My Latest Top 10 Spotify Review...Has It Gotten Worse?

Rick Beato
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After a 4 month break, I decided to check back in on the Top 10 Pop songs worldwide.
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12 janv. 2021




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Commentaires 100
gooble69 Il y a heure
Rick: "I love this", "this is great"... I bet you he never listens to any of these songs again :)
Olivera Toic
Olivera Toic Il y a 2 heures
Moust of these songs sounds like real crap
Jonny Bro
Jonny Bro Il y a 3 heures
Dude make this a series please it’s so Interesting
Jonah Cilley
Jonah Cilley Il y a 4 heures
Missed billie’s new song :’(
Tommy Petraglia
Tommy Petraglia Il y a 4 heures
I can't sit through that crap just to hear what you have to say
Lara Anžlovar
Lara Anžlovar Il y a 5 heures
He should've come to the bridge in Drivers License. He missed the bridge. 🤧
So What
So What Il y a 6 heures
I like this content. I retired to take care of my wife and have lost all connection to young folks and their music they listen to, so thanks for reconnecting me. Makes me want to drag out the old guitar and start playing again. Unlike you, I'm not that good, so I probably will leave it in the gig bag lol.
John Bolger
John Bolger Il y a 8 heures
Very good. I'd watch these if done regularly. Love your reactions when something smart happens... like the diminished. I felt the same. Agree with your evaluations..
Matt Riddell
Matt Riddell Il y a 10 heures
Agreed with everything you said - nice man - from a fellow sound engineer/musician
Matt Riddell
Matt Riddell Il y a 10 heures
havent heard any of these songs 😂
J H Il y a 10 heures
How much caffeine did he have before filming this lol
Jamie Croft
Jamie Croft Il y a 11 heures
Your videos are awesome, your ser-up is what many people wish to have, love the play button aswell. I would love to know what you mean by all these numbers (chord progressions) so I can develope that skill and find chords instantly Thankyou
David Robertson
David Robertson Il y a 12 heures
Actually you are very right Rick, over 1/2 of these are decent and I'd listen to them - maybe.... 17yr old daughter hates it when I say the music these days is computerized crap and anyone could do it with the equipment but hey some of these aren't too bad, somehow youth has found real INSTRUMENTS finally - WOW
Randy Stocker
Randy Stocker Il y a 13 heures
Your analysis and breakdown of the songs causes me to give some a further listen, when I would have otherwise passed them over. Thanks for that!
Stefano Vanoncini
Stefano Vanoncini Il y a 13 heures
Hi Rick, thanks for your incredible contents. Do you think to talk about Dirty Loops sometimes?
Horror Void
Horror Void Il y a 15 heures
Yeah, pop HAS gotten worse. It used to have groove to it, now it's just a bunch of ghetto sad music.
Joseph Lach
Joseph Lach Il y a 15 heures
Only if he did top tens when TØP was in the top ten.
Joseph Lach
Joseph Lach Il y a 15 heures
1:34 Does he mean a sharped four because it's an A over an Eb chord?
Drew Cobb
Drew Cobb Il y a 16 heures
Always enjoy your take, and learning a little theory in the process
Nyubhum Nyu
Nyubhum Nyu Il y a 16 heures
"Anyone" remade me like this
Blighght Il y a 16 heures
Don't like how the only major form of critique in this video is the chord progression or whether or not it has guitar.
CorpseBlood Il y a 17 heures
i’m just glad that wap finally left the top ten
MsTexas73 Il y a 18 heures
Hi. I just subbed. Do you also listen to the R & B lists? I like SZA. I saw your reaction to the chords in her song. That’s pretty usual in soul/R&B. Would love to hear more of your reaction. I will go and look at your other videos.
Roman Ferguson
Roman Ferguson Il y a 19 heures
hey rick, i always wonder what you'd think of this album i have listened to for many years. It's called This Binary Universe, by BT. it's ambient electronic and its very much an "experience" front to back. let me know what you think or if you have ever heard it
J G04TH Il y a 19 heures
They all sing in cursive, though.
HORSE SIX ZERO Il y a 19 heures
Pop Music, take a cookie cutter, cut, paste, repeat.
koschwarz Il y a 20 heures
Ariana Grande is a great singer with the most generic and uninspired songs. Wasted talent, she needs a new songwriter.
