PRETENDING TO BE STUDENTS FOR 24 HOURS! (crashed student party)

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Thank you again to University of Helsinki for the amazing experience! To learn more about studying on exchange at the University of Helsinki you can go here:
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We believe in challenging what society considers normal. So we seek discomfort to find our own way, to grow and to fulfill our true calling. And we make videos about it.
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Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer, Derin Emre
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29 déc. 2017




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Commentaires 2 384
Yes Theory
Yes Theory Il y a 2 ans
Hey all you beautiful people :) Just wanna pop in and say we love you all. Come join us on Instagram for daily updates, meet-up info and behind the scenes @YesTheory ❤️ you all have an epic day 🤙
Superi Il y a mois
You should visit Hämeenlinna, Finland. We have a big castle :)
dominik milien
dominik milien Il y a 2 mois
You are everywhere, I can imagine to meet you in Czech republic
I'm You
I'm You Il y a 2 mois
2:15 Did he just said EGYPTIAN SANKES? 🤣🤣🤣Aamar
tunseanu cristi
tunseanu cristi Il y a 5 mois
"Do you know what dad jokes are?"
Chaitanya Gawade
Chaitanya Gawade Il y a 6 mois
do more of this videos pls
R4ven Il y a jour
Im from finland
Shanna Robertson
Shanna Robertson Il y a 3 jours
Seriously, why did my ancestors leave Finland?
MANGA ART Il y a 3 jours
Finland is my Paradise.
Ezzu _
Ezzu _ Il y a 4 jours
Maersk Casulla
Maersk Casulla Il y a 7 jours
Whats the title of the song in the ending?
KAT KATKAT Il y a 9 jours
Man too many handsome boys in the end😭
jojotanify Il y a 11 jours
What's the song in the end? 6:07
Hans Atori
Hans Atori Il y a 11 jours
KaNe KsVp
KaNe KsVp Il y a 12 jours
Onks ketään suomalaisii tääl
Maeve Violet
Maeve Violet Il y a 16 jours
cant believe you guys went to mcgill! come back and visit me at mclennan
Muhammad Iskandar
Muhammad Iskandar Il y a 16 jours
9th video.
Mason Serna
Mason Serna Il y a 19 jours
That girl at 5:11 low key wanted Thomas to stay. It was that Swedish charm
Pave Il y a 19 jours
BigNicks News
BigNicks News Il y a 20 jours
Alright, Vid, you guys have better ones but they all can't be a 10....Like I said in another post, you want another 10, you want that walk down the FRvid Red Carpet, you want to stand on the podium and get that Gold, you want another video like that? Make a random dude (taught HS for 10 yrs if that helps lol) a FRvid somebody, which to be is 1 mil subs!
Joe Thron
Joe Thron Il y a 20 jours
Actually weird
Christopher Khaing
Christopher Khaing Il y a 26 jours
*Pretending to be students for 24 hrs* Undergrads: same
Bloom Blossom
Bloom Blossom Il y a 27 jours
i awlays burst to laughter when i heard Thomas whisper to everyone he met
mapletree Il y a 29 jours
Omg when the professor was like: "Hope you know Finnish cuz this class will be in Finnish". And when Ammar waz like WHOOP- and jumped up and left the room was the funniest thing ever. I'm Finnish btw.
Chocolo Il y a 17 jours
Suomi perkele
Bawi Cz
Bawi Cz Il y a mois
Rijad Ferati
Rijad Ferati Il y a mois
You guys are awesome keep up the good vibes
Cat Squad
Cat Squad Il y a mois
Come to Oslo pls🥺
Niinji Music
Niinji Music Il y a mois
damn i would fit right in
Greystar1988 Il y a mois
And thomas got the invitation for the Party. My bets were on Ammar 😁
Rhythm Patel
Rhythm Patel Il y a mois
" I have zero friends" apparently works. Should try this one.
