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Grab a cup of tea and a snack while I geek out about my favorite TV shows for 29 minutes :) If you’ve been looking for a way to pass the time in quarantine, and have already baked 5 loaves of banana bread, hopefully something I recommended caught your eye! I chat about everything from sit coms to crime shows to stand up comedians, so whether you’re looking for something intense and action-packed or relaxing, I got you :)
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Fleabag (BBC)
Crashing (BBC, available on Netflix)
Fargo (FX, available on Hulu)
Love (Netflix)
New Girl (FOX, available on Netflix)
Parks and Recreation (NBC, available on Netflix + Hulu)
30 Rock (NBC, available on Hulu)
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)
Sex and the City (HBO)
House (FOX)
Bojack Horseman (Netflix)
John Mulaney Stand Up (Netflix)
Big Mouth (Netflix)
Daniel Sloss’s Jigsaw (Netflix)
Katherine Ryan Stand Up (Netflix)
Bo Burnham’s Make Happy (Netflix)
Year and Years (HBO)
The Girlfriend Experience (Starz)
Maniac (Netflix)
Big Little Lies (HBO)
Better Call Saul (AMC, available on Netflix)
Bo Burnham podcast ➭
great days by joakim karud (
charlie brown’s day off by louie zong (
what’s your name? ashley
what’s your instagram? @best.dressed
how old are you? 22 (born in 1998)
how tall are you? 5'5"
what’s your ethnicity? half british and half burmese
what equipment do you use to film?
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FTC: Not sponsored. Some of the above links are affiliate links, meaning I earn a small percentage of sales made via those links, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra!

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21 mai 2020




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Commentaires 100
Disenfranchised Taco
Disenfranchised Taco Il y a 5 heures
We have extremely similar taste, 90% of your recommendations i’ve already watched and liked
Life by Lex
Life by Lex Il y a 8 heures
Watching this while making macrame plant holders. Thanks again for that lol
vallary borse
vallary borse Il y a 19 heures
You like Bojack, omg. That's the best show ever.
SK Il y a jour
bojack horseman is fucking beautiful
Margherita Pomponio
Fleabag is 33, not twenty-something
yian chang
yian chang Il y a jour
community? :(
reiner mugarura
reiner mugarura Il y a 3 jours
And no one here has seen the detour
Kayle B Lewis
Kayle B Lewis Il y a 3 jours
Watch “The OA” on Netflix , the first episode is hard to get into but it turns into a super mind-bending show, you will LOVE it.
AZIE DIAZ Il y a 4 jours
Im so sad that fleabag wont get season 3 :((((
A.R.M.Y fL and Beyond
A.R.M.Y fL and Beyond Il y a 5 jours
Please another recomm video I watched Fleabag and normal people and I loved it 😭❤️
space lokal
space lokal Il y a 5 jours
one of my favorite underrated netflix series LOVE! I knew you'll include it on your list when you mentioned Crashing
Anjuna Ohlke
Anjuna Ohlke Il y a 7 jours
Hi! Big fan here. I love your channel and this is a dope video. I had actually watched about 95% of your picks and I just got around to watching Bojack Horsemen (I know I'm late to the party). Long story short, I just finished it in a week and I found myself coming back to this video to hear what you had to say. I would LOVE to see you make a full video about the show. That's all thanks!
A Person
A Person Il y a 7 jours
Oh my god fleabag. I love fleabag. Now I wanna rewatch it. And when the priest looked at the camera in the second season. That sounds so strange outside of context but woah god I love that show. EDIT:AND FARGO AND BREAKING BAD YESSSS EDIT 2: AND HOUSE AGHHHH THESE ARE ALL MY FAVOURITE SHOWS OK THIS IS MY LAST ONE: YEARS AND YEARS YES I LOVE THAT TOO. It was actually filmed like 100 yards from my house and it was really annoying because there was always a load of lights at this house that we couldn’t go by but it was so cool to see our little row of shops we walk past every day on tv with all these amazing actors that sounds so cliche but it was so cool that one of my favourite tv shows of all time was filmed next door hehe I’ll shut up now 😂
itzdono Il y a 7 jours
I love your list. I think as a film maker you should check out the fantastic visuals of Mr. Robot & Legion, the much underrated Patriot & it's visual humor, as well as Louie, if you can separate his work from his sexual escapades, which had incredible structure & direction. & Community should definitely be on that TV list. Even the bad seasons are a great lesson in what works in good storytelling.
