My Asian-American Identity Crisis

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28 juin 2020




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Thomson Nguyen
Thomson Nguyen Il y a 24 minutes
This video made me reminisce alot about my kid days. In elementary, I would say I'm not Asian because I was ashamed of my ethnicity and everyone keeps thinking I'm Chinese or took an odd of my lunch I bring (I even stopped bringing food and ate school lunch). At one point I even called myself white.
Itz PixZ
Itz PixZ Il y a 38 minutes
I can relate
Alejandro Arts
Alejandro Arts Il y a 44 minutes
I’m Mexican born in Mexico but brought to America but I know more English than Spanish also speak to my parents in English and my parents speak to me to Spanish
Sophia :p
Sophia :p Il y a 48 minutes
people be like: OMG How come I don’t hear a accent Me: uh I don’t know maybe cuz I started living in America at like THE AGE OF 6 MAYBE Other people: but both your parents are like Chinese Me: WELL CUZ THEY SPEAK BROKEN ENGLISH TO ME AND I SPEAK ENGLISH BACK
Dat1Mexicn Il y a 59 minutes
So, i’m mexican and always feel awful about not knowing spanish that well. No one in my family actually judges me about it other than my younger sister (who knows less than I do). She thinks I want to disassociate from my cultural background, when that’s far from the truth, she just won’t listen to me and the whole thing makes me frustrated. I want to learn more about my culture and learn to speak Spanish better, but she’s constantly bringing me down, and it makes me feel bad about myself. She even blames me for being lighter than most of my family, and it’s really brought myself esteem down. I’m sorry if i worded this weird, i don’t really know how to word this well.
Lilyan Osuna
Lilyan Osuna Il y a heure
Oh and also Emirichu, I feel your mom and dad speak Spanish. My mom won't respond to any questions from me or my sibling unless I say it in Spanish. WHY MOM?! My dad is pretty chill about the language.
Lilyan Osuna
Lilyan Osuna Il y a heure
I feel like she is talking WAY too fast.
Yellow Lemons
Yellow Lemons Il y a heure
i feel the same. Except its with Hispanic-American
kyle lang
kyle lang Il y a heure
I am also having trouble with leaning other languages as well keep up the good work girl 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Zozo Chan
Zozo Chan Il y a heure
I’ve noticed some thing people that are on the Internet most the time are always suffering from some type of mental illness Me: anxiety
kyle lang
kyle lang Il y a heure
You're still a nice person 😉
SpyseaRice Il y a heure
ah yes I'm chinese and have this exact problem very nice
segar1234 Il y a heure
I know I'm weeks late but I will say what I have to say: I can relate to this I'm Hispanic, Mom is from Mexico, Dad is from California I'm Probably the only child from my family who is born in the US. all family members speak spanish.. all of them it wasn't easy to get myself as a kid to understand that I need to learn this language and the culture that goes with it To this day, I don't know much about Mexico and it's history, culture knowledge is really small for me since I only know what I have seen and learned from my family growing up Language wise? I understand it, but not fully. there are a lot of words, descriptions, Pronunciations, and meanings that I don't know a about. It's really rough. I can't write Spanish at all, I have tried before. Yes, google translate does help a lot but it isn't that reliable as I hoped, (see English to Japanese 'translation' the damn things skip words that are mandate to have) So I have to be on my guard by reading what I know and don't know word by word Don't feel bad about what you have gone through, this is kind of a common thing that at some point we all go through. Take your time in learning, if your really are interested in learning your native language Try to find ways to do it that would be entertaining (when possible) Nice too meet you, Glad to enjoy your videos take care =^^b=
Joe Sherman
Joe Sherman Il y a heure
That music part of the story was the most wholesome stuff.
Iris Huang
Iris Huang Il y a heure
To old for (not try to make you sad)
HiddenOcelot Il y a heure
Tbh, just be yourself, it doesn't matter you heritage, it doesnt matter where you came from, all that really matters is where you want to go, and how you're going to get there.
