PART ONE: We Discuss Childhood Trauma

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Real fam, are you going to read Demi Moore’s new book?




27 sept. 2019




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Commentaires 352
Sha Robb
Sha Robb Il y a 6 jours
That is awful may they heal completely ❤
Alexa Honeywood
Alexa Honeywood Il y a 11 jours
Jeannie is everything to me. I love that she’s so open and shares her stories.
Phat Izumi
Phat Izumi Il y a 11 jours
Sister sister and the all girl look just like Ariana Grande in this video
saeid kh
saeid kh Il y a 11 jours
You can actually feel Jeanine's pain if youve been through what she's been through... Ugh, my heart breaks! 💔😭😭
Kurly Kaye
Kurly Kaye Il y a 13 jours
Jeannie stop speaking what I feel! 🥺 I watched the video with Mama Mai talking about her father’s abuse towards her and I could really relate. And today you put my soul into words. 🥺
Hilda Cardona
Hilda Cardona Il y a 14 jours
I love jeanie so much❤️❤️
Sapphire Soul
Sapphire Soul Il y a 14 jours
How long is Amanda on the show for? I like her but I know that a lot of us from the 23 and under group have been really hoping for someone younger our age to relate to and speak for us.
sophia victorin
sophia victorin Il y a 26 jours
You're the lower person in the show
sophia victorin
sophia victorin Il y a 26 jours
Take God out your 2f*** mouth low very low
keith harley
keith harley Il y a 29 jours
Jeannie is a water head, got me over here tearing up too
Ana Sharma
Ana Sharma Il y a 29 jours
Did Jeannie wear Amanda's top at some point?
ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ
Jeannie with the crocodile tears as always
coolst3r Il y a mois
A pedo tryed to use me as a child and i support the person who did it it also help me later in life i learned not be bias and it also made me asexaul i only watch lolicon hentai i am happy a pedo tryed to use me
Awour Menuer
Awour Menuer Il y a mois
It affects you in the long run
I Tried It
I Tried It Il y a mois
She kinda resembles vivica A fox lighter younger version I said kinda. And some reason she reminds me of that one chick from bad girls club the falen G.
RealTakerslady Il y a mois
I’m glad Jeannie shared her story on her FRvid channel, it was so powerful
Gloria Almaraz
Gloria Almaraz Il y a mois
I repressed it, and it came back in my dreams as nightmares.
Owl_Lover Il y a mois
Loni and J look bomb!
Magen Jacobs
Magen Jacobs Il y a mois
Im still traumatized from my childhood.
Ariana Nelson
Ariana Nelson Il y a mois
I’ve been through some mad trauma but if you let it can only destroy you if you let it.
michelle odinyayeva
As soon as Jeanie started talking my eyes watered
Yvette Archer
Yvette Archer Il y a mois
Poor demi it's so sad so many ppl go thru tragic childhood it scars u and leaves a void within u SMH just sad thank God for growth💜💙💜💙💜
Mariah and Jamelah YouTube
Everybody has that but guess what it’s the pass God had giving us life and more aboundly
Paul Estopier
Paul Estopier Il y a mois
Please strongly consider and seek therapy (I am a psychotherapist). Therapy requires honesty and vulnerablity (very brave and personal traits). Therapists are aware of this and are there to support and hold a safe place for you with unconditional positive regard. As mentioned in the video segment, there are various forms of therapy that can be used. Many therapists have websites and/or list their specialties which in this case would be childhood trauma. Trauma occurs in many forms and can surface as anger, depression, addiction(s), anorexia, etc. Again PTSD comes in many forms. Take your time to find a therapist who is your fit - it may require 3 sessions but if you're not feeling any rapport/trust - you may consider seeking a different therapist (gender of therapist may be an important factor to consider as well). Good websites to seek therapy are, and/or via your particular health insurance. Most people aren't aware their employer medical insurance covers mental health (therapy). Usually with a co-pay - call and find out to avoid out of pocket cost. Never minimize your abuse - years may go by and it will usually rear its ugly head at some point and in some form. During sessions, things may come up you had completely forgotten. This is a protective device our brain does for us - but it's still there and it's important to explore and process the trauma. If you feel out of control and are abusing yourself due to trauma, it's time. Maladaptive coping skills have taken over to numb the pain. All my best, try therapy, don't be scared of it - it's the opposite - it's brave and a form of self-compassion.
Elisha B
Elisha B Il y a mois
I think its inappropriate for Tamera to ask people if theyve experienced sexual assault. I think you should let someone volunteer that information on their own.
지니Jeannie Il y a mois
Elisha B yeah I thought that was kinda weird of her. I’m pretty sure she knows about Jeannie’s past so I dunno why she would ask that.
Big Simp
Big Simp Il y a mois
"Born a prisiner" article is up now on
Leena Il y a mois
Jesus can and wants to set us free and heal us
Caring Love
Caring Love Il y a mois
Hi, Hi Tamara. How is Tia? Thanks.
Caring Love
Caring Love Il y a mois
Hi, Tamara. How are you? I'm one of your fans since my childhood. I now have, twins of my own. Thanks, for this show.
Caring Love
Caring Love Il y a mois
I can relate to this. This is amazing! Do the opposite, I guess? Be as nice as you can, I guess! What do you think?
Señora Olga
Señora Olga Il y a mois
Ohhhh Jeannieeeee....😢🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘💖
gladys120925 Il y a mois
Yes it made me stronger !!! Growing up my trauma started at age 5 when going through bullying in my teen years and growing up and just life in general later on nothing scared me phased me and I've never once tried or done drugs... I never once used my Trauma as an excuse !! I used it as i had to Be Stong and Keep Pushing forward.
Patricia Lewis
Patricia Lewis Il y a mois
I can't remember when my childhood even started... Never had one... And it's made me stronger and more resilient... Verbal sexual and mental abuse... So nexttttt
