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The official lyric video for Megan Thee Stallion's “Girls in the Hood” - Out Now!
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25 juin 2020




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Commentaires 80
Keyata Bumper
Keyata Bumper Il y a 7 minutes
He'll why are you naked on this saying when you say I'm a hot girl that don't mean you show naked naked stuff stop doing all the stuff I know Nicki Nicki Minaj the see you through this you cannot be gay for this whole scene
Charlene Muchunu
Charlene Muchunu Il y a 9 minutes
Like a wild fox looking for a sasuke MEGANNNN OMG
TheDailyKingBoy Il y a heure
When Girls haf there period
Steezy_Boi_420 _
Steezy_Boi_420 _ Il y a heure
This is dumb why would u sample a original song and make it worse smfh 🤦🤦🤦
Trai Hoge
Trai Hoge Il y a heure
this makes me wanna kms
2Laff2Love2Learn Il y a heure
NOOOOOOOO MEGAN DON"T HURT EM!!!! NOT THE HOT GIRL SUMMER!!!! I watch this so much i gotta leave another comment! OMG DOpeMAN REMIX SO TRiLL!! iLL!! illmatic! NOOOOOOOOOOOO for the Tall Chocolate SWAG!!!! MOCHA WIPE EM DOWN!!!! (you got me feeling Like it's 2008 in this bytch!!!!!)
vloas Il y a 2 heures
Guys gotta lower the volume when they playin this. cant let nobody they listen to meg 😂
lancyboi Il y a 2 heures
this has that Eazy-E (Cruisin' In My 64) kinda style
Dancing D
Dancing D Il y a 3 heures
This song goes hard but I like eazy e version better
Minati Music
Minati Music Il y a 3 heures
a.t_ Il y a 3 heures
Megan Thee Stallion sampling the Great Eazy-E Boyz N Tha Hood💪🏾
Sarah Ghiozo
Sarah Ghiozo Il y a 3 heures
i lovee herrr shes the baddest bich
BBSRedd BlockBoiSociety
BBSRedd BlockBoiSociety Il y a 3 heures
Kitty Lockett
Kitty Lockett Il y a 3 heures
Fi4k being good I’m a bad bi3h that’s me:>
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Il y a 4 heures
Boyz n the hood better
crackers Il y a 4 heures
Subscribe To PewDiePie
Subscribe To PewDiePie Il y a 5 heures
the boyz n the hood are always hard
piercing goddess
piercing goddess Il y a 5 heures
is there a way to block this ? keep coming in my list.
Jack Neziol
Jack Neziol Il y a 5 heures
when she referenced naruto lmao
shay channel
shay channel Il y a 6 heures
Megan need to see this and notice you because this fyee
Squi Squi
Squi Squi Il y a 6 heures
You killed this song 😑
Sophie Hall
Sophie Hall Il y a 6 heures
They’re so underrated
K. SAINI Il y a 6 heures
This the Walmart version of boys in the hood
Carson Carothers
Carson Carothers Il y a 6 heures
nice Naruto reference
Xurzeila Roblox
Xurzeila Roblox Il y a 6 heures
i used this as my IMVU gif bc ima Megan babi mwa
Corianna Pride
Corianna Pride Il y a 8 heures
I’m your biggest fan
Mikevia washington
Mikevia washington Il y a 8 heures
Nova Knows
Nova Knows Il y a 9 heures
Anime tho lol
アマゾン川の漁師 Il y a 9 heures サンプリング元 beatjack
Skibibibib Il y a 10 heures
This song is a violation of eazy e
BLUNT NEWS CHANNEL Il y a 10 heures
I love her
Btw itz Chris
Btw itz Chris Il y a 11 heures
Don’t ever disrespect eazy e again
Curtis Jason
Curtis Jason Il y a 11 heures
That naruto reference was crazy 🔥🔥🔥
sensei Il y a 12 heures
i'm still looking for my Sasuke...
