Nipsey Hussle’s Funeral Procession Ended In Fatal Shooting

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The rapper was laid to rest after thousands gathered for a Celebration of Life ceremony in L.A. to honor Nipsey’s legacy.
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12 avril 2019

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Commentaires 2 237
Jae LeCounte
Jae LeCounte Il y a jour
This shyt has to stop!! On the day they laid NIP to rest folks wanna shoot to kill!! SMMFH
Alan Heath
Alan Heath Il y a jour
If had no way of escaping that town would wear body armour every time left house with a registered handgun and a shotgun in car and house
Natedog Il y a 2 jours
Blacks shooting blacks, man y’all doing exactly what white people want smh
josiah walker
josiah walker Il y a 5 jours
Niggas want violence not peace y'all dumb
Mackenzie Wilson
Mackenzie Wilson Il y a 6 jours
Lies!!! They never stated who, what, when & where! The news is the devil. They keep more negative information like no other!!
Victoria Lopez
Victoria Lopez Il y a 7 jours
Smart Teas
Smart Teas Il y a 8 jours
Oooooooook then and another L.A shooting.
Guled Musa
Guled Musa Il y a 9 jours
Feeling your presence whenever you come to my mind gone but will never be forgotten rest in eternal peace forever and ever.
Mondo O
Mondo O Il y a 11 jours
People saying its just black people doing black people things or thugs being thugs. Yall are actually complicit in the bs, whether you know it or not. I think most of yall do know it and are happy to see negativity among black people or so called thugs.
mark spannar
mark spannar Il y a 13 jours
Why is anyone shocked about more black on black violence. Such savages smh
Jose Luis Rodriguez
Jose Luis Rodriguez Il y a 15 jours
y is she wearing sunglases wut is she trying to hide?....the truth ? her soul?
Anthony Okafor
Anthony Okafor Il y a 16 jours
this is fake news. there is no record of this murder with the LA TImes homicide page
Glenda Lewis
Glenda Lewis Il y a 18 jours
Pray for him
Magdalena Erazo
Magdalena Erazo Il y a 18 jours
Nipsey was my uncle
Jacob Minochi
Jacob Minochi Il y a 19 jours
0:42 why dafuq are u tellin us what kind of skin colours they had?!
mark spannar
mark spannar Il y a 13 jours
Jacob Minochi everyone knows that it’s just more black on black violence
cohen eisenrosenbergthalsteinweitzthalberger
You are taking the point out of context. She said that the authorities identified them. You are really reaching here...
mind yo fukkin business foreal
Fake smh at courtney tezeno
Shaniqua stewart
Shaniqua stewart Il y a 20 jours
Mexicans did it they not with the MOVEMENT 4life #WeAllWeGot lbc.movement 4life u see what they did to the kids in lbc.. At poly my home school smh.. it's gonna be a cold summer 💪🏾✌🏾💙💛🖤🏁😢
Kelly Benson
Kelly Benson Il y a 22 jours
Lying MUTHA FUCKA!! CBS Los Angeles recorded the whole thing! Even said somewhat"peaceful".
virginia killebrew
virginia killebrew Il y a 23 jours
Suave Citygear
Suave Citygear Il y a 25 jours
US THE TOP 1% are laughing at you sad, greedy, poor humans (Black, White, Latin, Indian) the bottom...WE OWN YOU GUYS WITH YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE, do you know why you really have one 😂??? OUR SYMBOLS ARE ALL OVER YOU LOSERS. Do you know why fire trucks are red? Why shell gas station is yellow and red? Why the “O” in Mobil gas station is red? Why the Walmart logo is a ☀️? Why bp gas station has yellow in it, besides the green and white? YOU LOSER PEOPLE MAKE US ALL 😂 VOTING FOR MULTI MILLIONAIRES TO MAKE DECISIONS FOR YOU...LOSERS. WE TAUGHT YOU GUYS RACISM THROUGH MEDIA, it never stopped 😂 WE NOW HAVE “SOCIAL MEDIA” to laugh even more in 2019 😂 I WISH MY JP MORGAN COULD SEE THIS 😂...HE IS EVEN ON THE MONOPOLY BOX 😂...YOU LOSER HUMANS NOT IN THE TOP 1% really is ONE BIG SOAP OPERA 😝..go have a monsters drink, YOU DUMMIES DONT EVEN REALIZE THE REASON FOR THE THREE SCRATCHES SUPPOSEDLy..666 in Hebrew dumb dumbs. WE ARE ALL OVER, SATAN IS YOUR NEW GOD...WE TOOK THE RAINBOW 🌈, a religious symbol and you know what is stands for now 😂...THE SAME WAY YOU GUYS DONT SAY “God bless you”...WE EDUCATE AND CAN SPIN ANYTHING AROUND WITH MONEY..THE MORE YOU GUYS KILL AND ARGUE OVER WHO IS THE BEST RACE, WE LAUGH ALL THE TIME LOSERS 😂 MY STOCK GOES UP EVERY TIME ONE OF YOU GUYS KILL EACH OTHER...INSURANCE LOSERS. HUMANS AT THE BOTTOM REALLY ARE DUMB. AT CHRISTMAS, YOU CHRISTIANS PUT UP CHRISTMAS 🎄 TREES...Celebrating a God that you don’t even know 😂 the book of Jeremiah Chpt 16 it clearly states that you shouldn’t...WE PAGANS LOVE HOW DUMB YOU PEOPLE OF ALL RACES TRULY ARE...LOSERS.
