Purgatony Episode 07 - Holy Roller, Holy Diver

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Tony Pergatelli is a low level bureaucrat in Purgatory - a claims adjustor for Death. Day in and day out, Tony reviews the files of the newly dead and decides singlehandedly whether they’re approved or denied to get into Heaven. He’s unqualified, unsure of himself and unbelievably burdened by the weight of his choices. It’s just one thing after another!
Tony finds out that everyone in the office has been betting on whether he sends his clients to Heaven or Hell, and gets pressured to “fix the game” when his popularity grows and they’re all betting on certain outcomes.
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9 juil. 2019




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Commentaires 5 990
Jacob Cabaniss
Jacob Cabaniss Il y a 2 jours
My favorite episode thus far. Tony deserves a little win. Now back to his suffering lol
TouchThat RHINO
TouchThat RHINO Il y a 5 jours
Victor Bryan
Victor Bryan Il y a 7 jours
I can't help but think that the eyeball stabbing angel shouldn't be an angel at all.. but ok
Xander Carroll
Xander Carroll Il y a 7 jours
PHARAOH HLMC Il y a 8 jours
Love Death!!!
Aidan koch
Aidan koch Il y a 8 jours
Song:there's no clock on the wall. Clock on the wall: am I a joke to you?
Firefly miesumae shimmamura
Is the gizam guy evidence that everyone in purgatory committed suicide?
nina ocanas
nina ocanas Il y a 12 jours
He said look at my eyes Tony there sharing a moment lol
Weeb gamer
Weeb gamer Il y a 15 jours
Mason Maxwell
Mason Maxwell Il y a 16 jours
1:37 Max's entire body changes color
crome Skelton
crome Skelton Il y a 16 jours
Did any body notice his hair was purpule
Witch Vibes
Witch Vibes Il y a 17 jours
Tony came in with the CLUTCH!
mike 1
mike 1 Il y a 17 jours
I rather get laid
Science Pug
Science Pug Il y a 18 jours
1:36 his hair is purple
Kassy1023 Il y a 18 jours
That's good thinking for a guy getting super bonked on the head
XxReaper WolfxX
XxReaper WolfxX Il y a 19 jours
When he said you want me to suck that I was laughing hella hard
Davis T.
Davis T. Il y a 20 jours
Oh.. A happy ending!
Droid 16 Beta
Droid 16 Beta Il y a 20 jours
Finally Tony wins one
Doofus Darius
Doofus Darius Il y a 21 jour
first difference: nothing in the bin
Adonan the Stoic
Adonan the Stoic Il y a 21 jour
I recall someone in the comments of a previous episode say, theoretically, anyone who takes their own life goes to purgatory. Is Max's presence a confirmation?
The Science Fiction and HORROR AND FANTASY FAN.
Anyone see the purple dildo next to Max?
Christopher Garcia
Christopher Garcia Il y a 24 jours
Did every one see Max change colors at 1:38
pkmondol Il y a 26 jours
Tony has a red stapler in his office. Most definitely a reference to Office Space.
Radiation Burns
Radiation Burns Il y a 26 jours
"I truly believe you can Read it if you try"
E.king5897 Il y a 26 jours
the tie wearing angel eye stabber😇🔪
A Unstoppable
A Unstoppable Il y a 26 jours
Why does the intro show him sleeping when sleeping shouldn't exist in purgatory at all?
vector Jay
vector Jay Il y a 27 jours
6:13 did anyone else see the bong on the prize table next to the teddy bear
commiesarentpeople Il y a 28 jours
John Brunner
John Brunner Il y a 28 jours
Look in my eyes... were having a moment..
jay gopinath
jay gopinath Il y a mois
this is so good and funny keep it up
Alaskan-Ally Il y a mois
Yeah that was a pretty good episode.
Briar Rose
Briar Rose Il y a mois
Explosm Entertainment Season 1 Purgatony Views in Millions Episode 1: 2.5 Episode 2: 2.2 Episode 3: 2.1 Episode 4: 1.8 Episode 5: 1.5 Episode 6: 1.6 Episode 7: 1.4 Episode 8: 1.2 In total, there are over 14.3 million views on this series, but it appears that slowly consumers have lost interest in the last episodes of the series. I recommend watching this with friends or just sharing it with more people. Don’t keep this show as a secret to yourself or you’ll never see a Season 2.
Briar Rose
Briar Rose Il y a mois
I love Tony, and Death, and Chad Bradley, and, well, everyone in this show. Make a season 2 please.
Grand Priest
Grand Priest Il y a mois
Harold the henious he’ll pillage your village hell rape you no one that’s enough well I was going to say anus
roderick cowan
roderick cowan Il y a mois
The eternal loser finally wins. Too bad we can't say the same for the Toronto Maple Leaf's.
Shrimp Games
Shrimp Games Il y a mois
Pls make season 2 I love this I've watched the whole series 3 times
Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams Il y a mois
Death got a bad hangover.......Does he party? Wonder what it looks like..? 🤔😆
Eli Honeyman
Eli Honeyman Il y a mois
death is so good of a character
partisan Il y a mois
Love this series
Daniel Morrow
Daniel Morrow Il y a mois
When it comes to the souls being judged you should use controversial figures from the past and present. Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump. Hitler.
Angel Camacho
Angel Camacho Il y a mois
3:20 3:40 lol
Brian O'Neil
Brian O'Neil Il y a mois
Best. Purgatony. EVER. The little baby's good!
Edward Myers
Edward Myers Il y a mois
That worker should have gone to hell
little ricky15 ????????
LaBelle424242 Il y a mois
Did anyone catch the four things changed in Tony's office?
Marbella Bender
Marbella Bender Il y a mois
Can I just say that as long as Death is happy, I don't really care about what happens to Tony. Death is my favorite, and no one can change that
Kerry Benjamin
Kerry Benjamin Il y a mois
Tony reminds me of Sad Larry.
Crescent Knights
Crescent Knights Il y a mois
Nicotine and happiness
Kyle Raia
Kyle Raia Il y a mois
Would you like to partake of mein sweet jizzums? Lol too much
Camaron Gonzales
Camaron Gonzales Il y a mois
Yo you gonna fu** her 10000 on he**
Merly Villanueva
Merly Villanueva Il y a mois
This is the first time I have seen Tony laugh maniacally.
The duck
The duck Il y a mois
oh man why
Sean Evan
Sean Evan Il y a mois
6:29 he sent that nun to hell?!
Hello welcome to Chillis
So basically tony just befoe-d almost everyone on the purgatory?
PepperYT Il y a mois
This should be a Netflix show
Colleen Keating
Colleen Keating Il y a mois
8:31 Married: omg. NO
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear Il y a mois
9:47: Tony, split the baby in half. That way one half is going to heaven and the other half is going to hell & you won't you get a knife stuck in to your eyes with some 'fun'.
Political potatoes
Political potatoes Il y a mois
3:31 ok 😤😢😂😂😂😂
Jimmyboy Yt
Jimmyboy Yt Il y a mois
Clay Parker
Clay Parker Il y a mois
Go for hell
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