Order 66 Scene - Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

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The order 66 scene in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

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15 nov. 2019




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Corristo89 Il y a 5 heures
The only reason Topal sensed something was off was because so many Jedi were dying in mere moments, which created shockwaves in the Force. And he was probably one of the few, since even masters and Jedi Council members like Plo Koon and Ki-Adi-Mundi didn't notice anything until it was too late. The Clones weren't acting out of hatred or rage towards the Jedi, so they were largely caught completely off guard by their own troops. They were simply following an order, literally hardwired into them.
Hazzif Arif Alexander
Only after watching this did I notice the subtitle showed Darth Sidious giving the order.
Sinuptx莫拉愛好者 NGC'M4
08:51 Cal trusted fully in the force and release the t rex inside him
Just Kawaii
Just Kawaii Il y a 2 jours
Who is here after Clone wars Order 66?
Jday Il y a 4 jours
His master looks like Thanos
Its Zynk
Its Zynk Il y a 5 jours
Did anyone else think that it was thanos?
Stares - roblox
Stares - roblox Il y a 5 jours
“I heard we’re getting new orders soon” :(
Doc Nathan
Doc Nathan Il y a 6 jours
This is the Star Wars equivalent of hitting a zombie pigman
Jonny Boi
Jonny Boi Il y a 6 jours
When do you get these memories?
wind C
wind C Il y a 7 jours
the blasters look slow tho.
Austin Wookey
Austin Wookey Il y a 8 jours
Is anyone going to comment about how Jaro is the third Jedi to actually sense order 66 expect from Yoda and Ashoka (she got it through Anikan going to the dark side) that means that Jaro is one of the strongest force users ..... I guess
Darragh Galavan
Darragh Galavan Il y a 8 jours
focused breathing
ct0760 Il y a 8 jours
It looks like the Master is wearing anakin's original clone wars outfit
Mauricio Chavez
Mauricio Chavez Il y a 9 jours
Is this an open world game?
Mauricio Chavez
Mauricio Chavez Il y a 3 jours
I gotta get it. Does it require a connection to internet while downloading or can I download it offline?
damian 22x3
damian 22x3 Il y a 3 jours
Ryan Holl
Ryan Holl Il y a 9 jours
In the thumbnail i thought it was thanos holding a lightsaber
Corey Iles
Corey Iles Il y a 9 jours
The clone troopers were so shitty in this game
Spere NOx
Spere NOx Il y a 9 jours
I am ok I won’t cry I‘m not sad I M S A D
Mangekyo 13
Mangekyo 13 Il y a 9 jours
7:05 worst clones ever,he is standing right in front of them,you can’t aim that bad.
Demon Boi
Demon Boi Il y a 10 jours
General Grevious got the kids lightsaber.
Brandon C
Brandon C Il y a 10 jours
It bugs me that Dee Bradley Baker didn't voice the clones in this game. This voice actor still did a great job but still.
Mini Toons Fan
Mini Toons Fan Il y a 10 jours
Young Cal is lucky that he is not killed by Anakin
Fire eater 9107
Fire eater 9107 Il y a 10 jours
THIS should've been the opening of Star Wars VII. Oh, and also... Hello there.
Where's the order 66 soundtrack? I had it when I played the game
fobbo fobbo
fobbo fobbo Il y a 10 jours
0:58 damn, that made me tear up...
TheStarInfo தமிழ்
1:30 well dont they teach the same thing in imperial academy?(SW rebels)
Megan Il y a 11 jours
I’m just over the moon at the fact that we got to see not only another Lasat (besides Zeb), but a force sensitive one!!!!!! Thank you
Mikey Khan
Mikey Khan Il y a 11 jours
I never thought twice about anikin killing the younglings as far as any surviving. This was a dope POV for the story I deff can’t wait for part 2.
Patriotic Justice
Patriotic Justice Il y a 11 jours
Seeing Cal's interactions with the clones only makes Order 66 hurt that much more.
The Left Gamer
The Left Gamer Il y a 11 jours
Force heal don't let him die! If baby yoda can do it so can you
Bound Dragons
Bound Dragons Il y a 12 jours
No wonder he's so messed up. The trauma of Order 66, plus the fact that he feels the echo of what he touches. He's holding the lightsaber of his Master who JUST DIED. It's amazing he hasn't gone mad.
Jaden Ethier
Jaden Ethier Il y a 12 jours
That scream was like a dying cow. Oof
Jaden Ethier
Jaden Ethier Il y a 12 jours
I’m almost to the double lightsabers
Rory Todd
Rory Todd Il y a 12 jours
7:03 what the fuck is the guy on the right doing
Brandon C
Brandon C Il y a 10 jours
Resisting the inhibitor chip until it was too late.
Will K
Will K Il y a 12 jours
Thank God this game used Anakin's Betrayal/Anakin's Dark Deeds instead of just coming up with not-John Williams music.
Alex Moult
Alex Moult Il y a 13 jours
Whoever's playing this is a fidget, rushing through without paying any attention
Ray brine
Ray brine Il y a 13 jours
7:01 people look at this like it’s cool, I look at this like, “da fuk is that clone on the back doing?”
