Men's Basketball League (Episode 1)

Tristan Jass
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I joined a men's basketball league and we are going to be making this into a weekly thing.. Hope you guys enjoy this new series! Thanks to EA for Sponsoring! Download NBA LIVE MOBILE:


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Commentaires 80
Tristan Jass
Tristan Jass Il y a mois
Hit the like button on this video if you’re ready for this new series!!! Thanks guys ❤️🙏
AdlockHungry Il y a 9 jours
Hey Jass, how old are you, by the way?
Bryce connally
Bryce connally Il y a mois
Tristan Jass imagine if the professor was on your team 🗑
Splash2winz Il y a mois
Tristan Jass where did u get your necklace from
Keara C
Keara C Il y a mois
I always play this game and your on my team and my overall is 87
drewbrouwer Il y a mois
I am your best friend cuz he is stupid
Yejun Ju
Yejun Ju Il y a 8 heures
when this league is better than the woman’s professional league. 🤯🤬🥳
🔥🔥 *🏀🏀🏀🏀whatch this🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀* 0:55 💙🎬 👇 👇 👇🔥
🔥🔥 *wondefull* 1:43 🎥 👇 👇🔥
Victor Aigbedion
Victor Aigbedion Il y a 10 jours
when r u gon join the nba
Victor Aigbedion
Victor Aigbedion Il y a 10 jours
Wow nice man get to be in a video game
Edward O'brien
Edward O'brien Il y a 10 jours
U gotta get ur hair tightened up my man! Shit lookin like a home for wayward spiders 🕷
Field Keeling
Field Keeling Il y a 10 jours
#9 in Black...just quit. Or stick just to NBA2K...LOL
tyrantbaby11 Il y a 13 jours
Didn't know refs were trash in both the NBA and this league
Tanner Il y a 15 jours
Can you commentate over it like Jesser did
Jeremy Untalan
Jeremy Untalan Il y a 17 jours
Wow im so very hard
Connar Kloehn
Connar Kloehn Il y a 22 jours
is that the Present Praire Rec Plex
RBBasketball GF
RBBasketball GF Il y a 26 jours
Do they be paying u?
Zeus Il y a 26 jours
the dude at 5:23 getting a and 1 going letsss gooo and missing the free throw had me in stitches lmao
WBC_ YEET- Il y a 27 jours
Yo if they don’t add T Jass to 3on3freestyle imma be tighttttt
Jacob L
Jacob L Il y a 28 jours
5:20 lol dude gets hyped off the weakest and 1 ever
C̷o̷l̷i̷n̷ ̷B̷o̷w̷e̷n̷
#9 for the black and orange team looks like Tyler from Dude Perfect 😂
IpostonMIXER Il y a mois
Anyone else played NBA Mobile and saw him as a 97 rated card like 6 months ago
Luke Guggemos
Luke Guggemos Il y a mois
Burton Clark
Burton Clark Il y a mois
Dislikes are disabled! LMAO!
Oasis verybobby
Oasis verybobby Il y a mois
did you have ur shirt on backwards lol
100% FACTS
100% FACTS Il y a mois
Tristan Free Throw Jass 😂 good vid bro
Christopher Burke JR
I miss playing at the rec , they had hoes that worked for the water park it was lit .
Andrew Landry
Andrew Landry Il y a mois
if tristan has a jersey on it is always backwards
Acegenix Il y a mois
What’s this background music it’s fire
A ForDaWin
A ForDaWin Il y a mois
Who else plays nba live already before he was in the game
Mike Demers
Mike Demers Il y a mois
Curly hair blond guy: "time to expose these trash talkers"... gets rejected from behind on a layup by a guy that works at UPS
Logan Fen
Logan Fen Il y a 5 jours
Bro stfu can you do the layups that he can? No so u have no right to talk
BG BGPro Il y a 11 jours
Mike Demers shutup
Arnold Romero
Arnold Romero Il y a mois
Why did hw shoot 4 free throws
A. Il y a mois
Why didnt you play in college????
YB- Ram
YB- Ram Il y a mois
I already love this series, can’t wait for more of these
Eisa Kelly
Eisa Kelly Il y a mois
I just used your nba live player. You be dunking everything and your shot is cash
EGI TRiX Il y a mois
Никита Головченко
Когда выростишь тобой сложно играть в нба мобайл
John Avilla
John Avilla Il y a mois
When are you gonna play against some good ballers??
끌림TV Il y a mois
akaDIAMOND gamer
akaDIAMOND gamer Il y a mois
Your the first player I got on the game 💯
Freddy Murcury
Freddy Murcury Il y a mois
Absolute tryhards
Ignorant Pleb
Ignorant Pleb Il y a mois
Sick mobile app EA game. Just downloaded it, cant wait to use you my guy.
Grimm Il y a mois
The only person being exposed is the cameraperson. Getting dizzy and lightheaded watching this clip.
