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CA-CHING! Check out some of the rarest and most valuable coins and currencies that Rick, Corey and Chum have ever appraised in this digital exclusive mega-compilation. #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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15 mai 2020




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Commentaires 80
Pawn Stars
Pawn Stars Il y a 2 mois
Watch all new episodes of Pawn Stars, Mondays at 10/9c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite History Channel shows at
David Davila
David Davila Il y a 3 jours
Ricky Ortiz tw
H S Il y a 21 jour
You guys. Are so funny
Kulapong Ligaw
Kulapong Ligaw Il y a 22 jours
I have 1925 and 1944 one centavo United States of america/Pilipinas coins.
Shoaib Shoaib
Shoaib Shoaib Il y a 23 jours
I have coins if anyone intreasted contact with me
Seva Krantje
Seva Krantje Il y a 25 jours
Marko Savic kko
LALO TRECETERO Il y a 43 minutes
Love the show even been to the shop but SERIOUSLY RICK NOT ONCE HAVE YOU BEEN FUNNY DUDE GIVE IT UP
Justin O
Justin O Il y a 57 minutes
You know is a show when the pawn clerk honestly tells him the coin is work “way more “ than $20000
Gray Mancini
Gray Mancini Il y a 57 minutes
24:40 this guy was absolutely shafted by these guys. Has to be a con trick.
Nicholas Fassl
Nicholas Fassl Il y a 4 heures
When you buy it for 75k and you find out it’s actually worth 21k
Mystery Buyer
Mystery Buyer Il y a 8 heures
Be aware when Rick calls a "coin buddy".
Mystery Buyer
Mystery Buyer Il y a 8 heures
To me it's just worth silver melt value. There is no reason to pay more than melt or a dollar over.
alexander aflalo
alexander aflalo Il y a 11 heures
I love how the first time he comes in, Tyler is like "this will really help pay for college" and the next time he comes in he's like "and for some new truck tires." Way to be a bro
The Cooking Show
The Cooking Show Il y a 12 heures
When it comes to selling coins: If it has worth, send it to PCGS to GRADE IT. Take it to your nearest coin dealer to APPRAISE IT. Then SELL or AUCTION IT anywhere but a f-n pawn shop!
The Cooking Show
The Cooking Show Il y a 12 heures
The guy with his cap backwards needs further education because he got took.
T OB Il y a 23 heures
What is so fake about all this is that with the internet around no one is going to go to a pawn shop to sell a rare coin or anything of high value.. a person will be able to sell it to the same sources that the pawn shop guys will end up selling it to.. still a fun show but really ridiculous
Razz0r ric
Razz0r ric Il y a jour
Tyler the dumb 'college student' selling his 'grandfathers' heirlooms for drugs......
coin paradise
coin paradise Il y a jour
I love this one
Pawn Stars
Pawn Stars Il y a 7 heures
Hi! We're glad you enjoyed it! You can check out more #PawnStars clips here:
NOPE THANKS Il y a jour
56min scarface rick looked like he died inside his scam failed and the coin sailed. Dude wants the real deal. If a 20yr old pokemon card can sell for 15k+ and 150yr old coin can.
dj johnson
dj johnson Il y a jour
"This is the holy grail of viking coins struck in England"
Bob Charley
Bob Charley Il y a jour
22:05 for a baddie with a fatty
black bolt
black bolt Il y a jour
I looked up that 1944 steel cent it was worth between 77,000 and 110,000
Lian Kuswara Penggemar Uang Kuno
i have one..nice coin
JukeCity Il y a jour
Rick is a teacher bro 😂😂😂
Dont Care
Dont Care Il y a jour
I doubt that kid could spell the word COLLEGE!
Crispy Quince
Crispy Quince Il y a jour
I been there Tyler. It all goes to beer. 🥃
fhfg Il y a 2 jours
Why that Tyler guy walking like someone cut his balls? Lol...
maroc sniper
maroc sniper Il y a 2 jours
Ocean Marx
Ocean Marx Il y a 2 jours
Getting a specialist within 5 minutes? What are they all living in the shop?
