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Arin and Dan opens the doors of reality and find lots of balls.
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16 sept. 2019




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Commentaires 80
Eevee Taylor
Eevee Taylor Il y a 18 heures
If you’re both each other’s dads then this would be the gramps
TheTwinSketchers Il y a 4 jours
The dice trick gives me anxiety
Rilley Mantey
Rilley Mantey Il y a 5 jours
Can someone explain how he did the trick were the napkin came out of no where? I’ve been trying to figure this out for almost 10 months now, please help!
3g0st Il y a 5 jours
arin looks so fine in this video DAMN BOI
Vero Il y a 6 jours
Dan aged like fine wine
ItalianHusky Il y a 7 jours
I like how Arin did tricks and Dan just cut rope
Cramspot Il y a 9 jours
9:33 me trying to remember everything from the study guide while I’m taking a test
n!tromy Il y a 9 jours
when i feel like a shit i come back to that magic dice trick to get some feel good vibes
Rozu Montenegro
Rozu Montenegro Il y a 10 jours
I think this was the most wholesome episode ever
Ryan The Forgotten
Ryan The Forgotten Il y a 11 jours
Arin is the real magic man
kurikara99 Il y a 12 jours
can me and my frends come on 10 Minute power Hour we have a you tube canel
Sporkinstien Il y a 12 jours
Is that boruf of machinima
Mel Soares
Mel Soares Il y a 17 jours
I'm my dad
Highlighter_Ink Il y a 18 jours
"if you don't want us to have a good power hour, then have a good ball!" Arin Hanson-2019
Penepleto Il y a 18 jours
Dan picking the balls out of a plastic bag would've made a really great distractor if he actually learned the trick and turned the ball in his hand into multiple balls
Aftersun 20XD6
Aftersun 20XD6 Il y a 19 jours
They should actually do more of these kid magic tricks. It's so funny.
Peter Clark
Peter Clark Il y a 19 jours
9:40 Me and my friends trying to play EDH
Aidan Dillman
Aidan Dillman Il y a 19 jours
Lets try the rope trick Proceeds to pull out noose
Hannah Locke
Hannah Locke Il y a 20 jours
11:15 Dan’s magician smolder while pulling out those pingpong balls is real
Minus Il y a 21 jour
Maybe I'm crazy, but Danny seems super baked in this.
Lavender Ink
Lavender Ink Il y a 21 jour
That opening was perhaps the most chaotic thing I've seen all week.
GameDog Il y a 21 jour
Now you might ask yourself...
Jarred Jones
Jarred Jones Il y a 21 jour
Dan's actual thumbs look fake.
cloudy with no chance of comedy
dan staring into the camera makes me feel things
Luke Curnin
Luke Curnin Il y a 23 jours
One take or the dice trick didn't happen
Microwave Madness
Microwave Madness Il y a 23 jours
Oh man, my bean got FREAKED.
Darth Clarinet
Darth Clarinet Il y a 23 jours
Dan's rope trick killed me
Jack Myers
Jack Myers Il y a 23 jours
arin's laugh at 10:42 fills me with life
TheDecree93 Il y a 23 jours
i always forget about dans thumbs
BleakMindedness Il y a 23 jours
11:56 Funny.
LaFont Il y a 24 jours
ok but like when Dan slid his hand into his shirt like that oh m y G O D
Kaylee Martinez
Kaylee Martinez Il y a 24 jours
11:56 Dan looks like a sad cat
Chibi Joey
Chibi Joey Il y a 24 jours
7:13 Arin experiencing genuine amazement and joy lol
Aiko Luna
Aiko Luna Il y a 26 jours
Whoa weird they have the same laptop as me lol
Tomz_ _
Tomz_ _ Il y a 27 jours
What shirt is aria wearing?
samantha bricker
samantha bricker Il y a 28 jours
Arin is the master of magic and Dan is just the student.
Clothed_Tigre Productions
Dans just doing Jew magic, it's far to complex for us to understand
Toss Boy
Toss Boy Il y a mois
Magic was always real and the world is full of it but we were just wrapped up in our hum drum lives (Edit: spelling)
Jingle Berries
Jingle Berries Il y a mois
6:29, I'm actually crying jfc
Shrub Il y a mois
Thanks dad very cool
Brandon Negus
Brandon Negus Il y a mois
EwGrossCoconut Il y a mois
So dissapointed that they didnt reference "the thumb tit guy" bit
Simp Il y a mois
I think he’s a faking it
Pansexual doom
Pansexual doom Il y a mois
8:25 is just Arin being happy that he's getting applauded but not really understanding what he did and it's adorable
Hannah Corsen
Hannah Corsen Il y a mois
Arin and I have the same laptop
Y. Il y a mois
Rachele Il y a mois
"store was closed" their dad left during the backstreet boys reunion tour
Sosig Il y a mois
Dan: hi, it’s me, your dad. Me: I KNEW IT
Brendan Geier
Brendan Geier Il y a mois
Dan doesn’t take ANYTHING seriously, does he? I mean Arin wasn’t being “serious” about it but he actually tried to learn the tricks and pull them off! Dan just gave up immediately! That’s something I’ve always found so annoying about Dan.
