Mustang-Swapped Ford Fusion?? 5.0 Coyote V8 in a Sleeper Sedan

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We see a lot of swaps here in the Burnyard... the two letter combos you all know well: LS. JZ. RB. SR.
But sometimes, two letters just aren't enough to cover what's going on in an engine bay. Like Matt Soppa's Coyote swapped Ford Fusion. Matt took a normally pedestrian looking sedan, and made it matter - with 5.0 liters of fury packed into the family sedan. AND he drives the hell out of it. Matt, we salute you for this madness.
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9 sept. 2019




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Commentaires 2 607
Hoonigan Daily Transmission
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Matthew Childress
Matthew Childress Il y a 8 jours
I give it a 2
Braeden Hudson
Braeden Hudson Il y a 9 jours
Ham Sandwich
Ham Sandwich Il y a 14 jours
He obviously worked really hard on this. I give him a 10!
Mario Taylor
Mario Taylor Il y a 18 jours
9 out of 10
AlerDaBear Il y a 19 jours
8/10. Wish he kept it basic on the outside to be a real sleeper
FuuLLSpeeD Il y a 55 minutes
It’s already turning into a Mustang, almost ran someone over.
Dre Mckinney
Dre Mckinney Il y a 2 jours
Allen Jones
Allen Jones Il y a 2 jours
When your tell your friend, “it’s a stock fusion SE” then he crank it up @ 6:30 😱😱😱😱😱😱☠️
Isaac D
Isaac D Il y a 2 jours
Rims, stance, red stripe, stickers bombed down the sides with vinyl stripes, wouldn’t really consider this a sleeper lol cool car though
Connor Sonnendecker
Connor Sonnendecker Il y a 3 jours
This dude kind of sounds like Anders Holm
Ricardo Mayou
Ricardo Mayou Il y a 4 jours
I had the most straightest face thru the whole thing until the Mario jump 💀
afroman123433 Il y a 6 jours
This sounds so brutal
Roman Vasquez
Roman Vasquez Il y a 7 jours
Ford take notes....
Mr America
Mr America Il y a 7 jours
Random guy builds ford fusion the way it should of been built. Ford engineers: we still suck!
Abhishek Birara
Abhishek Birara Il y a 8 jours
It was first time my mobile went crazy loud
Josh fedora Moore
Josh fedora Moore Il y a 9 jours
"Just made some angle iron and Bob's your uncle"
Jameson Brettmann
Jameson Brettmann Il y a 9 jours
Huh, a Ford I might actually consider buying.
Spam Can
Spam Can Il y a 9 jours
I really wish you guys would put warnings for headphone users like a lot of other channels do.
Chris S
Chris S Il y a 9 jours
If ford built the dodge charger
thatkyleguy 1
thatkyleguy 1 Il y a 9 jours
Man I ain't seen a good ol fashioned hi 5 in a minute!! Now that's some good shit!!
Emjay The Great
Emjay The Great Il y a 9 jours
Proud to be a fusion owner....
DB Ptown
DB Ptown Il y a 10 jours
I like that sh*t🔥
Cerah Gray
Cerah Gray Il y a 11 jours
I've seen this car at a drift event in arizona and oml this thing is LOUD!
Austin Cooper
Austin Cooper Il y a 12 jours
love how these guys ask questions like they know wtf theyre talking about..........................
The Birds My Word
The Birds My Word Il y a 13 jours
Sounds like ass like every mustang you can always count on that.
BSfunk44 Il y a 13 jours
What a fucking moron....nice work almost killing a guy..
Ronnie Welch
Ronnie Welch Il y a 13 jours
Anybody got a Fusion for sale
Aaron Teague
Aaron Teague Il y a 13 jours
The startup on this thing almost blew my damn phone speakers fuckin SAVAGE
Danine Horn
Danine Horn Il y a 14 jours
Well now I know what to do with my Ford Fusion that’s busted
Im Batman Bitch
Im Batman Bitch Il y a 14 jours
If I were this guy I’d paint it pink and not straight pipe it lol
Aimless Drifter
Aimless Drifter Il y a 14 jours
This could have been an awesome production 4 door Mustang car. Can't say the same for Mustang Mach-E
Dorian Davis
Dorian Davis Il y a 15 jours
Ford should do this and call it the fusion gt
Nicholas Crego
Nicholas Crego Il y a 16 jours
You'll never get that godly sound out of a pushrod! The only other two engines that produce godly sounds are the 4.6 and 5.4 modular V8's and the 5.2 FPC.
