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Commentaires 80
Sreetama D R
Sreetama D R Il y a jour
I love her ♥️❤️
cherouk mohamed
cherouk mohamed Il y a 2 jours
May be she is not posting so often because she is a in a bad place mentally ! look at u all destorying her because she messed up in her past lauches and u are all judging her as if none among u had ever messed up in their job before ! She is down and destroyed and her eyes are twitching and normally she would not love FRvid as she did when she used to sing at the top of her lungs and show us funny goofy bloopers, without having to deal with all this hate ! U are even shaming her for her weight ! Please be more kind, she is a human she will have her down falls like all of us !
Brook Duwe
Brook Duwe Il y a 2 jours
Leanne grace body oil is amazing! Thank you so much for the recommendation!
Ariel Reyna
Ariel Reyna Il y a 3 jours
Jax, we love you. I hope you realize your worth one day. Stop seeking everyones approval. It's never going to happen. Trolls will always be trolls!
Lara Omar
Lara Omar Il y a 5 jours
Jaclyn I looovee uuuu 💕 hope you are doing well recently. You are beautiful, and you are so unique. I’m still in love with your personality today as I was years ago when you were living in your apartment w red hair! You may not feel special, you may not feel beautiful... but you are. You are so blessed💛 I love you.
Glam_ Em_
Glam_ Em_ Il y a 9 jours
Hun your face is fab 💗
MsChechins Il y a 11 jours
What colors/brands of makeup are you wearing in this video? Your highlighters, Morphe back seat love all over your lips and? Love this look.
Kingkristinej Il y a 17 jours
I’m really confused- what happened to her face ?
Supreme Comics Girl
Supreme Comics Girl Il y a 17 jours
U look so cosey
Jill Plummer
Jill Plummer Il y a 18 jours
I need to know what lippe your wearing? It's so pretty and pink I need it
Bryan O'Leary
Bryan O'Leary Il y a 19 jours
Doogy Dog
Doogy Dog Il y a 19 jours
I love how you found out the red shade of the lipstick in that movie.Stay positive you are really fun !
Gabby Dooling
Gabby Dooling Il y a 19 jours
Jaclyn! Finally watched this video and a tip to keep blankets super soft and long lasting it to hang them up to dry! 😘💕
Katherine Grassie
Katherine Grassie Il y a 19 jours
3. Your jewelry is amazing.
Judith Mcquilkin
Judith Mcquilkin Il y a 20 jours
Always be your beautiful self Jaclyn unhibited and so giving of your joyousness. They can try to pull you down... stand fast and don’t let any crap get to you. You would be so so so so missed if you weren’t around ok ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Leidelmar24 Il y a 20 jours
Cutest shitzu ever😍
Julie Distefano
Julie Distefano Il y a 21 jour
Love your hair color
Dutchess 1202
Dutchess 1202 Il y a 23 jours
Is it me or do y’all see her kinky stuff on the tree 😂 whips collar and mask feather tickler cuffs panties etc ???Hmmm 🤔 that tree is creative Jaclyn ❤️ see why u keep it till vday 😂💯
Rebecca Curtin
Rebecca Curtin Il y a mois
Bitch beep beep ha ha (love it) 🤣🤣🥰🥰❤
AMANDER Il y a mois
Alright, but which are the affiliate links, sis?
ginny lassiter
ginny lassiter Il y a mois
Gah! I have missed watching your “favorites” videos. I’m only 58 seconds in and had to take a moment. Good thing I just got paid 🍿🥤
Alana & KTs World
Alana & KTs World Il y a mois
You look and sound like Erika Jayne in this video. Not sure if I spelled that right. But either way shes a bravo housewife, and shes a badass.
Jenna B
Jenna B Il y a mois
Yessssss this is the jaclyn we all love 💖💖 I’m so happy you actually still do makeup tutorials and TEACH us how to do makeup rather than just making a bunch of drama Videos. You are a wonderful human and I love you so much I will always look up to you 💕
Branna Mincer
Branna Mincer Il y a mois
I think you look like a babe in this video.
Aditya Gaming
Aditya Gaming Il y a mois
Misty Gillo
Misty Gillo Il y a mois
We love you Jaclyn ❤ #hillsters
Eunmin Woo
Eunmin Woo Il y a mois
VA VA VOOM! you look amaaaazing blonde
Hannah Da Silva
Hannah Da Silva Il y a mois
What happened to her cheeks
hayley dion
hayley dion Il y a mois
I love fresh market!! But the ones in nh and ma closed
Leslie Palomo
Leslie Palomo Il y a mois
$10 ON A MOUTHWASH THAT DOES NOT WORK!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬 Never again jaclyn! 🙄
4_KIDZFAMILY Il y a mois
OMG Why Does She Look Like A Chipmunk!
