My Dog Does Weird Things | PART 2

Tucker Budzyn
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My Dog Does Weird Things | Part 2
Back by popular demand...another round of Tucker doing weird things. There is never a dull moment with this little floofer. Tucker always does funny and weird things. Here are some more clips that are bound to make you laugh!
What was your favorite part?
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30 juil. 2020




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Commentaires 100
Héctor Barrera
Héctor Barrera Il y a 51 minute
Linda:high five Tucker: * high five in 6ft away and does it funny* Me:ha ha so funny and classic
Ythan James Balbino
Ythan James Balbino Il y a 2 heures
I laughed at tucker that he stares the bottle hahahaha
❤️ Dear stranger whoever reads this: may You and your parents live over 100 years ❤️
TUCKER BIGGEST FAN Il y a 2 heures
Pi’s up l load
Firelord Zuko
Firelord Zuko Il y a 5 heures
Dog backwards is god so that means all dogs are gods
Jakob The Snake
Jakob The Snake Il y a 6 heures
Grant the goat is a fortnite mobile streamer
Daksoy Il y a 6 heures
Linda sounds like Marge Simpson, it is cute.
Mr. Andrew
Mr. Andrew Il y a 6 heures
OMG, these are the cutest videos I've ever seen 😍. I love the captions.
PigDillon Il y a 7 heures
I’m so mad that i cant turn on post notifications because of coppa
Rachel Recycles
Rachel Recycles Il y a 7 heures
There are mermaid life jackets for dogs and i REALLY want tucker to wear one!!
Hansome Il y a 8 heures
I follow your tiktok
Riarna Stutley
Riarna Stutley Il y a 9 heures
its funny
Riarna Stutley
Riarna Stutley Il y a 9 heures
I LOVE IT.its cool
Clegatron Il y a 9 heures
Do the snoot challenge on social media lot's and lots and lots of dogs doing it soooo u do it Tb means Tucker Budzyn so ya
Michelle West
Michelle West Il y a 10 heures
Olivia Vlogs56
Olivia Vlogs56 Il y a 10 heures
Can you do another live plz?? Tucker getting a bath??
Millie The Lab
Millie The Lab Il y a 10 heures
hi my name is millie!
Mz sue Williams
Mz sue Williams Il y a 11 heures
Tucker is one of the most funniest odd cutest dogs in the world too cute😂
Riley The Cat
Riley The Cat Il y a 11 heures
Henlo am Riley the cat
david merano
david merano Il y a 11 heures
Tucker: ok i did it Owner: Am I joke to you?
The Golden Otty
The Golden Otty Il y a 11 heures
Marit Leonie Meijer
Marit Leonie Meijer Il y a 11 heures
Hekkin bootle 🤣 luv u Tucker ❤️✨
? Il y a 12 heures
That dog just wants her to go away !
MalfunctionZ Il y a 12 heures
For some reason this thumbnail annoys me
TheThinkingByte Il y a 13 heures
We not gonna talk about how he’s pretty well trained?
파리바게트 Il y a 13 heures
old are yoü? many work-old dog people and dog the same need silent rest do you understand?
Kerstie Rdz
Kerstie Rdz Il y a 13 heures
Beautiful dog❤️❤️ Have a blessed day
Dan The man
Dan The man Il y a 13 heures
How old tucker
rohit vyas
rohit vyas Il y a 14 heures
What the hack Linda why you stop sending the tucker video's
Jesse Kaiman
Jesse Kaiman Il y a 14 heures
1:50 👁_👁
• M A Z E L •
• M A Z E L • Il y a 14 heures
Nobody: Not even me: Tucker: the walls has farts
• M A Z E L •
• M A Z E L • Il y a 14 heures
Humph heck you LINDA... your a chicken what did you just call me?
reviewfor thetube
reviewfor thetube Il y a 15 heures
He is just adorable no joke
Manthan Vlogs Original
Manthan Vlogs Original Il y a 15 heures
Ape Lord
Ape Lord Il y a 15 heures
This dog makes my depression better and worse at the same time, better because doggo, worse because me no have a tucker
Jordan Il y a 16 heures
the video would be a lot better if she wasnt talking and if the dog viciously attacked her
Ruby Hennah
Ruby Hennah Il y a 16 heures
please post some more vids i miss uuuuu
X5jake Il y a 17 heures
2:51 when i dance in front of the school for a play
Carol Barry
Carol Barry Il y a 18 heures
I want to be tuker💔
Salama Saeid
Salama Saeid Il y a 19 heures
u might not answer but is ur name Courtney Or Linda?
Rose Dove
Rose Dove Il y a 20 heures
I love Tucker
Hot Pants
Hot Pants Il y a 21 heure
Woah- I watched you on tiktok but never saw your youtube! Glad this popped up in my recommended section.
Aryan Nalawade
Aryan Nalawade Il y a 21 heure
Trucker is so cute
Ruby Simmons
Ruby Simmons Il y a 22 heures
Can you show more videos with bubble in if possible please 🥰
Xavier Dedos
Xavier Dedos Il y a 22 heures
Aww that doggy is so cute and funny 😄
Amanda Beatrice D
Amanda Beatrice D Il y a 22 heures
Tucker is so funny because he is not afraid of fireworks but afraid of Linda’s bottle hahahahahahahahahah 😂🤣😆
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Il y a 22 heures
Linda do you you have any training tips for a English golden retriever
Tucker Bryant
Tucker Bryant Il y a 23 heures
That's my name
{Blosome and the Bss club} Lol
This dog needs some good music to say To the bottle
Madalaina Myers
Madalaina Myers Il y a jour
Is this guy a golden retriever?
