Onision’s Final Movie Is Painfully Terrible

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Onision is well known for many things, being exposed by pretty much everyone.. To releasing a trilogy of movies that appeared on BlackBoxTV. But despite everything and all the Onision Exposed videos, i think it's fair in saying that this is Onision's worst thing yet.
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7 déc. 2019




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iNabber Il y a mois
HELLO! This video was delayed because blackbox tv removed it, but i found the original video! It's all under fairuse n that, so pls dont be mad blackboxtv i love u. Also please go and follow me on twitter and LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!!!!! ONISION WILL FIND YOU IF YOU DONT -
Boy Man
Boy Man Il y a 7 jours
@Nicola Ingham so if onision killed himself inabber would keep making videos about his decaying body?
Nicola Ingham
Nicola Ingham Il y a 8 jours
@Boy Man when hes in jail.
That _weirdo
That _weirdo Il y a 27 jours
iNabber where the video where you buy omissions merch? You said you would buy it if you reached 25k likes and you got 28k..?
imashamedofmypreviousname :]
iNabber god no i dont want him to find me im underage
lady truth
lady truth Il y a mois
I want a kenji and gary collab
ZombieDasher Il y a 3 jours
I actually used to follow black box tv, and I'm pretty sure most people didn't hate gregs acting? I remember reading a few comments that wished he'd do more.
Bryan Lara
Bryan Lara Il y a 4 jours
Omg i thought Last Jedi was a dream...a horrible dream
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones Il y a 4 jours
I've got my popcorn ready
Marciline Thomas
Marciline Thomas Il y a 6 jours
no you gotta look mean so dumb people don't approach you
Kaldaryn Il y a 7 jours
Did Onision just assume my gender? :(
kIwI mAsOn
kIwI mAsOn Il y a 7 jours
it’s one 420k likes.
GayBoi BlueMan
GayBoi BlueMan Il y a 8 jours
Listened to the entire skillshare sponsor strictly because of the Wii music
karen steck
karen steck Il y a 8 jours
Such a pathetic creepy guy
Punk Monitor
Punk Monitor Il y a 8 jours
Onision drama aside, I hate that these ‘movies’ actually have potential. The visual effects aren’t bad and the premises are vague but usable-thats a step above a lot of FRvid filmmakers. The scripting and delivery just leave a lot to be desired. Also Onision is in it If this ‘cinematic universe’ were touched up a little and redone with a different cast, I’d actually like to see the outcome. Just... a shame that sniveling onion bastard was part of a project that might have been actually worth watching
Sir-Scroogins Il y a 8 jours
Nah fam, true Star wars fans know that the last Jedi is shit. Great vid man, lovin your content keep it up bruv.
Averie Annis
Averie Annis Il y a 9 jours
Wow, somehow you make watching Onision bearable!
Livvy Il y a 9 jours
I don't know if there are any Germans in the comments but 9:10 "leT Me iN!" sounds a lot like "IcH muSs rAUs!" Even if you're not German, just look it up on FRvid and you'll know what I mean lol
BecksCald Il y a 10 jours
Tony V has made some great movies. Glad he took this monstrosity down.
VAM Il y a 10 jours
Wait... Onision made movies?
Dan & Elissa Nolan
Dan & Elissa Nolan Il y a 11 jours
Not monetized? I got an ad : )
RAIN HAVOK Il y a 11 jours
Monica Card
Monica Card Il y a 13 jours
Get a life and stop talking bad about good people..... Please .....
Azul Lavanda TM
Azul Lavanda TM Il y a 15 jours
Happy dog
Happy dog Il y a 15 jours
Onision: Exists Me: 🤢 Onision: Exists and has a ponytail Me: 🤮😷
rowan arnett
rowan arnett Il y a 19 jours
at first i thought that the final movie was the “breakdown” lmao
Deirdre Heil
Deirdre Heil Il y a 19 jours
I hope the fbi investigations go well for the fbi not the Onion or Kia.
Mememan 420
Mememan 420 Il y a 21 jour
I think black box tv is great
Cecilia Ch.
Cecilia Ch. Il y a 21 jour
I love you 🥺 ur vids make my day
Ultimate Dio
Ultimate Dio Il y a 21 jour
Final?.... *FINAL?!* *BRUH HE WHAT*
Flaming Fox
Flaming Fox Il y a 22 jours
Producer: I really liked the protagonist of the latest movie of the jurassic Park saga! Owen Grady was a good name Onision: THAT'S IT. Our protagonist will be called Owen Brady
lucy wickstead
lucy wickstead Il y a 23 jours
onision is sexy
booty bandit
booty bandit Il y a 24 jours
*_how did he manage to have kids._*
TheEarphoneguy Il y a 24 jours
did you just... substitute 'god save the queen' with the national anthem of the USSR?
