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Polo G is the most recent artist to grace the Open Mic At Home roster with a performance of his latest song, “21.” The song is produced by Khaled Rohaim and Keanu Beats and appears on his second studio album, 'THE GOAT.'
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19 mai 2020




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Commentaires 80
Senx Il y a 10 heures
yo playboi carti FiRe
Florindo Cassessa Ali Bomaye
He already proved that he's one of the best in the game.
CBSdoesGAMES Il y a 10 heures
Preston Lamb
Preston Lamb Il y a 10 heures
Polo g about to tack over
Collin Anderson
Collin Anderson Il y a 10 heures
this hard
swift_no Il y a 10 heures
MookieMade Il y a 11 heures
What microphone is this?
Houston Wright
Houston Wright Il y a 11 heures
Polo G should make some polo G face masks we gotta go to school next year and we require face masks so i mean...
Frazer M
Frazer M Il y a 12 heures
Mans so talented, protect him at all costs, we can’t lose another legend
XpertGam3r Il y a 12 heures
Bruh I just took the best shit before this
Dead Wyatt
Dead Wyatt Il y a 12 heures
But what’s the mic called lol
ya mans
ya mans Il y a 12 heures
I ain't stoppin til we chillin' at the top
Ajee Carr
Ajee Carr Il y a 13 heures
Polo g so nice with it
Bryce Toribio
Bryce Toribio Il y a 13 heures
My name is Ben
My name is Ben Il y a 13 heures
This is better then the real song
MIKI BRAWL STARS YT Il y a 13 heures
The Goat is on Fire🔥❤️🐐
Agent Keith 118
Agent Keith 118 Il y a 14 heures
This shii go hard🔥🔥🔥
Finesse Il y a 14 heures
The most realist yungin out here🔥💯💯💯
João Andrade
João Andrade Il y a 14 heures
better than original song
ChaouiTheKing Il y a 14 heures
He do got the drip
Lil AD
Lil AD Il y a 15 heures
numbers don’t lie
KANTEVIC KANTE Il y a 15 heures
proud of ya
szn-pxatch Il y a 15 heures
He balling like Kendrick nunn 🔥
aay aay
aay aay Il y a 16 heures
its 100- bandz in the safe :(((((((
jair mcalmont
jair mcalmont Il y a 16 heures
This a mother faaaakkkkk vib
Kengoated YT
Kengoated YT Il y a 16 heures
Polo really a 🐐 no cap 🤧🐍
Vincent Sebastian Astl
Vincent Sebastian Astl Il y a 16 heures
Song of the year this far
AlwaysFlyBoi Il y a 16 heures
Favorite song of The Goat🐐 ♾
Visible _FaDe
Visible _FaDe Il y a 16 heures
Yeah Polo G is going to make it to XXL idc what yall say he gonna be there. 👇🏼like if agree
Mustafa Sogutcu
Mustafa Sogutcu Il y a 16 heures
“Rip juice” 🐐🥴polo g gives you that feeling for every music he makes 🐐
Cody Unruh
Cody Unruh Il y a 17 heures
I used to starve now I'm blowing up like propane told my iner self I promise you I won't change
BAM BAM THE GREAT Il y a 17 heures
Ayo genius I have a home performance for you
l-iLoveYouNoob-l Il y a 17 heures
Need autotune ? Polo : No
jason battiste
jason battiste Il y a 18 heures
That mask isnt working around ur neck like that. Just take it off dummy
Manos Kondilis
Manos Kondilis Il y a 18 heures
All dat is good but who remembers gang with me days😈💧
Wasa Prod
Wasa Prod Il y a 18 heures
damnnnnn !!!
Johanna Guzmaan
Johanna Guzmaan Il y a 18 heures
dude truly wavvy i played vs you yesterday. sunday
ViZx Swoosh
ViZx Swoosh Il y a 19 heures
even at home he drippin hard
BrunoKips Africa
BrunoKips Africa Il y a 19 heures
Nolan Diekevers
Nolan Diekevers Il y a 21 heure
Why does he have a mask on inside?