JIA The RecklessVevo
JIA The RecklessVevo Il y a 29 jours
Illuminati took him
Ratt Pack
Ratt Pack Il y a mois
Of course it did, not surprising at all.
louise baxter
louise baxter Il y a mois
nipsey was one of the greatest r.i.p brother
Prisila Garcia
Prisila Garcia Il y a mois
Aurora Melchor
Aurora Melchor Il y a mois
NIPSEY !!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔
Knowledge Is coming
Typical As they glorify a gangbanging pos Who paved the way for the youth to follow suit
Owen O'Hara
Owen O'Hara Il y a mois
Nipsey was getting too big they had to take him out!
Eugene Trotter
Eugene Trotter Il y a mois
Love you
Andre Tokes
Andre Tokes Il y a mois
LA shit... Alot of shit u other states don't understand...i can say so much..but nah..if u ain't from here don't judge here..
Angelique K.
Angelique K. Il y a mois
Rest In Peace 💚🙏🏼
Lord Akil
Lord Akil Il y a mois
R.i.p larger than life nipsey....tall need to leave gods name out of promoting violence and crime...drugs and fornication, murder and pleasure of the flesh....he already told you what happens if you live by the gun....
Princess_kayla World
Jaylen Long
Jaylen Long Il y a mois
It's sad bc all you heard was Cuz
maya rose cred cred
why does it really matter what color they are these are people who were killed PERIOD the mf marathon continues
Alex Chuks
Alex Chuks Il y a mois
Which ancestors is she calling upon to guide her and the dead?., This is a satanic burial.
Simone King
Simone King Il y a mois
Something really fishy here, just like Micheal funeral when all his member wore sunglasses indoor just like Nipsey wife..
DEEBLOCCTV Il y a mois
They didn’t announce the fake victims of nipsey shooting . Laura get your fake as out of here
DEEBLOCCTV Il y a mois
Nipsey is not in that casket ....y’all ass fooled
Daniel Van Evera
Daniel Van Evera Il y a mois
#blm but only when it is a white gunman.
mark spannar
mark spannar Il y a 13 jours
Thagrae8tist Toeverdothisshit wow look at the black culture coming from you fool. Nipsy died over black culture. Black on black violence is a real thing in the ghettos
Thagrae8tist Toeverdothisshit
Daniel Van Evera I meant as in do you know why the concept was created. Most of you whiteys are too dumb to comprehend the simplest things.
Daniel Van Evera
Daniel Van Evera Il y a mois
@Thagrae8tist Toeverdothisshit ya I do their the Klan with a tan
Thagrae8tist Toeverdothisshit
Do you even kno what blm means honky?
Stefanie Grierh. j by
Stefanie Grierh. j by
My uncle love him his one song double up stuff is crazy man who ever shot Nipsey Hussle deserves to go to hell I hate killers my dad and great granny dead
VGSR PLS Il y a mois
Police set up
Ian Folmar
Ian Folmar Il y a mois
Only1Jai Il y a mois
Bave Drokie
Bave Drokie Il y a mois
I’ve never seen so much bullish for someone I’d never even heard of, and hearing his “offering” to music, I’m glad I never did
Thagrae8tist Toeverdothisshit
Bave Drokie so because you never heard the world just stops? Stfu honky
King Boys
King Boys Il y a mois
Guys Nipsey shop is in the movie Friday
Butta Baby
Butta Baby Il y a mois
Finna watch it and see now
theforce10001 Il y a mois
“I know that god is alive” 😂😂😂😂 That’s what I call divine revelation
mark spannar
mark spannar Il y a 13 jours
theforce10001 which god are you referring too?
Yamin Haniyah
Yamin Haniyah Il y a mois
That is so sad to take advantage of a funeral for such barbaric behavior.
Orang3 Monkey
Orang3 Monkey Il y a mois
Live by the gun , you die by the gun. It's that simple.
huurtcobain Il y a mois
double up.