Faith Lagat
Faith Lagat Il y a 7 jours
You should watch Catch-22.
Kaley Wilson
Kaley Wilson Il y a 7 jours
I just finished Crashing and Love. Amazing recommendations. Really enjoyed. Anything else?
Anavi Dhawan
Anavi Dhawan Il y a 9 jours
Thanks for the explanations. I'm watching Designated Survivor and it's really good so far. Keeps you in the edge of your seat (literally) and it's got a variety of characters to discover
Anna Horlacher
Anna Horlacher Il y a 9 jours
Also, the korean drama 'It's okay to not be okay' is absolutely worth the watch. Dives deep into mental health, childhood trauma etc. while making you laugh out loud and cry at the same time!
Sanjay Vyas
Sanjay Vyas Il y a 9 jours
Your performance is really very impressive and good you have magnificent talent I am very impressed well done
Izzy belle
Izzy belle Il y a 10 jours
I love a Crashing mention - it deserved more than 6 episodes!
Arianna Barran
Arianna Barran Il y a 10 jours
Lol when you've already watched almost every show here😭😂... Some more than once...coughHousecough
Isabella Ingram
Isabella Ingram Il y a 10 jours
you would kill a small childhood be- D:
United Inspired
United Inspired Il y a 11 jours
bojack is definitely a great piece of work
SK Il y a jour
binged watched it and now i’m depressed af but i am in love with everything about that show
Gabriel Il y a 11 jours
24:35 EXACTLY! that's why i kinda don't understand why people like fantasy genre
Serra Og
Serra Og Il y a 11 jours
The best recommendation video with not-known shows
sierra Il y a 12 jours
was kinda expecting rick and morty and arrested development 👉👈
Maria Zyka Yamog
Maria Zyka Yamog Il y a 12 jours
I'm so happy Parks & Rec is here
The Nomad Path
The Nomad Path Il y a 13 jours
Thanks for the FleaBag recommend! British humor is everything
Ibrahim Mir
Ibrahim Mir Il y a 13 jours
I only clicked on this because I saw Fargo in the thumbnail.
Vivian Lucia
Vivian Lucia Il y a 16 jours
anyone want to supportt my channeell?? 🥺🧡
Kasak Chawla
Kasak Chawla Il y a 17 jours
Fleabag was so damn good!
Cesar Favela
Cesar Favela Il y a 18 jours
I love the girlfriend experience! Season 1 is amazing! I haven’t watched season 2 yet mostly because Riley Keough is out and new characters are introduced. Definitely agree though, super underrated.
Ana Benitez Tirado
Ana Benitez Tirado Il y a 18 jours
Best tv show ever
1mwyz Il y a 19 jours
Yo that feeling when I too have been a fan of the Girlfriend Experience and never met anyone else irl that is, but Ashley loves it.
Kiki Garcia
Kiki Garcia Il y a 19 jours
@bestdressed you should really check gabriel iglesias on netflix! he has like two or three stand up specials! totally recommend!
emika brekker
emika brekker Il y a 19 jours
the ones i haven't watched for take ss fargo love (netflix) sex and the city jane by design years and years the girlfriend experience maniac (netflix) friends from college(netflix) sitcoms: new girl parks&recration 30 rock big mouth
cyphervv Il y a 20 jours
i just finished season 4 of bojack horseman and i’m pretty sure it’s one of the most emotional shows i’ve ever seen, every character feels so real and it honestly makes me scared abt becoming an adult
Jiaen Lin
Jiaen Lin Il y a 21 jour
Ariel Sider
Ariel Sider Il y a 22 jours
The makeup is bomb af
Shreddy Il y a 22 jours
omg Sex Education!! Gillian Anderson is on firee
Soo Donim
Soo Donim Il y a 22 jours
5:57 Yeah my thoughts exactly with the Snowpiercer adaptation into a TV show. Bong Joon-Ho's masterpiece movies are fine as they are bruuhh stop with the remakes hollywood
Johanisa Naim
Johanisa Naim Il y a 22 jours
why’s no one talking about bojack horseman
Faith Kidwell
Faith Kidwell Il y a 23 jours
I love the fact that Ashley like John mulaney. It’s heart warming to see one proud Asian American woman supporting another
CherryDrop99 Il y a 23 jours
Anne with an E and Sense8 are my ult recs
kindred spirit
kindred spirit Il y a 23 jours
im watching this again 3 months later and im kinda worried for ashley I feel like something's not right???? 🥺 i hope ur feeling better now !!
