculate. well, we can, but i would rather find out directly.
Gerald Grenier
Gerald Grenier Il y a 8 mois
it's the "at cost" limit they set the cut off so that they don't lose money on the "discount".
Dragonsamurai Il y a 9 mois
Wait, wasn't the last story covered here before? I feel like I heard it.
Øyvind Hytten
Øyvind Hytten Il y a 8 mois
Yup, seems like Reddit is drying up as this is Jake's secon vid today with a story re-run.
Lydia Robinett
Lydia Robinett Il y a 9 mois
The driving instructor kinda sounds like a delusional abuser. I really feel sorry for any spouse or kids in his life
Kai Sörensen
Kai Sörensen Il y a 9 mois
We all know the finger in the thumbnail
Mellifious Il y a 9 mois
If I was that kid with the driving instructor I would have immediately pulled into somewhere after the wheel eas yanked, brake checked the car, told him to go fuck himself before getting out and using a lyft to get home. And I did have am instructor like that, instructor said something beyond idiotic, shot the guy down with true facts about what he said he shut up for the rest of the drive, damn that man shouldn't be driving anymore
Nikolai Leerskov
Nikolai Leerskov Il y a 9 mois
That driving teacher should be arrested for reckless driving and endangerment.
addicted2mako Il y a 9 mois
Deciding a student driver is a danger to their surroundings because of their facial expressions? Isn’t that the same reasoning that Planet Fitness uses to kick out clients who set off the Lunk Alarm?
addicted2mako Il y a 8 mois
B. K. Hutterer And not making noises or faces during a good workout is like trying to sneeze without closing your eyes.
B. K. Hutterer
B. K. Hutterer Il y a 8 mois
No kidding! I would love to set off those Lunk Alarms for a lark. When you train, you are supposed to train hardcore, not soft like a sissy. And, by hardcore, I mean using medium weights and slow reps. Feel the burn, mate; feel the burn! A little side note: if you want to try pulling fast reps, use the heaviest weights you can manage.
Out of The Hat
Out of The Hat Il y a 9 mois
The first story where the lady is trying to ruin things for her mom :(
CrunchyDogs Il y a 9 mois
If you touch the steering wheel of a car that you are not driving, *YOU* are solely responsible for the outcome.
Jason Lambert
Jason Lambert Il y a 9 mois
That drivers ed story... can we please talk about the fact that the teacher jerked the wheel, almost causing a nasty collision and the other students in the car did nothing?
Firsona Il y a 8 mois
Have to remember they're kids, and scared.
Pegacorn Il y a 9 mois
Boy do I feel for you. When I was taking driver's ed in high school the instructors were all the boys gym teachers. Every girl either failed or barely passed. They hated having to teach drivers ed let alone the girls too. I passed but my parents hired a professional school to teach me. We returned the first lesson and he told my parents I was a very good driver and that the instructor at school was an idiot. The only lessons I needed were parking practice and driving the highway.
MrAudienceMember Il y a 9 mois
If that driving story is real, there’s a lot missing from it.
BFT Neelix
BFT Neelix Il y a 8 mois
@MrAudienceMember Oh its fully loaded lol. of course the Buick has a backup camera, remote start, heated power seats, bluetooth capable stereo, moonroof, etc I really dig it.. I do miss my Acura though, yeah it was a 4 cylinder naturally aspirated riceburner but the Type S RSX's are pretty peppy for what they are and with a 6 speed pretty fun to drive. I had that car for 8 years before the Buick, only major thing I ever had to have done to it was have the clutch replaced, and I had a friend of a friend do it for me, I bought the clutch kit and slave cylinder and he did it for only 175 bucks labor. I would have done it myself as I used to wrench in another life, but I was just too busy at the time and needed it back on the road ASAP. I did have to replace the Idle air control valve, there was something funky going on with mine, but I got one for free off a friend who did motor swap, I forget what he did, he put an RSX motor in something a lot older and he somehow had a spare IAC. It needed a timing belt at the time I sold it, but the guy who bought it from me fixed it pretty quick to flip it, actually offered to sell it back to me at a pretty good deal, well below book value, and cheaper markup than what a local shop quoted me to just outright put a new timing chain on it, but I passed, its just too hard for me to work the clutch now.
MrAudienceMember Il y a 8 mois
BFT Neelix If you don’t have a back up camera, you can get one easy. It’s a frame for your tag. It’s impressive to be able to reverse with mirrors. So many folks pulling trailers can’t do it more than a few feet.
BFT Neelix
BFT Neelix Il y a 8 mois
​@MrAudienceMember Yeah let me know how that goes. I guess Maryland doesn't care that now on bad days its not just habit of technique anymore to use mirrors to backup, but I physically cannot contort my body anymore looking out the window.Maybe they should since I sold my tiny ass 6 speed Acura RSX Type S and bought a full blown granny mobile full sized sedan (2012 Buick Lucerne). I do get a kick out people older though me giving a double take since being 34, I still look 23 driving a grandma car blasting heavy metal out of it.
