Neil Peart Drum Solo - Rush Live in Frankfurt

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Neil Peart Drum Solo
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3 sept. 2013




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Red Blue40
Red Blue40 Il y a 18 heures
Rip there was
Shark Lostworld
Shark Lostworld Il y a 22 heures
farewell to the king.
hostile177 Il y a jour
There aren't enough fps to catch some of those riffs.
Autumn and cam D
Autumn and cam D Il y a 2 jours
I searched Benson's 150 piece kit solo and this was the first video that came up So confused
brian sprinkle
brian sprinkle Il y a 2 jours
My son was joking about how cool he is the other day... I said you'll never be "do your laundry on stage" cool... He asked what does that mean? I laughed in his face and said only true believers know... RIP Neil...
borderline delusion
borderline delusion Il y a 2 jours
Hi rush fiends and family This comment is for Neil Peart.. The last few months have been a shock to me. First , I lost one of my best friends to stage 4 He was so full of life , one of the most caring humans beings He did everything for everyone else So I was already depressed and devastated months ago when I found out he was sick. So Dave passed away a few weeks ago Then I find out one of my favorite musicians, Neil Peart, has just passed away from brain cancer I think Neil was 67 It seems that the only good die young ! I think that god takes the good to heaven too early. I am in total shock..but this comment isn’t about me . We just lost the rock god !! We also lost Dave. My heart is broken I still don’t if I can make it through the nights but... I have been sober from drugs and alcohol for 3 yrs. I want to get waisted but I have an amazing support group in AA and music cares....... Neil wouldn’t want me to fall go back to using.. David wouldn’t want that 3 yrs ago my mom died from breast cancer. I don’t know why god made cancer? I thought neil would live forever . Rush was supposed never end. But this message is not about rush, it is about Neil. Neil’s words made me feel like I was not alone. I went to a high school with so many bullies. Kids made fun of me because I was artistic.i player guitar and wrote poems . Everyone at my high school was a snob. So when I first heard subdivisions, I suddenly had a new friend. I was not a nerd in Neil’s eyes. I was a artist. And when I heard Losing it , I realized that Neil had written a song about me.. I felt like I had lost my childhood after my parents divorce. When I was suicidal, my sister tammy would remind me of our favorite band. Then my best friend jason committed suicide when we were 27 I went pharmacy school. I had a Jewish mom who forced me into pharmacy school.. don’t be a bumb.. I am going to throw away your would scream. But I love my mom more than anything.. My sister tammy would say, danny , just do music’..drop out of usc pharmacy school. Just listen to rush and u will be okay! But it was specifically rush But Neil’s words were about being positive and fighting the good fight... Every song had so much meaning. I had nerdy math rock Friends . They would talk about 2112 all day. So my sister asked me to write lyrics. And Neil was the only reason I even wrote poems. So I became a song writer. Below is a song i just wrote for david called “hey sunhine” - [ ] I am so sad but I will also write a song for Neil. Neil, u will live forever. And u are too good for heaven, so god needs to send u back to us. If there is a god . - [ ] My higher power isn’t god . It’s my mom.. - [ ] Mom , please keep Neil and David - [ ] alive in our hearts. - [ ] Danny words , vocals and guitars.. - [ ] Borderline delusion band.
hardy boyz
hardy boyz Il y a 3 jours
Shimuel Einhorn
Shimuel Einhorn Il y a 3 jours
It's not that hard I can drum batter than him
Lucas Mertens
Lucas Mertens Il y a 4 heures
@Shimuel Einhorn 😳 Got any videos of yourself playing man? I'd genuinely love to see some, if you have any (I realize how difficult it is to actually record that sort of thing, so I can't blame you if you don't).
Shimuel Einhorn
Shimuel Einhorn Il y a 5 heures
@Lucas Mertens I'm sober telling u a fact
Lucas Mertens
Lucas Mertens Il y a 5 heures
Not sure if sarcasm or just on the coke...
AV8R Il y a 3 jours
It's especially endearing since he makes that mistake there near the end. What's that? You can't hear it? Yeah. That's because THERE ISNT FUCKING ONE
Mh Öring
Mh Öring Il y a 3 jours
Vordt of the Boreal Valley
God, what a sick ass drum set.
pino iaconis
pino iaconis Il y a 5 jours
I said Neil don't...rush....and he did.
ATTARiS Il y a 6 jours
Ronaldo Thomé Júnior
Ronaldo Thomé Júnior Il y a 6 jours
2:15 Who say Rush was not psychedelic?
Sonet Il y a 6 jours
GOAT! Always and forever!
Gman Supreme
Gman Supreme Il y a 7 jours
What happened!?!?
Josh Mulatz
Josh Mulatz Il y a 7 jours
Whenever I feel a cold coming on I just load up this video and its instantly gone... Because watching this is going to the clinic!
Johnny Trotter
Johnny Trotter Il y a 7 jours
That terminator beat sends me chills 3:20
Nature and percussion
Nature and percussion Il y a 8 jours
I like your videos, so great and educational.
melomaniac Musicophile
melomaniac Musicophile Il y a 8 jours
davegto67 Il y a 9 jours
I would venture a guess that you could speak to any professional drummer, regardless of musical genre, in the last forty years and they would have nothing but positive things to say about Neil Peart.
davegto67 Il y a 9 jours
I think Neil's drum solos were never about "Neil Peart the drummer", they were about showcasing the drums as a musical instrument as well as Neil paying tribute to his influences.
Vamooska Il y a 9 jours
Just crazy how the best of humanity and legends of a music genre are gone in a flash. Been listening to RUSH for decades and never more than I have these last few weeks. No more pain Neil. See ya.
Throttlelifeby jt
Throttlelifeby jt Il y a 9 jours
I’m sad that I’ll never see this in person. Was a goal of mine to see Rush.
E. Ergin
E. Ergin Il y a 10 jours
I salute you Neil. Rest in Peace.
S.S. Salad
S.S. Salad Il y a 10 jours
X2 speed is what he is doing in heaven rn..
Fartovovic Il y a 10 jours
RIP, Neil !! (from a drummer to another)
Snuffle Il y a 11 jours
alitlweird Il y a 11 jours
You simply can’t just replace a drummer like this.
André Luiz Queiroz Silva
Brasil Rio de Janeiro
Richard Sadvari
Richard Sadvari Il y a 11 jours
Give me a break. I know nine year olds that are better drummer then he will ever be or has been. Cry me a river. Cry bitch cry. Nothing but a money monger
Sonet Il y a 6 jours
Paquita Martinez
Paquita Martinez Il y a 11 jours
The second best drummer in the history. Rest in peace legend
Ronald G Josey
Ronald G Josey Il y a 11 jours
Superb. Thanks for posting.
Elizabeth Whiteley
Elizabeth Whiteley Il y a 12 jours
I hung up my sticks for this man. I will never play the drum again. RIP
christhedemocrat Il y a 12 jours
Wow. I've heard of Rush Never knew their drummer was this good. Correction, AMAZING. I discovered him today whilst researching Led Zeppelin's drummer. I'm more of a Bernard Purdie guy but shit man this dude kicks ass
taipan28de Il y a 13 jours
Wooohooooo....Party on Wayne.....Party on Garth......Shhhhhhhhwinnnng! Awesome!
zvoidx Il y a 13 jours
Employee: "Welcome to Drum World, how many piece drum set do you want to buy?" Neil Peart: "Yes." /RIP
S M Il y a 14 jours
Miss you Neil, a lot brother. Rest In Peace with your family.
Greek Admirer
Greek Admirer Il y a 14 jours
An extraordinary drummer. RIP
Adrian Martin
Adrian Martin Il y a 14 jours
Best in the world not evev close. He will be missed R.I.P
rodrigo araujo ferreira
rodrigo araujo ferreira Il y a 14 jours
benson was better
Kaden Snodgrass
Kaden Snodgrass Il y a 15 jours
RIP this absolute legend
Thomas Cruise the tall one
Every limb has their own PhD
warren Stephens
warren Stephens Il y a 15 jours
i found him on Buckin' Billy Ray Smith,- CUTTING DOWN DEAD TREE WITH AXE CANADA Number1 Forever love all Canadians from Cymru wales uk x
Jenga Il y a 15 jours
i heard a dude in denmark tried to play this and his skeleton caught on fire
mir 124
mir 124 Il y a 15 jours
I always thought "since whem tom hanks can play drums this good?" rip.
Chris Bragdon
Chris Bragdon Il y a 15 jours
I simply can’t get enough of this great mans talents! I wish I ran into him on one of his many motorcycle road trips, but alas, !!
lou sasso
lou sasso Il y a 16 jours
No dought the goat of drummer's.
Jose Loreto
Jose Loreto Il y a 16 jours
Chester Cheetah: GOD! There is no fuckin drummer better then Neil Peart!
Marcos Park
Marcos Park Il y a 16 jours
An octopus couldn't do better.
David Rice
David Rice Il y a 16 jours
The earth is 4 billion years old. We were fortunate enough to live in the time of Rush. A void in the world of music that will never be filled or go away.
Flavio Vera
Flavio Vera Il y a 16 jours
Just amazing! 🎼🎸
Kurt McComas
Kurt McComas Il y a 17 jours
The professor
Malaki Fox
Malaki Fox Il y a 17 jours
Tilde Carlstein
Tilde Carlstein Il y a 17 jours
0:49 and 6:09 what is the names of the songs?
Darek Hareza
Darek Hareza Il y a 18 jours
Neil fit to drum set /drum set fit to Neil best of the best composition Rip Mr Neil
Devin Hinkle
Devin Hinkle Il y a 18 jours
Wow. I can't believe I'm just now seeing this for the first time! My stepdad got me into Rush quite a few years ago, and the first live DVD I saw from them was R40. I loved it, but this solo is absolutely mind-blowing!! As I'm typing this, it's my second time in a row watching the video. I love it! Neil was a legend, and he'll always be missed.
Steve G
Steve G Il y a 18 jours
The first time I heard RUSH was Spirit of radio, was playing basketball with my older neighbor and it came on the radio at his house. We both stopped playing halfway through the song. I had never heard anything like it and was hooked. That was 40 some years ago. Finally went to see them in 2012. So glad I did. That was on my bucket list for a long time. I'm 53 and don't care about anything celebrity related. He was not a celebrity, didn't want the spotlight but he shared his awesomeness with us. I'm still bummed out. He deserved a long happy retirement for all the speakers he made me blow up.
Steve G
Steve G Il y a 18 jours
A lot of people went to see RUSH just to see this
Euler Miquilena
Euler Miquilena Il y a 18 jours
Justin Bieber is the best rock drummer of all time
Zack TheBongRipper
Zack TheBongRipper Il y a 14 jours
Justin who???!