Terri Bennett
Terri Bennett Il y a mois
Funny on amazing now the mouth wash and the beef sticks are customers who bought this also bought The other and frequently bought together mouthwash and beef sticks. This is your fault jaclyn, thank you haha.
mollyjane01 Il y a mois
Jaclyn, you are so gosh darn beautiful! I LOVE your mood luminous powders & highlighters & use them all the time!! Finally, love your dog just being random in the background of this video, lol! Happy Valentine’s Day!
Lisa McCurdy
Lisa McCurdy Il y a mois
Jaclyn, when I first started watching you in 2013/2014 my first thought was, "Wow! She is so stunningly beautiful without make-up!" Don't worry, you don't need the 75 step make-up routine, but if you want to, it sure can be fun 😍! I think you're beautiful either way ♥️. #spreadpositivity
Brenda Banh
Brenda Banh Il y a mois
Why did she feel the need to explain how to use mouthwash and what a charcuterie board is? How poor does she think we are??
jelena Il y a mois
I LOVE your energy in this video and I love how you talk about products with so much passion and so much love ❤️❤️❤️❤️ girl you're awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Carrie Samaniego
Carrie Samaniego Il y a mois
Ok girl I need help !!! I do not know what I am doing wrong :( I purchased both highlighter (both colors your wearing ) BUT I can barley see it on my skin it defiantly is not glowing the way yours is and I am a light olive color skin ton. Is there some secret I am not aware of ? I'm totally bummed
kelly ferrez
kelly ferrez Il y a mois
Hi!! Could you tell me please what lights are you using now? Looks amazing Thank you 😊
Sunniva Aaheim
Sunniva Aaheim Il y a mois
The blond hair looks good on you!!
Susan Sladkus
Susan Sladkus Il y a mois
I wish you had applied the products on your face as you talked about them. It's too long to listen to you talk a mile a minute.
Michelle Is here
Michelle Is here Il y a mois
Goodness so many haters. Let her be. You are beautiful I feel your insecurities but you are beautiful and very good at showing us what you love.
Roberta Davee
Roberta Davee Il y a mois
BBW candles are so toxic. I'm surprised you allow that crap in your house. Not good for your lungs or your anxiety
Molly Schultz
Molly Schultz Il y a mois
I love that she showed her wig ... we def are all human 😉
Cory Woods
Cory Woods Il y a mois
You are beautiful, and I LOVE your products/tutorials! Thank you so much! Never stop believing in yourself!!
rilana martens
rilana martens Il y a mois
Its time for blond girl!
Art by Jazzjuh
Art by Jazzjuh Il y a mois
Your disclaimer should be above all the links. Not buried in the bottom. Thumb down
NOVA KASHI Il y a mois
U need to go back to ur surgeon cuz he ain't doing u right 😂🤮
Virginia Garcia
Virginia Garcia Il y a mois
I love you and this gave me when I was a lot younger Bratz snow kissed Chloe Doll vibes lol search the doll to see what I mean xoxoxo!
Dani Darko
Dani Darko Il y a mois
Yessss girl Jaclyn is back ❄️🥰✌🏻
Trista Swartzendruber
That creepy chair in the back is staring at me lol
Allison Marie
Allison Marie Il y a mois
That xmas tree looks my keychain collection... when i was 12...
Kymberlie Hanen
Kymberlie Hanen Il y a mois
Sydnee Sampson
Sydnee Sampson Il y a mois
Omg!! You with that hair color!! 😍😍 you are so gorgeous! I dont see why anyone has anything mean to say about the way you look! I've been watching your channel since it started and I've always wished I was as beautiful and bubbly as you are. 🖕 everyone's mean comments you are so beautiful!
Katie Il y a mois
I LOVE your hair BLONDE! You should have it all the time! Its so soft and pretty and compliments your skin so much! You look gorgeous! You always do, but I am LOVING your blonde hair! 💜
Ina Mi
Ina Mi Il y a mois
This girl can sale me EVERYTHING. It’s just not safe for me to click on your videos, Jacklyn! 😍❤️
Jenna Caitlin S
Jenna Caitlin S Il y a mois
I love the hourglass vanish stick foundation, I always buy it! It’s pricey for me but I just buy it because I never found anything that compares to it 😍
Rachel Carper
Rachel Carper Il y a mois
It is funny how many people can make such negative comments when they haven't been in the other person's shoes.