Kaji Il y a heure
My family's pretty much all European on both sides, but that said, I did find the perspective fascinating. My father's family in particular came to America rather late, and while it's fairly diverse in a sense (with branches immigrating from Italy, Germany, and Portugal), in pretty much all cases the family members that moved over told their kids, "We're from the Old Country. You're American now." And refused to even *let* them learn the languages of where they came from. As someone who is passionate about language learning, I always found that a bit sad. That said though, a lot of what you mentioned in your story sounded familiar, and I can even admit to being guilty of certain silly, ignorant things as a result of not really knowing any Asian people until I was in college. One incident in particular stands out however. I was working at a Japanese restaurant in town, and about 80% of the staff there was Korean. Always eager to learn a new language, I'd picked up some of the basic niceties from the staff. Nothing advanced, no grammar, just "hello", "goodbye", etc. Well, one day I was hanging out with a half-Korean friend from school, and we decided to drop by his house to pick something up. When his mother answered the door I smiled, waved, and said "An yong ha se yo!" ...what followed was the most severe case of secondhand embarrassment I've ever felt; I can only imagine what my friend felt. Almost ignoring me, my friend's mother turned to him and started shouting, "HE SPEAK KOREAN! WHY YOU NO SPEAK KOREAN, HE SPEAK KOREAN!" ...yes. But that's literally all of the Korean I knew. And to top it off, the class we were taking together at the time was Japanese.
Administrator Il y a heure
When I talked to my Dad's Family side Chinese btw. Them:SHUSHISHASHUZHUHUAAA me pls dad
Maddy Il y a 2 heures
I can only relate to this part 7:11 my parents are pretty disappointed in my art and I stopped showing them my art and hiding it, They even said my art was better a year ago because I drew on paper. I feel happier drawing digitally ..
Sam H
Sam H Il y a 2 heures
Why is this so relatable?
Pastelbear Il y a 3 heures
tenshiix Il y a 3 heures
This is very relatable. I'm Filipino but was raised and born in America.
XRose TheGreat
XRose TheGreat Il y a 3 heures
wait- is that CDawg? (i really like the video, i just noticed that)
Moarty Il y a 3 heures
Something as small as moving from the Netherlands to Belgium (even the dutch speaking part!) has had major influences upon me. I stuck to my roots a lot and it made me feel sheltered. I was different, a wrong type of dutch-speaking that constantly had to repeat myself because of my accent. It's so silly in hindsight, I'm now an adult living in yet another country. Love it but learning the language is tough. Keep tending to your roots, it's a blessing in disguise. Being diverse is actually something special
Bing Bong Studios
Bing Bong Studios Il y a 3 heures
A reaction FRvidr named Prince Charming can kind of relate to this.
Bing Bong Studios
Bing Bong Studios Il y a 3 heures
12:22 Frisk
Bing Bong Studios
Bing Bong Studios Il y a 3 heures
If your older brother's Josh? Does he have a step brother named Drake?
Billbo_Swaggins Il y a 3 heures
Growing up in Texas as a Chinese American I feel this so hard lmao
UsagiChiba Moon
UsagiChiba Moon Il y a 3 heures
It’s funny actually. Both my parents aren’t able to speak Anishinaaabemowin (an indigenous language here in Canada), but my grandparents from one side taught me from a young age, so I’m able to speak with them and other family members fluently. Little by little I say new words to my parents and improve what they already know. It’s definitely not bad not knowing a language, but it’s never too late to try and be cool lol
Soul Prodigy
Soul Prodigy Il y a 4 heures
Is that CDawg
Eric Lee
Eric Lee Il y a 4 heures
Okay I’m Chinese but did you guys grow up in literal hell or something
SouthSun Il y a 4 heures
Had kind of a similar experience. I’m Mexican living in southern Texas. Pretty typical until you realize I can’t speak Spanish. Reason for the is because my mom doesn’t really speak it either, which I don’t understand because she was basically raised by my great grandparents who are very fluent. I grew my whole my life with people saying I’m a “white Mexican” or “not Mexican at all”. On top of that most other Hispanic’s come up to me automatically speaking in Spanish and I find it humiliating when I tell them I can’t understand them. It’s not like I haven’t tried to learn it. In school I took 3 years of Spanish... but I didn’t retain a thing. It’s not like I’m ashamed, I love being Hispanic and I take great pride in who I am, it’s just been humiliating for me growing up not truly being able to connect with my heritage because of a language barrier I unfortunately couldn’t adapt too because of the environment I was raised in.
