More Bugatti Financial Issues.

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27 nov. 2020




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Commentaires 100
Big Jit
Big Jit Il y a mois
How much you wanna bet he won't buy the land or the plane? 😂😂😂
John Mandragon
John Mandragon Il y a 2 jours
I wish this guy would slow down.....
USFIREWOLF Il y a 17 jours
@Cesar Camacho your going to hell
Jaggsta Il y a mois
Save 63k on tax and No yearly Emission Testing clear winner is Montana.
Tech Is Life
Tech Is Life Il y a mois
@TheStradman Prove everyone wrong my friend. Amazing collection by the way
Christopher Hi
Christopher Hi Il y a mois
The stradman just believe in your self and you can do it
Eli judah Vlogz
Eli judah Vlogz Il y a 21 heure
Sub to Eli judah vlogz
James Miles
James Miles Il y a jour
There might be an idea of a jeep j6 which is a single cab jeep gladiator take a J6 cab put it on the gladiator then you will have a bit more room for a flat bed and then extend the flatbed off the back and your sorted
Milkdud Il y a 3 jours
Buy land dude. Easy answer
Ben Burrell
Ben Burrell Il y a 7 jours
Ben Burrell
Ben Burrell Il y a 7 jours
Great idea except land alone would cost more than the sales tax, and getting a pilots license is expensive also then buying a plane, I really hope ur kidding....but with that being said u shouldn't have bought such an expensive car!!!!
rgbrowning12 Il y a 8 jours
As a CPA I thoroughly enjoyed your tax talk 🤣
Kevin Il y a 9 jours
It's a good thing you don't drink coffee..... lol PS.... I lived in NH and the roads are not good for Lambo's too many frost heaves.
Joseph Angelo Todaro
Joseph Angelo Todaro Il y a 10 jours
I didn't know that a human being could be this annoying.
Bobby Pfijdjf
Bobby Pfijdjf Il y a 10 jours
At 8:13 he’s in the Bugatti and at 8:17 he’s in the Lamborghini someone explain that to me
Erik Otroda
Erik Otroda Il y a 11 jours
You should go Oregon you can trade in water bottles for 10 cents each
Akshay Il y a 12 jours
buggatti .... bad
Jheda rhynae
Jheda rhynae Il y a 12 jours
can you do bugtti active aero
Jakov Kulusic
Jakov Kulusic Il y a 13 jours
I don’t want to pay tax but we should buy a plane
sketchfan1op Roblox
sketchfan1op Roblox Il y a 15 jours
he should move to oregon. we need more supercars over here.
AxR Dursun
AxR Dursun Il y a 16 jours
Move to oregen in your mom and dad house
Lettuce Carrots
Lettuce Carrots Il y a 16 jours
Perhaps, you should consider drinking less coffee.
N M L O P Q R S Il y a 17 jours
Lol I have that same monitor
WGamerTV / WGTV Il y a 20 jours
Rich ass
poofidy Il y a 22 jours
a cop is like a mugger in gta
Mohamad Walo
Mohamad Walo Il y a 23 jours
You should move to Denmark if you don't wanna pay taxes!
Mohamed Kotkata
Mohamed Kotkata Il y a 25 jours
Ideas ideas 😄
Johann Borowitza
Johann Borowitza Il y a 26 jours
Ishtiaq Alam
Ishtiaq Alam Il y a 27 jours
Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
phantom2k10 Il y a 27 jours
Definitely by a piece of land in Montana,store and register the car there mate.F giving the gov that 60k
Jonathan Ledger
Jonathan Ledger Il y a 27 jours
Come to Delaware Stradman! No sales tax, but there is 4.25% transfer tax on vehicle purchases. Super close to NYC, Philly, Baltimore/D.C., etc. We’re in easy drive distance to skiing and beaches as well...
car lover
car lover Il y a 28 jours
Wait, your family lives at Oregon right? Why not move the Bugatti at Oregon
garrettcookin Il y a 29 jours
Move to North Carolina
Luca Oprean
Luca Oprean Il y a 29 jours
Do u want to sell the bugatti?