Nz Crackers
Nz Crackers Il y a mois
She’s actually real slim. People are thick..... in the head !
hi hi
hi hi Il y a mois
Its not christmas anymore
Alexandrina Tataru
Alexandrina Tataru Il y a mois
Yes the loreal mascara is so gooodd 😍😍😍
Naturally Ugo
Naturally Ugo Il y a mois
Her face blew up
fari malik
fari malik Il y a mois
How come you started using word bitch so never did before....
Rebecka Pedersen
Rebecka Pedersen Il y a mois
You should totally go blonde Jaclyn xoxo Even though you are beautiful in your dark hair, it makes me wanna go dark again sometimes...I used to dye my hair black for years, started the process of going blonde in 2016 I think...I've spent a lot on money and many hours at the hair salon to be the very light blonde I am now, and I've also noticed that I need much more products for my hair (more moisturizing and damage control products or what it's called well as purple shampoo) and it has caused some damage to my hair. So I cut it a bit shorter and put in Hairtalk extensions. As I said you are so beautiful in your dark hair, but you look great in blonde hair too, maybe a ombre? With very dark roots but the rest very light (like platinum) and cool toned xoxo Love to see you back Jaclyn xoxo
ColourMeGin Il y a mois
Okay when you started describing your oil routine with the naked laying... I instantly understood why your bf is like ''YES THOSE ARE BEAUTIFUL'' hahaha x
Paige Young
Paige Young Il y a mois
It must be us cancers that do that with our christmas trees haha!! I keep mine up until then too lol!! But my kids love the lights so that's another reason why lol!!! Btw you look AMAZING!!!!!!💕💕💕
Skye Dragun
Skye Dragun Il y a mois
“And when this video goes up Christmas will be over.....” Girl Christmas was over weeks ago I’m suspecting a launch
Chad Chadwig
Chad Chadwig Il y a mois
Her face looks like it’s gonna pop
Becca Kirk
Becca Kirk Il y a mois
Does anyone not realize that she may not be posting as often as she used to because she’s going through a lot mentally? Just because she’s a FRvidr doesn’t mean she’s not human. She is going through real life stuff behind the camera, and she does not need to feel obligated to post when y’all want her to post. This is HER channel. If you don’t like her or how often or little she posts, unsubscribe & stop watching. Life is way too short and fragile to just be hating on people. And for anyone criticizing her appearance, just seriously try to imagine yourself in her shoes. People commenting thinking it doesn’t matter what they say because they’re on the internet hiding behind their phones, but a REAL person is reading that and taking all of that in. If someone is already dealing with insecurities, do you seriously think that’s going to help someone feel better? Just keep all of this in mind guys before you leave a nasty comment.
Justa Someone
Justa Someone Il y a mois
The internet is nuts. More power to her sticking through she needs to not look up and pay attention to any negativity. Good or bad she’s relevant.....people are buying her products. The new palette is good!
karencochoy Il y a mois
Kendra Rothman
Kendra Rothman Il y a mois
THANK YOU. And how surprising that some shitty person hasn't made some dumbass reply on your comment. People know in their hearts that this is true and that they would look ignorant trying to say otherwise.
Jennifer Finley
Jennifer Finley Il y a mois
The water and the air in LA is really bad for your face
ellie sears
ellie sears Il y a mois
make a favourite movies video!! ❤️
Carlee Sharpe
Carlee Sharpe Il y a mois
if you dont get yo thomas the train lookin ass tf outta here istg
Alana Craig
Alana Craig Il y a mois
did she just recommend a $50 sleep mask... oh she got that MONEY money
Tori Isetts
Tori Isetts Il y a mois
product launch? nope, affiliate links. only ever trying to sell something.
Cornish Pasty
Cornish Pasty Il y a mois
Can anyone tell me where I can get this top from? I👏need👏it👏in👏my👏life👏
D Sham
D Sham Il y a mois
Funny, the more money “gurus” make the more sensitive their skin is and their anxiety is through the roof ‼️🙄😕 Could you be more extra and full of 💩 ⁉️⁉️⁉️
ria Oropeza
ria Oropeza Il y a mois
Meeee tooooo.... !!!
Lisa Kuhle
Lisa Kuhle Il y a mois
It is not a Jaclyn favorites without a million perfect nudes that i suddenly need!
Janette Garcia
Janette Garcia Il y a mois
Will she’s launching on feb 13 new pallet . All the pallets look the same🧐🧐🧐🧐 Can we get some bomb pressed glitters .
Gabi S
Gabi S Il y a mois
PLEASE do a tutorial on this look!!!
Krystal Poche
Krystal Poche Il y a mois
You can rock ANY hair color!!! 😍
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