Meghan & Harry: Queen agrees 'period of transition' after crisis meeting

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There was something Shakespearean about the Royal family crisis meeting today at Sandringham. The warring factions of a troubled family parlayed in Norfolk. Cornwall, Cambridge and Sussex, all huddled under the ire of the Monarch.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went to meet with the Queen to try and clarify their plans to step away from life as a royal couple. They agreed to a ‘period of transition’ before the couple move out of the spotlight of the royal family. ‘Megxit’ appears to be happening.

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13 janv. 2020




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Commentaires 60
Tiger I. F. R. Tiger
Tiger I. F. R. Tiger Il y a 2 jours
well 😂😂😂 by now we know she is a liar
LaMeli Il y a mois
Loved when the lady mentioned prince Andrew's involvement with Epstein. She rocks!
Geraldine Office
Geraldine Office Il y a 2 mois
I cannot wait till jan their year is up am holding a party to celebrate their leaving totally
Geraldine Office
Geraldine Office Il y a 2 mois
Can’t wait till jan and then they are fully trash ones out of the rf and the rf can continue to move on and look to the future with the Cambridge’s and Sophie
MacGregor Mathers
MacGregor Mathers Il y a 2 mois
Bringing Diana into this is an insult. Diana’s situation was completely different from Megain’s.
MacGregor Mathers
MacGregor Mathers Il y a 2 mois
Meghan mixed race? She behaves likes all the trappings of a whitey. She is nothing like a black woman. She’s using race to play the victim. She’s a plastic tart and had she been a lady like black aristo with no past of exposing her body in tasteless glam photo shoots, she would have been accepted. It’s got sod all to do with her ‘colour’ it’s about her narcissism. We literally can’t stand her and she’s not royal Prince material.
Barbara Dyson
Barbara Dyson Il y a 2 mois
Oops got that wrong between Britain and Canada, delete canada and insert America instead. She didn't hang around in Canada for long.
Felicia Wijnaar
Felicia Wijnaar Il y a 2 mois
*🙏🏻* 🌷💖🌷 *🙏🏼* *Real*
Arnen Rivera
Arnen Rivera Il y a 2 mois
They have made a decision of their own as couple,they are mature responsible individuals..though experience may had contributed in how they address present situation but am sure they had the present n future in their plate when they decide this.they are humans as well
Dolores Cook
Dolores Cook Il y a 3 mois
From the beginning they intended to have it their way & change the Monarchy to suit their way. They couldn't that's all there is. She can't heck it, Good by, good greetings. The Monarchy will live on just fine. Harry is an grateful backstabbing fool.
Tebing Rinjani
Tebing Rinjani Il y a 3 mois
What did they mean modernize they are dreaming a tradition for thousand years which attracts million of tourist. Do not compare with USA they do not have tradition. Being an Indonesia Java especially we have many tradition in each Province here ang we always appreciate it. And always tell the next generation always to maintain it. Look at Bali milliom of tourist come. Look at Japan.
Gary Kiebel
Gary Kiebel Il y a 3 mois
Do they still have duels in the UK?
Latisha Noble
Latisha Noble Il y a 3 mois
get Harry a pulp wood truck and a chain saw he want have any trouble eating them pinto beans and corn bread and drinking that butter milk
Beniz Spencer
Beniz Spencer Il y a 4 mois
Meghan she thinking put new rules for Royal? I thinking cost for her so expansive. She doesn't not fall of the family rules. It is not universal studio she play her game.😡😡😡
Maya Rain
Maya Rain Il y a 5 mois
And sorry Meagan not even in the same league as Di
Maya Rain
Maya Rain Il y a 5 mois
Pair of sooks. Don't love you anymore Harry
Reuben Il y a 5 mois
I feel Queen should be more considerate towards Harry and Meghan.Please read the Bible and obey the Lord when we die only six feet we will own not titles please be God fearing and be kind to Harry and Meghan.We are answerable to God.
Alice Green
Alice Green Il y a 5 mois
They were never viewed as the most popular in the RF. Easily, the most loathed.
Yvonne Campbell
Yvonne Campbell Il y a 5 mois
The truth is the royal family is corrupt and Harry don't want any part of it The truth of corruption is going to come out sooner or later and it's going to be bad for the queen Charles and Andrew and William Harry will shine and Meghan will shine
Yvonne Campbell
Yvonne Campbell Il y a 5 mois
The queen knows what is going on and she is going along with this disgrace of the family and Harry found out about it William is jealous of Harry and Meghan he hates that Harry is more popular than him and Kate Megan is beautiful and sexy and smart and intelligent Megan knows more than anyone else in this family and everyone knows it this is why they want to destory them but it's not going to work William and Kate have done nothing in over 8 years and the people know it Megan has been bullied lied on all. While she was pregnant and Meghan still keep working on her Charties and still did her duties and never stopped Megan did it with a smile Megan is a worker and gets the job done No one else have done what Megan has done they are jealous of Megan and Harry Harry and Meghan love to help people who 💙 need help the world loves them This is not going to change no time soon
James dow
James dow Il y a 5 mois
Crisis the only crisis on display is that the English tolerate the whole rotten lot of them. Now that’s a real crisis for any reasonable sane person.