Secret of my art
Secret of my art Il y a 25 jours
Trying to understand everything she says is like next level listening practice for me as a non-native English speaker haha
oh reolli?
oh reolli? Il y a 25 jours
Im currently watching New Girl and i reaalllyyyy love it. I love Jesse so much!
Lily Rich
Lily Rich Il y a 26 jours
we have the exact same taste in comedy omg
Sam Saucedo
Sam Saucedo Il y a 26 jours
Your brain *chef’s kiss emoji*
Mykala Reynolds
Mykala Reynolds Il y a 26 jours
I highly recommend Wynonna Earp. It's a supernatural modern western style tv show. It is Canadian, so it has low budget graphics (mainly in season 1), but the actors and writing more than make up for it. It starts off a little slow as it builds the premise, but it quickly solidifies itself as great with its humor and intriguing plot, as well as the wonderful characters. Also, Orphan Black is a fantastic show. It's a sci-fi drama involving clones. Tatiana Maslany plays 17 different characters throughout the series (5 main ones) phenomenally well, to the point that you literally think they're played by completely different actresses. Each clone is incredibly distinct, to where you can tell when one clone is pretending to be another. The cast was allowed to improv a lot, as they all had deep backgrounds in that. Tatiana would literally improv something as one clone, remember it later when filming as the other clone, and improv back to herself. It's marvelous. The talent on that show is unlike anything I've ever seen. Tatiana was nominated for an Emmy, golden Globe, Critic's Choice, or People's Choice award almost every season, and won an Emmy for her performance in 2016. Another great one is Killing Eve. It's a BBC America/AMC series created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, but she only writes the first season, and is on as a producer for the others. It's a drama with some typical PWB comedy that follows a psychopathic assassin (Jodie Comer) and the woman tasked with tracking her down (Sandra Oh). It's a wonderful look at obsession and love from female perspectives. Jodie won an Emmy for her performance in season 2 in 2019.
Kristine Joy Arellano
Kristine Joy Arellano Il y a 27 jours
can we talk about how good Ashley's eye makeup is here
Ronald Renuart
Ronald Renuart Il y a 27 jours
I’d imagine somewhere here people are recommending this show but I haven’t seen it yet: The Marvelous Ms. Maisel is a hilarious show by Amy Sherman-Palladino (who also made Gilmore Girls). It’s an empowering show of a woman gaining her independence through stand-up comedy while battling the gender norms of the 50s. Great soundtrack, beautiful set design, well developed characters. This show is on par to Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones to me.
Ameleeia Vlogs
Ameleeia Vlogs Il y a 28 jours
Ur amazing 🥺🤩
03 AI
03 AI Il y a 29 jours
American TV shows are garbage. You should watch more UK TV shows.
marco polo
marco polo Il y a 29 jours
Omg I’m so happy u messaged Crashing!! It’s so good, I watched it before Fleabag and was craving more of the similar comedy style
Gracie Moore
Gracie Moore Il y a 29 jours
When a women charactwr can be switched out with a male without any change to the character or show then it is not women empowerment
Audacious Life
Audacious Life Il y a 29 jours
Wow. Definitely checking out Bojack...never would have without your review. Sounds right up my alley. Film major who avoided LA altogether for the reasons you mentioned.”) It’s not for the faint of heart.
Audacious Life
Audacious Life Il y a 29 jours
So good! And so many quotables here. You’re the queen of one liners!! Thank you! Not half way through yet but Love is one of my favorites. Waiting for the next season.
Cameron Knox
Cameron Knox Il y a 29 jours
I definitely recommend Insecure
Sarcastic Squareflake
Highly recommend Barry and The End of the F***ing World
jenny ma
jenny ma Il y a mois
ugh ok i just discovered u but i vibe w u sm !! pls watch nanette and douglas by hannah gadsby. her stand-up is incredible and she packs in so many witty jokes but really talks about her dealing trauma and self hatred and self worth in this beautiful way that just will make you cry. i feel like u would love it!
M. Il y a mois
Thank you for recommending Bojack Horseman. I'm 31 and there are so many dark and reflective moments in it that I can painfully relate to. Self-destructive behavior, fetishizing your own sadness, betrayal, etc. The show doesn't provide answers to these problems but it does validate so many of the thoughts and feelings I've been experiencing lately, especially during isolation/quarantine. I started watching the show because of you so thank you so much.
tanisha Pethe
tanisha Pethe Il y a mois
Nirvana Ward
Nirvana Ward Il y a mois
Ashley, if you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend watching Normal People on Hulu. It’s based off the book by Sally Rooney. Also here’s a tip for the La Croix. Try pouring it into a glass to help alleviate some of the CO2.
