Order 66 Scene - Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

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The order 66 scene in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

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15 nov. 2019




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SpongeBob Squarepants
SpongeBob Squarepants Il y a 7 heures
"What kind of radio do ya got in that blue piece of shit"... "Your father's stereo blows? Weee"
Emanuel Samaan
Emanuel Samaan Il y a 11 heures
When I heard the music from episode 3 I was amazed. Easily best part of the game next to the end.
Brian Peneschi
Brian Peneschi Il y a 11 heures
Is that Ian from Shameless??
marcducati Il y a 13 heures
10:29 one of the coolest lightsaber strike I’ve seen. And also out and in with the blade. No running around with the blade out Lara Crofting through the forest
Joseph Hile
Joseph Hile Il y a 20 heures
Oh crap, the Jedi prepared for the clones to betray them? Master Tapal says "We trained for this" about the clones betraying them
Jetzxbro Il y a 22 heures
The creators of this game should’ve wrote the new films
Evan Malcolm
Evan Malcolm Il y a jour
Mando Il y a jour
Apparently being dropped to the ground kills you.
ReMiiX RTM Il y a jour
Bruh they should have something where a clone trooper takes their chip out and helps
Richie The Man
Richie The Man Il y a jour
This is sad
Pendo46 Il y a jour
Game is awesome but just too short, i finished the game in like 5-7 days.
Theps4guy lol
Theps4guy lol Il y a jour
Pendo46 That’s because you have no life
tuber00009 Il y a 2 jours
this is better acting than in the prequel trilogies
Sheepish Il y a 2 jours
Man that high five really made me sad :(
Jacob Thorner
Jacob Thorner Il y a 2 jours
Would u rather be a Jedi or Spider-Man
John Evans
John Evans Il y a 2 jours
The clones are terrible shots in this
Warren Snook
Warren Snook Il y a 2 jours
I was debating buying this game, and it from this part alone, it looks like gold. Does anyone else suggest it?
Theps4guy lol
Theps4guy lol Il y a jour
Warren Snook As a Star Wars i love it
Steve Goodwin
Steve Goodwin Il y a 2 jours
Prince of Persia with a light saber... What has happened to Star Wars?
TwoTown Il y a 2 jours
Why did Tapal start to go dizzy exactly as Palpatine called the order? Wouldn't he sense it after the order had been executed, not before?
Ricky Cardenas
Ricky Cardenas Il y a 3 jours
Workout the music this is pointless to watch 😭
Danni Dale
Danni Dale Il y a 3 jours
Is IT just me or does jaro tapal look like Thanos!?
rhino ceros
rhino ceros Il y a 3 jours
Darth Vader: How many pizzas should we order? Palpatine: order 66 Edit: yes I did copy this comment.
rhino ceros
rhino ceros Il y a 3 jours
This kid's storyline would make a good movie. "FALLEN ORDER" a star wars story
yeezyhendrix Il y a 3 jours
gonk droid
Wayne Payne98
Wayne Payne98 Il y a 3 jours
Looks like Samuel L Jackson
Da Soviet Union
Da Soviet Union Il y a 3 jours
So was this supposed to be a segment of the 327th Star Corp? I ask because of the armor color and since they're not on Felucia.
Da Soviet Union
Da Soviet Union Il y a 3 jours
Not gonna lie, as i was playing this, i was shaking the whole time. I swear i have PTSD from Order 66
Pat Kelly
Pat Kelly Il y a 3 jours
That jump back onto the rope was pretty funny
Mac attack zach
Mac attack zach Il y a 3 jours
this is so fuckin morbid
Cyrus B
Cyrus B Il y a 3 jours
Is it just me or does tapal look like thanos lost brother
Just a normal account and nothing else
Me watching any Disney sequels: 2:37
Legion Il y a 3 jours
Can't believe that people only blame Anakin. Palpatine? He was an abuser. Palpatine was constantly grooming, manipulating and emotionally abusing Anakin. He presents himself as a kind, accepting figure that gives Anakin what he so desperately craves (acceptance and approval). Palpatine was grooming Anakin to become Darth Vader. He tried to undermine Anakin’s relationships with Obi-wan and Padmé, when he kept Anakin isolated, when he maintain himself Anakin’s only confidant, when he lied, etc. His turn from a friendly, innocent boy to a emotionally unstable monster was a calculate one. Vader wasn’t an accident. He was the result. And the sad part is that no one noticed.
Keldor Miro
Keldor Miro Il y a 2 jours
Legion They didn’t notice a lot of things. I find it hard to believe that they didn’t find out who Sidious was, and that they couldn’t sense him. It doesn’t matter how well you mask it, I’m not buying it.
Spencer Steinbrecher
Spencer Steinbrecher Il y a 4 jours
That was pure genius when we were in training and that clone started shooting at us before order 66
Stephondabomb Il y a 4 jours
Is nobody gonna talk about how that clone got absolutely fucked in 2:46
20PINKluvr Il y a 4 jours
Oh man.. even the jedi masters can sense that force disturbance of order 66
onenastytaterchip 64
onenastytaterchip 64 Il y a 4 jours
Joe Swanson
Joe Swanson Il y a 4 jours
he made the clone troopers go 144p
Kian BE
Kian BE Il y a 4 jours
The clone troopers at the beginning were nice
edgolu 16
edgolu 16 Il y a 4 jours
This scene is so much powerful with the game music on, which appears to be off. the game plays the exact tract from revenge of the sith order 66 scene.
ShadowRealmFox Il y a 4 jours
And somewhere on a planet, Anakin is currently slaughtering younglings and Obi-Wan is preparing for the High Ground.
LodeStar123HD Yeah
LodeStar123HD Yeah Il y a 4 jours
7:03 what’s that guy in the back doing