My Wrecked Ferrari 458 has revealed its Hidden Problems...

Tj Hunt
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14 mars 2019




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Commentaires 80
JaredSVX Il y a 10 mois
I just realized TJ kinda looks like Jason Sudeikis
4Y44N 4
4Y44N 4 Il y a an
DW0111 Il y a an
its trash..$190k trash
Jason Clark
Jason Clark Il y a an
How much did you pay for the 458?
G S Il y a an
i want me a ferrari
Jeff Locke
Jeff Locke Il y a an
Rich white boy buys a crashed Ferrari... whines when his radio doesn't work. #whitepeopleproblems
Andraž Logar
Andraž Logar Il y a an
This Ferrari videos are too much
Speed Junky
Speed Junky Il y a an
Your focus still sucks balls. You need some major help with your video skills and knowledge. Your editing isn't terrible, but your actually shooting is high school news crew terrible.
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith Il y a an
Doug Cohen
Doug Cohen Il y a an
Please make sure the air bag is PLUGGED IN. Worked at a dealership where they went behind the dash for something an forgot to plug it back in. Caused the air bag light to come on
TTime685 Il y a an
Buying a Ferrari period was a mistake. Have fun throwing money away..
driven by dk
driven by dk Il y a an
7:47 there's a great meme to be made with that pose, internet please do your thing
Robert Williams
Robert Williams Il y a an
You cannot test resistance in a live circuit . You will blow the fuse in the DMM and it won’t read right
Steven Szabo
Steven Szabo Il y a an
Mega thumbs up for SimpliSafe! I've been using them in my home for years. Great company and product!
ERICK4431 Il y a an
Man you guys are troopers!!! I get a headache just to see all of the problems a high end car like that comes with..... 🤯
V K Il y a an
Please, the color is really shit and is Aging the car. Just paint it.
Steven Wechter
Steven Wechter Il y a an
ive heard taking the negative terminal off works to reset sensors even on exotics and maybe get your self a nice power probe and multimeter its worth the money you will use it on anyhing electrical
Cam Cam
Cam Cam Il y a an
You need to clear the codes in the modual or reset the modual all together to get the light to go out
Postman Il y a an
if it's in valet mode the radio is disabled.
Kyle Viers
Kyle Viers Il y a an
At about 6:20 in the video theres a yellow sticker on the Ferrari that says valeo on it, I used to work for that company
TheJmoniez1 Il y a an
Plugging in the sensor doesn’t reset an airbag code on any car unfortunately you have to have a dealer take their bullshit equipment to reset it but you can try asking rdb mano on ig
Thomas Waldron
Thomas Waldron Il y a an
I wonder how Calvin gets paid
Garret Lawrence
Garret Lawrence Il y a an
Resistors should not should continuity if they are good. If your meter is showing continuity, then that would mean the resistor is bad. Continuity is meant to show flow of current under a certain threshold. Those resistors you tested in the video are probably fine. They are providing enough resistance to prevent continuity, meaning they are good.
Robert Seweryn81
Hi guys I'm no car mechanic but I gotta ask if not for all the you tube hits why do you guys keep ripping the car apart why not get organized and step by step build it up from the ground. I gotta say like the videos but I feel I'm watching reruns with few knew knobs in between lol thanks.
Rich Grasso
Rich Grasso Il y a an
You could remove he resistor and measure it. There should be numbers on the resistor to determine the resistance. If it's not reading right, you can replace the smt part. Just order from digikey or jameco.
Tony S
Tony S Il y a an
What kind of Idiot dont puts crash sensors and expects airbags to work.... noobs
Rich Grasso
Rich Grasso Il y a an
Overnight parts from italy.
George Fotopoulos
what about the damage thats being caused by pulling everything apart all the time, scratches, rattles that it will cause, wear on the leather seats putting the shit on them and sitting on the shwabs
Jeff Rankin
Jeff Rankin Il y a an
You dont have to take it to ferrari. You can take it to a Lamborghini or vw specialist. High rated machanics too might have one. Ferrari doesnt own the patents on the computers used in the 458 or 599.
Haris Khan
Haris Khan Il y a an
Good job
something should do something lol
Alin Cercea
Alin Cercea Il y a an
Fix the windsheild
R S Il y a an
Jeez! Why the hell would u think that wouldn't be an issue with the airbags when the crash sensors aren't even plugged ok in!!! And to think that the airbag light would go off as soon they plugged Amateur's
Sean Il y a an
8:31 what is that pitched down audio thats clipped in? weirded me tf out
joe krack
joe krack Il y a an
paint the door jams red pleeeeeeeeez! white door jams red car smh
Pj Powell
Pj Powell Il y a an
Check for a blown fuse
Kareem Barr
Kareem Barr Il y a an
@tjhunt where’s Mickey haven’t seen him in a while we need that Mickey spec!!
lexandermo Il y a an
I wouldn’t be surprised if you have grounding issues with the wiring
jimmy aber
jimmy aber Il y a an
AIrbag system on most makes doesn’t have the same fix it and the warning goes away deal. The airbag system is such an important safety item that they want it checked if ever the system sees a fault and turns light on. The light will not not come on until the system has seen the issue for several diagnostic cycles. That prevents random intermittent faults do not turn on the light. Given that they want it checked since the fault has been verified multiple times. If you had an accident and they had turned on warning and then turned it off again you (and your legal counsel) could assume it is OK and needed no attention. You don’t want to be the manufacturer that hurts people with airbag faults. I think I have heard of that happening before.............
