On My Block: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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In the aftermath of tragedy and Jamal's discovery, it's time to cash in... On My Block season two drops March 29, only on Netflix. Starring Jessica Marie Garcia, Sierra Capri and Jason Genao.
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On My Block: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix




12 mars 2019

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Commentaires 8 422
Netflix Il y a 2 mois
And here's what you've all been asking me for!
Taleechca Delva
Taleechca Delva Il y a 24 jours
me???..... I thought Netflix was like a gruop of people
Mr. Somebody
Mr. Somebody Il y a mois
H OC Il y a mois
Ya _boyfye
Ya _boyfye Il y a mois
Netflix please make a SEASON 3.... I NEED THIS SHOW
c m
c m Il y a mois
@Netflix 3% please
Abbey Odell
Abbey Odell Il y a 2 jours
Love Netflix series but man don't hate waiting an entire year! Change it up some! Tv series span out weeks so the wait isn't as long.
BoaSky Il y a 7 jours
I keep rewatching this trailer it’s so good
Nimi George
Nimi George Il y a 8 jours
Julia Long
Julia Long Il y a 10 jours
Love it
hey sisters James Charles here
Something happened to Olivia she died or something else
Dániel Korsós
Dániel Korsós Il y a 20 jours
diana Il y a 21 jour
Is it just me or did you guys think Jessica was Raini Rodriguez too..?
Kourtney Queen
Kourtney Queen Il y a 22 jours
I watched this episode and it was good and funny as hell
mav blej
mav blej Il y a 27 jours
Ehm, i need help. I just finished Season 2. Sooo, what should i do with my life now? SEASON 3 WHERE ARE YOU?
RyanL181095 Il y a 24 jours
mav blej It’s coming in early 2020 season
Ghena Il y a mois
Wait its OUT OUT ?
TheTeamedwardrocks Il y a mois
So Netflix when we announcing Season 3? And if we gotta wait a whole year can ya please give us 1 hour episodes. Cause these 23 minute shorts ain’t enough 😫😫😫😫 and more Oscar scenes please.
RyanL181095 Il y a 24 jours
TheTeamedwardrocks They just announced Season 3
Nassim Ajdid
Nassim Ajdid Il y a mois
Haniel Mez
Haniel Mez Il y a mois
wakie wakie BIACH!
Jaede Ramsey
Jaede Ramsey Il y a mois
SIERRA CAPRI as Monse Finnie JASON GENAO as Ruby Martinez BRETT GRAY as Jamal Turner DIEGO TINOCO as Cesar Diaz RONNI HAWK as Olivia JULIO MACIAS as Oscar JESSICA MARIE GARCIA as Jasmine PEGGY BLOW as Abuelita PAULA GARCES as Geny Martinez EMILIO RIVERA as Chivo Ramirez JAHKING GULLIORY as Latrelle
Inferno Cyber
Inferno Cyber Il y a mois
Spoiler, Olivias dead. Yay.
Genisa Paul
Genisa Paul Il y a mois
The part where Jamal and Ruby was doing the white girl accent deadass killed me🤣🤣🤣
ThatGuy Il y a mois
H OC Il y a mois
Safwan Miah
Safwan Miah Il y a mois
Anyone else cry at season 1 finale and episode 1 of season 2
Cran Boys
Cran Boys Il y a mois
First of all where the hell is is season 3
Everett Whitfield
Everett Whitfield Il y a mois
Lol this so funny on Netflix
Isabella Castillo
Isabella Castillo Il y a mois
Nobody: Abuelita: *bitches be bonkers.*
Tania Morales
Tania Morales Il y a mois
Where can I find Ruby’s shirt at!?! When they were at the dance
tiny e
tiny e Il y a mois
I need season 1 and 2 released on DVD. Please do this and also renew them for season 3. I really want to know who kidnapped them.