Nicky Bodenrader
Nicky Bodenrader Il y a mois
i have u on nba live
Patrick Lane
Patrick Lane Il y a mois
I got the 91 ovr TJass on the mobile app. Big props to ya T keep BALLIN
HiWadee Il y a mois
I was the 30,000 like❤️
Brando Il y a mois
Why did the ref give TJass like 20 free throws all at once lmfao
The Bread Man
The Bread Man Il y a mois
Idk. The guy said the ref was handing out techs so maybe multiple techs?
Nbmfdn Il y a mois
no 2 look like a Walmart pg13
Clay Buescher
Clay Buescher Il y a mois
5:18 cringiest thing I’ve ever seen
Sharif Brown
Sharif Brown Il y a 4 jours
@M TP Know, it brings out your pride. It makes you feel like King Dick when in reality, you still got a shrimp.
M TP Il y a 4 jours
It's not cringy. Competetion brings out the man inside.
Sharif Brown
Sharif Brown Il y a 8 jours
Thought he was about to hit the ref for a second
Just another Fan1998
Great vid, turn your shirt around tho 😂😂
GOONFurocious Il y a mois
Bruh imagine having a men’s league
Penguin Bunny
Penguin Bunny Il y a mois
Gary Wang
Gary Wang Il y a mois
Do you ever play ball in NorCal? You and I play with similar styles. It’d be fun to play some 1:1 !
Daniel Mason
Daniel Mason Il y a mois
im trying to get ur player on the app
Michael Baker
Michael Baker Il y a mois
Why tf is everyone so shocked or trying to point out his shirt is on backwards like we ain't got eyes. Yes everyone sees the same shit that you do. It's not even a big fucking deal. Alot of people have done this. Yall acting like he doesnt even know he did it but it's in every video. Some people will start shit for no reason at all.
IFHA23 Il y a mois
Dude you fuckin suck. Youre like 2/12 and you have no left hand.... I could look good too if i edited an entire video.
Carson Rush
Carson Rush Il y a mois
rip juice mamba
Carson Rush
Carson Rush Il y a mois
Carson Rush
Carson Rush Il y a mois
pain Il y a mois
Just like jessers
John Pepsi
John Pepsi Il y a mois
NBA live mobile sucks it crashed every time I enter it even created a new account. A year later, I got a new phone(obv not just for NBA live I have a life) same thing.
K1980 Pray for the world
Your fucking hair is so insulting fucking get rid of it dude. It’s not your identity. It’s really dumb cut it off.
David V
David V Il y a mois
I like this, it’s fresh and lets us see you in game !
Taalib Shakir
Taalib Shakir Il y a mois
Have to pop out with the you have to foul me hoodie 🔥🔥
TuxffWay Il y a mois
Imagine a coach being that intense on a grown man rec league 😂
Wang Michael
Wang Michael Il y a mois
I have a 95 ovr T jass
Hunter James
Hunter James Il y a mois
Bruh 5’s at SDSU, WAY better comp than this or most his vids. Come play at San Diego State @tristanjass you’d ball out and get better. Plus it would make amazing content seeing you ball at one of the best places in SoCal in my opinion. Like this so he can see!!
Jarrett Finley
Jarrett Finley Il y a mois
My nba live mobile won't even load
Caleb Yancy
Caleb Yancy Il y a mois
He got Paul George and Adam Thielen on his team
Caleb Yancy
Caleb Yancy Il y a mois
AAAAHHHH!!! LET’S GOOOO!!!!! *misses free throw*
Kyle Keane
Kyle Keane Il y a mois
Great video T Jass!!
Brendon Kane
Brendon Kane Il y a mois
You should join jessers league this summer if he does one and be on his team.
Geo Ortiz
Geo Ortiz Il y a mois
32 hxvoc
32 hxvoc Il y a mois
Yo tjass are u wearing the pg 4 gatorade?
Alex Arias
Alex Arias Il y a mois
White Boy's basketball league*...
Redhood1431 31
Redhood1431 31 Il y a mois
Looks like this league borrowed some nba refs
Collin Davis
Collin Davis Il y a mois
I already got your card the day it dropped
Jayden Luchese
Jayden Luchese Il y a mois
Wait does he know that his shirt is backwards
Wyatt Reeves
Wyatt Reeves Il y a mois
I love you man! Your suck an inspiration to me!!
Sanq Hristova
Sanq Hristova Il y a mois
J Mart
J Mart Il y a mois
6:48 Rip #9 🙏😄
J Mart
J Mart Il y a mois
Make a crazy lay up on one of those hoops that are lifted away...😄lol much love homie have fun out there bruh!💯🔥👍🙏
Filip Repic
Filip Repic Il y a mois
Bro I've know this app for years and you heard about it now
Aaron McCracken
Aaron McCracken Il y a mois
bro...your shirt on backwards?
adan lopez
adan lopez Il y a mois
I will be playing against you my guy I’m in this league too. You can ball can’t wait to see that matchup I’m not in my prime anymore but I think I can give you a run for your money. Tried catching you in Waukegan but was too late and Kenosha y but I was again too late... we face each other in March 😎
darkwarrior776 Il y a mois
What shoes is he wearing in this video ?
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