Nessa Barrett - Pain [Official Music Video]

Nessa Barrett
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You took away my heart and
Told me we were different
Beautiful with room to grow
You left me in the morning
Softly without warning
How was I supposed to know?
Oh I’m trying
Give me a reason
To let you go cause
Right now I can’t
I’m in pain
I’m in pain
And I feel lost with out you
Never thought to doubt you
Oh, who else is there to blame?
So save your best excuses
They can’t get me through this
Maybe time can, maybe space
Oh I’m trying
Give me a reason
To let you go cause
Right now I can’t
I’m in pain
I’m in pain
Should I say I’m sorry?
Did I mess it up?
All that you got from me
Was it not enough?
I’m in pain
I’m in pain
You’re to blame
I’m in pain



31 juil. 2020




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Commentaires 100
Berry xo
Berry xo Il y a minute
nessa, you could have paid a couple of dollars more for a better cameramen. my opinion.
meraldy nsunda
meraldy nsunda Il y a minute
Wow your voice is very beautiful ❤️❤️
Cry baby
Cry baby Il y a 2 minutes
Nessa: in pain Camera man:🏄🏼‍♂️⛹🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️🏋️‍♀️🏌🏼‍♂️🏊🏼‍♂️🚴🏽‍♀️
Nawra Hossain
Nawra Hossain Il y a 6 minutes
It's late but let me join(no hate) Nessa:*singing her life out while moving her legs continuously because bugs are irritating her* Camera man: *I think I'm going into labour*
Cupcake 52
Cupcake 52 Il y a 13 minutes
No one: not even a soul: nessa : im in pAaAaAaAaAain
Isa Il y a 14 minutes
KOKO_ROBLOX Il y a 15 minutes
Is this the real channel?👁️👄👁️
jhiezel Cabangon
jhiezel Cabangon Il y a 20 minutes
should i say I'm sorry? did i mess it up? dang this line:(
Timmmoootthee chal
Timmmoootthee chal Il y a 22 minutes
Okay but like this song is actually so good🔥🔥
Chris Pap
Chris Pap Il y a 26 minutes
her voice isn't that special. also the music video is a cheap copy of madison beer's "Selfish".
Victor El naturo
Victor El naturo Il y a 28 minutes
It feels like im watching a video in 360 view
Martina Sušić
Martina Sušić Il y a 30 minutes
Dixie is better
Lourd Sabah
Lourd Sabah Il y a 31 minute
This is to all the people that are f***ing hating on Nessa. You are just selfish because you guys are hating on her because she is friends with josh or just because she farted on a live. You guys are not her mom or the boss to hate on her own decision. Just leave er alone ASAP. What if millions of people come and you would you like that, no. So why would anyone else like it. So please stop because if I hated on you you would get really annoyed that it gets to the point where you might kill yourself so stop
Lourd Sabah
Lourd Sabah Il y a 29 minutes
In on your side Nessa don't worry your amazing,confident and intelligent
Karina Zhelyazkova
Karina Zhelyazkova Il y a 40 minutes
Camélia Achalid
Camélia Achalid Il y a 40 minutes
I love you 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘👏👏👏👏👏👏
Navya D
Navya D Il y a 43 minutes
personally i don’t like nessa because well the obvious reasons but she has a pretty decent voice which i can respect
Anonymousy Il y a 48 minutes
So much haters but no one of y’all haters can sing like her lmao
Rylee Stratton
Rylee Stratton Il y a 51 minute
those 39k r dumb
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Il y a 51 minute
Camera man: LeFt FoOt Up RiGhT fOoT sLiDe
Gameswithzee Il y a 52 minutes
Moonlight Eclipse
Moonlight Eclipse Il y a 55 minutes
I hate nessa but this song is such a vibe 😚
ipro tab
ipro tab Il y a 58 minutes
Nessa cry ang hide her tears 💔
ipro tab
ipro tab Il y a 58 minutes
G K Il y a heure
it's really low-budget version of madison's selfish
Leia Kirby
Leia Kirby Il y a heure
i love u nessa
pleun coenders
pleun coenders Il y a heure
I love it😍😍😍
GrAzPoL ChAnNeL Il y a heure
Sidney irish Jimenez
This is like madison beer's MV!!!
