'None Of Us Can Be Silent': Biden Responds To Outrage Over George Floyd's Death | MSNBC

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Former Vice President Joe Biden delivered remarks as the outrage over the death of George Floyd's grows and protests and investigations continue. Aired on 05/29/2020.
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'None Of Us Can Be Silent': Biden Responds To Outrage Over George Floyd's Death | MSNBC



29 mai 2020




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Commentaires 80
thevisualedge Il y a 24 jours
"Imagine if every time your husband, or son, or wife, or daughter left the house, you feared for their safety from bad actors." Families of law enforcement officers feel that fear every day.
Mz D
Mz D Il y a 29 jours
Greetings Mr., Mrs., & To Whom It May Concern: Please look at this story in it's entirety❤💖❤. My name is... I posted this to you because I too have been a great victim in Fort Wayne Indiana. It's only by the grace of God that me and my son is alive & WE ARE STILL IN DANGER...
The Truth
The Truth Il y a mois
This isn't the 1st lynching he has witnessed. Why did this one move him? Sad attempt for minority votes. Do something to change laws? That's what people want and need
Angelo Dimarco
Angelo Dimarco Il y a mois
How can you argue with this?
G Money
G Money Il y a mois
Joe WHO? Isn’t that the dude who kisses little girls and cant complete entire sentences- “YOU AINT BLACK”!!!!!!!!
realpqleur Il y a mois
Richard Siegers
Richard Siegers Il y a mois
TO A BLACK MAN: "if you dont know who to vote for me or trump than you aint black" - Joe Biden
Rebecca Bystrom
Rebecca Bystrom Il y a mois
Joe B can talk the talk. What you don’t see..... he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Beware
1969cmp Il y a mois
The Dems support Planned Parenthood...and how many black Americans have been slaughtered in those buildings of death?
SubQuinnIG Il y a mois
Biden didn’t have great roots, but I feel as though he has turned around and is ready for the job. Please defeat Trump, the nation rests in your hands.
Da Rose 'Ohana
Da Rose 'Ohana Il y a mois
Put them in chains or if you don’t vote for me you ain’t black, mmmm no, I ain’t voting for you.
articsoldier06 Il y a mois
“I am Joe Biden, and... and.... well uh, you know the thing.”
Lilia Rivera
Lilia Rivera Il y a mois
Sorry Mr Biden...but I still like BERNIE for PRESIDENT!
efonefiddy Il y a mois
Your protesters, rioters, and looters have killed more black people than this one officer did, including a 77 year old retired police officer responding to a burglary and was left there to die. But you don't care about that, your only concern is Donald Trump walked to a church and he said this and that which you people take out of context anyway. You people are nonsense. The blood of the latest 5 people that have been killed because your lawless protesters, rioters, and looters are on your hands.
M AC Il y a mois
Biden the chickenlover
kathy beube
kathy beube Il y a mois
Thank you for your ability to see the truth and we need you as our leader.
meme12 Il y a mois
This guy is outta touch. Trump 2020. Dominate!!!!
god563616 Il y a mois
THIS WAS NOTHING BUT AN OPPORTUNITY . 30 PLUS YEARS WITH A BLACK PRESIDENT AND DID NOTHING. OBAMA DIDN'T EVEN DO ANYTHING WHEN HIS OWN CITY WAS BURNING DOWN! People will LITERALLY FALL for anything.People quickly forget LITERALLY LAST WEEK what Biden said telling blacks we ain't black. SMH Pathetic. TRUMP 2020. Trump had a meeting with Black leaders 2 weeks ago and the fake channel did not cover it, OPEN UP YOUR EYES but they are too blind to see. NO ONE WANTS TO GET BEHIND GOD BUT WANT TO GET BEHIND THEIR FEELINGS !!! People will again get a rude awakening in November
DOC Il y a mois
JOE-----It's fairly easy when you read from a teleprompter isn't it..... Sooooo funny---keep reading---keep reading and you'll probably mess it up to. LOL--PLUS---YOU DID NOT RIGHT THIS SPEECH.......
Dulo Nedhi
Dulo Nedhi Il y a mois
I have great respect for the whole American citizens. They all stand together against law breaker and inhuman police men, regardless of racial differences. May God bless you. However, I want to advice you not to destroy your property because of your anger. It is yours and even the whole world property, because you are giving so many of your money to the world . God bless you.
Tory Dean Schwenk
Tory Dean Schwenk Il y a mois
#Republicans for Biden
Pine Barron Dude
Pine Barron Dude Il y a mois
The SAME people that tried to overturn 64 Million votes last year are the SAME Left Wing terrorists that promote rioting and looting. TRUMP 2020🇺🇸
Sam W.
