Odesza A Moment Apart Finale - 7/27/19 @ LA Historic Park [GoPro 1080p]

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I can't believe the end of an era is over. This was by far their most amazing show I've ever seen live (3 times now) and I'm glad I was able to capture their last finale all on my GoPro.
I hope with this video y'all can enjoy A Moment Apart forever.
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01. ODESZA - A Moment Apart (Live) | 2:00
02. ODESZA - Loyal (ID Remix) (Live) | 3:20
03. ODESZA - My Friends Never Die | 6:50
04. ODESZA - I Want You w/ ODESZA ft. Jenni Potts - White Lies (VIP) | 8:31
05. ODESZA ft. Shy Girls - All We Need (VIP) | 10:06
06. ODESZA ft. Zyra - Say My Name (Live) | 13:50
07. ODESZA ft. Zyra - Say My Name (ID Remix) | 15:05
08. Beat Connection - Saola (ODESZA Remix) | 16:58
09. Little Eva - The Locomotion (ODESZA Remix) | 19:46
10. ODESZA - Late Night (Live) | 22:05
11. Pretty Lights - One Day They'll Know (ODESZA Remix) (Live) | 25:32
12. ODESZA - Boy (Live) | 27:54
13. ODESZA ft. Naomi Wild - Higher Ground (Reprise) | 30:55
14. ODESZA ft. The Chamanas - Everything At Your Feet (Live) | 35:24
15. ODESZA - La Ciudad (Live) | 38:42
16. ODESZA ft. Kelsey Bulkin - Divide | 41:12
17. ODESZA ft. WYNNE & Mansionair - Line Of Sight (Live) | 44:06
18. ODESZA - Meridian | 48:02
19. ODESZA - Koto (VIP) | 50:52
20. ODESZA ft. Monsoonsiren - Memories That You Call (ODESZA & Golden Features VIP Remix) (Live) w/ ODESZA - Koto (VIP) | 54:00
21. ODESZA - IPlayYouListen (2019 VIP Remix) | 57:04
22. ODESZA - How Did I Get Here (VIP) | 1:00:46
23. ODESZA ft. Leon Bridges - Across The Room (Live) | 1:05:32
24. ODESZA - Bloom (Live) | 1:09:05
25. ODESZA - Bloom (2019 Live Edit) | 1:11:07
26. ODESZA - Don’t Stop (Live) | 1:12:11
27. ODESZA ft. Sasha Sloan - Falls (Live) | 1:14:38
28. ODESZA ft. Sasha Sloan - Falls w/ ODESZA ft. Leon Bridges - Across The Room | 1:17:25
29. Hayden James - Something About You (ODESZA Remix) (Live) | 1:19:21
30. ODESZA ft. Madelyn Grant - Sun Models (VIP) | 1:23:37
31. ODESZA ft. RY X - Corners Of The Earth (Live) | 1:28:49
32. ODESZA - Kusanagi (Live) | 1:32:47
33. ODESZA ft. Zyra - It's Only (VIP) (Live) | 1:35:41



29 juil. 2019




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Commentaires 100
TadhgMan7 TM
TadhgMan7 TM Il y a 27 jours
February 2021, and im still here baby
nostalgia ultra
nostalgia ultra Il y a mois
the white lies / i want you mashup 😍 anyone know if this is on SoundCloud ?
Egg Il y a 2 mois
Credit where credits due to both Odesza and the techies for doing all the lighting like bloody hell that was brilliant
Jake Fabyanski
Jake Fabyanski Il y a 2 mois
I need the sound at 1:28 on repeat forever...
Neyagrl Il y a 2 mois
Literally the best show ever!
mr oconnell
mr oconnell Il y a 3 mois
This is the first American band worth listening to. Oh and the national x
Justin Spiller
Justin Spiller Il y a 4 mois
Only recently discovered Odesza in the last few months and have fallen in love with them (Thanks to forza horizon 4) but my god I am glad I found this filming. Just wish I’d have had the chance to see them live. I hope they come to Europe or even better the UK once things clear up in the future.
Neyagrl Il y a 4 mois
Omg, you recorded the entire show?! I was there! This was the greatest concert of my life. This is awesome!