Mia Marjanovic
Mia Marjanovic Il y a heure
🤢🤮 #Dunkinforever🥤
juju b
juju b Il y a heure
Emi Ocaña Camarena
Emi Ocaña Camarena Il y a heure
Midnightwolf Gacha
Midnightwolf Gacha Il y a heure
Literally selfish but worse -_- song is. ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌
FallenAngel Il y a heure
Okay so this song passed Pain by Three Days Grace when that song has 1 million likes okay okay okay
yoursoveryveryloved Il y a heure
Ansam Hadi
Ansam Hadi Il y a heure
Is it it me or is she giving me Billie Eilish vibes 😁
•avxcxdo• Il y a heure
Ok Nessa is a legit copycat, Making a song right after Dixie made one? And this is so similar to Madison Beer. Sorry Honey, But you're cancelled 💖
Midnightwolf Gacha
Midnightwolf Gacha Il y a heure
Agreed 💞
Dom Doyle
Dom Doyle Il y a heure
Jaden: comatose heart Dixie: cant be happy Payton: has habits Nessa: in pain Bryce and josh: still, and always will be, softish Nate: ✨vibin✨
Dom Doyle
Dom Doyle Il y a heure
I honestly don't know why people are giving her hate for this
Dom Doyle
Dom Doyle Il y a heure
This song hits low key
Dom Doyle
Dom Doyle Il y a heure
This song is actually good
Dom Doyle
Dom Doyle Il y a heure
Idk but this song gives me nostalgia. Just me?
Dom Doyle
Dom Doyle Il y a heure
The camera angels are wildin
Judit Il y a heure
Allxn Il y a 2 heures
I’m sorry but is anyone else getting Madison Beer vibes....
Emily Londt
Emily Londt Il y a 2 heures
Beautiful singing, terrible filming
dylan duncan
dylan duncan Il y a 2 heures
damn I didn’t know that the camera man knew how to do gymnastics 😳
Azra ÖZTÜRK Il y a 2 heures
Best song of 2020
Ahmed Sultan
Ahmed Sultan Il y a 2 heures
camera man comments aside, this song is beautiful
300 subs with no videos
300 subs with no videos Il y a 2 heures
Pov: you saw a comment on madison’s video and searched for this one
IryXV Il y a 2 heures
Walmart Madison beer 🚫🧢
Ravza Karaman
Ravza Karaman Il y a 2 heures
People in hunger, People in war, People that don’t have houses, Muslim are in “PAAiinnnnnnn
Jordan Il y a 2 heures
Okay wait bc this is way better than I thought it would be
Nashon Smith
Nashon Smith Il y a 2 heures
IdC ThAT CaMeRa MaN iS NoT DoInG HiS AnGeLS RiGhT😤
Team Gh0st
Team Gh0st Il y a 2 heures
Cameraman be doing tootsie slide while recording this
Ûñïqūę ¿
Ûñïqūę ¿ Il y a 2 heures
Nessa: so how many angles are we doing? Camer man: yes
Amy Albertyn
Amy Albertyn Il y a 2 heures
Love this song
Ceejay Galicia
Ceejay Galicia Il y a 2 heures
Lil ✨sharty✨
Different K
Different K Il y a 2 heures
did nessa shart in this video too?
shayne mclachlan
shayne mclachlan Il y a 2 heures
who tf filmed this sharty👀
iiComfy_bean ii
iiComfy_bean ii Il y a 3 heures
I have no words-
Leonora Lala
Leonora Lala Il y a 3 heures
Never let your head hang down. Never give up and sit down and grieve. Find another way. And don’t pray when it rains if you don’t pray when the sun shines.
Muna Elmi
Muna Elmi Il y a 3 heures
i do not like it
J a s m i n e k h a n
J a s m i n e k h a n Il y a 3 heures
the fact that I'm taking this song way too personal is scaring me😔 yes "I'm in painnnnnnn" 😭
Georgea Baldwin-Randi
Georgea Baldwin-Randi Il y a 3 heures
good job nessa love this song
Savannah Tatianna
Savannah Tatianna Il y a 3 heures
Her voice reminds me of Noah Cyrus
mary zhang
mary zhang Il y a 3 heures
why is the camera swinging on a rope
Kana Elvyra Casabar
Kana Elvyra Casabar Il y a 3 heures
Is the camera man drunk or something 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 hahahahahahhahahahha
Jay_Bayyy Il y a 3 heures
Helia Mirfattah
Helia Mirfattah Il y a 3 heures
Wtf is the camera man doing? It’s like the floor was slippery and he had socks on
Rita Gao
Rita Gao Il y a 3 heures
The camera man probs just a guy on the streets 💀💀
ꨄ•Arianna_ Shawty•ꨄ
She kinda sounds like billie
I just love Selena.
I just love Selena. Il y a 3 heures
وععع لا صوت ولا شكل ولا أخلاق ولا شخصية مو غصب تصيرين ماديسون والله
예지황 Il y a 3 heures
This look like selfish
Powerpuff Thea
Powerpuff Thea Il y a 3 heures
Camera man : what angle do you want me to record from??? Nessa : yes
• Líly Çhañ •
• Líly Çhañ • Il y a 4 heures
Best music ever!!!!