Take Down
Take Down Il y a an
Great vid. Little thing that makes bloody awkward jobs like trying to see behind stuff. Get a 'boroscope'. Cheap ones just attach to your mobile and displays on phone screen. Has light on end of wire as well as hook attachment etc. Bought one few months ago and come in handy quite few times
John Llewellyn
John Llewellyn Il y a an
Pro tip. Should back probe connectors instead of going in the terminal side , you can spread the terminals at times and cause yourself more problems when doing electrical diagnosis
Mario Borisov
Mario Borisov Il y a an
Tj its easy to replace resistors. If you don't wanna pay anyone try to do it yourself just see what are the resistors order some should be a few dollars at max and try to replace em if it doesn't work its whatever since you are buying a new one anyway
Art Cole
Art Cole Il y a an
In the 458’s accident right side button cluster could have been struck by a knee, fist, etc and the impact may’ve trashed the mboard.
J Rivera
J Rivera Il y a an
Maybe u should disconnect the battery so it can ease everything from the brain computer . It should clear everything from the car
Michael Nowell
Michael Nowell Il y a an
Never trust what a stealership says. All they are trying to do is make you spend money.
Todd Simone
Todd Simone Il y a an
For the right display and controls to work, you need to first power up the NIT (radio). Do this by turning the key on and HOLDING the MAIN (top left button) for a few seconds. If that doesn't work you may have an issue with the NIT CANBOX. It's located behind the glove box and on the back side of the NIT. I've seen them go bad and it won't allow you to power up the NIT.
Todd Simone
Todd Simone Il y a an
TJ the lift system works with the engine off if you hold the lift button for 10 sec. Just a heads up
Dakota Anderson
Dakota Anderson Il y a an
Everytime Calvin says "project car" I laugh and don't get my hopes up
Kurt Kennedy
Kurt Kennedy Il y a an
There are LOTS of places that can do what you need done with the airbag system. You can purchase subscriptions for the software, manuals, etc. We have done this for Aston martins and other cars we see that are not everyday cars. Also, Autel Elite scan tool will have Ferrari features in it to reset a lot of computers as well, and that is cheap.
Tiago Gameiro
Tiago Gameiro Il y a an
TJ that buttons are the controls for the right tft display on the dashboard
Alex Price
Alex Price Il y a an
FFFFFFFFFFFF :( :( :( :(
MrBmwextreme Il y a an
Troubles and troubles. Well. Sometimes i really think a wreck must be kept as a wreck, w/o rebuilding. :(
Ghostcatcher64 Il y a an
If it's only burnt resistors come on.. don't tell me it's not worth replacing, it's only CMS components it's not hard to replace ._.
Blackmagic.b Il y a an
bro you gotta disconnect the battery when you put the new sensors in, then pump the break couple times to dishcarge any static. then put your sensors in and battery back on and that will reset the ecu's
Captain Rex
Captain Rex Il y a an
7:56 is that shaggy from scooby doo? Where’s scooby? 😂😂
ziyaad Esau
ziyaad Esau Il y a an
Tj should do a giveaway
ahmad al-jallad
ahmad al-jallad Il y a an
send it to Louis Rossmann NY check his youtube channel
Colin Birkeland
Colin Birkeland Il y a an
Wow, What happened to the broken windshield ? Ship it over to Norway. I will keep it safe for you. Come use it on a magical vacation ill set up anytime, all covered, all good, good, good.
George Perry
George Perry Il y a an
You didn't Ground the Airbag Switch to the Frame!!!!
George Perry
George Perry Il y a an
To see if your Switch is Good, use a Ohm Meter.
maulbrooks Il y a an
What are you guys doing with that phone. Surely you have an endoscope to plug into your phone to look into tight places on your cars. They are like 3 bucks on ebay
Joseph Lawrie
Joseph Lawrie Il y a an
What kind of dumb ass dosen't put the sensors in and expect the light to go away
Jay Darian
Jay Darian Il y a an
Gods Plans
RhodesianFAL Il y a an
@TJ Hunt When you’re trying to probe a connector for power like at the 11:00 mark, use sewing T-pins, they’re very slim and fit nicely in to connectors. Much better than trying to jam multimeter probes in to connectors. T-pins are really slick for back-probing connectors too.
ranjot sandhu
ranjot sandhu Il y a an
are these guys stupid... they left the airbag sensor unplugged and took it to Ferrari to ask them why there airbag light was on.. LOL all for views
Martel125 Il y a an
Dont cage it just widebody that ferrai and Calvin should get an nsx for sure ik some people said it too, like if u agree
Brenden Smith
Brenden Smith Il y a an
You have to disconnect the resistor from the circuit board to test them properly...
Naaahuel22 Il y a an
Hey Tj i might have a way to help you out. My dads an auto tech i mentioned your situation to him and he said he could help you out. Email me if your interested.
Kuro Otaku89
Kuro Otaku89 Il y a an
Does Calvin get paid by teej
armyguy137 Il y a an
Pro tip for Calvin, you can't measure resistance with power applied. Can result in false readings.
s dal
s dal Il y a an
Go to RDBLA they can reset the airbag light
Tomr1088 Il y a an
Airbag faults do not just clear themselves. You always have to clear them
David Avila
David Avila Il y a an
The 240...😢
Lusberg Il y a an
Dude, that circuit board is such an easy fix
lorenzo davalos
lorenzo davalos Il y a an
Where is micky
NCStaterep09 Il y a an
Some switches are provided constant voltage and the ground is toggled to engage the function. Can't tell if the harness allows for that option.
Crip' Life
Crip' Life Il y a an
Try taking it out of race mode. Maybe there's a defeat for the stereo so it doesn't come on when you're on the track. My two cents
Robertas Ser
Robertas Ser Il y a an
I suggest to change steering wheel airbag connector plug because if it is melted a little bit it does not make good contact. I came accros this thing many times on different totaled cars.
Jeremy Eller
Jeremy Eller Il y a an
race car nice lol
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TJ isn't amused. I am going to fucking miss the Podcast man. FUUUCK.
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