Jenny Korb
Jenny Korb Il y a 5 mois
The best and most popular & forced to leave. Press not controlled and was manipulated with negative publications. All outrageous!! Think of the hurt this has caused the Queen. Had nothing to do with Megan and Harry. So sorry money made this the difference. Big loss for the UK!!!! Goodwill ambassador's taking a step back yes for protection with their beautiful baby. Hope William and Kate step up to the plate to clear up a few issues where they show they can work together!!
Kenny Ms
Kenny Ms Il y a 5 mois
I love the lady in Red. Smart, straight forward beautiful.
Cks57 Youto
Cks57 Youto Il y a 6 mois
Frances Loa
Frances Loa Il y a 6 mois
I've been cake is jealous because there's another princess in the family if the public has never allowed Prince Harry and princess Meghan to enjoy their first year of marriage everything hits them so fast and I'm sure kids would want to spend alone time with her husband and when they do they wind up with the kid
Frances Loa
Frances Loa Il y a 6 mois
This what they say it's crisis it's not crisis their angry because they're not doing what they want them to do it's a control thing they're going their own way and what happened to that's saying once you're 18 you're an adult it's up to you what you want to do
langbo9999 Il y a 6 mois
The midia in England are monsters
Busy Bees Crocheters
Busy Bees Crocheters Il y a 6 mois
hear ye, Shirley!!! 🐝🐝🐝
Adela Osterloh
Adela Osterloh Il y a 6 mois
They did not blindsided the Royals at all. William realised that this was Harry’s chance to leave and there is absolutely nothing they can do to change that .Meghan would be blamed for it all but who gives a damn not them for sure. They know that people know that is not the case anyway.William is traumatised that it looks like he might still not get a chance to be king with his father wanting to kick his mother off at take over. But the Queen would prefer to sit on the throne for the next five years before giving up for her son to take over. He would be too old to really take over any job period. The Queen, William and Harry would prefer not to see that wicked woman wedge her in way in there as Queen. William has a promise to fulfil and that is to restore his mothers HRH title and further the Monarchy does not wish to have two coronations within this century we can ill afford that. So the Brits are being racist by bashing Meghan , making the public to believe she is reason Harry wants to leave. He woke up folks that is all. William knows this as well. The Royal family is fully aware of this all. I am aware . Stop diverting the facts. It is there for the world to see. What more so wrong all of these damn so call Tarot card out false narratives. There is not an ounce of love in them when they do readings. They call Meghan everything but the child of God. But they are so blind with hate that they don’t realise that when they are digging ditches. They need to dig an extra because they might fall in themselves. Karma knows their name. I have never seen so much hate amongst such people in all my days of tarot reading. LONG LIVE QUEEN ELIZABETH II. WILLIAM HANG IN THERE YOU HAVE A DUTY TO PERFORM. restore HRH PRINCESS DIANA OF WALES. YOU OWE IT TO YOUR MOTHER. Once you have done that. You will have done your part. This will make the Queen very happy believe it or not, that the horse face wicked woman did not win. DIANA WOULD HAVE WON FINALLY. THANKS BE TO GOD. SHE WAS AN INNOCENT 18 YEAR OLD VIRGIN who has been taken advantage of by the MONARCHY and kicked to the curb after giving the heir to the throne.
Light Box Logos
Light Box Logos Il y a 6 mois
Stop using this story to deviate from the real story of Prince Andrews misdemeanours!!
Lilja Einarsd
Lilja Einarsd Il y a 6 mois
Allt MM fault
Barbara Marchand
Barbara Marchand Il y a 6 mois
Who honestly gives a heck about these two unspeakable brats?
Gloria Bort
Gloria Bort Il y a 6 mois
She knew She was marrying a Royal together with The duties. If they want To be out, then out. Not half half. Their photos mostly with African Children /People. Too one sided. She is also half white. Some Africans think they are always being discriminated if there are criticisms about them. Why? Food For thought! They are a public Figure. Criticisms are normal . Does She thinks She is exempted from criticisms ? She could have taken criticisms more maturely. They are just married a few years. She has To get used To it And stay above all These. My goodness! Sorry To say this, but Harry seems To have been influenced with too much African. Off-balanced! Sad To see them leave!
Benny Bees
Benny Bees Il y a 6 mois
the absolutely vile and foul lies the UK press were spreading about Meghan were wholly unacceptable. No wonder she wants to flee!! Sickening reporting.
Alfred The greater.
Alfred The greater. Il y a 6 mois
Normal people around the world, don’t really care, go and live in Canada Harry with your wife and enjoy the rest of your life.