Eric Lee
Eric Lee Il y a 4 heures
Heroprime Il y a 4 heures
wait why is one of her brothers Saitama?
Eric Lee
Eric Lee Il y a 4 heures
Why not?
Ava Animates
Ava Animates Il y a 4 heures
Emily you should watch Surgent Frog!!!!! its a stupidly cute anime and I think you would like it.
vintagro Il y a 4 heures
Me whos pureto rican and both of my parents speaking fluent Spanish: Also me who can barely speak any Spanish:
Rosie Il y a 4 heures
Im Chinese, and tho I understand most things I can’t write. I’m Getty g better at it tho😤
normal YouTube watcher
normal YouTube watcher Il y a 5 heures
My best friend parents were born in America but then moved to japan so thats where my friend was born some time later they moved back to America sooo yeah~ she still visits Japan sometimes
Luke Lanides
Luke Lanides Il y a 5 heures
I can relate to this since I’m greek and all my friends who’re greek are somewhat fluent while I struggle to say thank you. I know I’m white but I’ve felt all my life that I was a disgrace to my family and especially my yia yia who is trilingual and emigrated from turkey and still started a family. But now I feel happy to know that someone else struggled with their ethnicity identity and I’m not the only one. I’m still white though so I should say that I’m not complaining about my race but my ethnicity.
Luke Lanides
Luke Lanides Il y a 5 heures
The cd thing would’ve been weird even for me, a Greek! Since my dad would’ve given me an old guy singing in Greek with a bouzouki.
Story Of Life 44
Story Of Life 44 Il y a 5 heures
I talked Swedish when I was a kid and I still can after a little bit of listening and reminding myself. Alcohol makes it easier. But sober it's really hard for me to remember.
Eric Lee
Eric Lee Il y a 4 heures
I’ve... never heard of alcohol having that kind of effect.
Joonpiter Il y a 5 heures
This story relates to me so much, I honestly feel like I'm looking into a mirror. Although I'm not Asian, I am a Latina. My Father is an immigrant from El Salvador and my mom was born in California to Mexican parents. Both their parents can only speak Spanish. My parents are both bilingual in English, so much in fact that I forget sometimes that they can also speak Spanish fluently. I grew up in Washington where 70% of the population is white and although there like a 10-15% ish Hispanic population there all on the east side ( I live more toward Seattle) My parents thought the same thing, about if they spoke some Spanish to me that I would pick it up. But that never happens as they were usually gone most of the time due to there work. I can't speak very much Spanish, and even when I do I get so scared that I fumble or only say yes or no. Whenever I visit grandparents I mostly smile and nod my head then try to get out of the room as fast as I can to avoid the awkwardness that will follow. I remember in my last year in middle school that my parents forced me to take Spanish hoping I would somehow get to a track of fluency, and that was the class I struggled most with. I remember all the kids thought I spoke Spanish because I was Hispanic, and then when I said I'm not fluent they would look at me weirdly. I always felt isolated from my culture as speaking Spanish is essential, my parents always felt disappointed as I couldn't speak it and my relatives would look at me in shame. I was always the joke of " the Latina who didn't speak Spanish". Even other Hispanic thought that I wasn't worthy of my roots saying " its a disgrace to your heritage". To a degree there right, I tried so hard to be "American" that I tried to erase the Mexican that was tied on. Although now I'm learning Japanese (which was a blow to my father) I've done better in it ( I ended with an A) as I was genuinely interested in the culture and life. I'm trying more to embrace who I really and along with understanding it more. Sorry for the long essay I got carried away XD
Eric Lee
Eric Lee Il y a 3 heures
This is a pretty hardcore origin story
Richmond Montebon
Richmond Montebon Il y a 6 heures
This is waaaaaayy too relatable. I'm half filipino and half white but both my mom and stepdad are full filipino. They never taught me Bisaya, their native language, because of complicated circumstances growing up; I wasn't around them enough to have them instill it into me at a young age. Not to mention growing up in Oklahoma, there are very few filipinos to speak of. My childhood was incredibly white-washed and I found myself resenting my asian half and straying as far away from it as much as possible, as often as possible. Though for me, I did get bullied quite a bit for it, which made me hate being asian even more. Things like comments about my eyes and asian hair, as well as jokes about me having a small penis and things I'm sure you've heard before. Being anything but white in the south used to be fairly difficult (it's getting a little better now). I feel like internally, I wanted to stray away from my asian roots, but I also loved being asian too in some aspects. The strong sense of familial bonds, community, the food, music; I loved all of it. I just hated being hated for it too. Although I proudly proclaim my filipino ancestry now, I find myself having residual thoughts and feelings that try to tell me I should be ashamed for it. I never really realized how deeply internalized it was until recently. Though I'm getting better. Maybe I'll try to surprise my parents when I go back to visit Oklahoma one day and suddenly I'm fluent in Tagalog (which they can also speak but is not their first language, it's just easier to learn from external sources).
Eric Lee
Eric Lee Il y a 3 heures
Hmm so your Filipino mom married a white guy, they broke up, and now she’s with a Filipino guy hmm
Octavious T. Talium
Octavious T. Talium Il y a 6 heures
You probably already know this, but.. The best way to learn a language is to make it into a game, once this step is achieved your inner Monica will do the rest and push you to the best you can be. And I don't mean this in a bad way, but it is a shame that you didn't understand what your relatives were saying in Korean, they might have been very nice and you could have got along. I can't imagine how it would feel like if my relatives spoke something and I didn't know what they were saying. Hope you get as good as you want as exactly as fast as you want.
Eric Lee
Eric Lee Il y a 3 heures
“it is a shame” They said it! They said the thing!
DS's ninjanuity
DS's ninjanuity Il y a 6 heures
Emirichu look at this :D
Hana Kang
Hana Kang Il y a 6 heures
I feel the same way too. My mom is white but my dad immigrated from South Korea when he was younger. I always wanted to learn Korean, because my Korean grandparents still spoke it. Even with the little Korean that I knew, I barely used, it worrying I would sound stupid. I only use Korean when I'm saying hello to Korean relatives or if I'm referring to my grandparents. It's surprising to me how relatable this was.
Cassie Arts
Cassie Arts Il y a 6 heures
이것은 나를 울게했다 Meaning:this made me cry
Zeo Gaming
Zeo Gaming Il y a 6 heures
Me i live in ne India
Cherry Multifandom
Cherry Multifandom Il y a 6 heures
I relate to the 'speaking in English at home and with your parents' thing. I talk to my dad both English and Spanish. But my mom doesn't really understand English very well, so I struggle to talk to her alot and have alot of grammar mistakes. My parents always suggest me to go to Mexico with my aunt during every summer. And I always say no cause I know my Spanish sucks and I know my family over there will barely understand what I'm saying.
e m p t y
e m p t y Il y a 6 heures
Just do what Mulan did. Cut your hair and move somewhere and go into a war! You’ll bring honor to us all!
Eric Lee
Eric Lee Il y a 3 heures
...what does this even mean??
Eclipse Yin
Eclipse Yin Il y a 6 heures
good to know I'm not the only one who has that issue. I relate a lot to this video (I'm Mexican American btw)
Coøkiexx Kun2
Coøkiexx Kun2 Il y a 6 heures
Indi Indi
Indi Indi Il y a 6 heures
*Emirichu: har-ma-ne han-ov-tein nung na-se-a* me: what? Edit: heres the time 6:17.
Eric Lee
Eric Lee Il y a 3 heures
Thank you, FRvid user Indi Indi. I too am incapable of speaking Korean.
