Purgatony Episode 07 - Holy Roller, Holy Diver

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Tony Pergatelli is a low level bureaucrat in Purgatory - a claims adjustor for Death. Day in and day out, Tony reviews the files of the newly dead and decides singlehandedly whether they’re approved or denied to get into Heaven. He’s unqualified, unsure of himself and unbelievably burdened by the weight of his choices. It’s just one thing after another!
Tony finds out that everyone in the office has been betting on whether he sends his clients to Heaven or Hell, and gets pressured to “fix the game” when his popularity grows and they’re all betting on certain outcomes.
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9 juil. 2019




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Commentaires 5 585
the human god
the human god Il y a heure
I really like Max. He may be weird, but he nice and fun.
Haley Polfliet
Haley Polfliet Il y a heure
starting to miss Chad Bradley just a lil bit 👀👀
Rycovias Kong
Rycovias Kong Il y a 2 heures
Is like Holmes trying to solve this
The king of Despair
The king of Despair Il y a 2 heures
She'll suck my what
No You
No You Il y a 2 heures
Why is the 8th video privated
king etpison
king etpison Il y a 3 heures
Death's brother sings the intro
ThatCatGaming Il y a 3 heures
The baby said he killed his mother at childbirth but in the pic the mom was at the baptism
Justin’s Gaming videos
Justin’s Gaming videos Il y a 4 heures
8:56 did anyone see Chad Bradley?
Bjorn Arnesen
Bjorn Arnesen Il y a 4 heures
Yes! Thank you, Death. Even though I'm "average" sized and know some people don't know to know better, I hate the "M" word. Hell, I even cringe at the first Men in Black now.
Brandy Phillips
Brandy Phillips Il y a 5 heures
this sorta reminds me of your pretty face is going to hell
sora dragonheart
sora dragonheart Il y a 5 heures
Death is probably like the best boss out there the amount of patience he has and that he cares a lot even tho he says he doesn’t give a 💩lol
Rustic Shine
Rustic Shine Il y a 6 heures
Death loves his sombrero!
Eilidhpetrina Vann
Eilidhpetrina Vann Il y a 7 heures
1 no rubbish in the bin
Bravo 53
Bravo 53 Il y a 8 heures
Yo why is tony friend change color when she came in
Bob the Builder
Bob the Builder Il y a 9 heures
Was that guy with the knife northern irish or scottish?
Bowling Pin
Bowling Pin Il y a 10 heures
episode 8 is already out and it is in youtube so yea
p nuggs
p nuggs Il y a 10 heures
Someone leaked purgatony episode 8 I don't know who it is but I thought this might be useful or something
Genesis David
Genesis David Il y a 11 heures
That baby is basically stewie
Rebecca Matthews
Rebecca Matthews Il y a 12 heures
Death is the best character
Sakellariou Dimitris
Sakellariou Dimitris Il y a 12 heures
If you're making an episode on Hell, I suggest you show it to us just as it is described in Dante Alligheri's "The Divine Comedy". You know, the 9 circles, the depiction of Lucifer as a three headed beast etc.
dayton koonce
dayton koonce Il y a 13 heures
😏 And that is how it’s done. How to piss everyone off and have fun while doing it. 😏😏😏
Ted Clermont
Ted Clermont Il y a 15 heures
This was a very enjoyable episode. Fuck everyone at that office lol
noa H
noa H Il y a 16 heures
tony is the best character
green shirtguy
green shirtguy Il y a 16 heures
Holy diver, youve been down too long in the midnight sea
Devld22 Il y a 18 heures
2:38 and 7:09 reminds me of the first mission of mw1 lol
Feddy Hernandez
Feddy Hernandez Il y a 20 heures
Seeing tony win brought back my faith in humanity Also the end credits are funny i still cant tell if deaf is better than tony
I’m Essentially Dead
I’m Essentially Dead Il y a 21 heure
Somebody already posted ep 8 somehow, idk how that could happen but I saw it.
Imperfect Fractals
Imperfect Fractals Il y a 21 heure
I'm literally just waiting for Tony to come into death's office and death being...indecent. Don't get any ideas, deviantart.
Miks_ gold
Miks_ gold Il y a 22 heures
1:37 Who else noticed that Max has diferent hair color and clothes?
You know Me already
8/10 not enough chad Bradley
Lore Zero
Lore Zero Il y a jour
Tony wins
OPL SPCTRLX Il y a jour
I made a slideshow to show you how much i care.
Crazy Brothers
Crazy Brothers Il y a jour
Please add more theyre great thanks soo much for purgatony.
Glocken Fist
Glocken Fist Il y a jour
I’m glad he finally won something
Knife Game
Knife Game Il y a jour
Are you guys working on 8?
that 22 channel
that 22 channel Il y a jour
The worst caricature is Chad the best is death and Tony's ok
Inferno Savage
Inferno Savage Il y a jour
This has to be a reference to trolley Tom the game
Subset Il y a jour
So nobody seen Tony point the middle finger at the demon and angle 2:28
Udester Swag
Udester Swag Il y a jour
My favorite episode so far Dat succubus doe🥵
Adam McDonald
Adam McDonald Il y a jour
The soul shredder is fake, Tony died in a building collapse, and death wears a sombrero.
Mystic The bad
Mystic The bad Il y a jour
I thought tony would have an easy on until 7:35
BabyCocoMan Il y a jour
Anybody else notice the dildos in the prize table
Godofdeath Takerofsouls
We want more purgatony
Space Pirate
Space Pirate Il y a jour
Max introduction was pretty cool and his loyalty to his friend tony is also cool
Ethan Hudson
Ethan Hudson Il y a jour
You should have tony judge sad Larry in a cold open
Felicia Taylor
Felicia Taylor Il y a jour
I love that even Chad Bradley backs out of the situation. Lol!
The Lightning Brony
1:19 Was that Harald Bluetooth? If so, nice history reference! :D
Audanius Vesuvuis
Audanius Vesuvuis Il y a jour
3:31 my uncle during my nan’s funeral
Eva Dobre
Eva Dobre Il y a jour
I really want a video where Freddie Mercury appears!
Little Sapphire
Little Sapphire Il y a jour
12:59 *HAHAHA Tony wins! TONY WIIINS!*