Berlinda Moustafa
Berlinda Moustafa Il y a 2 jours
I really enjoyed his voice
Pronator Tendon
Pronator Tendon Il y a 2 jours
Invisible Lat Syndrome 😂
Biggaming Il y a 2 jours
Peep that 🍑 22:06
James Ritch
James Ritch Il y a 2 jours
Dude IYLA isn't use to hearing the word NO!
J FF Il y a 3 jours
It's sad to see these lovely artifacts in the hands of some dumbass, backward-baseball-capped, steroided lamebrain who thinks a coin would be 6" across and who knows the value of nothing. "Hey, I can buy beer and tires!"
ZoMBie Il y a 3 jours
Rick and the Coin guy must have a deal going he promises to appraise at half value , Rick kicks him money on the side.
Jerome Goodwin
Jerome Goodwin Il y a 3 jours
Didn't want to sell it? Then why bring it in?
Sergio Danvers
Sergio Danvers Il y a 3 jours
He could have gotten that coin for 20k but ended up paying 80k for it fair play 👏
footnotedrummer Il y a 3 jours
That second kid is a meathead. If you're gonna disrespect your grandfather by immediately selling a coin that was gifted to you after he died... why would you not do a little research on the value? Was a dingus.
Rismo Munandar
Rismo Munandar Il y a 3 jours
I have coin *REPUBLIQUE FRANCISE*year 1893,
Billy Eggers
Billy Eggers Il y a 3 jours
So, my grandpa passed away a few minutes ago, how much can you give me for this coin of his? 😂😂 Rick, if that thing ain't stolen...🤫😂 (edit) Omg l spoke too soon, l didn't realize he came back 😲
URAGON BIKOLANO AKO 15 Il y a 3 jours
I have 100 drachmas Greek Alexander the great coin .... 2004 I don't know how much it is for auction
brian b
brian b Il y a 3 jours
34:44 trust is spelled trVst
Corazon 9494
Corazon 9494 Il y a 3 jours
My grandfather lol fake
theBCoinss 08
theBCoinss 08 Il y a 3 jours
Is it me or does the professionals always come up with like the lowest price ever it's like a coin that is worth $50,000 is only worth only a couple hundred dollars it might just be me
Jack Doyle
Jack Doyle Il y a 3 jours
I would have punched that dude selling the Caesar coin. That dude was so full of himself 😂
Richard Il y a 3 jours
what?? the costumer asked for 500, and rick said... ill pay you 1000. ok then
Anonymous User
Anonymous User Il y a 3 jours
Leo Guy
Leo Guy Il y a 4 jours
One of the biggest staged shows of all times !
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson Il y a 4 jours
The first guy was a Complete Moron, me and my family think it’s worth a hundred thousand, if that’s how the world worked it would be great I think my old socks are worth fifty bucks a pair so pay me that for them
Vato LocoRB
Vato LocoRB Il y a 4 jours
'Rick don't laugh sounds like my k.d. on call of duty. ON GANG 😂
John Patriot eagle freedom boner
I’ll give you $20 and a samurai sword.
Douglas Rose
Douglas Rose Il y a 4 jours
I think this "college kid" has just been ripping off his family...
Austin Dean
Austin Dean Il y a 4 jours
Guy finds a coin and 30 years sells it for a quarter million dollars
Shockblast Il y a 4 jours
Expert "these coin's are in high demand by collecters" Rick "this thing is a tough sell"
scumballer Il y a 3 jours
When's the last time you picked up an ancient coin in pawn shop? lol
FearIconic Il y a 4 jours
Tyler selling all of his grandpas stuff
Christine Ingram
Christine Ingram Il y a 4 jours
That 1944 steel penny is not the only one in the state of Nevada. Because I have one and never had it appraised.