Fun freq
Fun freq Il y a 20 heures
I get that Rick is just dissecting the music, different music than most of us are used to hearing on his channel. This music seems to be full of lament and is at a set level of emotion. I would much rather hear music the way it was being crafted back in the 70's and 80's. Lyrical content and chord use were more mature and worth listening to. The vocals were not full of how many notes you can sing in one bar, massively irritating. Why not compare yesterday's pop song construction to today's and see what happened to it? Find out why it's so whiny and uninspiring to listen to. Because the music side of it is pretty basic and simple which I suspect is only half of the problem.
Glauco Beall
Glauco Beall Il y a 22 heures
Well...think maybe there's some good tunes, but... production is so standardized... same effects, transitions, that "autotune", R'n'B vocals... Diversified arrangements, and singers with personality, would make a big difference.
Kristen L
Kristen L Il y a 23 heures
Good video!
Peter W Rohr
Peter W Rohr Il y a jour
I’m absolutely shocked (positively) The last time I listened to the charts (years ago) it was just awful (most produced on a computer and basically on one chord) Now chord progressions, real guitar, drums and basses have come back. When will we hear some saxes, trumpets and bones in the hit parade? I’m waiting I just want to add that despite being positively impressed by these songs they are very forgettable when you compare them to the best songs from the 30’s and 40’s
Tim Waaijenborg
Tim Waaijenborg Il y a jour
This Guy is Just a pro at music
David Mitchell
David Mitchell Il y a jour
I was going to thank you for bringing me up to speed, but after hearing it I can't, in good conscience, do that.
Kaine Joyes
Kaine Joyes Il y a jour
thanks so much haven't listened to top tn in 20 years, really like (most) of these...especially the first one...great song, great rations thanks
TheGreatAtario Il y a jour
The way he can pull every chord instantly is like a fucking magic trick to me. I had music theory classes in college and I have to pore over a song like two dozen times to get something that's probably inaccurate anyway
JF’s Music Box
JF’s Music Box Il y a jour
I was preparing to cringe real hard as he listened to Grande. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what it’s about. Mainly she “stole” the Mii channel music.
Deric Il y a jour
Try upstrums on that Bieber song :)
Bob Il y a jour
the biebs ain't no slackin yo
Victor Spoils
Victor Spoils Il y a jour
Seems like 90% of young female singers (even some males) have this weird affectation these days where they curl their tongues. Sounds so fake and makes me cringe. Just sing with your natural f-ing voice. Everyone is copying each other.
Sock Monster
Sock Monster Il y a jour
The last song is the best, The first song is the second best, and everything else goes in the garbage
Sock Monster
Sock Monster Il y a jour
Garrett Sanchez
Garrett Sanchez Il y a jour
Please keep doing vids like these. Love it.
ZRecords Il y a jour
Rick,react the same way melodically to some virtuose New bands...I suggest Né Obliviscaris
FelixFTW Il y a jour
when i search for songs on genius or spotify i have to include the artist name because none of my music is popular
Stuart James
Stuart James Il y a jour
Its all pop or popular music unless you are referring to indigenous music , jazz or classical.
Hananeko Il y a jour
"the drums are 10db loud" lmao pretty accurate summary of pop music nowaday
Newlen Media
Newlen Media Il y a jour
I didn't watch your video on the top 10 pop songs from last time. But 5 or 6 of these songs were really good.
Ronald Genendlis
Ronald Genendlis Il y a jour
1st song was the best.
dorzuohans Il y a jour
Great video Rick. I think i'm gonna checkout SZA a bit more
Phil Kelley
Phil Kelley Il y a jour
This is really different - a critic (in the good sense) with a guitar. I agree with you on most of your likes. My only disagreement would be, one of the songs sounded like a Madonna retread and the another one sounded like Deep House like you would hear on DJ Drop G in any of his mixes. I think there are lots of good things going on in music today. Most of my contemporaries (60's and 70's rockers) don't agree. If they listened to you, Rick, they might change their minds. Thank you for uploading this.
Ogaitnas900 Il y a jour
Hey these two videos were very inspiring, watching a knowledgeable, very talented music professional comment on popular songs with an open mind and a positive attitude just makes me want to learn more. Thanks! Wonderful and needed content :)
Rick Il y a jour
I think corona isolation made people sick of basic progressions! love it
Sgt Syke
Sgt Syke Il y a jour
Rick...can you go over minor key songs. I discovered that I absolutely love songs in minor keys, but it would be cool to see you play through some really cool transitions. We were jamming some 80’s pop tunes and Madonna’s La Isla Bonita and Like a Prayer both have some really enjoyable changes in them. Id like to hear your dissection of them and other similar minor songs.
