Priscilla Block - I Bet You Wanna Know (Audio)

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The Official Audio Video for Priscilla Block’s “I Bet You Wanna Know"
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Music video by Priscilla Block performing I Bet You Wanna Know (Audio). A Mercury Nashville/InDent Records Production; © 2021 UMG Recordings, Inc./InDent Records




5 janv. 2021




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Commentaires 81
Johnna Martinez
Johnna Martinez Il y a 3 jours
My Jam!! How did I just discover her?! She's legit the shit!!
adammobley Il y a 13 jours
Jake hager
Jake hager Il y a 29 jours
Yet this song isn’t relevant to today’s times at all.
Emily Church
Emily Church Il y a mois
I love this song, it's my new favorite!!
Solid Rock
Solid Rock Il y a mois
🤣Kakakaka😂kakakaka🤣kakakaka😂kakakaka🤣kakakaka😂Kakakaka🤣kakakaka😂kakakaka🤣kakakaka😂kakakaka🤣Kakakaka😂kakakaka🤣kakakaka😂kakakaka🤣kakakaka😂 Who keres....😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛
Boerner William
Boerner William Il y a mois
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Boerner William
Boerner William Il y a mois
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Songstats Il y a mois
Cool!! Did you know that this track got added to 'Country Hits' with over 985K Followers on Spotify!
Lori annunziata Mountain
I like this song , great lyrics 🤔
Lillian Bissett
Lillian Bissett Il y a mois
Who hurt her? But she gave us some good music.
Michelle Trujillo
Michelle Trujillo Il y a mois
This is on repeat omg
Lennart Leedu
Lennart Leedu Il y a mois
Gabriella Lenkowski
I wanna be in this music video !! Lol I love it so much ❤️❤️❤️👏👏
Brenna Hart
Brenna Hart Il y a mois
I love bet you wouldn't know because if you have to talk and you follow her if you do not have tiktok you need to download it because and follow her because you would know I heard the song on tiktok but it's more better when you hear her sing it she seems so beautiful so if you don't have tiktok read this comment you need to download tiktok because your name is Priscilla block
Jo L
Jo L Il y a mois
😍😍😍 amazing!!
adammobley Il y a mois
We love you!!!
abeita523 Il y a mois
These songs are hitting all the feelings lately.❤️
Brandy Carnell
Brandy Carnell Il y a mois
Dropping mid week is GENUIS!!!! 🙌🏼
Allan Macek
Allan Macek Il y a mois
Country 🔥
Greg Miles
Greg Miles Il y a mois
Another hit P.B... we need to get country music stations to play you and other female country artist. When it comes to male and female country artists the air time is still so uneven.
Vallery Rhoden-Rubach
Priscilla Block...EVERYONE PLEASE write her name down in your brain & remember her bc one day she will be on a BIG stage! I for 1 know bc I have followed her from day 1 also:)...thank u PB for sharing this great song with us:) we all love & appreciate your talent plus your HUMBLENESS!! Stay BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE!! I LOVE YOU:) plus call Carly so you can do a duet together & show everyone your talents!! you💜💛💚💙💖🎤🎵🎶🎉✨🌠🌠🤣🌻🌺
Sandra Cortinas
Sandra Cortinas Il y a mois
Share share share she deserves everything ❤️
Sandra Cortinas
Sandra Cortinas Il y a mois
Omg i love it!!!!! ❤️
Bella Viviano
Bella Viviano Il y a mois
Obsessed with this song and you 🔥💕
Lindsey Kangas
Lindsey Kangas Il y a mois
I love this 💕
Felicia Mae Baker
Felicia Mae Baker Il y a mois
Finally out and I love it! ❤
Julie Weemer
Julie Weemer Il y a mois
I've been waiting for this!🙌❤
Ashlee Nicole
Ashlee Nicole Il y a mois
I love you!!! Been following you on TikTok since day one!
Richard Wieland
Richard Wieland Il y a mois
Makes me wanna dance..and I can't dance so this track moves me
Rosella Barnes
Rosella Barnes Il y a mois
Rayane Barech
Rayane Barech Il y a mois
Keep up lady 🔥😍
Mark Hance
Mark Hance Il y a mois
Another Awesome song! Keep these coming! Encore! Encore! 😊👏👏👏
Timothy Welch
Timothy Welch Il y a mois