Nicholas Crego
Nicholas Crego Il y a 16 jours
Matt lives like a mile from my house.
Angel •34 years ago
Angel •34 years ago Il y a 16 jours
Nice jump
AR-.556 .45Tim-1911
AR-.556 .45Tim-1911 Il y a 17 jours
This is was ford should’ve done when they made the last Taurus sho
john russo
john russo Il y a 17 jours
There is Absolutely nothing about this car that says sleeper on it 😂
Mrjarvisful Il y a 18 jours
Now let's see a Dodge dart with a hemi
Mrjarvisful Il y a 18 jours
Ford version of a Dodge charger and dart having a baby
GRPPLINGBJJ327 Il y a 18 jours
As a fireman I’ve seen these literally blow up on the road . Hands down one of the worthy cars ever made . Why would you chose this as your sleeper .
Adrian & Kathy Weathersbee
sparrow Il y a 22 jours
Six gets pulled over for modded exhaust but this dude dont some how
sparrow Il y a 22 jours
Because it is a cyote it could easily make 1100 hp with a supercharger
Andrew Slatsky
Andrew Slatsky Il y a 22 jours
This guy should take a Mk5 or Mk6 Passat or Jetta, 2.5L, In-line 5, and swap it with a Lamborghini 5.0 V10
Tomas Tylecek
Tomas Tylecek Il y a 22 jours
dam, that exhaust note was pumped thtough what speakers?
sparrow Il y a 22 jours
In a sleeper sedan it is evan more sleeper
RS Media
RS Media Il y a 23 jours
That's a car I would FUCKING DRIVE
lance berry
lance berry Il y a 25 jours
Should of just bought a 2.7TT AWD sport?!
Charge X
Charge X Il y a 26 jours
Why didn’t he just by a mustang fr😂
Boostedart Il y a 26 jours
Not bad ✔°Coyote Swap the world 🌟🌎
Monty 392
Monty 392 Il y a 26 jours
Thats dope
bryant gonzalez
bryant gonzalez Il y a 28 jours
Fabian Arreola
Fabian Arreola Il y a 28 jours
That's not a 2016 ford fusion!
ComTechxx1 Il y a 28 jours
DVolt Z
DVolt Z Il y a 28 jours
silly question.... but i have the cash..... but not the know how to do this.... I have a Fusion SE and would like a stang swap.... I live In NY.... anyone know where or who i can go to, to get this done???
Reese Imel
Reese Imel Il y a 29 jours
Simple as could possibly be, that's a Ford guy for you!
Timothy Luker
Timothy Luker Il y a 29 jours
Dude who is this guy😂 shit...
Me Yes
Me Yes Il y a 29 jours
The front wheels look horrible bowed out like that.
a2cryss Il y a mois
Builds a 4 door but does not put in rear seats. hmm...
OLD RED TRUCK Il y a mois
Damn this thing did better than the BMW with orange lights
The D
The D Il y a mois
Not really a sleeper when you put sport trim and a livery on it lol
The D
The D Il y a 28 jours
@J Miller Right, but a sleeper is a car that looks plain and to the average person it wouldn't come off as a high-performance vehicle. This vehicle, however, screams drag strip -- thus is not being a sleeper.
J Miller
J Miller Il y a 29 jours
i can put all the stickers and trim i want on my v6 2002 mustang but it doesnt make it any faster. i promise.
Anthony S.
Anthony S. Il y a mois
*rips the engine* me in hotel room: lemme turn this down real quick
Richard Beauchesne
Richard Beauchesne Il y a mois
That fusion just woke up in 2019 like “I identify as a sports car now.”
Bernardo Santos
Bernardo Santos Il y a mois
needs a big ol' 4.5 charger