Lauren Beth
Lauren Beth Il y a 25 jours
When Fraser said “what do you mean you tried? Did you try not groom kids?” I snorted😂
Mae [MHTARDIS21] Il y a 28 jours
Pfff, near the ending, or what? We're going to have a bad time?
Clark C Phynics
Clark C Phynics Il y a 28 jours
I am between Allison and Westbrook nearly every day at UBC University. A professor was murdered there this year with a manhunt that went on for over a week. While friends are welcome to help me out of my present situation, this person’s joker persona is not appropriate to be near me. I have nothing to do with these thIngs. It is an attempt to besmirch my territory making it vulnerable for theft of foreign agencies.
Nicola Ingham
Nicola Ingham Il y a 29 jours
A little recommendation is that the rise of Skywalker is something you should review. It is a great finale to a franchise that has been going on for 42 years
Nicola Ingham
Nicola Ingham Il y a 29 jours
A little recommendation is that the rise of Skywalker is something you should review. It is a great finale to a franchise that has been going on for 42 years
It(Onision) is dying
Pur Saveer
Pur Saveer Il y a mois
I finally figured out why iNabber looks so familiar. He looks like a character from Little Britain, an actor named Matt Lucas ;)
nman551 Il y a mois
Onision: can you give me back my patreon please Patreon and everyone that isn’t a fan of him: no no I don’t think I will.
Sophie Marshall
Sophie Marshall Il y a mois
Carter Han
Carter Han Il y a mois
that critical guy
that critical guy Il y a mois
Im happy
Danger Heart
Danger Heart Il y a mois
WOW... that was shit. (If anyone knows what I'm referencing you're a cool person)
craigime Il y a mois
are you the guy who was arguing with Piers Morgan?
perfect Cell
perfect Cell Il y a mois
U want me to give u what back?
Lindsey Stein
Lindsey Stein Il y a mois
A family gone missing? Is this what onision will do when the fbi is closing in?
Lord Colin
Lord Colin Il y a mois
While I haven’t see onision’s movies I can guarantee, with 100% certainty, that they are far, FAR better than the last Jedi.
Soul Mechanics
Soul Mechanics Il y a mois
I am certain we can all appreciate all terribly hard you are trying here.. but it is a fail. Sorry man.
wjsaldbzl -
wjsaldbzl - Il y a mois
I'm truly sad to say that Oli has sung yet another song. It's basically a cover of a Christmas song for his fellow Koreans. I- 🤦‍♀️
War On Corruption
War On Corruption Il y a mois
Perhaps her screams were from seeing Onision outside?
Rosa Aguilar Torres
Wtf are you even talking about this movie is "bad" all you do is your shitty rants onision hasn't even done anything to you and your over here throwing insults at him and his content instead of being a complete jackass constructive criticism would be better or simply stop reacting to him if his movies bother you so much tf are you even doing.
pppwhat Il y a mois
DAMN, YOU GOT THICK BOI... nice to see you healthy.
Stop using the empty coffee cup the same way that DC comics uses them in their Flash, Supergirl, Green Arrow, and League of Legends TV series. They forget they're supposed to be filled with HOT COFFEE and instead, wave them around like Claymores.
박니콜 Il y a mois
MY PATREEAAN!!! **disembodied noises**
Loxx Blackrose
Loxx Blackrose Il y a mois
Fake person faking mental illness to get out of federal crimes. If we dont believe him he court appointed psychiatrist wont either. Seriously Greg get ready for prison.
don't matter
don't matter Il y a mois
Stop fucking clapping... jesus fucking christ
Mello Wjyndigo
Mello Wjyndigo Il y a mois
Him freaking out in the meltdown video will forever make me laugh! His demise brings me joy.
Is Black Box TV just dollar store CryptTV???
Carissa Mcadams
Carissa Mcadams Il y a mois
I am from Washington, a very close area to Gig Harbor. Is it sad that his behavior is not unusual for people in Gig Harbor/Western WA? Beware of the lack of Vitamin D or you will turn into an onion.
Trinity Bopp
Trinity Bopp Il y a mois
So what was the plot
SarahnmDecker Il y a mois
Can you please talk about how now he is trying to act like Joaquin Phoenix Joker terribly may I add! Please?
Bugabogodofwar Il y a mois
I cRiEd WhEn OnIsIoN sAiD: let me innn Cause it aint the first time he said that to a girl Too far??? 🤷🏻‍♂️
Onision Is Bad
im sorry
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