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From writer/director Ari Aster (Hereditary) and starring Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, and Will Poulter. MIDSOMMAR - Now Playing.
RELEASE DATE: July 3, 2019
CAST: Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, Vilhelm Blomgran, Archie Madekwe, Ellora Torchia, and Will Poulter
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فیلم و پویانمایی



14 mai 2019




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Commentaires 7 858
Clodagh Fox
Clodagh Fox Il y a 3 heures
Deeply disturbed after this, the only part I enjoyed was leaving the cinema afterwards
税込み105円 Il y a 5 heures
Marcin Hibner
Marcin Hibner Il y a 6 heures
Got to Love Sweden.
Liyah’s Tv
Liyah’s Tv Il y a 6 heures
Worst movie ever
Bigdog Billdog
Bigdog Billdog Il y a 6 heures
Damn the new pagans are scary movie looks good! Except I went and saw it last night and can confirm that it is not. It has some good sound design and visuals at times, but the movie sucks rest assured. The film is quick to utilize the “omg I took psychedelics and am having a bad trip” trope, which is laughable and lazy, of course, but it gets better because my friend and I genuinely laughed our asses off at this piece of shit cause it is king of accidental comedy. Lazy. On top of that, racist ass Jordan Peele comments omg the film is scary. Nah, it’s not, Peele is just being a giggly little racist which honestly kinda made me laugh harder while watching the film. Overall, I give it a 3.5/10 and advise u to watch it but wait till it’s out of theatres and you can see it for free. This movie makes no effort to accurately, even slightly, portray paganism either, so there is that
Zavodd Il y a 6 heures
That's some creepy ass music!
Ai May
Ai May Il y a 6 heures
People are keep on making, patronizing a bullshit stories like this!
Bored Boi
Bored Boi Il y a 7 heures
Just watched it it’s not a good movie I don’t recommend it and it’s not scary at all
THANKYOUMOMO Il y a 8 heures
This is how you do a trailer tho... I’m not gonna lie
Paul Gourley
Paul Gourley Il y a 8 heures
Wow do movies suck anymore.
Hannah Rock
Hannah Rock Il y a 9 heures
which scene in the movie is 1:57 from i forget?
Jester Abad
Jester Abad Il y a 9 heures
Never Really Over 😂
kobe bryant
kobe bryant Il y a 9 heures
Is this why they’re trying to keep ASAP ROCKY in Sweden??
Jade LaFay
Jade LaFay Il y a 9 heures
This movie is ridiculous. As a member of the Norse Faith, I'm rather offended they would make us look so bad when we finally begin to make serious social progress. It in no way represents us and makes us look like the demon-worshippers Christianity insists we are. Please, do not believe that this is what we are like.
Student Gaming
Student Gaming Il y a 10 heures
boy and kratos new adventure
Bored Boi
Bored Boi Il y a 11 heures
I’m driving to see midsommar rn
A_F_S_G Il y a 11 heures
Why are they saying they should never watch this with their gf? Anyone can explain????
Hannah Rock
Hannah Rock Il y a 9 heures
it's a breakup movie
The Dark Side Of The YouTube’s
I strongly recommend to not bring your grandmother to watch this with you. Also I will not be visiting Sweden anytime soon
Flyleaf Il y a 7 heures
Just be wary of the immigrant filled suburbs and you'll be fine.
- KayG
- KayG Il y a 12 heures
This was the absolute worst movie!!
ruby wilson
ruby wilson Il y a 12 heures
¿ qué?
Riley Becker
Riley Becker Il y a 13 heures
This is truly the most dumb, disgusting, horrible movie I have ever seen. Wake up! Porn isn't okay in general but in a MOVIE ?!?!? This isn't okay. People are sick and I feel bad for the elders
Jordyn Waldinger
Jordyn Waldinger Il y a 14 heures
This movie is FUCKED up omg
Haley Watterson
Haley Watterson Il y a 15 heures
You can tell a horror movie is gonna be really scary when they don't show any of the scary parts in the trailer.
Juju Gogo
Juju Gogo Il y a 15 heures
Does someone kows what means the sculpture at the end of the trailer ? I saw it in sweden and I still don't what it means ^^
Hannah Rock
Hannah Rock Il y a 9 heures
it's a maypole
Majestic Evolved
Majestic Evolved Il y a 15 heures
i watched this movie and went to Sweden, what i found out wasnt this . It was turkish and arabic people everywhere .