YounG SaV
YounG SaV Il y a jour
Trash 😴🐍
“I was a real nigga before This shit became cool” gotta protect dawg
Josiah Salazar
Josiah Salazar Il y a jour
Polo g goes crazy 🤪
Mal Capalot
Mal Capalot Il y a jour
Polo Da Goat💯🥱
Mal Capalot
Mal Capalot Il y a jour
Brayden Coan
Brayden Coan Il y a jour
He aint letting no virius stop him
H- TOWN Il y a jour
Okay den. Dayum Boi. Keep killin em.
Jared Crosby
Jared Crosby Il y a jour
Might as well just take the mask off 😂
Chaz Welch
Chaz Welch Il y a jour
This is good
Chance Baker
Chance Baker Il y a jour
Anybody else think Polo G should do another verse on this
Noiv’ert Il y a jour
eerriicc 2k
eerriicc 2k Il y a jour
best in the game rn don’t cap🐐
Martin Ifenuk
Martin Ifenuk Il y a jour
nizamadam Il y a jour
Why talented rappers die too soon, i hope it didn't happen for polo g
Mohamed Adam
Mohamed Adam Il y a jour
The goat true goat
Hyde Il y a jour
Ryan S
Ryan S Il y a jour
This dude different
syon thapa
syon thapa Il y a jour
polo g gives me a good vibe
kem unpopular sound
Zeekylee the next goat after polo g
Andrew Mccutcheon
Andrew Mccutcheon Il y a jour
"R.i.P too juice we was tweaking off them percs I popped my last one wit you" hit so hard
Derrick Mosley
Derrick Mosley Il y a jour
Polo g sennnddddd iiitttt
Joseph Elliott
Joseph Elliott Il y a jour
David Sam
David Sam Il y a jour
who tf could dislike this
333 subs Before Quarantine Ends?
*This mans is 21* *Protect him* *This aint even a comment for likes* *On god Im serious*
Glizzy Gliz
Glizzy Gliz Il y a jour
Jhez no autotune. Talent
YSK Adam
YSK Adam Il y a jour
can anyone tell me the recording set up? mic headphones all of it?
prahvz Il y a jour
Album of the year❤️✊🏾
Swaq Il y a jour
when your mom see you made money from rapping yo she make you rap in the living room:
Swaq Il y a jour
When yo mom say it karaoke time:
Giacomo Picone
Giacomo Picone Il y a jour
Absolute Crazy no cap. But THE WHOLE WORLD WANT “Wishing for a hero”
Mohammed Shakoor
Mohammed Shakoor Il y a jour
Best song in the album
Burnt Burger
Burnt Burger Il y a jour
Why does every song sound the same like he doesn’t know how to switch things up, that’s how you fall off the game
Semajai Jordan
Semajai Jordan Il y a jour
I been on my grind every day don’t believen taken breaks I ain’t stopping til we chillin at the top
NateTheDon Il y a jour
Bro is this the actual song this crazy 🔥🐐🐐
Mohammed Shahir
Mohammed Shahir Il y a jour
bro the genius open mic performances are kinda sus, cuz even in the original song he breaths in and the mic buzz happens before saying the first word from the lyrics, he does the same here and it sounds the EXACT same ive played both side by side, I fucking love polo but this is straight up sus
Doomed Tater
Doomed Tater Il y a jour
OPEN MIC ohhh yeah it's Polo
M Music
M Music Il y a jour
Hectic PROYT
Hectic PROYT Il y a jour
I been on my grind every day, don't believe in takin' breaks I ain't stoppin' 'til we chillin' at the top I felt that💯
Corbyn Stowe
Corbyn Stowe Il y a jour
That goooes hard
Lil SprazyG
Lil SprazyG Il y a jour
This my dude I made a song with him shit is fire🔥🎙
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