SJ G Il y a 6 heures
You're American and NOT Korean. You shouldn't be ashamed of not feeling close to your parents' country and its culture. Even we Koreans feel closer to people whose parents are both foreigners but were raised in Korea than to people who are only ethnically Korean and can't even make a single decent sentence in Korean. I even think it's racist to call you Korean. You are NOT Korean just like African-Americans are not Africans. You don't have to force yourself into thinking that you should be good at Korean. You are not Korean after all.
Eric Lee
Eric Lee Il y a 3 heures
People from Korea aren’t Korean, according to epic master genius brainiac FRvid user SJ G.
Raymond Cruz
Raymond Cruz Il y a 7 heures
I mean we can all relate in some way because a TON of ppl in America are most likely in the same boat as you(not literally Your case, but similar) and we just choose to be American over our Nationality. It’s really hard to WANT to get infested into something that you end up feeling bad over for years and it’s hard to get into the culture, religion, ethnicity, and so on. Hell, I’m a descendant of a Mexican Nationality and I’ve basically been raised like a White boi even tho I’m a big soft brownie
ViperishMoy gamer
ViperishMoy gamer Il y a 7 heures
My parents are Mexican, they had my brother, me, and my sister and I can understand Spanish but I can't talk in Spanish
Stream Crossroads by Gfriend
Honestly, im just here cuz i like kpop and plan to move to south korea when im 18 Also i get what your going through. Im 12 and for the majority of my life i was around my grandmother and older family members who mostly spoke spanish. As i child i enjoyed going to her house, the smell of red rice and pork chops constantly flowing through her apartment. I even enjoyed learning spanish, and by age 6 i could speak it almost as well as i could speak english. Until my family moved. My mother had gotten a job in Pennsylvania, 2 1/2 hours away from where the majority of my spanish relatives lived but instead of moving away with my mom i got to stay with my aunt on my italian side of my family. Im lucky only my grandparents on my moms mom side spoke italiqn as my grandparents on moms dads side spoke spanish (i hqve never meet my dads side of the family, Honestly I have never even gotten to meet my dad, as he has been in jail since i was three) or that could have gotten messy. But while at my aunts for close to a year i lost almost all of my ability tto speak spanish, now i can speak a bit more spanish than i can korean, and i can tell how much it upsets my spanish family. I cant really have a conversation with my older relatives and only understand the bare amount of spanish. I know my grandmother takes shame in that i know more of a language and a nationality than the one that i was born into but i like learning korean, i love the music, the food, qnd the culture and i love MY culture to i can name multiple diffrent spanish artist, types of foods, and spanish languages and i know some spanish. It could be worse and i could know nothing but i still feel incompetent around my fluent family members who grew up in Puerto Rico and i learned that it doesnt matter how much i know i just have to do what I want to do qnd not do what i feel pressured to do
IllegalFishButt Il y a 7 heures
I have big identity crisis because I was born in Hong Kong, am half korean and italian, lived for a long time in australia and now im in thailand speaking english so whaT AM I SUPPOSED TO SAY WHEN PEOPLE ASK ME WHERE IM FROM
AzureAkina Il y a 7 heures
I’m Asian. And yes, I have language problems with my parents. Well, I can understand them but I would always speak in English.
Creator Danny
Creator Danny Il y a 7 heures
I guess for me it was kind of opposite, I had a lot of friends from different cultures and ethinicities and they always had something to share from theirs (Food, Traditions, Language) but I never had much so I felt like the boring American. It got to the point where I resented being American and whenever someone asked for my ethnicity/Nationality I would hide my American half. My relatives found it funny and would tease me by saying stuff like "You were born here so you're only American" "It doesn't count if you don't eat all the food" "Oh wow so you understand? Why don't you try speaking the language" (Usually only to laugh if I refuse or actually try)
F To Shame
F To Shame Il y a 8 heures
I am Asian but I live in a area where the only to races are Mexican and Caucasian but nobody has asked about my accent
mia L
mia L Il y a 8 heures
My mom side of the family: you're part Argentinian why won't you learn Spanish? My dad side: you should be proud to be an Israeli! Me: I'm very confused
Maura Reilly
Maura Reilly Il y a 8 heures
I can kinda relate, I’m Irish, Italian, Native, Polish, and pretty much east European, and I know nothing about the cultures. And I feel like I’m white washed and have no background. I wanna learn when I’m older but I feel so held back by pretty much everything
HeyItzIsabel Il y a 8 heures
2:03 me: *thinking that she would put bts, exo, other popular kpop groups* also me: *sees Monsta X Follow:Find You Album there* KSNDUDJSBSGDISLALDIDBSBSKCI
Johan Cha
Johan Cha Il y a 9 heures
Koreans to mixed race people : I'd love to marry a white person and have a hybrid child. And they are prettier genetics than Koreans.... Pretty Hybrid child : Moron......