Doren Jackson
Doren Jackson Il y a mois
Hearing Lauren talk hit me different “the 2 y.o may not know/remember how much his father loved him” ! That hit me different because as I grow older I think about uncles, aunts, & grandparents who I didn’t meet or I was too young to remember. I know that they may have had love & hope that I will be alright. Long story but simply I’m saying we have ancestors who had thoughts of us being prosperous & happy so they tried their best to make it easy for us
Tessi Harris
Tessi Harris Il y a mois
djjerome Il y a mois
Nipsey Hu$$le was taken out because he was a runaway slave from Mr. Steinberg's ghetto rap plantation. He was starting to work for the interests of black people instead of against them. Too dangerous. So they got a some little bitch traitor to take him out and then now they are using this funeral shooting story to keep the gansta narrative front and center and not the work Nipsey did for the community. Remember people the shit you watch on TV is propaganda.
Kez Il y a mois
Volcano eruption in Hawaii linked to nipsey hussle funeral. #newsdogs
Kewl Story
Kewl Story Il y a mois
Worship God not rappers
Tamika Barr
Tamika Barr Il y a mois
Thank you.
ADUMTS Il y a mois
1st song?
William Terry
William Terry Il y a mois
some real fvk shyt goin on
kirill Pukhalskiy
kirill Pukhalskiy Il y a mois
Those are some type of rituals they’re all doing
bob makin
bob makin Il y a mois
Lol why ? How did this help? Thats why the world laughs at black Americans.
miggy rob
miggy rob Il y a mois
miggy rob
miggy rob Il y a mois
It was our government
There is no one bigger than God creator of the heaven and earth..God will reveal the truth....and God is the only judge
Tamika Barr
Tamika Barr Il y a mois
Lara Cross
Lara Cross Il y a mois
Why all the people dead is black? I was asking myself... Like XXXTENTACION, LIL PEEP, NIPSEY... they are black. Jesus, just why.
M8KE IT C0UNT Il y a mois
Ain't dat Lil Wayne son 🤦🏾‍♂️
Metrius Adams
Metrius Adams Il y a mois
Clad Moses
Clad Moses Il y a mois
I miss that guy
Emmanuel Ezeh
Emmanuel Ezeh Il y a mois
Why some people in americans live useless life wasting people that matters in the society.
S Il y a mois
Rip nipsey russle and a big shout out to my nigguh jussie smollet
White people lying to make us look bad
this is all lies. The Media just wants these white people to think something bad happened. No shots were fired. dont listen to fake media platforms like this one
Black Il y a mois
B.s. y'all try to make that shooting sound like it was connected to the funeral or near by. Tricknology at its finest. And a got a sister up there with the bs. Fck y'all.
Frankie Mendoza
Frankie Mendoza Il y a mois
That’s what happens when you want to gangbang in Los angles and think because your a rapper now shit you’ve done is in your past and forgotten I don’t know why people think this man was innocent or a saint he was a gangster gangsters get killed it’s sad yes but hey you live by the sword ⚔️ you die by the sword
Dre real
Dre real Il y a mois
Lies!!! Lies!!! The media is lying! The shooting had nothing to do with Nipsey's Procession!!!!! I was there!
Your God
Your God Il y a 17 heures
Dre real So Donald Trump was right all along and you just got duped into hating him? You will never be awake. Pathetic.
Your God
Your God Il y a 17 heures
Donnie Brasco - Les Deplórables well.. what do you expect? He’s a gang bangin thug with no valuable addition to society. Good thing he’s not wasting my oxygen anymore.
Nicole Hernandez
Nicole Hernandez Il y a 10 jours
were you seireiously there how old are you im not trying to be rude but ya😔#nipseyhussle
mark spannar
mark spannar Il y a 13 jours
Dre real just more black on black violence.
Xboxonegamer 77899
Xboxonegamer 77899 Il y a 16 jours
Dre real why did he shoot hustle
Dre real
Dre real Il y a mois
Complete bs and propaganda I was there the shooting had nothing to do with Nipseys Procession, and the shooting happened miles from where the procession was even happening. Stop believing the media and its bias lies.
lasoco dunida
lasoco dunida Il y a mois
He did good thing for his community then they kill him and still hunting his death body 😱 that's why the rest rappers doesn't do their community shit 🤔 Thanks to God I am not black Americans 😂 y'all stay ignore for ever😂
Dasan1TRE Ellis
Dasan1TRE Ellis Il y a mois
If you dirty Africans didn't sell us to the white man we wouldn't be in this situation u sellouts😂
Meuang saliphiw
Meuang saliphiw Il y a mois
Why would he shoot nipsey if he knows he is gonna go to jail.