Ella McDonald
Ella McDonald Il y a 4 mois
Every song is a hit! Awesome upload 😊
B Il y a 5 mois
I wish the sound was better so I can get all pumped up at the gym :(
s Il y a 5 mois
does anyone know where i can find the IPlayYouListen (2019 VIP Remix) to download?
Román Kr
Román Kr Il y a 5 mois
Was this their last show???
Dan2584 Il y a 21 jour
You think they are going to make another album (just Odesza)? With COVID rules I wonder when the next time people will be able to go to a show like this again. These guys are freakin amazing
Scot Breithaupt
Scot Breithaupt Il y a 3 mois
This was! For the Moment Apart album, they'll be back with Bronson one day
Wolphix 23
Wolphix 23 Il y a 5 mois
2:00 forza horizon 4
Donovan McKenzie
Donovan McKenzie Il y a 6 mois
54:32 I blacked out
Jared Nahulu
Jared Nahulu Il y a 6 mois
I cry at the beauty of this concert every time
dhairya shah
dhairya shah Il y a 7 mois
Thank you for recording this!!! Thanks man🙌🙌🙌
riacardi7011 Il y a 7 mois
favorite part is "omg their still playing"
Marian Lags
Marian Lags Il y a 7 mois
You are my inspiration Odesza. I will conquer the triumps just to see you on live lol. I will be in all festival after this rona shit. Love from the Philippines
ATM Il y a 7 mois
you r amazing victor...u did amazing!!!!!!!!!!
Dhalton Huber
Dhalton Huber Il y a 7 mois
Everyone wear your god damn masks. I want to go to shit like this again. PLEASE
j7db Il y a 8 mois
Holy shit, that just made my night!
Hunter Stephens
Hunter Stephens Il y a 8 mois
The horns in A Moment Apart give me chills EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Greatest performance ever.
The Blue Fox
The Blue Fox Il y a 9 mois
This is the one time that I wish everyone was quiet. It would be straight chills.
Brandon Paisley
Brandon Paisley Il y a 9 mois
The Bellingham boys babyyy
Lucas Dunne
Lucas Dunne Il y a 9 mois
great video!!!! Saving me during quarantine #thankyou #grateful
Dayana Martinez
Dayana Martinez Il y a 9 mois
If Only always takes me out!
James M
James M Il y a 9 mois
Deepa N
Deepa N Il y a 9 mois
27:01-27:16 Awestruck!
Fajar Sasono
Fajar Sasono Il y a 10 mois
The closing was epic😍🌌
MrDarthbader Il y a 10 mois
I've heard saying something is impossible is wrong, but watching odesza live is impossible to not get the chills
Zoe M
Zoe M Il y a 10 mois
I will never forgive myself for missing this tour
Scot Breithaupt
Scot Breithaupt Il y a 10 mois
This is still one of my favorite videos! I was lucky to be at the event and it was straight magic, thanks for helping record this memory forever @vidsbyvictor
Yogie Anwar
Yogie Anwar Il y a 10 mois
The last horn part of Saola 🥺
JoaoT805 Il y a 10 mois
This hits hard during the current quarantine/social distancing. Absolutely EPIC!
Bree Young
Bree Young Il y a 10 mois
Me and my friend panned a two day trip from Canada to see them for the first time ever for the finale and I have never felt so at peace and cried so many happy tears in my life, I’m still in shock some days that we really saw them. Saved me from a lot of shit✨
Christian Il y a 11 mois
who's watchin dis during quarantine?
TadhgMan7 TM
TadhgMan7 TM Il y a 27 jours
February 2021, and im still here baby
AmyHewett Il y a 7 mois
@Saxons Now Redux so many people! But it was amazing! We walked the whole area; spending most of the time near the beer garden. There really wasn't a bad spot (except right behind a couple trees).
Saxons Now Redux
Saxons Now Redux Il y a 7 mois
@Amy Hewett Lucky enough as well...but damn man. Wish they didnt sell so many tickets the crowd goes all the way to the entrance....lmao
Heather Modoki
Heather Modoki Il y a 8 mois
Glad to know that this was my last concert to attend before the quarantine and nursing school life. Unforgettable night.