I can’t wait till she blows up. Definitely on her way
Isabella Lapoint
Isabella Lapoint Il y a mois
I am in love with this song
Avoid Covid
Avoid Covid Il y a mois
Came in my recommended, don’t regret clicking 😎
Michelle Trujillo
Michelle Trujillo Il y a mois
I seriously love you
Latisha Vennes
Latisha Vennes Il y a mois
Busch light sipping midnight kissing! Man could go for some of that right now.
Samantha O'Daniel
Samantha O'Daniel Il y a mois
Mid week jam!
lindsey estes
lindsey estes Il y a mois
I love her music she is the next Luke combs 💕💕💕💕💕
Angel Liebold- Schemke
Finally!!! Yess !!! Love it girl. ❤❤
Heather Haley
Heather Haley Il y a mois
So catchy, love it!
Julianna Estep
Julianna Estep Il y a mois
YES YES girl !!! I love your music !! Keep it up girly !!! 😍😍😍
Krista Gronewold
Krista Gronewold Il y a mois
Yes girl! Love it! ❤🎶🎧
cheyenne daman
cheyenne daman Il y a mois
Keep up the good work!! Everyone watch her tiktok thats how we know when she drops her music 🔥🔥
QUIZY BOY Il y a mois
This dope
LINSEE MOSER Il y a mois
Love It girl
Andrea Gabriella
Andrea Gabriella Il y a mois
Amazing!! 😍😍 I love it
LeAnne Jones
LeAnne Jones Il y a mois
I’ve been waiting for this release!!
Maycee Rae
Maycee Rae Il y a mois
Ayana Bryant
Ayana Bryant Il y a mois
Ok this is catchy and I like it!
Jada Wells
Jada Wells Il y a mois
Ok but I’m in love with this song 😻did I wake just to hear it? Yes yes yes ma’am I did
Jester Jason
Jester Jason Il y a mois
Definitely sounds like another hit just like every song I have heard from you.❤🎶🎶🎶
Lindsay B
Lindsay B Il y a mois
I love you!!! Can't wait to see you live one day, and hopefully meet you!! All your songs are golden ! You're so talented!! Xoxo
Kristina Clay
Kristina Clay Il y a mois
This is amazing!! Have been counting down to this release. Love you girl! Keep it up!!
Kylie Johnson
Kylie Johnson Il y a mois
Sabrina Eaton
Sabrina Eaton Il y a mois
Love this song and the other one to u are awesome and amazing u are great at singing I been following u on tictok for a while now u awesome
Country Now
Country Now Il y a mois
Yessenia Barbosa
Yessenia Barbosa Il y a mois
I love your music so much!!
Cody Mills
Cody Mills Il y a mois
tatum Faircloth
tatum Faircloth Il y a mois
I have been waiting
Haylie Coffman
Haylie Coffman Il y a mois
Good song
JM Dromanah 2.0
JM Dromanah 2.0 Il y a mois
Good Song 👍👍👍
Katie O'Brien
Katie O'Brien Il y a mois
Saved my first youtube comment for youuu. You are AMAZING.
Diona Jenkins
Diona Jenkins Il y a mois
Yessss I’m in loveeee
Mikayla McDilda
Mikayla McDilda Il y a mois
I love it 💕
Kayley Glass
Kayley Glass Il y a mois
Fav song song of the new year 2021
Lindsey Needs To Stop
"I bet you wanna go to the bar" Me: well yeah, it's my birthday. So...
Sylvia Crick
Sylvia Crick Il y a mois
@Dirty Nikes 4y ty t
Dirty Nikes
Dirty Nikes Il y a mois
Happy Birthday 🥳
Maycee Rae
Maycee Rae Il y a mois
Happy Birthdayyy!!!
Alexis Pavelko
Alexis Pavelko Il y a mois
I just bought this song I am in love with it
Hotrod Mustang
Hotrod Mustang Il y a mois
This is true for alot of women!!
Lyndi Giddens
Lyndi Giddens Il y a mois
I love it 🤩
John Tarver
John Tarver Il y a mois
I love how she releases music mid week!
Mathew Gladden
Mathew Gladden Il y a mois
Yea!! That’s SO crazy! Omg omg!!!
mylie bartlett
mylie bartlett Il y a mois
fav song of 2021
John Tarver
John Tarver Il y a mois
I would have been earlier but I was jamming to Miley!
Ricarda Martinez
Ricarda Martinez Il y a mois
Love it keep up the good work
Sydnee McHenry
Sydnee McHenry Il y a mois
Chloe Beebout
Chloe Beebout Il y a mois
Dulce Perez
Dulce Perez Il y a mois
Kenzi Herren
Kenzi Herren Il y a mois
Eeeeeeeee I’m so early
Kris Komoto
Kris Komoto Il y a mois
Itslexi Vlogs
Itslexi Vlogs Il y a mois
Yes I got here just in time I’m madi12andlexi07 on tiktok I love youuu
Haylee Turpin
Haylee Turpin Il y a mois
Hey here
She Ain't Me
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