ODESZA - In Return (Full Album)

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This is the Second Full-Length Studio Album by the Outstanding duo, ODESZA
Music Featured:
0:00 - Always This Late
2:41 - Say My Name (Feat. Zyra)
7:07 - Bloom
10:22 - All We Need (Feat. Shy Girls)
13:52 - Sundara
16:08 - White Lies (Feat. Jenni Potts)
20:45 - Kusanagi
24:12 - Echoes (Feat. Py)
28:36 - Its Only (Feat. Zyra)
33:04 - Koto
36:18 - Memories That You Call (Feat. Monsoonsiren)
40:24 - Sun Models (Feat. Madelyn Grant)
43:06 - For Us (Feat. Briana Marela)
I do not own any of the audio from this video, so all credit to the duo, ODESZA. If ODESZA or the record label has an issue with any of the videos I uploaded that contains their audio, please let me know and contact me through my email:
* I don't make a profit with their music
* Hope you appreciate this masterpiece and have a wonderful rest of the year :3




5 janv. 2019




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Commentaires 43
Chad Smallwood
Chad Smallwood Il y a 6 jours
makes me mentally break life apart and appreciate how music realeases my tears good or bad i can realease
eugene collins
eugene collins Il y a 8 jours
if u ever been to Fayetteville NC this sound is the opposite of the vibe that places gives
Aaron Schwarz
Aaron Schwarz Il y a 17 jours
Nite awake, I'm wide awake enjoying these dope beats //
Artem Nechyporov
Artem Nechyporov Il y a 26 jours
absolutely great music!!!
Alessandra Lauria - The Pasta Queen
This album has kept me company during working hours for the past two months. I can't wait to hear when I can dance while watching you playing LIVE!
TheSimplyCronic Il y a mois
What song is at 25 min?
Garrett Anderson
Garrett Anderson Il y a mois
Odesza has my soul
Param Singh
Param Singh Il y a mois
Oh Odesza, I wanna thank you a hundred times for producing this masterpiece. All tracks are so unique. It's only, Koto, Say my name, have been on loop since 2015. ❤️
Maxwell Lakin
Maxwell Lakin Il y a mois
The marvelous cabbage subcellularly grin because foundation hepatosplenomegaly nest following a squalid thumb. sad, deafening hardboard
Marco Jaime Jardina
Odesza thumps up
Fan of Leafnation
Fan of Leafnation Il y a mois
good: Always this late Say my name Its only Sun models average: All we need Echoes for us Memories that you call White lies koto bad: Bloom Sundara kusanagi
Username06_ Il y a mois
good: Always this late Say my name Its only Sun models All we need Echoes for us Memories that you call White lies koto Bloom Sundara kusanagi :)
Maxwell Lakin
Maxwell Lakin Il y a 2 mois
The icky authority ultrasonographically guess because japanese oceanographically remain unto a possible red. irritating, utter revolve
Tay Tay Ippo
Tay Tay Ippo Il y a 2 mois
Free Penny protest! She is being held in Fort Collins Co i swore my oath as a father! Help me keep my word as a Knight Of Malta!
Tay Tay Ippo
Tay Tay Ippo Il y a 4 mois
Free Penny protest,,,,
Michael McHaney
Michael McHaney Il y a 4 mois
Listened to this one a lot when I was living on the Baja full time, was a great backdrop for the sweeping open spaces and tropical deserts.
Y K Il y a 5 mois
"Thank god I'm not into weed anymore or else I would be literally worshiping Odesza."
Stan Crass
Stan Crass Il y a 8 mois
Out of this World
Anthony Doloiras
Anthony Doloiras Il y a 9 mois
Sam Kolder brought me here 🙌🏻
Melissa Curo
Melissa Curo Il y a 11 mois
mi favorite album ever!!
warma inti
warma inti Il y a 11 mois
Tommy Longpré
Tommy Longpré Il y a 11 mois
Still the best album for running or studying evaaaaaaaaaa
Łukasz S.kyWalker
username Il y a an
easily my favorite album. so far...
Courageous Tom
Courageous Tom Il y a an
7:01 You’re welcome 😉
alexis montoya
alexis montoya Il y a an
such positives every time I hear their music. always lifts me right up and perfect melody for studying. im just waiting for them to go on tour!
Vjeran Janeš
Vjeran Janeš Il y a an
that d20 lured me in
Ikhwan Akmal
Ikhwan Akmal Il y a an
pengen coli euy
Asia HeartMan
Asia HeartMan Il y a an
studying with this music under is fantastic.
Dunit Beats
Dunit Beats Il y a an
This is the best vlog music
Vini C
Vini C Il y a an
19:14 literally worst song I've heard in my life. That voice is aids.
Mal W
Mal W Il y a 11 mois
To each their own, I suppose.
Silent Rice
Silent Rice Il y a an
Well, that's a harsh way of putting it.
flawofgods Il y a an
More ads than tv lol fail
M. Rees
M. Rees Il y a an
FRvid red is worth it
Barnabás Bartha
Laughs in adblock
Stereo & Supply
Stereo & Supply Il y a an
hey good vibe tribe how do i pronounce this Odesza name?? great deal of refreshing music.
Davi Ridho
Davi Ridho Il y a 11 jours
Austin Simard
Austin Simard Il y a 23 jours
I always said "odd-ih-zuh" and I find it so hard to change the pronunciation now lol
mattaroni cheese
mattaroni cheese Il y a 3 mois
Philip Christian Gootos
@Zach Definitely Pronounce Oh-dez-uh, I feel like the OP definitely wants us to argue about this lol
Stereo & Supply
Stereo & Supply Il y a an
thank u Zac, u saved the day...
Liezl G
Liezl G Il y a an
Seriously considering naming my future daughter Odesza lol
TheExtraleague Il y a mois
Did you do it ? :)
Deborah Mahon
Deborah Mahon Il y a 2 mois
Michaela Malinovská
Michaela Malinovská Il y a 4 mois
Tasha L.M
Tasha L.M Il y a 5 mois
I named my Pearl Gourami Odesza. She was so beautiful
agus chiribao
agus chiribao Il y a 7 mois
john steinbrenner
zyra + odesza = Eargasm's. N joi and thank you for posting. Seen them live twice and no show is better than the first! :P You guys rawk!!!!!
Wambui Muguku
Wambui Muguku Il y a an
Thank you for uploading this album. Greatly appreciated.
monivideosable Il y a an
I'm getting throught tough times, and odesza is helping to cope with this. Love to you all. Have a great life.
Tha DiZZo
Tha DiZZo Il y a an
I hope you've found peace. Happy New Year :)
Beazin Il y a an
It's Only is dank af
Dercio Hassane
Dercio Hassane Il y a an
Their sound is really refreshing!! Thanks man.
jacques du toit
jacques du toit Il y a an
WOW! love it! it just gets better and better.
Greg Woodhead
Greg Woodhead Il y a an
Thanks for putting this up - much love from Idaho.
Cameron Fry
Cameron Fry Il y a an
Dab Goldstein
Dab Goldstein Il y a 2 ans
Makayla Snyder
Makayla Snyder Il y a 2 ans
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