Orange Peals
Orange Peals Il y a 4 jours
Grandfather dies in his wishes he leaves his collection to his gran kids so he can continue it. Grand kids: sells it
Dalton Cyrus
Dalton Cyrus Il y a 4 jours
Anytime they say” let me call someone” your not going to get your moneys worth every time
carlos estrada
carlos estrada Il y a 4 jours
Ilya @26:00 is the most smartest caveman i seen ...everybody brings they court clothes thinking its gonna make offers much much better ....cant change stupid
carlos estrada
carlos estrada Il y a 4 jours
Couldn't even look at the guy when he said 100k ...that guy looks stupid ..i said it 1st
Wok Among Us
Wok Among Us Il y a 5 jours
Hello eBay, HISTORY here....
SuperTomcatUk Il y a 5 jours
LOL that Roman Ceasar coin you can buy on ebay for 20 GBP..... lol
BenSultanMusic Il y a 5 jours
“As long as the world isn’t coming to an end or anything.” Oops.
Mr Zita
Mr Zita Il y a jour
Of course 😇 😘
epic103 Il y a jour
Is the world coming to an end?
Borat Il y a 5 jours
Me: I bought this coin for $500 Appraiser: In a retail setting, this coin is worth $25
Mike Mike
Mike Mike Il y a 5 jours
lied like a pro when he said i pay 75000 for the coin
Mike Mike
Mike Mike Il y a 5 jours
the titanic coin worth 50 cents at best
Dylan Ceron
Dylan Ceron Il y a 5 jours
Rick can be a history teacher🥱
Potato Chips
Potato Chips Il y a 6 jours
The guy came two times from his grandfather coins lol
Djms&capo DeMorais
Djms&capo DeMorais Il y a 6 jours
Based on that married his sister thing fact,Greece/Iran countries shud be relabeled as the Gypsyland.
A_M_P Il y a 6 jours
He should have bought that coin from that tool of a dude for 300$
A_M_P Il y a 6 jours
I swear some people are so dumb they think their product will actually sell for more 😂😂
Kaden Landers
Kaden Landers Il y a 6 jours
5:30 guy pays 75,000 for a coin and finds out its valued at 20,000 👁👄👁
masonlozier Il y a 6 jours
That steel penny is literally the rarest penny coin the in world! That guy he brought in the look at it on crack lol rick could easily get 80-100k for it😂😂
MTG Revealed
MTG Revealed Il y a 7 jours
Guy: I want $10k for this Brothel Coin Rick: I’m taking all the about I trade you for Chumlee in a wig and he will take you to the back for a happy ending
Meme Il y a 5 jours
I’ll take a happy ending
Retro Boomer
Retro Boomer Il y a 7 jours
1:05:28 "So where did you get this?" "Brutus gave it to my grandson a day before he committed suicide"
EDC with Aaron
EDC with Aaron Il y a 7 jours
Overpaid on the standing liberty quarter. Not full head, arguably not even mint state but couldn't get a good enough look... Worth $300-$500 depending what it grades.
Moises Ayala
Moises Ayala Il y a 7 jours
The expert be tryna play the customers aswell🤦🏼‍♀️
Grayson Kendall
Grayson Kendall Il y a 7 jours
0.18 what is that laugh..
Pat Il y a 8 jours
too funny in one video Rick smuggly states the U S has never made a penny, two videos later , Rick several times says the U S pennies. LOL
Yi Dong
Yi Dong Il y a 8 jours
Toters qwerty
Toters qwerty Il y a 8 jours
Anyone know how rich is rick??
Albert Lin
Albert Lin Il y a 8 jours
half of these nimwits probably bought it off a collector who sold it for way too much, but told them that it's worth twice that amount. it's a case of how a little knowledge is more dangerous than being totally ignorant
W Il y a 8 jours
So coins are overvalued by their owners apparently. Ilya did have a good point though, where else can you buy that coin for that cheap?
ProjectsBlack Il y a 9 jours
Sell it privately and you can expect to lose maybe 5% off the market value. Sell it to Rick and you're losing 25%.
Dennis Ward
Dennis Ward Il y a 9 jours
With old coins try to get 2 when possible