Northrop Grumman Antares and Cygnus Launch to the International Space Station

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Watch a cargo spacecraft lift off from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia on a resupply mission to the International Space Station! 🚀
On Sat., Feb. 15 at 3:21 p.m. EST, Northrop Grumman's 13th commercial resupply services mission launched on a resupply mission to the station. A previous launch attempt on Feb. 9 was scrubbed after off-nominal readings from a ground support sensor. The Cygnus cargo spacecraft, loaded with approximately 7,500 pounds of research, supplies and hardware, lifted off atop an Antares rocket from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport. This Cygnus spacecraft is named the S.S. Robert H. Lawrence in honor of the first African American to be selected as an astronaut.




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Tik Tok fun
Tik Tok fun Il y a 20 jours
Hello NASA
Y. Science
Y. Science Il y a 24 jours
Upcoming Isro
Özlem kara
Özlem kara Il y a 28 jours
Şu nasada çöpçü olmaya bile razıyım
Fabio Mangia
Fabio Mangia Il y a 29 jours
Ciao buonasera a tutti, grazie del video che mi e stato inviato e,che guarderò,grazie😀😀🙂👍👍
m electronic
m electronic Il y a mois
What is iron thuster
Malcolm Granger
Malcolm Granger Il y a mois
Nasa: Lets not put a camera on rocket
shafiq khan
shafiq khan Il y a mois
nasa put your attention and mind in the black hole, you will get the answer of many questions about which no human knows
2078 Memes
2078 Memes Il y a mois
can some one say what inside of that thing is that the rover tho ?
Joseph H
Joseph H Il y a 19 jours
supplies for the international space station
Vanmo 85
Vanmo 85 Il y a mois
И куда она полетела, горизонтально над землёй?
dootdootoo shahhh
dootdootoo shahhh Il y a mois
Lol wow
FixStar Number 1
FixStar Number 1 Il y a mois
GREAT JOB !!!!👍😂😎❤
Como vim para aqui hahaha
Jürgen Kops
Jürgen Kops Il y a mois
Boring. Are you still using the equipment you used for the Apollo missons ?
Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards Il y a mois
SpaceX is this century with cameras on the rocket....come on NASA
Calango br*
Calango br* Il y a mois
Chris Dorfmueller
Chris Dorfmueller Il y a mois
"Nominal" What a word.
Austin Wesly Owen
Austin Wesly Owen Il y a mois
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Austin Wesly Owen
Austin Wesly Owen Il y a mois
To The White People : The Golden Rule So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets. Matthew 7:12 And More And More And More .................... And ................................ More .............................................................................. More
E-SNSM Il y a mois
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Dennis S
Dennis S Il y a mois
This seems so amateurish, nominal nominal nominal.Miss the apollo days and the mission controllers back then
VIIH FF GAMER Il y a mois
Mr.a scratch
Mr.a scratch Il y a mois
new support here my friend hope you can support me back
doug ohboy
doug ohboy Il y a mois
Brodan Schuter
Brodan Schuter Il y a mois
T minus moonshot baby!
Gryzzli Bear
Gryzzli Bear Il y a mois
“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation.” -Herbert Spencer
Gryzzli Bear
Gryzzli Bear Il y a mois
Not a space agency is phenomenally deceptive.
TheCalifornian Il y a mois
Its a resupply mission and somebody is laughing and another is wearing a funny hat. Fire those jokers.
Натали Краснянская
Скоро будет работа в приоритете как чистка атмосферы от мусора.
Maas D
Maas D Il y a mois
The Earth is flat and not spherical. (Why does the Pentagon make planes and spy if it has satellites, and why is GOOGLE has planes ?? !!)
Maas D
Maas D Il y a mois
الارض مسطحة وليست كروية (لماذا لا تعترف ناسا) ؟
Takahiro Moriuchi
Takahiro Moriuchi Il y a mois
oh god it's flying
Sir. Joshua Ra'Ne. Doebler
1/1/2018... @scoldsore On Twitter Current Location : Miami, FL - Earth
Demirhan Ataş
Demirhan Ataş Il y a mois
hello my name is Demirhan. I am from TURKEY. I love you saturn. I love you NASA
juan garcia
juan garcia Il y a mois
Vamous a checker check 397
juan garcia
juan garcia Il y a mois
Vamous checkers 37
juan garcia
juan garcia Il y a mois
A combined
juan garcia
juan garcia Il y a mois
juan garcia
juan garcia Il y a mois
juan garcia
juan garcia Il y a mois
Let's make a plan
juan garcia
juan garcia Il y a mois
They are sending more things out there then what they are telling us
Qqq Qqq
Qqq Qqq Il y a mois
NASA, you are a beautiful organization, and I love space, astronomy, and science. I hope to be like the Jordanian girl that you have. I love to travel the space. Thank you 🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴
Jack Il y a mois
Launch is at: 36:55 You're welcome.