Bethy mulu
Bethy mulu Il y a mois
“Wakey wakey biotch” 1:29
jabbrrr mr.write
jabbrrr mr.write Il y a mois
Shit looks wack af ..people only watch cause the rest of the sheep are watchin..n that fat actress is annoyin af
Bree Il y a mois
“Everybody get in here Monse’s pissed!!” 😂😂😂
KENOXIDE Il y a mois
00:53 you’re welcome 😂😂😂
Corey Burton
Corey Burton Il y a mois
Season 3 where you at with the confirmation
eirini tsimtsiri
eirini tsimtsiri Il y a mois
asvinni Il y a mois
Where’s Olivia????
asvinni Il y a mois
ItsProDino yep I know that now
ItsProDino Il y a mois
DJ THE MAN Il y a mois
This is my favorite show on Netflix I watch the hole seasons and episodes bring out season 3
Blue Bear
Blue Bear Il y a mois
Finished.Season 2 now
Gabsthegreat .19
Gabsthegreat .19 Il y a mois
ThePerksOfMe Il y a mois
What song is this x
Jessey Boe
Jessey Boe Il y a mois
I honestly didnt think i would love this show as much as i do...the only thing i hate is that they made the rival gang black :-/ lol damn but i love how monse is both black and latinx. I hope they add a pretty black girl main character..spice things up between cesar and monse
Javier Maravi
Javier Maravi Il y a mois
this is so stupid
wack af
wack af Il y a mois
wakey wakey biotch
Sheesh Il y a mois
*Wakey wakey biatch*
Jens Pyck
Jens Pyck Il y a mois
Hands down best show on Netflix
Ven Lo
Ven Lo Il y a mois
Just discovered this and binge watched Eason 1 and 2 twice when is season 3 coming?
Lilly Emerson
Lilly Emerson Il y a mois
waky waky biatch
Lilly Emerson
Lilly Emerson Il y a mois
do you love him? Does he love you? Ruby: Did he say it to you Why are you talking like that? Jamal: Why are you?
Asian. Boi
Asian. Boi Il y a mois
Can u make oscar or latrelle accidentally shoot jasmine
xFlaffy Il y a mois
This is garbage you ruined the show now that Olivia is dead.....Ruby don't got any point now thanks for ruining another great show.
xFlaffy Il y a mois
+Jessey Boe What a stupid bitch,she was cool tho
Jessey Boe
Jessey Boe Il y a mois
The show is still A1 and the actress that played olivia got exposed as a black girl hater (oop) so it smart that S1 ended with her getting shot..i dont think they planned that her character was actually gonna die until those racist tweets came out
Pinkpurple Blueunicorn
“Ya every one get in here monse’s pissed”😂😂
Quinton Haynes
Quinton Haynes Il y a mois
Season 2 was okay but left us with a bad cliffhanger
Anthonyvideogame Il y a mois
Well now that I finished season 2 I shall wait til next year for season 3. But until then I have insatiable season 2 to look forward too
Maria Carolina Silva Arriagada
I need season thre plis
The Army
The Army Il y a mois
Harry Regis
Harry Regis Il y a mois
Lougarou inhaiti
T W Il y a mois
I finished the first episode and will probably be watching an episode a month so i wont have to wait as long.... hope everyone is enjoying the new season
Kawaii Cholo
Kawaii Cholo Il y a mois
Wtf!! I been waiting a whole year and i never seen this trailer until now and for it to already have dropped
CI A Il y a mois
Why are you talking like that Why are you
Rhyan Sousa
Rhyan Sousa Il y a mois
Nyomi G
Nyomi G Il y a mois
Season 3 please I finished on my block season 2 in 2 day's
Lovely Tashay TV
Lovely Tashay TV Il y a mois
Season 2 wasn’t so good 😒
Chantelle Francisco
Season 3 pleaseeee
abcdabcdabcd peace
abcdabcdabcd peace Il y a mois
Who else got this feeling when you got a cute ass cousin and then u you say she cute but she's your cousinnn
Jypzii Il y a mois
Who else is disappointed because the ending
stone1409 Il y a mois
Already watch it I want season 3 now 😭
DragonZage Il y a mois
wakey wakey biatch
walter xd
walter xd Il y a mois
And yeah now I have to wait a whole year to watch season 3...