Henry1981 Il y a 9 mois
Christian Guerrero me
Takeout Masaki
Takeout Masaki Il y a 11 mois
After going to this I know for future to maybe record a minute or two becuase I know it won’t do Odesza justice in the slightest
Paris Otremba
Paris Otremba Il y a 11 mois
needed this tonight. I was there front row. this is everything.
VidsByVictor Il y a 11 mois
Paris Otremba glad I could be of service 🙏🏼
Luke Sharrett
Luke Sharrett Il y a an
Imagine being the kind of person who buys a ticket to an Odesza performance and then stands in the back talking incessantly for the entire show. C'mon folks...
dana Il y a an
I swear , no one can raise to their level.
Ben Corwin
Ben Corwin Il y a an
Alex Lee
Alex Lee Il y a an
Baref0ot Il y a an
This is where Forza Horizon 4 got the beat from!!!
AL K Il y a an
Still my all time favourite ending to any concert ever!!
Thomas Weinreich
I'm more into dark techno and house, but ODESZA is unquestionably a beautiful musical and visual experience.
Рики fox
Рики fox Il y a an
Please visit Russia
Roxy Zhang
Roxy Zhang Il y a an
That ending gets me. Every single time.
Alex Chinchilla
Alex Chinchilla Il y a an
jesus Christ if they come to dallas some day, im going, it looks like put on a hell of a show!
Adam Lucas
Adam Lucas Il y a an
Is avoiding copyright issues difficult with the style of videos you put up? I saw you attributed some of the songs but do some of your videos get taken down over time? I'm sure attributing each one would be a nightmare.
Adam Lucas
Adam Lucas Il y a an
VidsByVictor Makes sense...sort of, just a shame that’s how copyright law is written, but I get it I guess
VidsByVictor Il y a an
Adam Lucas bc the artists are the ones making the music so all the ad revenue goes to them and the labels. Even tho I shot it I'm still using their music so it's a win-win for them. Zero win for me lol
Adam Lucas
Adam Lucas Il y a an
@VidsByVictor Damn thats tragic, appreciate all the work man, why no ad revenue is it because of the copyright strikes?
VidsByVictor Il y a an
Adam Lucas I've actually had over 10 videos get shut down on my channel which is a bummer. Have gotten two strikes and one more will ban my channel. Also attributing does nothing to copyright. Labels will just shut you down without any warning. The worst part is I get zero ad revenue from any of my vids so it's just a labor of love for me. It is what it is tho
Ben Menkal
Ben Menkal Il y a an
I was there for this show! Best concert of my life ❤️ Odesza is forever ⬡
Grayson Hammond
Grayson Hammond Il y a an
Masuth 666
Masuth 666 Il y a an
odesza have the best live performance by far 💕💕💕
aarnav dasari
aarnav dasari Il y a an
wHo Is HeRe iN 2o2o? I am, I want to start this year with this.
Emma T
Emma T Il y a an
THANK YOU SO MUCH for this!!!
Christian Lucas
Christian Lucas Il y a an
Fucking smashed that shit they played everything too I love it. SOALA!!!
Vegsi Il y a an
WOOOOO girls are so strange
Mahdhi Jamal
Mahdhi Jamal Il y a an
They took down Gessaf one :(
Apu889 Il y a an
that horn solo on SAOLA T_T T_T
isiah veneracion
was expecting show me to play :/ although the overall live was good
EZ Il y a an
Odesza live is absolutely incredible.
Anabelle Marquis
Amazing show thank you for sharing
Time and Illusion
Saw them at bisco for the first time it was magical
Tim Il y a an
It´s quite cool to hear something new, I can sing the whole goddamn main set ;p
Suke Lywalker
Suke Lywalker Il y a an
Thank you
duCK Il y a an
How come they skipped a moment apart? da fuck
Semut Api
Semut Api Il y a an
Fuck apple.
vasilamusic Il y a an
This is a prime example of a beautiful music experience. I felt like I was there by just watching this video. UNREAL
SnowPenny Il y a an
This was such a good show. I wish the guy next to you would shut the fuck up and enjoy what was going on before him. I traveled from Florida to see this show and had a blast. Thanks for the upload. This was such a good show to end the tour.
