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Opp Stoppa · YBN Nahmir
Opp Stoppa
℗ 2020 Atlantic Recording Corporation
Producer: Ashton Woodench
Programmer: Ashton Woodench
Vocals: YBN Nahmir
Writer: Nicholas Simmons
Writer: Woodench Aschton Theogene
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24 nov. 2020




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Commentaires 74
Weppy Il y a mois
I can't believe this song has been out for a year and he had to repost it. smh
Alexander Rawls
Alexander Rawls Il y a mois
but good🤪😅✌🏾✌🏾
Alexander Rawls
Alexander Rawls Il y a mois
so short☹️🤭💀💀
Stephen Price
Stephen Price Il y a mois
The Little Giant
The Little Giant Il y a mois
Bruh, if this song isn't fire enough, Nahmir's gonna fall off for good. Comment what you think. I wanna know your opinions.
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones Il y a mois
For the tiktok users 0:24
It'sDarensbourg Il y a mois
how does this only have 200k views???????? i thought it had 200m
Jayden Nunez
Jayden Nunez Il y a mois
Y his songs so fire but short💀😭
im not gone cap YBN Nahmir lost his flow he kinda shit now the only good thing about this is the simple beat thats it he's shi, thats it by lil uzi hella better then this
Leaked Fori
Leaked Fori Il y a mois
Dude so dead, vid been out 2 weeks only got 100k views. FLOP
Lacy Massar
Lacy Massar Il y a mois
sean hale
sean hale Il y a mois
When do the full song come out?
Chance Repp
Chance Repp Il y a mois
I feel like a caveman because I just discovered fire.
Khalii Guzman
Khalii Guzman Il y a mois
Moral of the story where not oppas
ThaaReal Bandoo
ThaaReal Bandoo Il y a mois
soooo he disappeared then reappeared .... nice
King Dexter YT
King Dexter YT Il y a mois
crazy how they be cappin
RuSk َ
RuSk َ Il y a mois
CarterX 0
CarterX 0 Il y a mois
Homie reposted a old ass song because it blew up lhh
Isaiah Ramirez
Isaiah Ramirez Il y a mois
its fire until you focus on the sound effects in the background
Sri Cutie Peaches
Sri Cutie Peaches Il y a mois
This Man So Fine!!!!!
holidae rose
holidae rose Il y a mois
Jake kingzz
Jake kingzz Il y a mois
best song i swear
Ta Nam
Ta Nam Il y a mois
King Dexter YT
King Dexter YT Il y a mois
You be lackin lmao
Chance Repp
Chance Repp Il y a mois
Only problem with this song is it’s to short.
20k games
20k games Il y a mois
ZaSekai Il y a mois
It sounds like he’s the nigga at school who swears he finna be up one day then plays his shit music.
Riley Cramer
Riley Cramer Il y a mois
Before it goes viral like it for before viral ticket
BXNNEDC4RTI Il y a mois
Ybn Nahmir is the Type Of Guy To Buy The most Expensive And Overpowered Gun For a Shootout 😂🤣
sharkiestcha Il y a mois
mans whole song fit in a tiktok
Chris WHite
Chris WHite Il y a mois
well it is like one minute
Paatol Il y a mois
imagine if he drop that with two more versers, shit lit as fuck
Abigail Robb
Abigail Robb Il y a mois
Fuck the that heat this
Cassual aqkwaa
Cassual aqkwaa Il y a mois
Here before tiktok and imdontai
Zahir Harper
Zahir Harper Il y a mois
Claim your “never hitting a million views” ticket here
Blanca Alcaraz
Blanca Alcaraz Il y a mois
i fell in love wit all this f****** money u in love drama
Nate 2
Nate 2 Il y a mois
Wait but this is actually fire tho
Amjed Oubei
Amjed Oubei Il y a mois
Murad Mohammed
Murad Mohammed Il y a mois
i couldve sworn the music vid was out a yea ago
Dakota Flasch
Dakota Flasch Il y a mois
Nobody..... The story my Uncle tells me on Christmas
Austin Guilbert
Austin Guilbert Il y a mois
This a fire tiktok song, should release the full version
Miley Salvatore
Miley Salvatore Il y a mois
damnnn okayy
slim Il y a mois
Underrated song
Mr extra keep a clip
Bro fr fr need to come back this gotta be teaser song wit who
F1am e
F1am e Il y a mois
The whole song can fit in a tik tok
Yoshi Bonglo
Yoshi Bonglo Il y a mois
@R0NN Jr stfu nigga
R0NN Jr Il y a mois
You stole this comment from the music video of this a comment this a year ago you a Copy Cat
Jacob Hylton
Jacob Hylton Il y a mois
I keep a rocket in my pocket so I can call it a pocket rocket
miracle_macei Il y a mois
i cannot stop listening to this
ItsDarkxz Il y a mois
i thought this Shit Was Realesed at 2018 Or 2017
jæboicarti Il y a mois
Here before TikTok ruins
v3rsionn ➊
v3rsionn ➊ Il y a mois
shut up pussy
GoldShot OG
GoldShot OG Il y a mois
i accidently double tapped the right side on the screen and the song ended
20k games
20k games Il y a mois
Junior Rivera
Junior Rivera Il y a mois
Alex Riz
Alex Riz Il y a mois
Lil Spex
Lil Spex Il y a mois
JustinJaphere Il y a mois
Best 1:04 music
Abir Nidam
Abir Nidam Il y a mois
just because y’all listened to oppa stoppa once dont ever preach you a real fan🙏🏽
IKEA Dogg Il y a mois
wtf is this ybn
HKY4LIFEMAN Il y a mois
Yo like my comment to end COVID if you don’t COVID Ain’t gonna end
Berbino Lahens
Berbino Lahens Il y a mois
This real good keep up the hustle Nahmir
Andrew Chavez
Andrew Chavez Il y a mois
Mans fell off.