Prosnype Il y a mois
For those who believe the dice trick was an edit, let me explain how he did it. If you don't want to read it and spoil the trick, then stop reading now. Ok, so basically the container for the dice allows each dice to rotate vertically when it is shaked once, meaning that the top face would be replaced by the side face behind it. I would recommend looking at a physical dice to help picture this. So, in order to pull off the trick, Arin arranged the dice so that, despite all the dice having 1 on the top face, they were placed in different orientations so that the face that would be shown at the top after rotating would be different. The faces on the sides of the dice which could show after 1 shake would be 2, 3, 4 and 5, since 6 was at the bottom of the dice (since 6 is opposite to 1, which is at the top face of the dice). So, Arin memorised the number pattern on the set of dice before rotating them to 1, so that after 1 rotation, each specific number would show. Hence, since he was the one who set up the orientation (or the horizontal rotation) of each dice, he already knew what would show on the top faces of the dice, meaning that he can easily say what numbers were going to appear on the dice before he did the trick. Now, the second part of the trick is even more simple. As I said earlier, the bottom face of each dice was 6 originally, since the top face was initially 1. This means that the six would move to the top face after 2 shakes or rotations (1 rotation to bring it to the side, and 1 more to bring it to the top). So, once Arin did the first part of the trick, he would simply have to shake it one more time to make all the dice have 6 on the top face. Hence, Arin already knew that they would all be 6, since there is no other number on the bottom of each dice originally. I hope this is understandable, just try visually picturing this in your head. The amount of people who thought this was edited is actually insane.
Sayani Debnath
Sayani Debnath Il y a 14 jours
thank you so much for explaining it!!
Jonathan Pinkney
Jonathan Pinkney Il y a mois
Dan's unbroken eye contact as he places his balls on the table...
Madeline Voelkel
Madeline Voelkel Il y a mois
i want to understand the dice trick
Madeline Voelkel
Madeline Voelkel Il y a mois
i just really enjoy Dan's shirt
Shinkai Atusya
Shinkai Atusya Il y a mois
6:40 Is it just me or did Arin momentarily turn into Dr. Seuss.
Who, me? B.
Who, me? B. Il y a mois
aw don’t cry dan
Ziddy Il y a mois
I want to say that the dice was just camera tricks, but their reaction seemed so genuine I actually cant tell if it was legit or not.
Toss Boy
Toss Boy Il y a mois
It was, if you change your comment feed to recent then someone goes into detail on it
Vito's Vids
Vito's Vids Il y a mois
Eveybody talking about Arins tricks, yet no one talks about your magic 8 ball guy perfoming this little gem, 11:07
BeyondHawkeye Il y a mois
What is Arin’s shirt based off of though?
Toss Boy
Toss Boy Il y a mois
Girl versions of them
Elite Otaku
Elite Otaku Il y a mois
know i know why they didnt get a letter to hogwarts
Shay Iyer
Shay Iyer Il y a mois
thumb tip thumb tip tip thumb tip trick
Jacob Nemyer
Jacob Nemyer Il y a mois
0:23 Dan looks like an uncle that just had eye surgery
Jayce Marshall
Jayce Marshall Il y a mois
So this is why their so good at magic the gathering
blinkfilms1 Il y a mois
arin is so fucking cute this episode wow edit: dan too im
D’artagnan Vega
D’artagnan Vega Il y a mois
i’ve missed theses guys fr !! it’s been a long time
RaikaSTi Il y a mois
i wonder how the dice trick work?
Miles McSkater
Miles McSkater Il y a mois
That intro confused me
Toss Boy
Toss Boy Il y a mois
Everybody's somebody's dad!
Joe Bloker
Joe Bloker Il y a mois
After @11:18 I think I am pregnant with Dan’s baby
Jesse Il y a mois
9:50 begins Arin's incredibly wholesome dice trick :')
Almond Water
Almond Water Il y a 2 mois
not ten minutes
Toss Boy
Toss Boy Il y a mois
Is this joking or are you new? I've never seen a true 10 minute long 10 minute power hour
Miguel Chacon
Miguel Chacon Il y a 2 mois
I love the genuine bro moment that was had. Going for the fist bump and all. It was great to see. You love to see it
Kayla Edgerton
Kayla Edgerton Il y a 2 mois
I took a test to see which career would be best for me and I got magician and then right under it was plumber so I'm gonna be a magicianal plumber
TheSlime Assassin32
TheSlime Assassin32 Il y a 2 mois
I know the dice trick was edited but i legit thought that it was first a legit move
Toss Boy
Toss Boy Il y a mois
Uh... It was legit though. The space in the continer allows the dice to flip to a certain side when shaken only once as Arin did and Dan didnt. Thats how Arin did it.
Chimken Nuggets
Chimken Nuggets Il y a 2 mois
Dan: everyone is someones dad My stupid ass 2 seconds later: *what if someones a girl dad*
Cole Sun
Cole Sun Il y a 2 mois
Arin's laughing face looks like Mike Myer's smiling face from Wayne's World
Kevin Little
Kevin Little Il y a 2 mois
Dan: *Pulls balls out of shirt seductively
Coco Freeze
Coco Freeze Il y a 2 mois
Can I hire Dan for my birthday?
Landon Letterman
Landon Letterman Il y a 2 mois
I really wish they had used an old broken laptop for the table clearing gag, just so (as a final cap to the joke) he just one handed slammed it onto the floor, off to the side, once he was done.
Whoa There!
Whoa There! Il y a 2 mois
Of course it’s the 3 of clubs.
Daniel Merino
Daniel Merino Il y a 2 mois
7:13 pog moment
bloodrunsclear Il y a 2 mois
‘Is this your card? No? Damn.’ -Joel Robinson
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