Tony Ch33cks
Tony Ch33cks Il y a mois
Monse is so annoying
bro is back
bro is back Il y a mois
Who already watching season 3
bro is back
bro is back Il y a mois
I mentioned ready to sprry
Destinys stepchild
Destinys stepchild Il y a mois
*bitches be bonkers*
Crystal Cordoba
Crystal Cordoba Il y a mois
Tengo mucha caca give me a big pants:'D haha lmaooo
xxrahila Il y a mois
Finished season 2 ,so bye guys I’m hibernating till March 2020
jungkook DZ213
jungkook DZ213 Il y a mois
What is the song please??
Mackenzie Glover
Mackenzie Glover Il y a mois
Looking for season 3 confirmation like 👀👀
Leen Alkaff
Leen Alkaff Il y a mois
Jasmin gives me anxiety
Hazra Joseph
Hazra Joseph Il y a mois
Just finished it in one I don’t know what to do with my life😭😭
m8 Il y a mois
Funny because Season 1: the group had a plan to get Ceasar out the gang Season 2: the group had a plan to get Ceasar back in the gang WTF
Janae Coleman
Janae Coleman Il y a mois
Season 3!!!now!!!!!😁😁😁😂😂😂
whoishalil Il y a mois
ugh i cant wait to see more of jasmine 🤠
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez Il y a mois
Aww I love ❤️ Ruby and Olivia together like how the fuck does it happen Ruby and Olivia become a couple and date on the last episode and Ruby girlfriend dies that fucked up man they were a cute couple
Dara Mcfarlane
Dara Mcfarlane Il y a mois
who finished season 2?
Jo ion.-go
Jo ion.-go Il y a mois
"bitches be bonkers"
pablø èsçóbàr
pablø èsçóbàr Il y a mois
I just wish each episode was like 50mins
xdaeq2 Il y a mois
Ruby's cry acting was questionable
FIRE Il y a mois
I already watched all episodes of season 2. I need season 3.
Judi Shamroukh
Judi Shamroukh Il y a mois
What’s the songssssss
Franthony The Gamer
this show makes me so emotional i need friends like this in real life i hope they make a season 3❤️🔥🔥🔥💥
Estrellita Alvarado
Does someone know the song where Cesar and Oscar are coming out of latrelle’s block, after Cesar got punched by Oscar
sxlly. angie
sxlly. angie Il y a mois
Wakey wakey biatch💀
*xxDripx2y* Il y a mois
i finished season two in one day
ColombianPanda Il y a mois
We should’ve got the chocolate cake
Aneesah Daley
Aneesah Daley Il y a mois
Someone please tell me the name to this song .♥️
AquamarineArtz Il y a mois
“On my block” is trash change my mind 😂
Wasted Youthers Films.
Bitches be bonkers !!!!
It’s YaGirlFREE
It’s YaGirlFREE Il y a mois
star jayla turner
star jayla turner Il y a mois
In one day
star jayla turner
star jayla turner Il y a mois
Im fone with season 2
star jayla turner
star jayla turner Il y a mois
When is season 3
B Holiday
B Holiday Il y a mois
Um netflix what you need to do is start making 2 season for every show every year cuz now we gotta wait next year for season 3? why not do season 3 now so it can release in the fall? it would be nice to make season 2 in the spring and season 3 in the fall
Why? not
Why? not Il y a mois
Bitches be bonkers
And i’m already done with season 2. When’s season 3 coming out? 🤣😍
La-Princia Tube
La-Princia Tube Il y a mois
Plot twist Olivia / her parents where the one that kidnapped them
Clara Democratz
Clara Democratz Il y a mois
Cesar: Pengest Monse: Prettiest Ruby: Cutest Jamal: Funniest Jasmin: Sassiest Who agrees? 😂
The David Beckham Statue Prank