goldguyperson Il y a 9 heures
Wow. Not Korean, I’m Ecuadorian, but I can really understand. For around 12 years of my life I was hating myself, growing up in a white town that was very racist towards anyone else, and for the last 3 or 4 years or so I’ve been trying harder to connect with my roots and my family since I don’t like to be identified with Americans for uh... personal reasons.
lee yuna
lee yuna Il y a 9 heures
did anyone else get the mocking "xua hua qiao xiao" whenever their parents spoke to them in their native language
Sandra Ruberto
Sandra Ruberto Il y a 9 heures
I related to your story so much! Being half swiss and half italian, my mom tried to talk to me and to my brother in german during our childhood, but we both were never been interested in learning german. We both understand some of it but we can't have proper conversation, which becomes a language barrier when we meet our relatives that only speak german. I'm still not super inclined to learn german but I always think it would be so useful to know, so who knows.. is never too late to learn it!
iluvmyshelf o-O
iluvmyshelf o-O Il y a 9 heures
this is so relatable that I cried
Mel Il y a 9 heures
As the son of parents who immigrated from Cameroon, this video speaks to me. Especially because I can’t speak French at all, the look on friends of my parents faces when they found out I couldn’t speak French was always shameful
Vivo Lahat
Vivo Lahat Il y a 9 heures
Im indonesia and i dont relly know englis
Marina Montalto
Marina Montalto Il y a 9 heures
I was adopted from South Korea as a baby by two Italian parents. I really needed to see this video
Michał Wysocki
Michał Wysocki Il y a 9 heures
Lol, this is like my story with Polish! Thanks for sharing!
Moe Gaming
Moe Gaming Il y a 9 heures
Dang, it's crazy how similar our lives are... I grew up with very similar experiences as a first generation Korean American living in the states. Regarding the topic of staring and elders... I learned that it is disrespectful to stare back at elders (especially in Korea) which could lead to some cultural confusion. We don't mean to stare, but we are taught in America to maintain eye contact. I also struggle with learning Korean. You are not alone!
Karshang Waiba
Karshang Waiba Il y a 10 heures
7:32 Why waste the kimchi tho
Kpoppie UwUz
Kpoppie UwUz Il y a 10 heures
Once I was about 6 or 7 and my teacher told me “wow, your English is so good!” And at that age I just thought it was her thinking I was really good and smart but now that I think back to it she probably thought I didn’t know I knew English at the time considering how ‘different’ I looked
Nhật Đào Nguyễn Minh
I have, high vocabulary English skills and everybody just wanted to be my friend in class lol 🤖 /\
Meow056_45 Il y a 10 heures
Meow056_45 Il y a 10 heures
Mira Draws
Mira Draws Il y a 10 heures
I never comment but this video spoke to me on several different levels. I am a Congolese who doesn't speak lingala only french and I always felt out of place because every other Congolese person spoke lingala it made me feel like an alien amongst my own people convincing myself that we just don't have anything in common although I secretly always wanted to belong. I tried to learn any other language other than my own because I thought I just didn't know how to fit into a space where the language was such an important part of our culture. But I really relate to your video and saw myself in it. I started learning little by little in secret because I am still too embarrassed to tell anyone about it.
Aisyah Haneem Asmawi
Aisyah Haneem Asmawi Il y a 10 heures
I got you Emily,I'm from Malaysia and I speak more English than Malay with my mom.Some of my friends said that I forgot my...Origin?But still,it felt pretty good having really good mark in my English tests.
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