MrAudienceMember Il y a 8 mois
BFT Neelix note from dr maybe? I’ll let you know when I go in for my renewal in a few years. LOL
BFT Neelix
BFT Neelix Il y a 8 mois
@MrAudienceMember Thats weird, but then again.. The whole "Florida Man" meme does exist. Why test people's hearing if ya can be legally deaf and legally drive? LOL
olstar18 Il y a 9 mois
Wow that driving instructor. After the steering wheel bit I would have told him he is right and pulled over at the nearest gas station and called the cops and made him stay there until they arrived if I had to sit on him.
Gerald Grenier
Gerald Grenier Il y a 8 mois
the "you're right" would be used against you with the type of gas-lighting he was doing.
MrGoesBoom Il y a 9 mois
Sounds like that driving instructor was the one with serious health issues. that or they were setting the student up to be bullied into something sexual/illegal for them.
LazyH-Online Il y a 8 mois
@RimWulf it has nothing to do with infatuation. Try rereading it for clarity.
RimWulf Il y a 8 mois
David McConville you mean the instructor believes that OP infatuated with him? Narcissism is a similar to paranoia where it’s all about them.
David McConville
David McConville Il y a 8 mois
Seemed like an extreme example of narcissistic personality disorder. Such people charm you at first and precede to browbeat you for everything once your guard is down. It's so that they can pick away at your self-esteem for a relationship of subservience. They try to make you second guess yourself and feel guilty for things that are not your fault. People only realize what's going on when the mask starts to come off. Unfortunately, for a lot of people they never see it.
T V Il y a 8 mois
@SiegeTF Goku behind the steering wheel is more dangerous than UI Goku. The filler episode Goku WAS his Final Form.
RimWulf Il y a 8 mois
Almost a perfect case of projection.
WheelchairGamer Il y a 9 mois
Isn't that a wasp in the thumbnail? Not a bee.
WheelchairGamer Il y a 9 mois
Ahh, I don't know bees or wasps by species. I just knew then bee's are normally hairy, while wasps are sleeker. Which is why I questioned the thumbnail. Honestly if someone called a bee a yellow jacket, I'd just smile and nod.
SiegeTF Il y a 9 mois
Yellow jacket stung me in the eyeball when I was a kid; it landed on my face so I froze, held my breath, and screwed my eyes shut. This made my face go numb, and when I opened my right eye to see if it was gone *zap.* Colors are less vivid in that eye for me, but I probably got lucky.
mlogan2k2 Il y a 9 mois
Yellow jackets are in fact wasps. They can sting multiple times and they are utter and complete assholes. (No idea why the thumbnail says bees, though some people do mistake them for each other.)
Peaches Rambo
Peaches Rambo Il y a 9 mois
People will put up with a lot of abuse and harassment from supervisors and bosses. I wish for the days were you could tell them to fuck off and find a better job. The teacher should be fired and arrested.
Dana Moore
Dana Moore Il y a 9 mois
Grab the wheel of a car I am driving and you will have physical evidence of my anger. Like my hand print from where the offender's throat got crushed. You Do. Not. grab the wheel from the driver, unless they passed out. As a driving instructor he has One tool. The hand brake.
eabe _
eabe _ Il y a 8 mois
@Dana Moore No. Go to any 3rd party company every car they use has them. They are not hard to get either.
Dana Moore
Dana Moore Il y a 8 mois
@eabe _ You mean high school where all they used was the driver ed's POV?
eabe _
eabe _ Il y a 8 mois
@Dana Moore ummm what? You didn't take driver ed from a legit place than? Or blind as a bat. Driver ed cars have had brakes installed on the instructors side sense the 60's.
Carol Mello
Carol Mello Il y a 8 mois
@Roadent1241 no, my driving instructors each had a foot brake on their side of the car. They were special cars, modified for driving instruction.
deathblade32 Il y a 8 mois
In idaho here, I had an instructor with a foot break and hand break about 3 years ago also. But in the same city we had schools without the foot break
Monique Star
Monique Star Il y a 9 mois
10:13 sure, clearly you weren't trying to jerk the wheel away from a patient student and intending on giving everyone in the car a report of "DEATH BY IDIOT"
Fedora Shaman
Fedora Shaman Il y a 9 mois
Heck that driving teacher. He deserved to get fired.
MD GOLD Il y a 9 mois
Me: *Drive the car to the right lane* Driving teacher: I don't have time for this crap *take the wheel And drive the right lane and we almost crash* Me: "Looked shocked* ARE YOU INSANE!!!
TellerTube Il y a 9 mois
Jake you da man
TyVulpintaur Il y a 9 mois
Gerald Grenier
Gerald Grenier Il y a 8 mois
Worse than bees, yellow jackets are wasps, they don't died when the sting you like bees do so will sting you out of spite
Youtube University
Youtube University Il y a 9 mois
*Grabs steering wheel from the driver, almost crashes, blames the driver.*
William Astle
William Astle Il y a 8 mois
Grabbing the steering wheel when you're not the driver is actually illegal, at least in my neck of the woods. Even if the driver is a learner and you are an instructor. The reasoning being that two people cannot safely control a vehicle simulaneously. Odds are, grabbing the wheel is going to make whatever situation you're trying to prevent worse. Basically, that driving instructor is both a menace and an idiot.