Maria Guerra
Maria Guerra Il y a 4 heures
I’m not trying to be mean but Dixie was better and this was just bad
I give up with names
I give up with names Il y a 4 heures
Yo, camera guy, chill out
emmylia_2703 Il y a 4 heures
💛 Before she released Pain I was really upset with Nessa. I’m not even gonna lie; I hated her for what she did to Josh and all the other scandals, but it really hit me when I heard the song. I forgive her and everyone else should too. I’m so sorry Nessa ❤️ Forgive me please?
Med Lariby
Med Lariby Il y a 4 heures
She should consider music as a career
Med Lariby
Med Lariby Il y a 4 heures
Actually the camera man isn't so shaky that's an effect.
Med Lariby
Med Lariby Il y a 4 heures
Even big singers featured this effect in their most successful music videos
bingy76 Il y a 4 heures
CAN YA'LL STOP HATING ON THE CAMERAMAN OKAY BECAUSE NESSA BARRET MIGHT HAVE WANTED HIM TI MOVE IN AND out geez u guys cause too much drama these days btw this song is great because it expresses her emotions and the fact that she feels so much pain from being hated on
Rutare Erisha
Rutare Erisha Il y a 4 heures
shreenidhhi Il y a 4 heures
The title should me : Cameraman on crack.
sneha gyawali
sneha gyawali Il y a 4 heures
dixie's music video is far better than yours
Swarnalata Naidu
Swarnalata Naidu Il y a 4 heures
does anyone think this is about josh
Kyleigh Obrien
Kyleigh Obrien Il y a 4 heures
Anyone else listening to this on repeat at two am laying in their bed balling their eyes out??????
Sophie’s Life
Sophie’s Life Il y a 4 heures
Ok this is no hate but y does every celeb feel the need to make music? They are famous for other things as well. Pls don’t come for me I’m not trying to hate on nessa cause a bunch of ppl do this
Philodox —
Philodox — Il y a 4 heures
Vid gives me “selfish” vibes
Junie Dabu
Junie Dabu Il y a 4 heures
nessa shartlett :)
Destiny Vlog's
Destiny Vlog's Il y a 4 heures
I really like this song but I think you should confront your camera man and tell him to stop doing tiktok dances on set
chezzoy ajpw
chezzoy ajpw Il y a 4 heures
Me: doesn't focus on music.. FOCUS ON HOW THE CAMERA MOVES A LOT
Cartier Healthcare
Cartier Healthcare Il y a 5 heures
omgg i am in love with this song litttttttttttttt
Natalie The Shear3r
Natalie The Shear3r Il y a 5 heures
Bandhura Dave
Bandhura Dave Il y a 5 heures
Honestly, everyone messes up, please leave Nessa alone if you don't have anything nice to say. We love you Nessa and your song is truly amazing and so is your voice...
Luna Il y a 4 heures
•DOVE• Il y a 5 heures
Your such a great singer (Don’t listen to the hate)❤️❤️☺️
Stix Il y a 5 heures
I get that the video of Nessa and Madison are very similar. But people chill. ✨😂 Y'all really tryna start drama. If you hate her so much, let her be and go on with your lives. Seriously, just don't mess with her and avoid conversations about her by say ing you don't wanna talk about her. And if they continue to talk, leave. Leaving a hate comment just shows your petty and have nothing else to do with your life. It also just shows your one of the people that say "I hate Drama" but get yourself in drama. And before you say it, I have nothing to do with my life except spread positivity. I love drama, but this has gotten to a point of making fun of her for a fact like, the hell? Okay there's my little rant. Feel free to hate on me. (I don't support Nessa, I just hate bullying, Death Threats, ect.)
Luna Il y a 4 heures
so true
Angelha Huynh
Angelha Huynh Il y a 5 heures
Josh watching this]:👁👄👁💔🤧
Serenity F5233
Serenity F5233 Il y a 5 heures
I actually love nessa song and think she’s so strong to go through all of that hate
abriannaraquel Il y a 6 heures
nobody: nessa: *throws herself into her knees* 3:05 also nessa: my legs do be soft doe..i cant stop touching em😭
Ash Il y a 6 heures
↗🔄↙⬆➡⏫↪↘⬅⬇🔽⤵↩↕↔🔼 No, this comment isn't about the camera man. This is about y'all reaching with your unoriginal jokes. Do better. 😽
Luna Il y a 4 heures
exposed. lol
exposed. lol Il y a 6 heures
Nobody: Literally no one: Nessa, six months later after getting canceled: IM IN PA!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIAIAIAIIANNNNN