Michael Jordan's BEST Trash Talking Stories

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The Last Dance Documentary is less than 48 hours away from being released so here's a compilation of MJs best trash talking stories.




18 avril 2020




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L Gully
L Gully Il y a 7 jours
If MJ ain't the best ever player on basketball then you need to watch the last dance and you'll understand how good he was..... You don't agree "go home, get the fuck outta here" as MJ would say lol
Arthur Thomas
Arthur Thomas Il y a 7 jours
Dominique Wilkins was a great player just on sorry teams imagine him with the Bulls...
Hi There!!!
Hi There!!! Il y a 9 jours
You're The GOAT if other superstars are afraid of you!
Belarion A.D.
Belarion A.D. Il y a 10 jours
that KG story is fuckin hilarious
Mr C
Mr C Il y a 12 jours
Lace em up, it’s gonna be a long night.🤣☠️
MNVikes !
MNVikes ! Il y a 14 jours
Whats up you little bitch hahahaha AI too real
Mad Max
Mad Max Il y a 15 jours
There was this CEO at the basketball camp Jordan was talking a little smack to that actually did beat him.
Sonny Bill
Sonny Bill Il y a 16 jours
Lebron James fans after watching The Last Dance: 🤦🏼‍♂️ “what was I thinking”
Salvatore Imondi
Salvatore Imondi Il y a 16 jours
Byron Scott such a nice guy😂👍
Christian Banks
Christian Banks Il y a 16 jours
Unapologetic Alpha male. Beta males will be offended by this.
Kailen 2x
Kailen 2x Il y a 17 jours
that last clip hit different
Testikuski TestdriVR
Testikuski TestdriVR Il y a 17 jours
Oh shit that Garnet, telling that he was sorry to all his team mates. Such a vivid description about Mj. Gots to love these things can happen only in sports.
jomer catibog
jomer catibog Il y a 17 jours
No more debate mj is the goat. Lebron is just in a top 5 list.
Kenneth Bonney
Kenneth Bonney Il y a 18 jours
"J.R. my bad dog I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's cool man, I told you, just shut yo ass up, you kept on talking"😂😂😂💯
jdubious 79
jdubious 79 Il y a 19 jours
He told Dikembe "I'm gonna cancel your green card" 😂🐐😂🐐😂🐐
Mojadihloho KereMalome
Mojadihloho KereMalome Il y a 20 jours
“Was he big enough” 🤣🤣🤣
Sabrije Emrullai
Sabrije Emrullai Il y a 21 jour
Oh 50
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez Il y a 21 jour
Marcus M.
Marcus M. Il y a 22 jours
They where blood brothers Michael and Kobe, they even sound alike.
seventhsinn Il y a 22 jours
eople try to compare lebron to Jordan when really you cant I mean everyone loved Jordan no matter what team you liked Jordan was basketball LeBron not so much.
Dank Cash
Dank Cash Il y a 22 jours
Ha 50!😂😂😂
michael lee
michael lee Il y a 24 jours
OJ Mayo is told by MJ) You may be the best high school player, but you`re not the best player in the world.
michael lee
michael lee Il y a 24 jours
Anthony Peeler is guarding me tonight? That`s 50.
Ricky Moss
Ricky Moss Il y a 24 jours
Kobe is probably the ONLY guy that could get away with trashtalking Michael ..RIP Kobe
Ave Jaly
Ave Jaly Il y a 25 jours
KG is a treasure. Pure gold! 🤣🤣
Ave Jaly
Ave Jaly Il y a 25 jours
He walked it like he talked it.#23
nathan mckenzie
nathan mckenzie Il y a 16 jours
More like he talked it like he walked it
J. Chris Johnston
J. Chris Johnston Il y a 26 jours
Here’s what I tell the young cats who are watching the NBA today. LeBron...incredible player, athlete and competitor. Kobe....naturally gifted, incredible vision and learned to be an assassin. Then there’s Mike. The entire NBA (his teammates included) feared Mike. The things he could do at will, the ability to ruin a players career, the fact that he could do 18 holes, drink a few beers, smoke a cigar and still put 45 on the board night after night, lived off of competition and desire to not only win at all costs but to be the greatest of all time is what in fact made him the GOAT. I loved that era. There was nothing he couldn’t do with a basketball. A sports critic writes, “All MJ does is score. 1 Dimensional player”. MJ reads this. Next season, “All Defensive First Team” just to prove that critic wrong. You talk to Shit to MJ, you’ll end up on a Poster or at the very least Sportscenter. The videos on FRvid don’t lie. MJ was the greatest. He did WHATEVER he had to do to beat you. 6-0 in the Finals with 2 3-Peats. I challenge the kids of today to seek the games (not the highlights, the games) to see just how deadly MJ was. I leave you with this. Gatorade summed his career up in one song, “If I Could Be Like Mike.” The BEST.
Trump 2849
Trump 2849 Il y a 26 jours
richard dean
richard dean Il y a 27 jours
Ahmed James
Ahmed James Il y a 29 jours
Kobe n Michael are literally the same person/player even the same body
A Garcia
A Garcia Il y a 29 jours
LeBron is the GOAT
Kids Fun Zone
Kids Fun Zone Il y a mois
Mark Aranita
Mark Aranita Il y a mois
When Allen Iverson said jordan said to him..whatsup little bitch!! I literally spit out my slurpee 😂😂😂😂
مقبرة الغزاة
There is no player close to MJ except for #24/8. Kobe rip
Ajaymanhimself codner
He always had action to back up his words tho
King Jamess
King Jamess Il y a mois
The Reggie Miller story was funny asf😂😂😂
you alreadyknow
you alreadyknow Il y a mois
The Best to Ever Do it .....IJS#23
Fred SismoS : Canadá & Eu
Good NBA times
C. Cashtodoor
C. Cashtodoor Il y a mois
manny Il y a mois
kevin Garnett needs to be an actor or some entertainer fr fr
manny Il y a 21 jour
Aey Phan oh yea i forgot he did
Aey Phan
Aey Phan Il y a 23 jours
He was recently in a movie with Adam Sandler called "Hidden Gems". Its pretty good, he plays a supporting actor. Check it out
Dead Giveaway
Dead Giveaway Il y a mois
"What's up little bitch" LOL
AWelsh Celt
AWelsh Celt Il y a mois
Lived in Chicago from '76-89. The Bulls used to practice at DePaul. Artis Gilmore, Bob Love. I lived around the corner...when rent was reasonable. lol Moved to Pittsburgh. Lived there from 89-02. WGN was a superstation like TNT, so I got to watch every Bulls game on cable. Even when MJ took his time off. Those were great teams, but didn't have that rockstar thing without Michael. Had MJ decided to play those 2 seasons the Bulls would've won 8 straight. Maybe 9 if Krause hadn't been such a weasel. It was great to see The Last Dance. With time one forgets how great MJ was. How fortunate was I to have watched every single Bulls game from 89-98? The Dream Team? Fugettaboudit. Why I didn't tape all those games I'll never know.
Salvador Navarro
Salvador Navarro Il y a mois
KG overrated bum
M J Il y a mois
Kobe and MJ!! Damn.😭😭🐐🐐
Pgcito Il y a mois
Ha! 50.
yutuberboy Il y a mois
jaja world
jaja world Il y a mois
I just brought 2 pair of Jordan retrojordans 3.
maleman julpax
maleman julpax Il y a mois
Imagine the privilege to play against MJ. OJ mayo had it twice. If that what it takes to make Mike play against/with you, I'll do the trash talking and take the embarrassment. I'll definitely tell that to my grandkids that I had the privilege to play against MJ twice.
Charles Long
Charles Long Il y a mois
Very good video, I didnt want it to end. MJ is the real deal!
