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14 juil. 2019




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Marco Lopez
Marco Lopez Il y a 3 jours
@ 5:03 he dove so graciously! 😂😂😂
Darrell Moore
Darrell Moore Il y a 12 jours
On a different note... This "jesus" of Nazareth, the NAZARENE, NOT Bethlehem, was NOT The Messiah, he is NOT Who they Crucified for the sins of man. Here is the REAL Messiah, Who they REALLY Crucified for the sins of man Yad He Vav He is what Moses wrote (Dead Sea Scrolls Exodus 3), not "I Am" OR "God" Yad = Hand He = Breath Vav = Nail He = Breath Yad He, which forms The Creators Name YaH, (Hand Breath), as YaH's Hand Forms/Creates and His Breath brings forth life (Adam) Vav He (Nail Breath), YaH's Sacrifice of Crucifixion, for those who call YaH Savior, His Breath brings forth life (Salvation) YaH arrives via the Tent of Meeting (Exodus 33:7:11), the exact same way YaH arrived to Joseph (Mary) NOT through childbirth. YaH was NOT Crucified on a "cross", but according to Hebrew law (Deuteronomy 21), to be nailed on an Almond Tree for blasphemy as the Messiah claimed He was YaH. He was YaH, NOT this "jesus" HalleluYaH means "Praise YaH", that's what HalleluYaH means, NOT Hallelujesus people.
Grady Martin
Grady Martin Il y a 13 jours
bimbos should NEVER be allowed to be apart of any sport
Eduardo Cordova
Eduardo Cordova Il y a 21 jour
Alguien tiene el video completo del minuto 7:34
Steven Smith
Steven Smith Il y a 22 jours
40 bucks for a cheap ass hoodie? No thanks
REDSUN BATRONE Il y a 23 jours
Why does the reporter on the cover look like Grace from Peaky Blinders! 😂🤣😆
Victor Lara
Victor Lara Il y a 27 jours
3:14 When a baby is just learning how to dance.
David Farias
David Farias Il y a 27 jours
What are those Milwaukee jerseys called at 6:40 I want those so fucking bad
Ćøśmïč Jäkē
Ćøśmïč Jäkē Il y a 29 jours
6:46 me when the person in front of me is taking a picture
New York Jets
New York Jets Il y a mois
2:22 is that J.R. Smith?
TikTok Is Lincchang
Blooper is the best mascot
Edward Rueter
Edward Rueter Il y a mois
4:21 Yep that's our Gold Glover right there...
PabloCruise91 Il y a mois
1:40 help a brother out damn
revinevan87 Il y a mois
giants fan with the phone, you were being punished for not putting the phone down...EVER maybe they'd give you it if you put down the phone at any point. MORON!
Pattie Hubanks
Pattie Hubanks Il y a mois
MikeFM4 Il y a mois
I love baseball today. A stadium built to seat 50,000 with 736 people in it
Samuel Lynch
Samuel Lynch Il y a mois
raythedestroyah Il y a mois
Confirmed: baseball is a joke
Tampon1989 Il y a mois
Domnoidragon Il y a mois
Lol baseball players are just big kids.
Just Me
Just Me Il y a mois
Instead of the usual slap on the wrist for a fan who runs out onto the field, how about 5 years in prison at hard labor with an additional 3 yrs supervised release, first offense. See if that discourages people.
leroy jenkins
leroy jenkins Il y a mois
the idiot that thought it would be a good idea to put the bullpen mound on the field is a moron. And whoever approved it should be fired.
No I’m Dirty Dan
No I’m Dirty Dan Il y a mois
Anyone notice 1:48 some guy in the background flipping the guy off😂😅
danaysha woodard
danaysha woodard Il y a mois
At 4:14 I got really confused for a second 😂
zcrook24 Il y a mois
Zukey the floor broke your ankles
M Pat
M Pat Il y a mois
Lol who is that on the ground at 3:11
Rocking Bird
Rocking Bird Il y a mois
Top 10 most loved mlb players 10 Chase Utley (Not to Mets fans) 9 Elvis Andrus 8 Yadier Molina 7 Alex Bregman 6 Jose Altuve 5 Big Papi 4 Mike Trout 3 The GOAT Bartolo Colon 2 Miguel Cabrera 1 Adrian Beltre Top 5 most hated players 5 Bryce Harper 4 Yordano Ventura 3 Jose Bautista 2 Manny Machado 1 Carlos Gomez
Threebodybeing Il y a mois
who else gets annoyed by the music in the background?
Ronald Shank
Ronald Shank Il y a mois
Sometimes, ya just gotta have some fun... especially you, Blooper!🙃🙂🙃🙂😁😁😁
やんばね Il y a mois
Sourish Saha
Sourish Saha Il y a 2 mois
I think Baseball fits for America's sport
rob liebschutz
rob liebschutz Il y a 2 mois
SLUSHIE FILMS Il y a 2 mois
The guy at 7:57 is a legend for that
Trouble Fallenangel
Trouble Fallenangel Il y a 2 mois
I'm sorry but only the Os would mess up a double play the bad and let a man score and get no outs lmao
Mr Beastmode
Mr Beastmode Il y a 2 mois
1:52 I want a willie mays bobble head
NeelyKW Il y a 2 mois
Dude I love this shit
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson Il y a 2 mois
Milwaukee Brewers funny
Mike W
Mike W Il y a 2 mois
Rick Dempsey is still the benchmark for rain delay entertainment!
Subsistence Il y a 2 mois
this music sucks
Billie Eilish - xanny
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