Ronce Ione
Ronce Ione Il y a jour
When our dog was born he was young 6 years later he is older than me lol
Rafaela Bettina D
Rafaela Bettina D Il y a jour
Tucker is so cute And he is afraid of your water bottle and funny
Juliana Young
Juliana Young Il y a jour
Tucker is so cute and fluffy give him extra snuggles from me Like if you agree
Sophia Bullis
Sophia Bullis Il y a jour
Daniela Isabella
Daniela Isabella Il y a jour
It’s ok I’m scared too 😘😘😘😅😅
J Semple
J Semple Il y a jour
Leave the poor dog alone! Looks like he suffers from "YDS" FRvid Derangement Syndrome.
Judy Collins
Judy Collins Il y a jour
Love the pup. Baby talk kinda hard....
Scott Pendergast
Scott Pendergast Il y a jour
Such a loveable ball of fluff.
Amber Hart
Amber Hart Il y a jour
Totally relate to fresh outta bed Tucker
Graciej0 Il y a jour
Tbh I got a golden retriever and there so adorable and funny xD
Seblewongel Negash
Seblewongel Negash Il y a jour
Tucker is my daily dose of internet.
Joanne kim
Joanne kim Il y a jour
So cute!!!
AJ D Il y a jour
Omggg his face is the cutest I can't.
Nancy Kauk
Nancy Kauk Il y a jour
lol wuts that death i almost had a heart attack lol of laghing
Beaner Weener
Beaner Weener Il y a jour
I watched this with my friend,
moon Wolf
moon Wolf Il y a jour
Hahahha he fart
Rahul Sheoran
Rahul Sheoran Il y a jour
Tucker: the wall farts Linda:what’s that Tucker:death
Jade Huber
Jade Huber Il y a jour
Wow Tucker why are you so scared of it
Sleeping Fox
Sleeping Fox Il y a jour
FINALY someone else that doesn’t use the doorstopEr as a time consumer
Tinker Too
Tinker Too Il y a jour
Tucker is the coolest dog ever, however, he asked me to ask you. What's for din? Miss you..... Thanks for your consideration....💖
Aubri Gist
Aubri Gist Il y a jour
Tucker: where my treato at? Linda: ain’t got none sorry Me: I’m ded
Aubri Gist
Aubri Gist Il y a jour
Umm... OK?
XxGACHA JOSSxX Il y a jour
1:45 he was itching
Nerdyy Il y a jour
bro that dog looks mad pressed
Gen Cryderman
Gen Cryderman Il y a jour
I love Tucker’s bottle fear part it is just so funny 😂
Megan Newell
Megan Newell Il y a jour
My dog rubs himself on the couches like that
Nitesh Suresh
Nitesh Suresh Il y a jour
Boww boww.. here we go again .. Linda are you going upload next video or not 🙆🏻👀🐕🦮
Xavier Lee
Xavier Lee Il y a jour
Tucker was worried about THE FART OF DEATH💀💀💀
Janya Sahni
Janya Sahni Il y a jour
Hi Linda , I wanted to ask you that how old was Tucker when you got him to your home? I wanted to know the perfect age for a golden retriever puppy 😊😊 By the way, tucker is adorable
raskodosto Il y a jour
It's the dog owner that does weird things
Touch Bionics
Touch Bionics Il y a jour
Love the dog but the owner is so annoying and her voice is so squeaky🤢
Tauqeer Hussain
Tauqeer Hussain Il y a jour
Maybe you should make a movie with Tucker as the protagonist. I'll pay to watch it lol
Navya Arya
Navya Arya Il y a jour
Dear Courtney, Why does Tucker call you Linda?
vlame Il y a jour
Let's start a petition to make an offical Tucker language!
Xander Australia
Xander Australia Il y a jour
can u do a qna with u and ur bf or husband and tucker?
C.David Stahl
C.David Stahl Il y a jour
When I see a dog afraid of a bottle -- I kinda don't trust that bottle.
The Golden Otty
The Golden Otty Il y a heure
Ice cream gaming
Ice cream gaming Il y a jour
Brian Kaub
Brian Kaub Il y a jour
I've not seen any of Tucker's Facebook stories for a few days. Wondering what's going on...
Anbu Shifter
Anbu Shifter Il y a jour
Love ur vids
Allen lee
Allen lee Il y a jour
Gotta put chimken in the bottle!
charles athanasius
charles athanasius Il y a jour
I 💙 dog
Grace Lee
Grace Lee Il y a jour
How are his actions so exact to the captions? lol.. It's amazing and very funny!! Keep up the great work!!😊
Tyty2k Il y a jour
K been watching for days, you won me over, new sub!
Jacqueline Kempf
Jacqueline Kempf Il y a jour
Not 2 be mean ,but he's not scared he's bored out of mind.throw a ball or take him outside at least he can watch the birds and squirrels. He's smart,& baby talk.
Monique Kim
Monique Kim Il y a jour
Tucker when he stands:ÒoÓ
ItsPsychoGames Il y a jour
Battle of the bottles
Robloxia Productions
Tucker’s weakest fear: Fireworks Tucker’s biggest fear: A bottle
Robloxia Productions
@Brandon Nguyen Lol
Brandon Nguyen
Brandon Nguyen Il y a jour
This is my dog: My dogs weakest fear: food My dogs biggest fear: a black bin, water, pillows, blocks, bottles, tissues, boxes, and almost everything!!!
Nina Dunn
Nina Dunn Il y a 2 jours
Poor dog thinks your an idiot.
TheTriggerz Il y a 2 jours
Check us out and get us some attention.
How about tucker gets jealous of his puppy play mate
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