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Introducing Project Hazel, the world's smartest mask. Designed to provide a safe, social, sustainable, comfortable, and personalized experience, this mask ensures the highest degree of safety with the best quality of life enhancements. Face the new normal with protection that’s far from average:
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12 janv. 2021




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Commentaires 100
The Calendar
The Calendar Il y a 14 secondes
Do they have vocal filters so you can sound like Darth Vader?
Holson Il y a 24 secondes
Ngl i hope it is real, dude I would buy this without thinking twice :(
BROWN BE4R Il y a 54 secondes
I thought they made gaming gear?
sanic wwd
sanic wwd Il y a 3 minutes
It aint even april 1st
dark gamer123
dark gamer123 Il y a 3 minutes
So when is it coming out?
eddie Il y a 3 minutes
*Breathing in 144hz* Edit: realized someone else made the same comment but I’m going to roll with it
Bërsėl TV
Bërsėl TV Il y a 5 minutes
Turn down the music bruh
Brandon Rivas
Brandon Rivas Il y a 6 minutes
I would definitely buy this
Jake Zamora
Jake Zamora Il y a 7 minutes
But how much does it cost
Cusi Il y a 9 minutes
Yato Narakumi
Yato Narakumi Il y a 9 minutes
Mom: Why are you not wearing any mask? Me: Because the battery is low
kakaDDsai Il y a 9 minutes
So how do u wash it
doliio volay
doliio volay Il y a 5 minutes
Máscara gamer tem que ter rgb kkkkkkkkk
ZejoCZ Il y a 11 minutes
i love it best respirator ever
doliio volay
doliio volay Il y a 5 minutes
Everybody gangsta until Razer introduces mobile air condition.
xkragee Il y a 11 minutes
of course there is RGB
official 999
official 999 Il y a 12 minutes
How much is it
Elizry Il y a 12 minutes
so ur telling me i will breathe without imput delay and ping
ItsViral Il y a 13 minutes
I don’t know what’s worse that something like this was invented or the fact that I want one lol
MadJackVideos Il y a 13 minutes
I don't know why but this would definetly be one of my impulse buys
Marton Denes
Marton Denes Il y a 14 minutes
Does it last in the rain tho?
Jenluis C
Jenluis C Il y a 15 minutes
Thank you very much now that will be 199.99
Danny Lee
Danny Lee Il y a 16 minutes
Is this a joke I feel bad asking but Razer does this
Yea but No Podacst
Yea but No Podacst Il y a 17 minutes
Ok but will it fog up my glasses?
dobo the Lancelot
dobo the Lancelot Il y a 17 minutes
El_Bartto Il y a 20 minutes
I swear if someone comes at me flexing this shit imma throw hands
Armando Herrera
Armando Herrera Il y a 21 minute
How much?
Oussama- Creed
Oussama- Creed Il y a 24 minutes
I don't wanna new mask I want to end the pandemic
Arbel Bar On
Arbel Bar On Il y a 25 minutes
Everybody gangsta until Razer introduces mobile air condition.
Felipe Costa
Felipe Costa Il y a 27 minutes
Máscara gamer tem que ter rgb kkkkkkkkk
BLeaf Il y a 29 minutes
1:12, but that's what YOU DONT......WANT!!!!!
Noltica Il y a 30 minutes
Breathing in 240 frames
Nafeez Il y a 33 minutes
non-transparent edition?
Sasuke Il y a 33 minutes
this is a upto 60fps mask but i hv a 144hz mouth , it'll be a waste for me
Mohammed Alhasan
Mohammed Alhasan Il y a 35 minutes
It’s a nice new enovation but the only thing that is stoping me from getting it is the look🤢🤢
Fahim Izzuddin
Fahim Izzuddin Il y a 35 minutes
Soo.. where do i add to cart mister razer ? Also me: cant wait to look cool
Phoenixkeep Il y a 36 minutes
What is Razer smoking?
Zeke Plays everything
Zeke Plays everything Il y a 38 minutes
Boxed_Water Il y a 38 minutes
Corona: he’s hacking
Skiperek TV
Skiperek TV Il y a 48 minutes
How about glasses on mask? is it comfortable?
Godspeed Il y a 49 minutes
Dang it now I have to smile for real
Chnöpfli Il y a 49 minutes
Make some not see-through designs because I and many others are anti-social introverts!
RxnjiFaygo Il y a 52 minutes
One more thing expensive af
Historybuff2008 Il y a 54 minutes
You could just buy a gas mask
FΛLCON Il y a 55 minutes
will it support razer croma
MAFERA Il y a 55 minutes
You guys can imagine how a razer condom will be like
FΛLCON Il y a 55 minutes
its has rgb.. da fk
Kermit on crack
Kermit on crack Il y a 56 minutes
I thouht this is an april joke like every year but realised its January xD
Davide Coppa
Davide Coppa Il y a 59 minutes
This is a right example of consumism
xillusio Il y a heure
I wonder when they will release the 120 fps one.