Courtney Kendall
I have a spiritual connection with the nodding puppy during Saola
rcbaylor Il y a an
i want to go back so bad! :( so happy i went to the finale, amazing show.
Matilda Donovan
Matilda Donovan Il y a an
Boy is my all time favorite.
Nathaniel Rivas
Nathaniel Rivas Il y a an
Was there... I live down the street was awesome
Hafsah Mijinyawa
thank you so so so so much for capturing this dude. i saw them at Electric Forest and it seriously changed my damn life. they’re incredible. they are THE live performance to see, period IMO. Can’t wait for whatever they cook up next.
. Il y a an
This is what should be played at the Superbowl halftime show. Every year.
Ry Len
Ry Len Il y a 3 mois
Loyal should be a walk out song for a team
Robert Nefzer
Robert Nefzer Il y a 5 mois
They don’t deserve this great music, All the people that go to the bowl are Dems and billion bitcoiner douches. They wouldn’t even know what would be happening if they were watching it
Allnatural 1
Allnatural 1 Il y a 5 mois
Santiago Villa
Santiago Villa Il y a 8 mois
jacob_lbb ? Yes
Thomma Il y a 9 mois
jacob_lbb ? Yes
Ry Len
Ry Len Il y a an
Yoo we need that Say My Name version dropped now!!
qvbe Il y a an
Can the audience next time please shut the fuck up its fucking annoying. If you want to talk don’t go to a fucking concert
Cam Jones
Cam Jones Il y a an
Higher Ground is so beautiful.. so much emotion
Luca Pallini
Luca Pallini Il y a an
OMG thaank you so much for the upload, I saw them live in Berlin in the 1st row but couldnt make it to the Finale tour, Thank you so much
Truth Be Told
Truth Be Told Il y a an
Keenagans MSK
Keenagans MSK Il y a an
Forza horizon 4!!!!
Zabelle Caillot
Zabelle Caillot Il y a an
Odesza are soooo good at mixing… great music….pure joy….I'm a fan !
First name Last name
That iPlayYouListen edit though...
Drake Myers
Drake Myers Il y a an
1:09:53 is where I died and went to heaven
swashim Il y a an
Victor- you said this was the most amazing show, what was better about this one than their previous ones? Just curious, thanks.
First name Last name
I need all this live mixes on an ALBUM PLEAAASE. Fucking INSANE. iPlayYouListen
Nono Il y a an
Where is the Forza Horizon guy?
Aqquinox Il y a an
The "OMG" at 10:50 is the word you say before you pass out because the beat is too good
Will Treck
Will Treck Il y a an
How cool!! I wish so bad I could attend one of their events!! ❤️❤️❤️
tomdizzo Il y a an
57:04 this vip mix omg.
SIickTurtIe Il y a an
Koto into Memories ViP edit at the 54:00 mark. Creamed into my 3rd pair of underwear 💦💦🙃🙃
Wander Almeida
Wander Almeida Il y a an
Historic. Epic. Big thanks for sharing. I love Odesza. Regards from Brazil.
Stephanie H.
Stephanie H. Il y a an
I was at the first show of this tour at Bumbershoot, and then again some months later. It’s amazing to see how it’s evolved!
John Y
John Y Il y a an
so good
daniel_coo Il y a an
wait they quit?
Syracuse FTW
Syracuse FTW Il y a an
They're retiring the A Moment Apart tour and taking a break to work on a new album.
AL K Il y a an
@1:38:30 wow! That last minute and a half !
Anthony Il y a an
I remember around 2015/16 seeing them in a tiny theater in New York , this would have been amazing to see
Frankdizzle Il y a an
This is a great video. But them Bitches who keep talkin the whole concert need to SHUT THE FUCK UP! It's a Concert NOT Starbucks!!! Fuckin Wankers
Sun. Il y a an
An external mic would be amazing~
JDimitrius433 Il y a an
wow Don't Stop is magical
Camden Il y a an
nooooooo they didnt play thin floors and tall ceilings. i know its not a hype song but man is it beautiful. i want to see it live.
Natasha Marie
Natasha Marie Il y a an
Loyal was my acrobatic gymnastics 🤸‍♀️ routine I loved it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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