Ivan Il y a mois
I know theres cameras on the rocket so why not show that view?? Nasa is sketchy
Samiksha Borkar
Samiksha Borkar Il y a mois
Gg p tc pop
Steven Garcia
Steven Garcia Il y a mois
Good job nasa
Meskiaggaser Il y a mois
to show after the important flight?
Močnik Royale
Močnik Royale Il y a mois
Can we get some NOMINAL in chat boys
Cris Ivan Vlogs and Reviews
One Day I Will Work Here😁 My Dream Job To Work At NASA My Only Life Aah That Would Be The Day If I Work Here😍😍😍
Phil Hunter
Phil Hunter Il y a mois
Rambinod Ghimire
Rambinod Ghimire Il y a mois
any time dilation anyone feel in it?
Captain Nautical
Captain Nautical Il y a mois
ايمت هاي الرحلة جديدة الا قديمه
who me
who me Il y a mois
Space station....hahaha! That's what 59 million tax dollars per day gets us, comedy!
fixpacifica Il y a mois
These probes need to be directed towards Uranus.
Anda White
Anda White Il y a mois
After my passing I request a burial of my body and soul, on Mars. With the pathogen of earth life by my side. Courage and honor. Signed, Randall White
innocent Peace
innocent Peace Il y a mois
**Why are they doing this again??? They did this on 11/2/19!!!****
Richard 1
Richard 1 Il y a mois
The solar panels failed to deploy properly on his hat.
Justin Fleagle
Justin Fleagle Il y a mois
After watching SpaceX so much, this is so underwhelming.
Daniel E Eis
Daniel E Eis Il y a mois
Frank- Zwei-Punkt-Null
please ride to mars
Paul JM
Paul JM Il y a mois
Attitude is so Nominal. I can dig that!
bird up
bird up Il y a mois
Launch @ 36:58
Bruno Smith
Bruno Smith Il y a mois
Did they manage to land the booster successfully?
Cornerback3141 Il y a mois
@Bruno Smith I figured it might be. It is about time we started consistently reusing at least part of the rocket.
Bruno Smith
Bruno Smith Il y a mois
@Cornerback3141 ;) - I know... my comment was cynical. Here we are - four and a half years after a Falcon 9 was landed, and other launcers have yet to get there...
Cornerback3141 Il y a mois
The Antares rocket doesn't land (only the falcon 9 does currently), so it crashed into the ocean.
hawk7825 Il y a mois
Did the booster return? Read more NO, about 40 million wasted.
Brahm Dempers
Brahm Dempers Il y a mois
Wow ,how boring was that! 30mins watching a rocket sitting on a launchpad. Then looking at a computer model!
David Engle
David Engle Il y a mois
Time to get guns out there I still like living. talk to Hondo and get the Ball rolling I mean keep the Ball rolling.
Lucia Burgos 7u7
Lucia Burgos 7u7 Il y a mois
Nasa They have to think about making a ship to save us from any danger and go to another planet
Forest River
Forest River Il y a mois
she called this thing a vehicle, yeah this definitely not real (I knew that flame looked a little funny).
Rahul Sandireddy
Rahul Sandireddy Il y a mois
Can you vist Mumbai IIT
Rahul Sandireddy
Rahul Sandireddy Il y a mois
Can't you use nuclear power source as fuel in the rocket and good oxidiser I am waiting for NASA to find planet like earth in this univers
stormselah Il y a mois
well - they ain't spaceX
Don Gallagher
Don Gallagher Il y a mois
Check out the subtext at 48:40
chaika Hrytsenko
chaika Hrytsenko Il y a mois
Айййй, красиво пошла!!!! Молодцы, американцы. А в ЦУПе , смотрю, в основном молодёжь и вся такая на расслабоне, без понтов. А 300 англоязычных комментаторов под видео даже НЕ подозревают, как этот ролик рвёт рассейцев на "русской вИсне" ))
гриха захлебенский
слава украине
Metal Gear
Metal Gear Il y a mois
Volcanism is driving the Solar Eruptions found on the Sun. That’s why you found beneath the exterior layer of Atmosphere ( not the actual surface ) of the Sun, the Corona, temperatures drastically higher than below. The Sun is a Solid body Planet covered in Volcanism w/ Lava spit outward breaching & igniting the flammable Atmosphere millions of miles above. Which is Jupiter exhibits zero Ejections of Mass yet is HOT when Jupiter should be COLD due to VOLCANISM. Which is why our Moon is covered in Craters. V O L C A N I S M
Andreas mathiassen
Andreas mathiassen Il y a mois
I would feel really safe if they were launching me into space. These guys weathered an interference on their communication, like it was nothing.
ً ‎ً ‎ً ‎ً ‎ً
i was there
Gary Watson
Gary Watson Il y a mois
The verizon thing at 47:23 was pretty funny. I can see in the comments that a few thousand other people noticed it.
C P Il y a mois
NGC has to drastically limit Countdown net access How unprofessional Constant hot mics thorughout Fire someone.
Bela limban
Bela limban Il y a mois
Omg im so scared to be an astronout
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