Shruti Il y a mois
you look so pretty in this!!!
Solianne Rubattino
Solianne Rubattino Il y a mois
watch Normal People
Veronica C
Veronica C Il y a mois
I truly appreciate you. I could listen to you talking about the things that you’re interested in for literally hours (and I never go over the 10 minutes long videos). I really like the way you can be realistic and objective but also include and express your emotions, thoughts and ideals. In the last few months I've come to find comfort in your videos and I am truly thankful for your existence here on the internet. I hope you find your true happiness and stability and that you never lose your passion for your work and all the things that you love
Anna Safa
Anna Safa Il y a mois
joking about killing a small child then repeats it and said “literally” is disgusting, no one laughs. this is nothing to joke about. you could’ve said other words tbh, you took time through editing but still think that’s ok??
Anna Safa
Anna Safa Il y a mois
okayyyy sabrina i get it. she shouldn’t have said something else other than “killing a small child” then repeats and it’s definitely ok! sure it’s not disturbing or not that deep right?
Sabrina Il y a mois
girl it is NOT that deep
Chrissy reads
Chrissy reads Il y a mois
I can't believe this. I have uttered exactly the same words about fleabag and crashing to my best friend and Ashley I just want you to know you're my soul animal. I just wanna PWB when I grow up as well.༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽
Dechen's corner
Dechen's corner Il y a mois
You inspired me a lot in starting a FRvid channel
caramel cookies
caramel cookies Il y a mois
ashkey kinda feels like a genuine friend to me. when i feel kinda down i watch her vids. shes just really like...idk she just isnt fake if you know what I mean. and the way she talks about stuff is so cool and shes so passionate omg-
Giang Vu Huong
Giang Vu Huong Il y a mois
sherlock holmesssss (2010)!!!
Mallory C
Mallory C Il y a mois
You should watch Le Gran Hotel (the grand hotel) on Netflix. Super Soapy but a great storyline
Travis McClain
Travis McClain Il y a mois
After Life. You want to laugh you want to cry then the dark comedy written and starring Ricky Gervais is really good. I love it, my mother loves it and my grandmother loves it. It deals with depression among other things so this is my current show recommendation. Little late but thanks for Flea Bag recommendation. I am writing and I don’t want to write a female character that is non-flawed!
Tara Sequeira
Tara Sequeira Il y a mois
fleabag is 33 ...she mentions it in season 2
rose prk
rose prk Il y a mois
*SUGGESTED CONTENT* Hi Ashley, you are a film major, Can you rate some of our favourite movies. That would be fun.
Jimena Vargas
Jimena Vargas Il y a mois
My fav shows rn are: - Anne With An E - Hannibal - Euphoria
Athena del Villar
Athena del Villar Il y a mois
Ok no judgement I'm honestly curious, do you not know that's Cher? I'm asking bc I'm interested in younger ppl's knowledge of celebrities I grew up with, not to be like "OMG HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW????"
Margherita Pomponio
Fleabag is not twenty something, shes 33 and they say it in season 2
Alicja Il y a mois
Bless Ashley for recommending us such masterpieces and thank you so much for introducing me to Phoebe Waller-Bridge, I literally swallowed Fleabag in one day and nothing's been the same since. I'm def gonna get into Crashing and Love as soon as I can. If I may recommend anything you should definitely watch Hannibal, for the sake of it being a literal visual masterpiece. + I'm really aching for a part 2 of this, since I've seen on your ig story that you are interested in watching Killing Eve and it is absolutely amazing so I can't wait to see you geek out about it so that more people watch ♥ love you, bby, take care
Aranza Aranda
Aranza Aranda Il y a mois
I have a deep appreciation for your hard work in this video! Omg! 😍
nishat Il y a mois
17:16 yes bo burnham very epic
nishat Il y a mois
i came because i saw bo burnham be happy
Mariam Amgad
Mariam Amgad Il y a mois
8:13 reminds me so much of the ending of Halsey's song "ashley" "Too many guys think i'm a concept or i complete them or i'm gonna make them alive, but i'm just a fucked up girl who's looking for my own peace of mind. Don't assign me yours."