OLuFi Il y a 6 mois
you know England is long overdue when all the british being interviewed in an article on the royal family, are actually black... (and i'm not being racist, just stating the facts here...)
S G Il y a 6 mois
Idky, but queen Elizabeth is coming off like a witch in this story.
BRIAN Il y a 6 mois
I blame media the Piers Morgan nasty types and racist media. But I support Harry and Megan
Anna Spahl
Anna Spahl Il y a 6 mois
I the last part o this video the interviewer is so horrible! he insecretly doesn't want to hear the opinion of a laywer woman by always giving a word to the royal commentator and reacting at the woman's opinion absolutely critical and discrasefully - what is this inteview about? is it about the different opinions on a given topic or is it about shutting the mouth we don't want to hear and only listen to a preffered commentator by giving him all the speaking opportunities? dusguisting such an obvious, absolutely demonstration of conflict of interests, what a shame, wow
Chloe Wright
Chloe Wright Il y a 6 mois
It's ridiculous that they're calling this a crisis.
VIviCa Il y a 6 mois
That lady is ........... I saw her everywhere, she is the only RIGHT ALWAYS!!!!🤬🤬
Yali Franklin
Yali Franklin Il y a 6 mois
This interview & interviewer was pathetic. 🤢
FernandoAvelarify Il y a 6 mois
Trying to hide the racism in UK by blaming Harry's lost of his mother. The UK media have ATTACKED Megan
Roxy Van
Roxy Van Il y a 6 mois
Bottom line she is a complete LEFTY LIBERAL!!! HOLLYWEIRD NUT JOB!! We don’t want her back
CaliforniaHiker Il y a 6 mois
Meghan is a breath of fresh air. Harry and Meghan have done a lot of good, yet they are have been persecuted by the British tabloid press. When Kate does something it‘s cute. If Meghan does the same thing she‘s being shamed. Judging by the queen‘s statement, I think she‘s in agreement. (“... will enable them to build a happy and peaceful life”). Peaceful. Less tabloid press. Fewer insulting headlines. Meghan said “it’s not enough to survive. You need to thrive”. How can they thrive facing those unjust ugly headlines every day? Why is the biggest story not about Prince Andrew and his aberrant leanings? Why keep such a negative focus on these two royals who are such good ambassadors? How are Meghan and Harry hurting the monarchy? How is Andrew hurting the monarchy?
scary times
scary times Il y a 6 mois
Hilarious that they're that retarded to move to Canada with daily fallout from Fukushima.
Margaret Chen
Margaret Chen Il y a 6 mois
Harry had been blind-sided since the day his mother was killed.
3094 Il y a 6 mois
listen to black women more.
Wicz Rabin
Wicz Rabin Il y a 6 mois
MEGEXIT it's a misleading title, it's HAREXIT He left the royal family, of course, you have to blame Meghan ...😋🙄😳🤣
Amudat wuraola
Amudat wuraola Il y a 6 mois
I wonder o.
3094 Il y a 6 mois
Oioi sapphire!!!!
Streetwise Tal
Streetwise Tal Il y a 6 mois
Thanks Queen, 150 million will do, see you soon XXX
Starlove Records
Starlove Records Il y a 6 mois
good riddance to bad rubbish. Harry and Megin are trashy to begin with.
It's right for Harry and Megan to ask for early exit... They are not in the direct line but always have a direct attach of bullying... Harry won't stand by looking while his wife was being attack. They can serve the Queen and country without being HRH.
Leslie Bessesen
Leslie Bessesen Il y a 6 mois
let them be,,,at least they want to go and make their own money and live a different life....
E P Il y a 6 mois
The transition? They only want Big Hollywood money and fame! They don’t fit in the Royal Family. They don’t want the obligations but want to keep the perks. I don’t think so, missy.
Teresita Ekim
Teresita Ekim Il y a 6 mois
The public contributed to the problem. Some are too prejudicial to Megan. This is the result now.
peter chapman
peter chapman Il y a 6 mois
Harry was born into Royalty and should accept his duties, Meghan has married into it but must have realized what was expected of her, they are given many privileges including considerable wealth and should not have been given a choice.
Elvira Ella Salibasic
Elvira Ella Salibasic Il y a 6 mois
The lady presenting a new country for Susexes... Canida! Well, maybe they are truly going there and we will never know where is that! Nor will they! 👋👑
Elvira Ella Salibasic
Elvira Ella Salibasic Il y a 6 mois
Canida!!??? 👎😂😂
Terry Kane
Terry Kane Il y a 6 mois
In America racism is blatant but in the UK it's far worse. The things that Brits said about the baby Archie is reprehensible. Meghan will be happier here.
George Wilson
George Wilson Il y a 6 mois
What do they say?
wattlesong Il y a 6 mois
Well done Meghan and Harry, stay away from that vile, racist, ignorant country as much as possible. Liz destroyed the life of her sister Margaret, glad she's not going to repeat the cruel mistake this time around.
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