Quick D: Static Helicopter Blades

Captain Disillusion
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Captain Disillusion gets pedantic about the description of a common camera effect.
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12 août 2019




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Commentaires 2 768
Elielson Nascimento
Elielson Nascimento Il y a 4 jours
great video! thanks captain ! you're the best
Szpieg 2000
Szpieg 2000 Il y a 5 jours
3:15 camera is fake isnt it?
super autismo
super autismo Il y a 5 jours
3:54 JESUS
extraE MONTAMONTES Il y a 5 jours
The production values of this video are unprecedented in youtube
MicEdge Il y a 5 jours
*My physics teacher showed this to me in class, and even he gave the wrong explaination.* *I think i have to quit studies and watch FRvid*
gottarunmemeboi lolz
gottarunmemeboi lolz Il y a 7 jours
In every video, i know the words, just not in the order you put them in
Hank Richard
Hank Richard Il y a 9 jours
5:14 when I saw the red I thought is would say WASTED
lance lin
lance lin Il y a 9 jours
why is his hair blending in with the camera????? 3:11
Grickery Il y a 9 jours
I've done this by blinking very quickly, while looking at a ceiling fan.
Xppp1 Il y a 16 jours
I cant believe CD is fucking DEAD
B n
B n Il y a 16 jours
Hi Captain D how can i send you a video to demistify
Timur Timak
Timur Timak Il y a 19 jours
That moment of a ceiling fan falling onto a human head was very dissonating.
Marcus Vinicius
Marcus Vinicius Il y a 23 jours
So if I punch someone and they dont see it coming does that mean they just need to adjust their frame rate ?
Jack Black
Jack Black Il y a 25 jours
Is not a true Captain Disillusion video without him being injured, right? But if it happened in EVERY SINGLE VIDEO then it would be predictable and...
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson Il y a 26 jours
The original video title was Frame Rate, but a load of photography students who think they know better "encouraged" the change
Luke Iannone
Luke Iannone Il y a 28 jours
You were doing the ceiling fan at double time it wasn’t matching the right rpm
Mr. Cat
Mr. Cat Il y a 29 jours
This guy is so god damn smart!
Rahul Koli 2
Rahul Koli 2 Il y a mois
man u r awsm love from india. thnx
s gg
s gg Il y a mois
you are amazing you do it all alone with all those editing😊
deslomator Il y a mois
Now that's a crossover!
Jt kire
Jt kire Il y a mois
I would hate to go against this guy in terms of knowledge. 😑😑
r3tr0_Zealot Il y a mois
My son has epilepsy and spazzed out during this video. Smh
Deathswitch Il y a mois
the same thing can be done with water droplets as shown in a film called now you see me 2
Wenyan Wang
Wenyan Wang Il y a mois
Quick D: Static Helicopter Blades D: D: D:
Emmarina Il y a mois
1:38 *Epilepsy warnings... Anyone?*
Pirodestructor Il y a mois
How much time do you need to color your ears like this???😂
David Oniga
David Oniga Il y a mois
THUN BORG Il y a mois
Captain Dissolution, finally a being worthy of assimilation.
Thomas Karmy
Thomas Karmy Il y a mois
Your weak
CornierKhan1 Il y a mois
Why not just make it 0fps smh /s
jmrcsnchz Il y a mois
Can u debunk the guy that shot his head with shotgun? Seems to be Pretty fake for me
H I Il y a mois
These vids are too high quality for FRvid 😂😂😂
dnsbrules Il y a mois
I’ve use a strobe light and flipped a toy gun and tried to catch it and failed. If we were cameras we wouldn’t be able to catch thrown things.
Klaus Schneirder
Klaus Schneirder Il y a mois
The rpm of the helicopter blades are changing constantly dew to the collective pitch, wich means the fps of the camera must constantly be changing as well for the video to be true.
Michael Il y a mois
I lol'd at that stupid last joke.
nikushim666 Il y a mois
"if you want to see this replicated" just point a potentiometer tuned strobe light at a ceiling fan.
lambert Kasaija
lambert Kasaija Il y a mois
Hey captain, is this video real, the drone has some unreal movements
sgiza228 Il y a mois
Just like using a timing light while timing an engine. The light flashes on the timing marks and you can see the marks as if the engine isn’t spinning.
Tiggle Bittles
Tiggle Bittles Il y a mois
I love this man
darkknightmr Il y a mois
Question smn to answer me ..on naked eye sometimes the rims of cars seems to be still or slowdown what is our rpm ?
darkknightmr Il y a mois
I need the answer and I dont know where to find ....
darkknightmr Il y a mois
Is the blinking the factor?
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