J J Il y a jour
one of the songs uses technique for brain to detect something familiar. Justin Bibier Anyone - Phil Colliins Do you remember intro
the top songs are filled with generic crap that get playlisted like hell and get pushed to the top forcibly not because people love listening to them lol
Gage Moore
Gage Moore Il y a jour
I would love to be able pick out chords from songs as easily as my mans here
Niáll J. Padden
Niáll J. Padden Il y a jour
You've got me with this "content" Review. This old dude has recently started listening again. Good man. Thanks Rick. Appreciated.
Al Buch
Al Buch Il y a jour
It's funny how Rick is lying to himself saying: "Oh, oh cool, cool " to a bullshit pop songs
Al Buch
Al Buch Il y a 21 heure
@Lalisa’s Toxic Husband chalga
Lalisa’s Toxic Husband
Luiz Sanches
Luiz Sanches Il y a jour
Rick, please do "what makes this song great" to "You Get What You Give" from New Radicals! One of the last great pop songs of the 90's, with great instrumental e lyrics :)
Krishu G Mukhia
Krishu G Mukhia Il y a jour
Thanks sir Rick. Now Its time I dislike all the 10 hit songs 😁😁. Love for rock n roll
Allison Candelaria
Allison Candelaria Il y a jour
To me, ANYONE/Justin B sounded like worship christian music
S Flynn
S Flynn Il y a jour
i think they pretty much all sounded better with your acoustic guitar in there! thanks for the review, i have to admit, i'm impressed at the top 10.
Joseph a joseph
Joseph a joseph Il y a jour
Interval between c3 and g3 is perfect fifth.what about the interval starting from g3 and ending at c3? Is that the same perfect fifth??
Dgreenmissile Il y a jour
It was a great review. Though, wdym by “It sounds like a normal song” in that first song? 😂
Asmaa Al
Asmaa Al Il y a 5 heures
Like very overplayed and popular, generic.
Andy Wilkinson
Andy Wilkinson Il y a jour
Justin Beiber?....gimme a fucken break
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams Il y a jour
Thank you sir!
Rick Rhoden
Rick Rhoden Il y a jour
These are passable pop songs with subtle chord and rhythmic changes enough to be able to outdistance the bulk out there which are even limper and less inspiring. I'm a Boomer (which I know automatically puts me into the "dad who doesn't like the new songs of the younger generation" stereotype), but I truly try to be as objective as possible. Simply put, these songs are all more alike than different. That is a common perennial copycat trend in most areas of entertainment. I remember 2 things now generally missing in pop songs: passion and originality. There is hope in returning to some updated versions of genres having those characteristics: rock, soul, blues and perhaps a touch of jazz. Courtney Hadwin, Greta Van Fleet, the Warning, Angelina Jordan and a few others are some of the promising artists on the cusp of revitalizing music culture.
Tyr Il y a jour
Pro tip: Don't listen to the radio, nor watch television, do not use social media and avoid reading the news. You'll gain an instant 10 points IQ bonus, apart from having a relaxed life not having to get annoyed with idiots on tele, terrible blahblah lahlahlah autotune music on the radio, frustrated on stuff from the news you can't do jack about and you won't get indoctrinated. I haven't heard any pop music for the past 15 years. It's great!
Keith Gudhus
Keith Gudhus Il y a jour
@ Rick: the Bieber chorus (which is great, as you said) is a total rip off of the 1998 Toto song "Goin' Home"
Matthew Andriano
Matthew Andriano Il y a jour
Check indonesian top spotify song.
Felix Oh
Felix Oh Il y a jour
Can’t unsee musician Anthony Bourdain
Kym McL
Kym McL Il y a jour
B 48 Jay Pazare
B 48 Jay Pazare Il y a jour
Man you should at least react to one Yorushika song, I recommend just a sunny day for you.
Andrew Dunbar
Andrew Dunbar Il y a jour
Have you thought about doing one of these with songs of another country / language? Maybe the top songs of a recent year instead of current top 10? I find Japanese and Chinese sometimes have good songs for instance.
Pokerface1337 Il y a 2 jours
I took some time and listened to some of the modern pop music, but it is simply not my cup of tea. When it comes to pop, then I prefere the 80s Pop & New Wave.
Unmitigated Gall
Unmitigated Gall Il y a 2 jours
I like these segments. Analyzing what's popular at the time. A lot of variety in styles if not always chords. Maybe the Beeb is getting tired of playing predictable dance hits. He may be maturing.
Dr. med. Lela Ahlemann
Dr. med. Lela Ahlemann Il y a 2 jours
Love your videos
omar palencia
omar palencia Il y a 2 jours
Of course #10 is good. She co-wrote the track with Jacob Collier.