Joaquin Frigerio
Joaquin Frigerio Il y a heure
The perfect Antivirus
lukipuki Il y a heure
wait I just have to sell my kidney
Ezekiel Nduli
Ezekiel Nduli Il y a heure
Looks like Harry Osborn's mask.
MorningStar • _
MorningStar • _ Il y a heure
Me : so how much is - sales person : did you know Humans can live with a single kidney
The Meme Therapy
The Meme Therapy Il y a heure
Where were u guys when Australia caught forest fire.
sahil jazz
sahil jazz Il y a heure
I need it, *-*
VR Geeo
VR Geeo Il y a heure
“Guys let’s go shopping!” Me: “I cant, it’s charging.” “:/“
Nahllo Il y a heure
Ah yes, a 249.99$ Mask, can't wait to not buy it.
That One Kid
That One Kid Il y a heure
huminac plays
huminac plays Il y a heure
all of this at just $999.90
Bakunayawa Il y a heure
I have doubts about this "Voice amplifier". You can't even make a normal video without your voice and the music battling for superioty 😂
Brand0n7 Il y a heure
Bruh quarantine is gonna be over soon
dxvidyuh Il y a heure
*breaths in gamer*
Frxmez Il y a heure
I actually want this
Alertacobra 12
Alertacobra 12 Il y a heure
Lusor_Elges Il y a heure
Lol let me guess Rgb mask 100$?
Hextarian Il y a heure
gonna cost like $2000
Kinetic Il y a heure
Finally a new update going to be added to Covid-19 the game
Cheap Ship
Cheap Ship Il y a heure
I can’t believe that I’m living in a time where surgical health mask have become a fashion design
swapnil damle
swapnil damle Il y a heure
Can you please add a Batman Voice changer to this mask??? That would make this mask perfect!!!!!!
skiprez gaming
skiprez gaming Il y a heure
Rtx mask
Jojofunsize Il y a heure
They gonna make dippers next
mammothachoo Il y a heure
This *is* a joke...right?
Iván Irias
Iván Irias Il y a heure
I really would like one but then I remembered I live in latam.
King Murtaza Plays
King Murtaza Plays Il y a heure
Manz gonna hop around in school flexing on them Asian kids ana
Space man
Space man Il y a heure
How about RGB Underpants?
Revanth Annabathini
Revanth Annabathini Il y a heure
razer back w the trolling
Dodgy_ Jammer
Dodgy_ Jammer Il y a heure
ah atleast when i go to work I know I'll be paying off my debt to razer since these are going to be ridiculously priced, like every razer product
Regneer Ross Caampued
gamers now cant make weird faces in front of the cashier
Halo20 Il y a heure
brb gotta recharge my mask
Martin Sison
Martin Sison Il y a heure
Project hazel Rechargeable battery with gpu on it u will breath up to 120fps and 4k transparent u will see how ur friend not brushing a teeth wow gold razer mask 5k pesos
George 125gr
George 125gr Il y a heure
Dan The Tech Guy
Dan The Tech Guy Il y a heure
Hazel means Dickhead in Czech
Mr. Memer
Mr. Memer Il y a heure
OMG unbox therapys studio
TheNameIdontDesire Il y a heure
Ty but since when did anyone ask for a gaming mask? ._.
superbacon13 Il y a 2 heures
Bro turn down the music jesus
Robert Haddad
Robert Haddad Il y a 2 heures
Imagine buying this mask and the pandemic ends after a month lol I would be so mad (since ofc it will be expensive)
Amazingfahim Il y a 2 heures
bro razer admit it u ran out of ideas didnt u?
germaphobia Il y a 2 heures
Is it gonna die within a year
franfernandezvs Il y a 2 heures
With that mask I can breathe at 120 fps : )
KGB Il y a 2 heures
Razer, what have you done, you haven't made a mask if you have COVID and you are wearing that mask when you breathe in cold air and exhale the hot air you are releasing COVID particles
Lord4thMinato Il y a 2 heures
you guys never released the hovering mouse from april fools :(
Santiago Gonzalez
Santiago Gonzalez Il y a 2 heures
Cyberpunk 2077 mask? Yes sirrr
pxcan Il y a 2 heures
Thanks to razer, the future is here.
Sebastian Jose
Sebastian Jose Il y a 2 heures
It’s so weird that the design actually isn’t dumb
Husler 1
Husler 1 Il y a 2 heures
Lmao whatever
Emporio Il y a 2 heures
I'm gonna sell my lil bro in the black market for this mask cause I wanna breathe in 60 fps
Unemployment Villager
Unemployment Villager Il y a 2 heures
Oh yeah it's so good! Anyway, how is that McFly project? Is it already floating? I hope this project will be success just like that project! Can't wait sure i am!
Kimitsu Il y a 2 heures
Can i download warzone on this mask?
Steamed Il y a 2 heures
“Yo bro you sure that guy didn’t have aim bot???” “Nah he just had a really good gaming mask”
Alex Tucker
Alex Tucker Il y a 2 heures
The future is here alright
Danich Il y a 2 heures
I Ruined Skeppy’s Video
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