Maiitsu Il y a mois
I haven't seen Fleabag (definitely want to check it out now!) but from the way you talk about it I think you'd really enjoy Crazy Ex Girlfriend, the way you talked about enjoying watching a show about women that feel like real people instead of tropes made me think of it, I think it's another show that does a really good job of writing flawed and messy characters that feel real and interesting!
Olha dos Santos
Olha dos Santos Il y a mois
Wow! it was exactly the video I was looking for! thank you for the suggestions
Alyssa Resse
Alyssa Resse Il y a mois
You should talk about rick and morty!! My fav show
Alleyah Il y a mois
What should I watch first? Help
Kaitlin Perry
Kaitlin Perry Il y a mois
the homophobia/biphobia in sex and the city makes me puke, so good but soo bad:(
katie borders
katie borders Il y a mois
please watch what we do in the shadows (the tv show) it’s brilliant
Silver Fritz Reah
Silver Fritz Reah Il y a mois
literally GLAADD you mentioned Jane by Design!!! That's like a very tucked away memory of mine bc i was soo young then and i didnt feel like anyone else loved it as much as i did and holy shiit i love that it gets mentioned here!!
Luqman Sazali
Luqman Sazali Il y a mois
Watch Dark on Netflix. Its the best show ever and im never going to shut up about it.
Anisha Patel
Anisha Patel Il y a mois
I’m not sure if anyone else has recommended this but I love The OA. Brit Marling is an incredible story teller, all of her movies are amazing too, highly recommend!
Christie S.
Christie S. Il y a mois
Omg, Bo Burhman was the reason I got onto FRvid. I met him in LA at one of his stand-ups. Such a great guy.
SailorNeptune8 Il y a mois
If you’re looking for a really funny sci-fi show PLEASE watch FUTURE MAN! It’s so worth it I promise
SailorNeptune8 Il y a mois
If you’re looking for a really funny sci-fi show PLEASE watch FUTURE MAN! It’s so worth it I promise
lily Il y a mois
watch dark on netflix, the last season just aired... it's a german series but it's SO FREAKING GOOD i can't even explain it, you just have to watch it, it totally holds up
lily Il y a mois
i hate that people now don't like or appreciate tarantino, la la land or wtv, when in reality those movies, especially tarantino "gave birth" to other significant things in the film industry, now it doesnt have the same impact of course, because i think it's time is over and we must give room to other dimensions of screenplay and execution, but tarantino gave us pure masterpieces and people would acknowledge that, but now just because it isn't cool anymore to like tarantino or damien chazelle or whatever hollywood director people just critize a lot and it doesn't mean they are bad, it's just their time has passed and things have evolved to another standards and we have to give oportunities to other artists... anyway stan greta gerwig for clear skin
Megan Terpstra
Megan Terpstra Il y a mois
My taste in tv shows is veryyyyyy similar to yours I think, parks & rec is one of my favorites (and so is grey's anatomy idk what to tell you i love the characters, there are a lot of women, lgbtqia+ characters, POC, depiction of mental illness, I know it's kinda cheesy but....... i LOVE), i LOVEDDDDDD fleabag and ones you haven't mentioned that I think you'd enjoy are - please like me (someone else commented this one as well and I Agree Wholeheartedly) - skins UK (the uk version!!! this is important because apparently there's a us version that's crap so make sure you watch the uk version) - bbc sherlock which issssss a show i loved when it was just released- quite different than the rest of the shows i like to watch but it's so intricate?!! it's one of those shows i've watched uhhh three or four times in its entirety i think and i STILL discover new things about it every time i see it which i think is cool. also two things: fat mood @ the part where you said there's a recurring theme in the tv shows you like (depressing stuff), a tv show i like has to contain at least two of the following things: absurd humor, gay content and mental illness because i will not care for it if it doesn't. And the 2nd thing is that the way you feel about these celebrities you don't know (sacrificing small children for them) is how I feel about you, you're my bo burnham so if you want to make a dutch friend who studies psychology while batteling multiple personality disorder symptoms (should i write a tv show? lmfao) hit me up xxxxxxxxxxxx
Hannah Browder
Hannah Browder Il y a mois
PLEASE watch normal people on hulu if you haven’t already. it is romantic, sexy, vulnerable, and heartbreaking. incredible camerawork and the actors are so refreshing. 10/10 recommend
Anna Safa
Anna Safa Il y a mois
i’ve watched it’s really good ugh 😻😻