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Can Link figure out what happens next in these r/Unexpected videos? GMM #1547
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15 mai 2019

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Commentaires 1 652
Ima Finna Clap Yo Cheeks
1:01 **you tried**
Rehan Alam
Rehan Alam Il y a 3 jours
Bill for B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 13:14
Elizabeth Schindler
Elizabeth Schindler Il y a 4 jours
When link said "okay, google maps....." It in fact, pulled up my google maps 😂
Chaochrome Il y a 5 jours
morgan mooorgan is attractive
Elliot Grant
Elliot Grant Il y a 7 jours
Rhett should know better than that "they know who Bill Nye is amazing" bit
Nia's Bae
Nia's Bae Il y a 13 jours
I love Morgan
Namjoon tiddies
Namjoon tiddies Il y a 14 jours
Why wouldn’t they know who bill nye is? I didn’t watch a single tv episode of him (I’m not an american) but I still know who that guy is.
GameNerdsOfZion Il y a 18 jours
Cool snake
GameNerdsOfZion Il y a 18 jours
Alli Swatsenbarg
Alli Swatsenbarg Il y a 24 jours
Kathleen Feliciano
Kathleen Feliciano Il y a mois
I got 1 right...
Lee Sang Sup Yeong
Lee Sang Sup Yeong Il y a mois
lol the fish video was from brazil
The Johnson Fam
The Johnson Fam Il y a mois
7:49 *Its obviously...*
Tammy Green
Tammy Green Il y a mois
I knew the Bill Nye one cause I’ve actually seen that video online lol
SwingerHD Il y a mois
I laughed waaay to much on that golf cart clip
BridlingBelt180 Il y a mois
polite spoon
polite spoon Il y a mois
...but. i own a snake.
LaGuerre19 Il y a mois
A Cincinnati mohawk, lmao. Better than a Cleveland steamer.
grey reese
grey reese Il y a mois
Collab with Molly Burke
Nigel Cooper
Nigel Cooper Il y a mois
dat wink tho 6:56 and 13:59
SuavestHades80 Il y a mois
It's a punyishment
Maya Johnson
Maya Johnson Il y a mois
lol I my siblings once went on an elevator with bill nye
Aqsa Il y a mois
I wonder if Link knows what is happening on his tshirt 🤔😂
Taryn Thin
Taryn Thin Il y a mois
Morgan is cute lol
Flying Sandwich Mapping
one of these days, d is going to be the answer
Oxtian Universe
Oxtian Universe Il y a mois
Mr. Rabbi Dude
ᚢᛁᚫᛁᚾᚷ Il y a 2 mois
*OMG I got all except the snake one* 😯 This never happens ❗❕😂😂
Andrew Philcox
Andrew Philcox Il y a 2 mois
Fish jumping were silver carp aka Asian carp
Iron Tarkus999
Iron Tarkus999 Il y a 2 mois
Rhett and link doing reddit videos? Nice.
Cecil McWilliams
Cecil McWilliams Il y a 2 mois
ONLY THE BEST Il y a 2 mois
here Il y a 2 mois
Morgan is a babe holy cannoli
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Il y a 2 mois
I need a H A N D for a lightbulb
Luke Ormsby
Luke Ormsby Il y a 2 mois
10:03 "Let's not do that anymore"
Darrian Weathington
Darrian Weathington Il y a 2 mois
Bill Nye the bikini guy [guy, guy, guy] BILL! BILL! BILL!
Darrian Weathington
Darrian Weathington Il y a 2 mois
I was expecting Morgan Freeman... *DISAPPOINTED!!!*
val gutiérrez
val gutiérrez Il y a 2 mois
oh wow morgan can like.. get it
Christopher Christopher
Jo Baker
Jo Baker Il y a 2 mois
Always good to see morgan alive and well
Riley Schmidt
Riley Schmidt Il y a 2 mois
Link's shirt reminds me of the Webkinz guy who's like, "Welcome to the Curio Shop. I hope you find what you're lookin' for."
Spiral Il y a 2 mois
Mom says I’m neglected
Electra Fire
Electra Fire Il y a 2 mois
At 8:45 it's at Miniture wonderland in Germany I think!