D Ma
D Ma Il y a mois
Why do Americans start with the ethnicity of a person “a black woman” “a white women” etc, it’s very mind boggling
mark spannar
mark spannar Il y a 13 jours
D Ma cause blacks kill each other at a alarming rate . It’s a black culture thing
Because racism is very REAL out here in California. SAD that in 2019 were still referring to nationalities as colors......SMH
Angel Cruz-Ortega
Angel Cruz-Ortega Il y a mois
I don't get it too much neither 😆
J. M.
J. M. Il y a mois
I blame the cops man, if they had just been out there shaking down everyone who looks like a gang member and stopping random cars and searching everyone this would have never happened... .oh wait, nevermind, my bad.... #becarefulwhatyouwishfor
Annette Harrison
Annette Harrison Il y a mois
Never mind ignorance
SharkTank Enterprise
The media faker than NASA #sweatergod
Lorena Garcia
Lorena Garcia Il y a mois
RIP to nispey hussle
Diamond G.
Diamond G. Il y a mois
The shooting nothing to do with Nipsey. Click Bait
Victory Praise
Victory Praise Il y a mois
FAKE NEWS. The shooting happened in a neighborhood & LAPD Released a statement that it WAS NOT Connected to Nipsey’s Memorial or Procession. Also, Nipsey was laid to rest Friday.
E Annette Lawson
E Annette Lawson Il y a mois
First XXX now Nipsey😭
Life as Yaz
Life as Yaz Il y a mois
E Annette Lawson fr this don’t make no since
Service Tech
Service Tech Il y a mois
Lamborghini $ 500k Rolls Royce $400k Jewelry $ 250k Bullet proof vest.... priceless 😂😂😂😂😂😊
DAV Il y a mois
You should just all grab a gun and go out and kill every gang member and shitheads. That think their tough gays.... Try it it would be a better world 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Il y a mois
The shooting had nothing to do with nippsey procession
BigBubba8410 Il y a mois
Well tell the liberals to stop promoting violence
Makenzie Squad
Makenzie Squad Il y a mois
Striving Pastor Altruist
Why where they saying to kill white people
stuffandotherstuff Il y a mois
Dudes death low key had me trippin though and I didnt even know dude at all. His women's speech almost had me tearing up. He didnt deserve that bullshit he deserved way more than that. And his kids did to. RIP nipsey hussle man dude was a king for real
stuffandotherstuff Il y a mois
No see. That shooting and senseless violence was actually the government trying to make them look bad. Or no it was the white man it's all the white man's fault cause nipsey was trying to help an area riddled with black on black violence. However all those black people shooting people Every single one was actually set up by the CIA and evil white men!!! Its not that black people can make their own decisions see. We want to say that black people are indepe dent and capable however whenever they shoot each other they're not actually making their own decisions it's the white man making them Shoot each other. No way that nipsey was killed by a black man. The. Black people shot up the funeral NOPE.dont worry you domt have to take any responsibility. Kids from the burbs and other black kids who have no idea or really any education. Or knowledge but have watched FRvid before said it's a conspiracy!!! If you've watched FRvid conspiracy videos youre a genius!!! You know the secret info no one else does cause you watched a video made by some random person who also has no education or any inside knowledge. But dont worry. Since you've made money before it proves education doesnt mean anything. And since education means nothing clearly in situations where you actually need first hand experience or knowledge. Just watching a couple FRvid videos and imagining youre in the streets makes you an authority on EVERYTHING!!!! Little. Dumb. Ass. Bois. LDABs. That's what we should refer to these FRvid scholars as. What they are. Just laugh shake your head an say little dumb ass boi...
Chad Onan
Chad Onan Il y a 2 mois
Black folk need to quit killin each other WTF is wrong with you people? RIP Nipsey you were a star that burned out way to soon!!
Linda Atieno
Linda Atieno Il y a 2 mois
So who ever marries Lauren will always see her late ex’s tattoo. 🤷🏻‍♀️ the minute we die, the owner of your soul comes for you. May he RIP
Cammdc 1
Cammdc 1 Il y a 2 mois
Just showing how much of upstanding citizens they are, and showing how much respect for others lives they have... that's all
Denilson Varela
Denilson Varela Il y a 2 mois
Rest in peace Hassle🕊🙏🏿🐐......TMC🙏🏿
Justice Young
Justice Young Il y a 2 mois
M N Il y a 2 mois
Brother Nipsey wasn't killed because of an argument brother Nipsey was assassinated, he was making a huge difference he would have solved the drug crisis affecting the African community. CNN getting it wrong again? it does not surprise me.. He was very talented and "WAS" a rollin 60's member which is why he was so crucial to his movement he was a role model to the youth specially the African youth he was very dedicated to his cause he didn't up and leave after he made it like other so called Rappers do. He stuck to his community let's carry his legacy and even in death he is bring people together and now it will become a national cause. May Allah(God) be pleased with you my brother and may he give you the highest rank in heaven you will be missed but inshallah your legacy will live forever.
Keina Coleman
Keina Coleman Il y a 2 mois
8 miles away from the procession
M N Il y a 2 mois
this is exactly what brother Nipsey did not want....
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