Sam W. Il y a mois
Other than Obama (who is half-black), do you, Joe Biden, HAVE black friends, sons and daughters in law, etc.? Do you really welcome other races into your home? From what I know, your children only have white friends. So please STOP. STOP pretending to care and be an empathic human. If you truly, deeply cared in your heart, your family would have black people in it every day. You not only would have black friends, but you would have Asian, Hispanic, Indian, and other ETHNIC friends. SO STOP. You are not for racial equality. You are using race as a platform to win the election, so STOP IT. It's sickening
Believing all women is a Right-wing conspiracy? People with TDS do not care about the truth.
jay berlin
jay berlin Il y a mois
Eric Davis
Eric Davis Il y a mois
"The very soul of America is at stake. All afre created equal, not only at creation but throughout their lives."
Michael powells
Michael powells Il y a mois
No disrespect but you can't end what people have been taught since there has been people . It has to be taught from conception nurtured by the structures around them given giving a solid ground to grow on and not be hinder by the laws or the bigotry of those who do not want peace but reigns over others in chaos & domination as long as Caligula is in the White House there will be terror
Carrie Liebergen
Carrie Liebergen Il y a mois
its amazing to hear someone who speaks in acutal setences and froms acutal statements
Simon Peter
Simon Peter Il y a mois
I like this guy...true leader
Nasser Said
Nasser Said Il y a mois
All lives matter. All men and women are created equal - Shame on the Police!
Chekhov Il y a mois
Spoken like a true president. I'm with you Joe.
Popcorn Il y a mois
Greg Moyer
Greg Moyer Il y a mois
I was raised that there is only one race, the human race and only one type of man , the human. I am very thankful that my father’s values were that all people are created equal and we have no choice to who created us but we do have a choice to how we treat others.
Marta Twardowska
Marta Twardowska Il y a mois
Yes, R.I.P George Floyd would be Biden´s VP. It is irreversible loss for democrats
LRRPEXILE Il y a mois
Sleepy Joe, won't even remember this within 2 hours after.
Jim AItruist
Jim AItruist Il y a mois
LRRPEXILE hes wearing adult diapers to.
Ignacio Hawthorne
Ignacio Hawthorne Il y a mois
God I miss having a compassionate person in office. Thank you Joe✊🏾
Justise Lasley
Justise Lasley Il y a mois
Been in office for 42 years.... lecturing us about the evils of the establishment.... you GOTTA believe him, he is the definition of establishment, if he says they're racist and broken and wrong, I stand with Joe.
Teddi A
Teddi A Il y a mois
Interim President Cuomo! Take Trump out NOW! Dont wait for election. Interim President Cuomo! Then have formal elction later. We need a REAL LEADER NOW!!! Cuomo!!!
Mark Swaggerty
Mark Swaggerty Il y a mois
Fools follow fools, stop arguing.
TheSaturnV Il y a mois
I'm Joe "You ain't black" Biden, and I forgot this message.
G Money
G Money Il y a mois
TheSaturnV HILLARIOUS!!!!!!
hollow point bullet
I miss obama for real dont care what everybody said.
Fruitloop Il y a mois
Rapture is coming god will punish you
Ines Prince
Ines Prince Il y a mois
Lying colluding puppets collapsing all your rights. Stealing everyone's bonds of equity. It is all dependent on the cestui que vie trust strawman NAME in CAPITALS birth certificate FRAUD.
Bruce Hamm
Bruce Hamm Il y a mois
Racism needs to be turned into a crime punishable with prison time it's America home of the free home of the brave not land of the free home of the white
h5y Il y a mois
As a white Democrat we need the pandemic deaths and riots to go on for a long time!!! It is hurting trumps numbers! As the deaths rise, so does the democratic party!! I feel like I can speak for all the democrats, please keep rioting!
Tony Colucci
Tony Colucci Il y a mois
Biden is a moron
MOC ŻYWEGO BOGA. Andres Kwasniewski
Why he can't say anything from himself, he only reads the prepared text. Empty Papet ....
Brendan Chwascinski
We need to fight fo our lives again no fema camp for us
Brendan Chwascinski
Joe Biden is worst then hillary
lyestill Il y a mois
very hard to get behind him, because all we've ever received is , jut like the so called american indians, also of talk and not one dhamne, ounce of action, we continue to trust in those like biden, who says a change must and will come, yet 450 years has past now, how much longer, do you need to decide, if you, because we know your forefathers we're not, now you say, you are not your forefathers, yet all things remain the same, so we wont even ask when any more, we will wait and see, but we still don't want to vote for you, we cannot trust you!!!!
Rae Il y a mois
It’s time to take on these racist pigs and gang in America 🖕🏽👮🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️
Bryson Bmoney Jenkins
Im proud of JOE for this!!
the reflectional analyst
At least this guy can put 10 sentences in a row that make sense, tell a story and show some empathy. Without having to read from a piece of paper like the other clown, who showed little to no sadness and repeated the same 2 3 simple sentences phrased differently.