techas Il y a mois
I feel bad for Jeannie. Seems like there’s still some healing that is needed. May God give her strength and courage 🥺
stainthegemini Il y a mois
Time, Talking, and Hobbies are the only thing that can cure trauma
Brittaney Ann
Brittaney Ann Il y a mois
Please support, share and Donate!! My mother in law passed away and the family needs help with funeral costs! Everyone deserves a proper Farewell!! Thank you!!
Rita Williams
Rita Williams Il y a mois
Everybody pippin in this clip
Jamil Kudla
Jamil Kudla Il y a mois
Sorry but this new host is she parmanent now on the real because I like her perspective on topics this season ps I'm gonna learn her name.
Nicole Raheem
Nicole Raheem Il y a mois
This black ponytail hairstyle looks Great On Tamera
Lorna Levi shoeswomen
who is the presenter instead of the flowers in front of her can you put her name
Lorna Levi shoeswomen
i thought the cup was part of adrian outfit till it moved
Ashley HW
Ashley HW Il y a mois
Tamera looks gorgeous on the thumbnail. 👀
Sara Marshall
Sara Marshall Il y a mois
Or sometimes nothing becomes scary. You remain forever unaffected by everything. The good and the bad
Maryam Bashir
Maryam Bashir Il y a mois
This is me.
Ella G
Ella G Il y a mois
As a board certified music therapist myself, thank you for including art therapy and music therapy in your list of therapies. It's so validating for me to hear. We are a legitimate profession. Thank you for acknowledging that and spreading the good word.
Angela Boyd
Angela Boyd Il y a mois
I absolutely think that we are shaped by what happens to us when we are children. Therapy and going through therapists is a process. You have to find what works for you. I told my own story in my book Stolen Innocence by Angie Boyd, part 1. It walks through my life after being abused. When we suppress the situations and not deal with them, they absolutely can take over our lives and manifest in ways that we can't see, until someone tells us, or we decide to seek help on our own. Praying doe Demi as she walks through this journey publically. I have much respect for her and anyone else who owns their truth and share so that others can heal.
nicki nic
nicki nic Il y a mois
Angela Boyd yeah I was always rejected by men for some odd reason. Being told I was ugly as a kid from the boys at school, rejected by my older brother because he was jealous of me, the men that I actually liked just up & left after sex was exchanged, being treated horribly and called out my name when the guy i was dating because he thought he found someone better. My dad was in & out of jail my entire life. I just don’t understand why! Why am i not desired or loved? Like what did I do? Ive been told my entire life how sweet and pure hearted I am. But why did God turn his back on me and make me undesirable??? So im still searching for answers!!!!
The life of CASSIE
The life of CASSIE Il y a mois
I was waiting for jeannie to talk
Chynna Keys
Chynna Keys Il y a mois
Loni’s hair & makeup looks great!
ZANA ROSE Il y a mois
My hear breaks for Jeannie and the other people that have their innocence taken, unwillingly at such a young age and it’s awful that her parents never believed her 💔
Kendricka Poitier
Kendricka Poitier Il y a mois
Amanda is from da 90s show my brother and me on nick
Noelly Il y a mois
3 Cancers, 1 Capricorn (cancer sister sign), 1 scorpio
Bianca Lord
Bianca Lord Il y a mois
Noelly Jeannie mai is an Aquarius
It’s Elena
It’s Elena Il y a mois
My childhood was over by age 5. Get help if you’re suffering from childhood or any trauma it’s the best thing I ever did for myself
Bianney Sanchez
Bianney Sanchez Il y a mois
Childhood trauma must have been hard on her because she made out with a boy as an adult and was recorded. Look it up on youtube. Pedawood, I mean Hollywood is dark.
Lynne Acevedo
Lynne Acevedo Il y a mois
Not a fan of Amanda
Marisol Perez
Marisol Perez Il y a mois
I went threw abuse at the age of 8, and seeing how my kids are growing up so innocent at there age with no abuse,does make me realize how the purity of a kid leaves. I take care of my kids every day
Angel Arcega
Angel Arcega Il y a mois
No. I been do hell and back and trap when my mother was alive but i broke the circle but everyone deal with different life style and I never let my life before to exfect me i juat kept moving forword never look back and contintues with my life and pray and be strong and fine a key to hold on so stay strang keep living tell yourself your worth fighting for and have chance to have your once upon life story.
Saadet Il y a mois
Off topic but Ade looks so cute with these kind of hairstyles. Love the clips on her and the sleek ponytail.
Germaine Ir
Germaine Ir Il y a mois
I don’t like how loni makes it seem like it’s so easy to go through trauma, as a child and as an adult. Trauma is experienced by everyone in many different ways. Children and adults might not know that the trauma was a trauma until years later. There is no specific way trauma survivors can heal, it’s different for everyone. I really dislike how loni is making it seem like trauma can be fixed with just therapy.
Ashlee Anokwuru
Ashlee Anokwuru Il y a mois
Trama can really effect your life. I have been physical and emotionally abused in the pass. Rape as well, that has really effect the way I am with people. Reading self help books is my sign of therapy. It really does help
Epic Fate
Epic Fate Il y a mois
If Amanda is not offered a spot as a host I would be just shocked , she is an amazing guest and it’s crazy like she just fits right in .
DollFace Killuh
DollFace Killuh Il y a mois
I was under 10 years old always trying to save my brothers life so I relate to demi I caught my brother when I was a child trying to break his neck I would always stop him. Until the day it was too late and I found him dead when I was 17. That was the day I changed forever. I suffer major anxiety. It's TRUE these things stays with u forever. I'm living proof.
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