Keagan THOMAS Il y a mois
Missoula looks way cooler than utah
TAIT SMITH Il y a mois
Good idea but if you buy property you’ll have to pay property taxes
Art Tech
Art Tech Il y a mois
This kid sure likes throwing out a lot of numbers ($$$)... Claims he "owns" a few exotics, building a new house, wants a plane... where is the real truth? Where is all this income coming from? What from making 13 minute videos. I don't think so.
Pakistani Mom Sakina In Uk
how much did he buy his bugatti for
Lil Keeper88
Lil Keeper88 Il y a mois
montana montana montana
Travis Hartley
Travis Hartley Il y a mois
Good Time Guys
Good Time Guys Il y a mois
This guy always seems like he's on drugs. It's too much.
Cameron Il y a mois
That 67 in the background , he needs a resto
Christian Fure
Christian Fure Il y a mois
this dude lives life like a gta character
ronelee Il y a mois
delaware, its tri-state surround by pa, nj and md
Jim Brauer
Jim Brauer Il y a mois
Government sucks
Alexis Colby
Alexis Colby Il y a mois
Ali Il y a mois
Move to Montana or setup an LLC there, get virtual address, invest your money while your young 👌👍 those supercars tax and registration costing you a fortune.
Nick Granada
Nick Granada Il y a mois
James buy a house in Montana, register everything to the house including your license, but staying living in Utah and rent out the house in Montana
OldSchoolAP Il y a mois
Get an LLC., Register that LLC in Montana and buy a small facility. Then you can register your car under your LLC and get Montana plates.
2f 2f
2f 2f Il y a mois
Anyone know where is the cool fridge Burlacher gave him as a present?
Meme GODDESS Il y a mois
I’m not liking the flat bed
goog goog
goog goog Il y a mois
Delaware got 4.25% sales tax on cars
Fredo Il y a mois
7:24 take a moment to appreciate the clouds
Richard Sorenson
Richard Sorenson Il y a mois
Down your pill intake a bit
John Pratt
John Pratt Il y a mois
Tooele Utah doesn't require emissions get a place there and your good!
John Pratt
John Pratt Il y a mois
Im in SLC I thought the tax was 7.75% maybe your in Utah county.
Nhan Tran
Nhan Tran Il y a mois
Tây củ lòi
A3jettaftw1 Il y a mois
Adhd or concaine is the only explanation
Travis Ulbricht
Travis Ulbricht Il y a mois
Love the shout out to B is for Build
John Alm
John Alm Il y a mois
Mitch Snow
Mitch Snow Il y a mois
you should talk to someone about the tax avoidance MT thing. Sounds like a solid plan. You will probably want a purple airplane next
CBLifeHacks Il y a mois
Never Buy the 3 F's and you wont lose money ( if it Flies , Floats or F-,-)
Barney Miller
Barney Miller Il y a mois
Oregon.... you have family there.
driver g29
driver g29 Il y a mois
My guy i live in croatia and tax is 25% HIGHEST IN WORLD
Tristen Kopasz
Tristen Kopasz Il y a mois
the car can stay in utah just buy the property and register the car there. The car can be in Utah with Montana plates
Lucas Williams
Lucas Williams Il y a mois
You need to commentate for auto racing of some sport
Snowboardingdawg Il y a mois
Move to Montana, it’s beautiful. But no Californians tho please. Sorry not personal, but y’all can’t survive here.
Adam Dillard
Adam Dillard Il y a mois
TF he do for a living to make this much money?