MyLadyPanda Il y a 8 mois
@Axel This was back in '96. I didn't have a way to video tape anything. And I know Red Asphalt is the worst now..but when I was 15/16..I didn't. I'm overall a good driver..but I'm not great on freeways (I don't like going fast at all) I still don't have a license, but I'm slowly working on it (again. New country. new rules) I'm bored of being stuck at home XD
Axel Il y a 8 mois
@MyLadyPanda Same issue here, except I brought a camera. If at all possible, people should bring cameras to their testing, and don't be afraid to let the driver know you have one. This really puts them in the position to do it correctly rather than being crazy. This includes people who seem to act crazy and give sudden, knee-jerk reactions like the one you dealt with and the one in the video. Unless their issues are serious, they mostly magically sober up to reality! As for being afraid of driving, Red Asphalt is usually the absolute worst of the worst. Driving safely will easily avoid most of that and a car with a solid crash rating helps with the rest. Don't let the fear keep you from driving, instead let it be a fuel to help you be more alert about your surroundings while driving. Don't give up!
Carol Mello
Carol Mello Il y a 8 mois
My mother is starting to get a little senile. One time I was driving her home. I was holding a small piece of paper in one hand. I was shocked when my mother started grabbing the steering wheel to take the piece of paper away from me. I was 64 and my mother was 90. She freaking scared me sh*tless with this crazy behavior. It was all I could do to avoid an accident with her acting so bizarrely, grabbing the steering wheel, my hands, reaching in front of my face. All that interference from her meant I had to really concentrate hard to stay in my traffic lane, watch other cars, obey traffic signals. The whole episode was horribly distracting but I managed not to get in an accident nor break any traffic rules. I mention this because that driving instructor was doing something similar to this student by distracting her by yelling and arguing, then grabbing the steering wheel, and yelling and arguing more. Could that instructor have been having TIAs or some issue to make him behave so dangerously and then blame the student instead? Totally inappropriate behavior from elderly mothers and middle age driving instructors. Naturally, I have been reluctant in the last year to ever drive my mother anywhere else. I do not want to ever have her in the car, grabbing for the steering wheel from the passenger seat in traffic again. The piece of paper belonged to me, not her. I cannot figure out what the hell was going through her mind to act so bizarrely. This was when she was initially going senile. At that time, she was frequently angry and aggressive about her health situation. She has calmed down since then and is much less angry and aggressive. But I am still scared after that incident to drive with her again. I let my sister drive my mom places instead.
MyLadyPanda Il y a 8 mois
My driving teacher kinda did the same thing. I was passing a car on the freeway (speed limit 55, car in front was doing 30) I guess this startled the teacher and just as I cleared the other car he slammed on his bitch break ( the break on his side of the car)I almost lost control and hit the guard rail. He yelled at me for almost killing everyone.. HE caused me to almost wreck, not me..After that he showed me Red Asphalt...I still don't drive to this day because I'm scared to.
Slokoki Il y a 9 mois
Jake, do you think marks on the skin aren't proof? I'm just curious. You make these comments sometimes like you didn't even read the story, like you just skimmed over it.
Andrew Bondarenko
Andrew Bondarenko Il y a 9 mois
No proof that the boss told him something stupid and caused it.
James Warden
James Warden Il y a 9 mois
106 views 5 minutes
Internet in a Nutshell Channel
Yellow jackets just want to watch the world burn from their stings.
SiegeTF Il y a 8 mois
@Danger Dash Cicada?! Was it one of those gigantic bastard Japanese hornets?
Danger Dash
Danger Dash Il y a 8 mois
We have Yellow Jackets around where I live at, but I've never had any real issues with them. I say real issue, because I've never been attacked, but had one on me once, didn't really know it, but kept hearing a buzzing with every right step. Then it was constant, right by my ear, and when I looked, it was so close I could see the full detail of its body, as it carried its lunch, a lord of the flies (or Cicada, as it's commonly known as), three times as big, under it. Needless to say, my heart dropped out of my asshole.
SiegeTF Il y a 9 mois
Satan: Can I make just one thing? God: Well, I already made the platypus, the centipede, and all sorts of microbes, so why not? Satan: (Infuses his piss with hatred, then gives it a shell and wings). God: Medamnit...
MrGoesBoom Il y a 9 mois
Bees and even most wasps will leave you alone if you don't bother them, yellow jackets are just evil and out to get everyone
Dutch Ferret
Dutch Ferret Il y a 9 mois
If you see this have a great day!
Kevin Boyle
Kevin Boyle Il y a 3 mois
Dutch Ferret
Dutch Ferret Il y a 8 mois
Thank you that just made my day. Thank you
heart abduction
heart abduction Il y a 8 mois
No u
Aiden Hughes
Aiden Hughes Il y a 9 mois
get the bug spray
Trisha Smith
Trisha Smith Il y a 9 mois
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