VMJ LoveBooks
VMJ LoveBooks Il y a mois
"He never dunk on you...he never put you in the highlight..." Later that season...😂😂
Boki Il y a mois
Ryan Il y a mois
MJ's competitors talk about him as the greatest, LeBron has to talk about himself like he is the greatest. That's the difference kids. Your peers define you.
Teko 416
Teko 416 Il y a mois
Kg is a funny ass guy
vc23 Il y a mois
Mutombo has a poster of MJ dunking on him.
K Roon
K Roon Il y a mois
That is some level of players that Jordan is dumping on 😳😆
Danielo Jarbath
Danielo Jarbath Il y a mois
Byron scott even took fashion tips from MJ
NBA Il y a mois
JamalMalik House
JamalMalik House Il y a mois
The Fuck was OJ Mayo thinking? 😂
living the life
living the life Il y a mois
Any trash talk when he was in AA batting .202? No?
Amos III
Amos III Il y a mois
“I shootem better when the clock going down.” Man ain’t that facts RIP Kobe &GiGi
WaRLoKWYATT Il y a mois
Lebron ain't shit compared to MJ. Period.
Vince Bautista
Vince Bautista Il y a mois
Lesson for the day, Never ever talk trash to MJ 🤣🤣
Ken H
Ken H Il y a mois
When Jordan dies, they need to make Jordan's day and everybody doing okay basketball on that day
Christo Petkov
Christo Petkov Il y a mois
RM is basketball’s Obama
Fred Xie
Fred Xie Il y a mois
It aint trash talking if you can back it up. That's called fortune telling
tony Kari
tony Kari Il y a mois
You know your the GOAT when Garnett stops taking shit
Brice Fleckenstein
Brice Fleckenstein Il y a mois
MJ was a great all-time trash talker - but even HE says that the best trash talker "in a good way" was Larry Bird.
Mingo G.
Mingo G. Il y a mois
He tested Jordan lol
Mingo G.
Mingo G. Il y a mois
Haha lebron who tho???
Mingo G.
Mingo G. Il y a mois
Know one is gonna talk about lebron like that
Jefferson Arellano
Jefferson Arellano Il y a mois
We gonna cancel your green card lmao omg what a savage
Diamond Stanley
Diamond Stanley Il y a mois
He talked trash and backed it up that’s crazy
Mayur Shah
Mayur Shah Il y a mois
Kobe is the only person MJ really respected as a player. Love the last scene.
Elye Franklin
Elye Franklin Il y a mois
Neva talked shit to mike ever again in life.... KG episode has to be one of the best for all the smoke
bastardjustice Il y a mois
MJ does not trash talk. He is just telling the truth. Also, I would love to have nba players wear some miniature mic so we can hear them trash talking all game long and uncensored. Lol of course it would be only featured for special cable services
Albert Ross
Albert Ross Il y a mois
Mj and kobe interactions are something awesome
Albert Ross
Albert Ross Il y a mois
Sucks that he called ai a bitch.
Still Dancing
Still Dancing Il y a mois
Michael Jordan is/was the greatest basketball player of this generation- hands down. Problem is , he is/was the worst gambler the NBA has ever come the point where his FATHER WAS KILLED because of his gambling debts- and he was forced to take a sabbatical for a year. Now you folks reading this imagine your son or daughter living with the fact that he/she had you murdered because of their inability to control their addiction. Let's pause and think about that......... Jordan's marriage was a COMPLETE sham, and he created his other kids (not the son born in 1988 that he tried to deny) to pacify his wife's very understandable need to be needed (like any other normal mother) - during his MANY, MANY, MANY infidelities. The only thing that could drive all those demons out of his mind was to focus on winning basketball games at all costs, and that's what he did. Problem is- after all that winning Mike, after all those trophies and banners, your father is still dead- and we are now learning what kind of a moral compass has lead you this long. Yes, you are many things- wealthy, talented, but most of all PATHETIC. I NEVER want to be like mike.
ant1kidd Il y a mois
6:59 "Not in my House"