Ethan Villarreal
Ethan Villarreal Il y a mois
He’s a narcos affiliate
Ayden Trinidad
Ayden Trinidad Il y a mois
Black Knight
Black Knight Il y a mois
Sales tax helps the people that pay your bills. Pull up your big boy pants
DeevoxL Il y a mois
You’re cringe
Capo Dei Capi
Capo Dei Capi Il y a mois
U don't actually have to live there just create an llc
Josh Hagan
Josh Hagan Il y a mois
If you were Starbucks spokesperson you'd be even more rich
Ayoub abli
Ayoub abli Il y a mois
best believe he wont get no private license lol
Sean Langenberg
Sean Langenberg Il y a mois
Don't your folks live in Oregon!? Duh duh duh lol you wouldn't, you want to pay taxes
Josh Wagner
Josh Wagner Il y a mois
wow what a journey, unfortunately not sure if I can keep watching. Sorry mate but it has gotten a bit out of hand. It must have been 4 or 5 years now since I started watching from when you first got laid off. Humble and relatable grounds as a car enthusiast but now its just crazy talk. I've got a few nice cars but damn dude the entire video just feels like a flex coming from you. I am truly excited for you but I just cant relate and enjoy any longer at this pace. Def invest in a bit of property now while you have some solid funds coming in, hope it turns out great for you. Ill check in a year, hoping to see you with lots of new property and 5 mil+ subscribers ;)
Rakshith Il y a mois
Which music is that bro
Kedrick Swain
Kedrick Swain Il y a mois
sales tax on used cars is THEFT!
Samson Lashua
Samson Lashua Il y a mois
Move to new hamshire
Todd B
Todd B Il y a mois
Wish this guy filming wasnt such a douchebag so i could watch the entire videos
Ac Collection Shorts
*That's expensive. But hey, it's a Bugatti! :)* #AcCollection
Jesse Muhoro
Jesse Muhoro Il y a mois
who else agrees that strad fucked up his Bugatti by painting it purple and white?
Constantin Marian
Constantin Marian Il y a mois
Canele uite
Nick Terziski
Nick Terziski Il y a mois
The Bugatti would really appreciate Montana's big sky fresh air to fuel that engine.
coolshirtaustin Il y a mois
I could've sworn the thumbnail was GTA
Kai sanh Worrell
Kai sanh Worrell Il y a mois
Wherever your on, I want some... Sheeez
Thomas Van meer
Thomas Van meer Il y a mois
In the Netherlands you pay €451.000 sales tax on a veyron
Brechdurchfall Il y a mois
stfu dude
Boost And Redline
Boost And Redline Il y a mois
Great talk about tax and great business mindset !! I wish I was in that predicament. I would take the “buy a house in Montana route”
HOKINOKI Il y a mois
Its byudefol!
BRC TICK Il y a mois
do it plz
abdul ahad
abdul ahad Il y a mois
buy bugatti devo i own one
Broc Beekman
Broc Beekman Il y a mois
My family pre-ordered the Bronco too!!!!!!!!!
Thay Wah
Thay Wah Il y a mois
Origon thats where I live
Andrew T
Andrew T Il y a mois
Foatbed, then u could throw a snow mobile, rzr, dirt bikes
GreezyAF Il y a mois
why don't you just mail yourself a piece of mail to a company or something in Montana? then you have legal documentation that you "live there" then register the car, 30 days later let the dmv know you're moving to utah and boom. no sales tax.
Andrew T
Andrew T Il y a mois
Yea get a plane thatll save ya some money haha
Ayme Boi
Ayme Boi Il y a mois
go the skis from fed ex to
David Williams
David Williams Il y a mois
Has anyone seen strad wear a mask
John Smith
John Smith Il y a mois
nobody talking about how he called the gt500 a "fastback" lmao
ruvim Z
ruvim Z Il y a mois
No one: Strad man: what if I buy a rocket ship and fly to the moon and buy the... wooahhh waiitt
Ahmad Ibrahim
Ahmad Ibrahim Il y a mois
That's an idea!
Ty McDaniel
Ty McDaniel Il y a mois
nobody talking about how he called the gt500 a "fastback" lmao
Matthew Palacios
Matthew Palacios Il y a mois
Hey James, I moved up here to Utah 3 weeks ago with the goal of meeting you someday. Any Sunday you available I'd love to meet you. Love the channel 👏🏽
Gary Bodden
Gary Bodden Il y a mois
Smart guy
Xnvy Il y a mois
Come to Delaware plz it’s a good place to live
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