Matei Boric
Matei Boric Il y a 13 jours
7:07 hes just standing behind him chilling and waiting to be killed
Liam Pinkham
Liam Pinkham Il y a 13 jours
The cinematics of the game are good, the gameplay it's self largely just consists of getting lost on planets.
Guru virk
Guru virk Il y a 13 jours
Viktor Aggerholm
Viktor Aggerholm Il y a 13 jours
Fuck me this game looks terrible. I mean, the story seems good, but the graphics and the movement is just terrible, and AI are clearly spawning in ect.
JustJessie 64
JustJessie 64 Il y a 9 jours
Viktor Aggerholm I recommend it it’s a very good game and it’s getting a lot of positive reception
Yoan Sutarto
Yoan Sutarto Il y a 14 jours
This scene hurt my soul.
J Il y a 14 jours
Why does cal run like an autistic kid in this game. Jesus Christ
Barış Söğüt
Barış Söğüt Il y a 15 jours
5:28 Small padawan? Whats this
Z3R0_P01NT5 Il y a 16 jours
And from that moment on forward, the clones shot like stormtroopers
BX-720 Il y a 16 jours
Pathetic Clones turning on their own commanders.
limmy lime
limmy lime Il y a 17 jours
when 10 mins of a video game is better than 3 movies made by disney...
Danielle cooper
Danielle cooper Il y a 17 jours
People ggpgg,,g,.g,h,bb,,b,b,b,b b be. He, h,blah,h,,b,h,g,h,h,h**,:::::::::::,”0”””” Llll”llllllll
Abdulaziz Aljaber
Abdulaziz Aljaber Il y a 17 jours
Bruh jaro tapal should’ve thrown his lightsaber
baricade47 Il y a 18 jours
5:38 ... When you forget the Wii-mote strap
baricade47 Il y a 18 jours
Dude, all the platforming issues you had, were the exact same ones I had
Red Hood
Red Hood Il y a 18 jours
That first minute with the clones really got to me...if only Five's told what he knew about order 66 before it happened
CANNONBOLT Il y a 18 jours
It's way better than sequel 3logy.
KalumonyTheDev Il y a 19 jours
Cal: *cheap shot, commander! haha!* Commanders mind: *this shits gone too far* pulls out gun
InfernoWhuzHere Il y a 20 jours
Jennifer Mouawad
Jennifer Mouawad Il y a 20 jours
beedo bmt
beedo bmt Il y a 21 jour
Pretty much after this the game sucked
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda Il y a 23 jours
Nice clones
ShadowFox Il y a 24 jours
When I first played this scene, I thought he said, "You must... execute Order 66..."
Ethan Aiono
Ethan Aiono Il y a 24 jours
"oh look a giant fan, lets run into it" 4:17
azura cheothsman
azura cheothsman Il y a 24 jours
Those troopers need to train how to aim
Rudie Opperman
Rudie Opperman Il y a 24 jours
I know his voice is still breaking here or that he is a boy but that scream made me laugh.
Aruvinue HD
Aruvinue HD Il y a 25 jours
The master looks like thanos from 2 miles
The Jellyfish Jam
The Jellyfish Jam Il y a 25 jours
Let's be real if star wars was based at least somewhat in reality, Tapal wouldn't have even gotten shot.
Soham Sharma
Soham Sharma Il y a 27 jours
Wow. This made me cry😢
Loyal Scout
Loyal Scout Il y a 27 jours
These troopers are awesome! I love them
iTuneTUNA Il y a 27 jours
Order 66 Pizzas
DENiS POP Il y a 28 jours
I cant join game me love stars wars jedy fallen order
Alexandru Peter
Alexandru Peter Il y a mois
8:50 the pains of constipation
Salt Lord
Salt Lord Il y a mois
I wish they sounded like this and looked like this in bf2
JDM408 Il y a mois
I like how @ 2:04 was a "gotcha" moment making the player think Order 66 just went live when it was really just apart of the training exercise, and then Order 66 just so happens a few minutes later. Reminds me of the final season in The Clone Wars TV show. In one of the episodes, you know Order 66 is coming, and there's a sense of dread building up.
ShadowOfNoc Il y a mois
You cut out the music. that basically defeats the whole point.
Lin us
Lin us Il y a mois
the characters and animations look quite ugly
L_L_M_F Il y a mois
Wait, no music!? The music makes these scenes so much better
Tevya Smolka
Tevya Smolka Il y a mois
This is so sad and depressing to see all the clones turn against cal and his master because they seem like a great friends
Jacan Walley
Jacan Walley Il y a mois
Imagine all the lightsabers that have fell into shafts on ships and Anakin's that he lost on Corresaunt.
Kev Aponte
Kev Aponte Il y a mois
What's that atack the lil padawan used against clones before escape?
JustJessie 64
JustJessie 64 Il y a 9 jours
Kev Aponte It’s an ablitity that you can use in the game it’s called force slow
Jimmytrex09 James Tyrrell
But he High Fived Him!
Ct 2525
Ct 2525 Il y a mois
It’s terrible without the music
Wolf Knight
Wolf Knight Il y a mois
Where girls cried: Titanic Where boys cried:
Cyber Vic Rattlehead
7:40 I know this is a really small detail, but if you look closely, once Jaro gets shot, his lightsaber just switches models from double bladed to the broken one after the blade shuts off.
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