Fatgeologist Il y a 2 jours
As soon as I hear autotune, I'm gone.
bill stock
bill stock Il y a 2 jours
anyone got a barf bag?
Sudhindra Kopalle
Sudhindra Kopalle Il y a 2 jours
There is something so magical about people who can listen to music and read it like a book. Astounding.
Sudhindra Kopalle
Sudhindra Kopalle Il y a 7 heures
@Why Am I here That's wonderful!
Why Am I here
Why Am I here Il y a 7 heures
Sudhindra Kopalle I'm 12 and I can thanks :D
Fahrenheit Il y a 2 jours
Right away Justin Bieber's #2 song seems like a straight up Rockefeller Street ripoff, I didn't check if the chords are the same but it's waaayyy too similar in some parts.
KIKO 1 Il y a 2 jours
"It gets points for having guitar". Even if it's just generic chord strumming?
Jeff Il y a 16 heures
@KIKO 1 to be fair, I play keys and I say the same thing every time I hear a song with keys/soft synths.
KIKO 1 Il y a 21 heure
@Cole there is no shortage of pop songs from the last 5 years that have the exact same style of playing. It's odd to praise a song for simply having guitar if the song is just like the same uninspired drivel we're used to.
Cole Il y a jour
what do you want? bombastic shredding at 200 bpm with no feel?
Nico Karsen
Nico Karsen Il y a 2 jours
Desmond Macedo
Desmond Macedo Il y a 2 jours
Driver's License: V interesting Bridge, going from Em to C, that's an 'accidental,' amongst the earliest uses is Eleanor Rigby - early 60s, then a chorus extension with another set of chords & tune - 'I guess you didn't mean what you wrote in that song about me', song begins on tried-and-tested-by-the-music-industry-cliched-note - G-Em-C - then takes off elsewhere in the Chorus & Bridge while changing speeds, bloody cool, all in all a complicated song to write, but it does not sound so - that's so Beatles' like.
dogbonz11 Il y a 2 jours
Thanks, Rick for keeping up with the progression/regression of modern pop music. I'd have no idea what is going on out there now if it were not for you. As always you keep it interesting and even find occasional flashes of brilliance.
Austin Brown
Austin Brown Il y a 2 jours
Ricks ability to play any song by ear is more skillful and impressive than most of these artists
Edward Wood
Edward Wood Il y a 2 jours
Hi Rick. The 1st song was great, full of emotion and an excellent singer. I know top forty songs all don't appeal to everyone but the rest were just fillers. The Billie song sounds worlds better when you played along with it as did the last one. Everyone is holding back. They either are afraid to put themselves out there, are not allowed to put themselves out there or don't know how to do it. Kind of dull.
w_Oceanix Il y a 2 jours
i’d like to hear more of a focus on the lyrics of the top 10 but great vid bro 👍👌
Matthew Barrett
Matthew Barrett Il y a 2 jours
Having you break the songs down like that made me appreciate them, top 3-4 at least. I really like Billie's style. It is subtle and has a nice groove. I also like her Bad Guy number.
atNIC.E Il y a 2 jours
HardRocker47 Il y a 2 jours
The two last songs have basically the same drum sounds. Also I don't know what's the point of the crackles in the kick sound. Sounds pretty bad to me.
Nathanial Dupont
Nathanial Dupont Il y a 2 jours
I appreciate that Rick is not the kind of dude who automatically dismisses any contemporary music.
Robitaille Copeland
Robitaille Copeland Il y a 2 jours
crazy how bad music is now. Yes, every generation has said this about the next, but it's been true since the 2000s. Just utter garbage since around then.
Daniel Cardenas
Daniel Cardenas Il y a 2 jours
OMG i wish i had your ears
MDHenry4 Henry
MDHenry4 Henry Il y a 2 jours
Wow huge changes I am blown away as well!
corey k
corey k Il y a 2 jours
You like Justin Beiber.
K J Il y a 2 jours
I've wonder if this generation will still listen to this music in their 40s and 50s. It just doesn't seem worthy of carrying on that long.
André Catani
André Catani Il y a 2 jours
Rick, you have to hear the album AmarElo, from Brazilian rapper Emicida
Darryl M
Darryl M Il y a 2 jours
Your discovering is so genuine and infectious. A pleasure to watch and hear. Such a cool video. Thanks for sharing.
David Snyder
David Snyder Il y a 2 jours
I no doubt just heard the number 1 elsewhere and came here. I agree! that song rocked to me. I am glad I am not crazy! thanks for what you do. I wish I would have known of you when I lived in the ATL area. I would have tried to reach out and learn from you! Peace and love brother.
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