Rodrigo teles
Rodrigo teles Il y a 2 mois
the video with fish, must've been made on brazil, they were speaking portuguese
inkoftheworld Il y a 2 mois
"Unexpected that those girls knew who bill nye was" What... why... Just cause they are having some fun. :P
hayden sanson
hayden sanson Il y a 2 mois
Rhett said google maps, my video paused, and google maps opened, fml
Bia Caetano
Bia Caetano Il y a 2 mois
11:52 She is saying ''segura'', like, hold on in english. It's on Brazil, portuguese, lol.
Chris Kelley OUTDOORS
Chris Kelley OUTDOORS Il y a 2 mois
Those fish are Asian Carp they are an invasive species in the US
The Things
The Things Il y a 2 mois
1:40 what is Link even saying!?
OrangeMoon Il y a 2 mois
2:43 😂😂😂
Random Videos No Videos?
At 2:26 answer c actually happened to me before lol
Lapuli The lapis lazuli spider
Nice Mohawk, lamb.
wesley mckay
wesley mckay Il y a 2 mois
What's links shirt ?
Andy Palmer
Andy Palmer Il y a 2 mois
Tambourine Man
Tambourine Man Il y a 2 mois
1:01 😂😂😂
mojo Il y a 2 mois
wow morgan he a cutie that was a sweet wink
build time
build time Il y a 2 mois
Bill Nye got laid af that day
Wally Mac
Wally Mac Il y a 2 mois
11:40 The explanation of this is that the guy farted
Lily Jeppson
Lily Jeppson Il y a 2 mois
11:49 when that one fish just was flipping on the ground 😂
Keeley Spina
Keeley Spina Il y a 2 mois
Look at links shirt
Ireneomiya Il y a 2 mois
«Link, you’re on fire today» **Looks down to check if he’s on fire**
Foxy Engineer
Foxy Engineer Il y a 2 mois
I can honestly say I've been in an elevator when bill Nye walked in
fizzii Il y a 2 mois
*to be continued meme playing aggressively*
GirlWithTheBlueHair Il y a 2 mois
Morgan is fit!
Kristers Feldmanis
Kristers Feldmanis Il y a 2 mois
Akaest_ Zj
Akaest_ Zj Il y a 2 mois
Who else misses laying down as a little kid like 4 to 5 years ago and just hearing there intro song.
Kahmari Matlock
Kahmari Matlock Il y a 2 mois
Link should've and will you get dejected when I am ejected from the projected r/expected from the r/unexpected
The_Yung_G 214
The_Yung_G 214 Il y a 2 mois
Big_Mack_Attack 23
Big_Mack_Attack 23 Il y a 2 mois
Rhett is the next Eminem 0:40
Sbish Il y a 2 mois
We forgive you!! 😂 #Cincybornandraised #513
Corey Casterline
Corey Casterline Il y a 2 mois
I got them al right but the snake one
AceGamer38 Il y a 2 mois
2:43 4:08 6:16 8:07 9:30 11:38 13:25 Thank Me Later
The_Yung_G 214
The_Yung_G 214 Il y a 2 mois
marni Il y a 2 mois
Links shirt is so cool where is it from
Maranda Ortiz
Maranda Ortiz Il y a 2 mois
Was so hoping Rhett would call it a “Cleveland Sheeper”
Physics Phil
Physics Phil Il y a 2 mois
Currently watching from Cincinnati...
Dia Il y a 2 mois
Morgan’s hot 😂
Mean MrMusician
Mean MrMusician Il y a 2 mois
Will you be *dejected* When I am *ejected* From the *projected* ...*Smakecky*
Atalia Lakes
Atalia Lakes Il y a 2 mois
Thank you for saving smosh ❤
Bernard solidum
Bernard solidum Il y a 2 mois
I saw the vid you got mad about a chair wth
Bernard solidum
Bernard solidum Il y a 2 mois
Will Johnston
Will Johnston Il y a 2 mois
The cat is not really that unexpected if you're zooming in on the Campo di Torre Argentina in Rome. It's a well known sanctuary for feral cats, and there's even a program run so that the cats get care.
Max Brust
Max Brust Il y a 2 mois
International KFC Taste Test
100 Years of Cake Taste Test
Backwards Talking (GAME)
Eating Russian Food
Playing Episode: Love Life