Private Property
Private Property Il y a mois
Book about writing scientifically omg I'm crying LMFAOOOOOOOOO
Caspex Il y a mois
Why tf is Thomas whispering
reino jorsico
reino jorsico Il y a mois
0:55 You only went to Finland to make this joke, tell us the truth 😂
Artyom Vladimirovich
3:31 i need that confident
steve n
steve n Il y a mois
Did none of these students watch youtube?
Anaconda 666
Anaconda 666 Il y a mois
Finnish people are so awkward and shy. I guess i'm too
Eeva Kilkku
Eeva Kilkku Il y a mois
Ooou I am so happy that you liked it cause I'm from Finland and the texts inthe end💓
XeMoQ Il y a mois
Can y’all make a vid where Thomas speaks swedish ? I’m Swedish
b bonz
b bonz Il y a mois
6:09 song?
Casper Koivisto
Casper Koivisto Il y a mois
Snakes bury themselfs in the ground when its cold, :D
Saravana's Music
Saravana's Music Il y a mois
Says should approach not being awkward: Approaches with a camera crew
Jon Hendrickson
Jon Hendrickson Il y a mois
Would you by chance be hiring any middle aged recently unemployed lost in life individuals willing to do anything? I promise no one would work harder. I’m even willing to work for free as a trial.
Skthmd Rmn
Skthmd Rmn Il y a mois
And here I am cant make friends 2 years into a university
Gabrielle Stewart
Gabrielle Stewart Il y a mois
I just watched Die Hard for the first time and that news caster tried to come off a know it all and said Helsinki, Sweden... I said "nooooo Helsinki is in Finland" Thanks to Yes Theory! 😄😄😄😄
Eve 6
Eve 6 Il y a mois
Seeing the difference in approach between Ammar and Thomas was just great.
Aditya Il y a mois
Yes theory: pretending to be students Tom Holland: *hold my books*
Mohamed Khaled
Mohamed Khaled Il y a mois
Maaaan, Thomas LOOOVES snakes! Like this if you want a vid of Thomas playing with a snake (like those performers that put snakes on their necks and stuff). I CHALLENGE YOU, Thomas Brag!
Mohamed Khaled
Mohamed Khaled Il y a mois
3:30 is this a girls-only lecture? Lol
Mouza Il y a mois
anthropology of snakes in cold weather LMAO what
ok Il y a mois
just like this really gets my anxiety high lol
Wade Il y a mois
First of all, "campus" lol Second, how do you "blend in" in Finland by talking to everyone :D
Channel Il y a mois
Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh this is so hard to watch...
Al Spider-Man Horford
You’re annoying
Vienna Frost
Vienna Frost Il y a mois
I study snakes in cold water 😂😂😂 so awkward and funny 🙈
Dyxnamic Il y a mois
3:20 that is so brave, i would never do such a thing in my life
Alisa Hartikainen
Alisa Hartikainen Il y a mois
Jazib Ahmed
Jazib Ahmed Il y a mois
"qUicK eXcHaNgE, yOu kNoW?"
Maya R
Maya R Il y a mois
absolutely no one: Thomas: uhh... snakes... in cold weather
Anna Ageenkova
Anna Ageenkova Il y a mois
Just casually going to Slush. Love it :D
Dr. S. Choudhury
Dr. S. Choudhury Il y a mois
Ammar is so amiable that he even made friends in an unusual setting like this! Massive respect! ❤
manu g
manu g Il y a mois
ammar is super confident and i’m all here for it
Niranjan Niranjan
Niranjan Niranjan Il y a mois
Wtf did Thomas said😂😂😂
lilG Il y a mois
i watched these people spend the night in a hammock over a thousand foot drop and pass 24 hours in shark infested waters and somehow this is giving me more anxiety
Nick Ryan
Nick Ryan Il y a mois
“Yeah I study snakes”
Bad Girl
Bad Girl Il y a 2 mois
I like how Thomas is wondering around asking for peoples names just like a kid on his first day of school 😂 " hey i'm thomas what's ur name " 😂😁