Jamesha Walker-Tenjinmon
sonia harrison
sonia harrison Il y a mois
Just noticed that the family is all of a sudden surroinded by activists we hsve never heard of. Slso noticed that white civil attorney from new york who has his Phd in ambulance chasing. Let me see if this family will give their case to a Black Attorney ,then I will comment further.
Blonde Gravie
Blonde Gravie Il y a mois
The words coming out of his mouth are so agreeable .. but I can’t take him seriously ... I feel like he didn’t even know what was going on..
babajohn100 Il y a mois
J Good
J Good Il y a mois
THe Democrats party is and alway will be the party of Jim Crow, KKK and an multitude of raciest. The welfare state is the modern day slavery to the State solely promoted by the Democrats. Look at the mess the Dems have caused , race baiting .
Lobokai Solki
Lobokai Solki Il y a mois
Just imagine if the DNC had ran anybody other than an old white misogynistic who spent 50 some years flip flopping and practicing nepotism as an insider politician... almost any other candidate could have had some real credibility and gravitas addressing these serious issues and could have gained real political capital. Instead we get to choose between rich angry Trump and bumbling inept Trump. Yay DNC establishment and superdelegates
babajohn100 Il y a mois
Being Silent and Hiding Is What Joe Biden Does Best...except when he needs something from us.
Mr. Giraffe
Mr. Giraffe Il y a mois
"The poor kids are just as bright and smart as the white kids. "-Joe Biden
Jim Solinas
Jim Solinas Il y a mois
This was murder. Biden you are out of touch.
Linda Waldron
Linda Waldron Il y a mois
America!! America!! When Colin Kapaernick took the knee against racial injustice, many people ostracized and criticized him. Now a white cop took a knee to an innocent black man's neck and he is dead!!! America!! Wake up!! ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL, ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL. ALL THINGS WISE AND WONDERFUL
Brilliant Nights
Brilliant Nights Il y a mois
This guy is a lowlife piece of trash I don’t know why you allow him to constantly pander to you and pretend like he’s going to help any minority he’s never done anything he’s been in politics almost 30 years name one thing he’s done for minorities absolutely nothing and he’s fixing to have a VP that didn’t prosecute cops at all during her tenure as Districk attorney she consistently turned a Blind eye to their abuse but hey go ahead and keep promoting this fool
france Il y a mois
Puppet. If you think he wrote that speech you must have never heard him ad lib before.
John Casey
John Casey Il y a mois
Armando Munoz
Armando Munoz Il y a mois
Im surprised he spoke right this time ,he tried so hard reading that poster card behind the camera lol
Koen Il y a mois
exactly HAHAHAHA
Abhi Il y a mois
moose boy
moose boy Il y a mois
This is a chance for Biden to call it what it is on trump.... This moment was tailored made for a presidential candidate to step up and just TAKE OVER THE NARRATIVE OF THE COUNTRY. And trump be damned.
Steve Xyz
Steve Xyz Il y a mois
Biden can't call it.. he has onset cognitive decline.. that's why he's being hidden in the basement
leminity splckits
leminity splckits Il y a mois
Biden fans flames.
Maureen Robinson
Maureen Robinson Il y a mois
He will not cope if he were elected President.His memory is going .He gets angry and is rude to people at rallies he speaks at. He has past problems to answer for.Will not be surprised if he is replaced before November.
R Il y a mois
“If you are on the fence in voting for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black!” - Joe Biden “Poor kids are just as smart as white kids” - Joe Biden
Tedo Haider
Tedo Haider Il y a mois
Mr. Biden why don't you call this murder what it really is. Managed murder"" to solidify the Trump Base." .
T F Il y a mois
Well said. Well past time and white people are sick of this too. At this point only a fool would deny that real reform is needed.
Sherron Mcfadden
Sherron Mcfadden Il y a mois
Please God. Let him be the real president 💯.
Sherron Mcfadden
Sherron Mcfadden Il y a mois
Alex Il y a mois
This is what Donald Trump should have been doing from the White House. I think Joe Biden will win the 2020 Election with ease. Blacks and Whites needed to hear this. Great job Mr. Biden. YOU WON MY VOTE.
toleyk Il y a mois
We know what we need. What will you do to help us get it?
The Eagle
The Eagle Il y a mois
2:32 *TREATS or TWEETS, anyone ???* 🎃🎃🎃🎃
John Vicary
John Vicary Il y a mois
You want change Repeal the anarchic right to bear arms and recruit more women and more ethnic police officers and start educating boys to get rid of the machoism that prescribes racism and violence in your society for those who aren't white The US is a very sick society
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