Jayson Byse
Jayson Byse Il y a 16 heures
I hope it's not like Hereditary. Me and the wife got kicked out the cinema because I was farting and catching it in our popcorn to see who heaved first as found it more entertaining.
travel Il y a 17 heures
A24 produces some really fucked up and good films
Will Sinzheimer
Will Sinzheimer Il y a 17 heures
They guy in the relationship gets killed by the girl because she becomes the queen and the guy cheats on her with some red haired bitch
Do-Not_Cry Il y a 21 heure
I had to watch a certain scene in this movie with my parents.
Marwa Issam
Marwa Issam Il y a 22 heures
One of the most fucked up movie I’ve ever watched .. I regret watching it , and I wish I will never have to see it again. I’m so disgusted with such a movie , sick minded people for creating such a movie !
Bohun Bermusscini
Bohun Bermusscini Il y a 22 heures
Its shit and corny welcome to the real world. Fucking lalaland hipstes always make random cold shit written on the knees seem like its a special mesterpiece send from the gods
Sarah Il y a 15 heures
This is a funny comment lol
nohi Il y a 23 heures
What with naked old people?I see them in VVitch,It Follows,Suspiria,Hereditary and now in this movie. Is that a new thing in modern art horrors?
Sigurd Torvaldsson
Sigurd Torvaldsson Il y a jour
"What time is it?" "9 pm" "That can't be right the sky is blue" As a Swede this made me laugh out loud
Hannah Rock
Hannah Rock Il y a 9 heures
@Murmur midnight sun.. like north in the arctic it can be bright all the time for most of the year
Murmur Il y a 9 heures
Sigurd Torvaldsson Does it stay bright late in Sweden? That far north I would expect the opposite, if anything.
Dini Sagita
Dini Sagita Il y a jour
a a
a a Il y a jour
This how perfect trailer should look like. And not to reveal every spooky moment. Ps. Movie is great
Ahmad Alkhateeb
Ahmad Alkhateeb Il y a jour
One of the worst movies I have ever seen, I had even left the cinema before the movie ends in 15 minutes . Don't waste your time on this "movie"
Yellow Vests
Yellow Vests Il y a jour
This movie might be the solution to Sweden's immigration crisis.
Q G Il y a jour
Question: is this basically The Wicker Man? Or is it worth watching because it seems pretty obvious what will happen in the movie at the end
Q G Il y a 6 heures
@Jeff H thanks man
Jeff H
Jeff H Il y a 14 heures
Yes its basically Wicker Man and it's very obvious indeed. It's still worth seeing, the leading lady is good and its very well made. Go check it out.
味噌 Il y a jour
Dyana Von Doone
Dyana Von Doone Il y a jour
I don' t find this scary 🤷‍♀️
Vel Il y a jour
I've never been scared or affected by Gore movies/scenes but this was so much different. It took a huge affect on me. Once I saw the ritual suicide scene I started to think of the many real life horrific content I've seen on Google or Facebook, usually real deaths and real gruesome visuals don't freak me out either, but once I saw the face, I started think of the real similar shape on Facebook. I then got a panic attack and almost had to walk out but I didn't want a beautiful/incredible/disturbing movie to make me walk out... So I decided to sit there with my eyes close when they showed the shape of a hollow face.I haven't had a bad panic attack for two years. this movie definitely has disturbed me. Though, this movie had taken a mental affect on me, I still enjoyed it. The visuals were breathtaking.
Vel Il y a jour
I will watch Austin Powers differently now. Lmao.
のさか Il y a jour
Lala Il y a jour
NOT THE BEES!!!! Wait... wrong movie sorry
たたらぼーろ Il y a jour
日本人おらん? 日本じゃ見れんのかなあ Twitterから来たけど面白そうやなぁ
Gene M
Gene M Il y a jour
This is the worst movie I've seen in a very long time, it has now replace the village in my book can some one drop the producers @ for me i want my money back
Gene M
Gene M Il y a 9 heures
@unapologetically extra and if it tell you anything it came out on july 3rd and maybe 2 theater are still showing it where im from
unapologetically extra
unapologetically extra Il y a 16 heures
Gene M that bad?
kahtjana frampton
kahtjana frampton Il y a jour
This trailer looks so good it makes me want to cry
とらとうま Il y a jour
たたらぼーろ Il y a jour
MelXo Il y a jour
So ive just been to see this and multiple things happen in the trailer that never appear in the movie! This shit annoys me
Brian Sounalath
Brian Sounalath Il y a jour
Lol Swedish are so weird - Americans
Susan Rajabi
Susan Rajabi Il y a jour
This was a terrible move! Waste of time and money!!!
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo Il y a jour
Its for horror fans