赤編集Aka Edits
赤編集Aka Edits Il y a mois
@Banana Gaming He just stopped dropping music for a while, he didn't fall off cause he wasn't tryna climb in the first place lmao
Banana Gaming
Banana Gaming Il y a mois
@R0NN Jr what do you even mean by that he’s just saying he kinda fell off which is true
R0NN Jr Il y a mois
We all know that You wanna say that
Just Rave
Just Rave Il y a mois
AT LEAST another 70 seconds
manan mehta
manan mehta Il y a mois
Lorraine Rosario
Lorraine Rosario Il y a mois
Vladimir Rudan
Vladimir Rudan Il y a mois
Mans whole song can fit into one tik tok 😤😤
Bradan Il y a mois
This came out a year ago
Grant Edwards
Grant Edwards Il y a mois
This teaser heat! When the real song coming out?
albertbruhh Il y a mois
its been out for a year
Leo Il y a mois
I think hes making fun of how short the song is.
Yungboy_zach19 Il y a mois
It’s the real song lmao it came out months ago
21_C1oud Il y a mois
@xaleneve facts they is
xaleneve Il y a mois
Damn y'all sleepin on this joke
sonia Il y a mois
here a 4k views.
CD Il y a mois
released again?
breaa Il y a mois
this song is so good but so short😭💀
Janiah Cunningham
Janiah Cunningham Il y a mois
The short songs are always the best
20k games
20k games Il y a mois
jan korwin mikke
jan korwin mikke Il y a mois
why did he released it 2nd time?
Nadia Il y a mois
he did repost it , but he said that the song was only dropped on youtube and now he posted the offical video and on other platforms
Kazzorr Il y a mois
this is not ybn he would drop it on his YBN Namir this is ybn topic
Bloomz1k Il y a mois
Thas tha oops stoopa fell in love with all this money u in love with drama
BadBoy69 Il y a mois
Here before 5K views
no1.looser 126
no1.looser 126 Il y a mois
That one dude that disliked goes to hell periodt
アニメ編集 Il y a mois
I'm not gonna stop listening to this until I know the whole song
dizZygoatz07 yt
dizZygoatz07 yt Il y a mois
Same all I got is I gotta rocket in my pocket socket
Phyze ツ
Phyze ツ Il y a mois
Same to good of a song
Verte X
Verte X Il y a mois
I know the song word for word
Odessy Il y a mois
Okay but same
OREO Jayz Il y a mois
Its only 1 min tho
s5 dollars
s5 dollars Il y a mois
ItssSean Il y a mois
Aint this come out a year ago already?
Tanyon Slater
Tanyon Slater Il y a mois
I know all the lyrics already soo Yee definitely
ybn perry
ybn perry Il y a mois
he only had the music video out last year and people wanted it on apple music and spotify so he did it a year later
CarterX 0
CarterX 0 Il y a mois
Yes bro just reposting for the hype Bc TikTok
GalaxyRetunnnsss HD
@icy landon nah i seen sum on ig he got a album coming out 2021 with like 30 sum new songs
Bradan Il y a mois
Tehkno Il y a mois
Here before 1k views
longjohn mcdonald
longjohn mcdonald Il y a 2 mois
i came from cordae
Capinkit Yt
Capinkit Yt Il y a 2 mois
Ayyy I’m early
Tyren Gill
Tyren Gill Il y a 2 mois
Y’all only know this song from tik tok don’t 🧢nahmir the goat tho
izzy talbott
izzy talbott Il y a mois
I’m a girl and I know every word and I’ve known nov 2019
rush Il y a mois
cap, i've heard this since november 2019
mcber123 Il y a 2 mois
you have fallen the fuck off
ScOpia Demon
ScOpia Demon Il y a 2 mois
He’s going up again (slowly)
Ardo Diallo
Ardo Diallo Il y a 2 mois
Hey Nahmir can you release a Clean Version. thx
Iccy_nuer Il y a mois
@william robinius LMAO fax
william robinius
william robinius Il y a mois
I’d be 10 seconds long
Jj Jjj
Jj Jjj Il y a 2 mois
Thats gay fuck censorship
Michael Rominski
Michael Rominski Il y a 2 mois
Team Ovni
Team Ovni Il y a mois
okay Michael i see u
Shhh (Pew Pew)
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