SnoopyBroom0 Il y a 12 heures
Should have came with something harder
DaniaLmao Il y a 12 heures
People talk about hearing Big ole freak, all I'm thinking is Boyz in da hood on the background
Lenox Roberts
Lenox Roberts Il y a 12 heures
Really had to ruin boyz in the hood too damn
infclipz Il y a 12 heures
megan = guaranteed goat in 2020
En Vee
En Vee Il y a 13 heures
Did y'all peep that Naruto reference?
Elena Karamacoska
Elena Karamacoska Il y a 13 heures
Yesssss eazzzyyy e beaaaattt , BOYZ IN DA HOOOOOD
Sara Davis
Sara Davis Il y a 15 heures
To the ones saying “easy e died for this,no” can y’all like shut up this song a bop in my opinion ,but let the girl live 😒
Idontreally knowagoodname
Idontreally knowagoodname Il y a 16 heures
This makes me feel like a badass, beautiful, hot chick when in reality Im a couch potato.
Yeymi Lazo
Yeymi Lazo Il y a 16 heures
Idontreally knowagoodname same LMAOO
My name is
My name is Il y a 16 heures
Ruined the beat man
Quëën SSJ
Quëën SSJ Il y a 16 heures
watching anime, looking for Sasuke 🥺🥺 she's my queen
ikigaiso ʕ•ع•ʔ
ikigaiso ʕ•ع•ʔ Il y a 17 heures
"lookin for a sasuke" WHEN I TELL YOU I GOT SO GEEKED OUT
lauren grace
lauren grace Il y a 17 heures
so eazy e died for this 💀 ya no
lauren grace
lauren grace Il y a 15 heures
Sara Davis bc this girl sucks
Sara Davis
Sara Davis Il y a 15 heures
You said this for what😒
Fabian Romero
Fabian Romero Il y a 18 heures
All I gotta say is rest easy Eazy-E my dog the real mutha fuckin G
lorrena the_baddest_gattie
Who can give this song a dislike this bom
ernest takomini
ernest takomini Il y a 18 heures
i think this same lyrics is similar to boyz in the hood by Eazy E
scorpion MK11
scorpion MK11 Il y a 19 heures
I'm a dude and I like listening to some dope ass songs
Michelle Hooks
Michelle Hooks Il y a 19 heures
I don't think Eazy E would approve
Michelle Hooks
Michelle Hooks Il y a 18 heures
@De’Azia Moore no because it's garbage
De’Azia Moore
De’Azia Moore Il y a 18 heures
cuz he would be mad its trending
Donye Henry
Donye Henry Il y a 20 heures
U know I love anime cuz when she said anime and sasuke I was like "ok my new favorite song "
Nacho López
Nacho López Il y a 20 heures
This is disrespectful for eazy
gauxapen Il y a 9 heures
@De’Azia Moore its bad
De’Azia Moore
De’Azia Moore Il y a 18 heures
explain please
Mr Firesave
Mr Firesave Il y a 21 heure
Pussy like a wild fox lookin for sasuke an throwing easy e in it too dam this my new jam
marquita Jones
marquita Jones Il y a 21 heure
You the baddest! Period!
Shuichi Saihara
Shuichi Saihara Il y a 22 heures
When she said: “Imma make him eat me out while I’m watching anime” is one of the many reasons I love her
Tha Missiz
Tha Missiz Il y a 22 heures
I like this!
Tiffany Edwards
Tiffany Edwards Il y a 22 heures
Play Minecraft play the song ticking and H.A.Y
Kaleb Burton
Kaleb Burton Il y a 22 heures
Megan you was wrong for call this song girls in the hood and also you can get sued because you didn’t get permission to use this beat you wrong for this Megan
Jay Koda
Jay Koda Il y a 23 heures
'While I'm watchin' anime" You earned this sub, mama
Jamirb 9
Jamirb 9 Il y a 23 heures
Girl better hope I Neva run across ya man 💅🏽😋
B Il y a 23 heures
Ion know wtf wrong with eazy e daughter but she need to cut that shit cause this a bop
Pierced Reaper
Pierced Reaper Il y a jour
Anyone thinking about eazy e???? 🧐🧐 If u are like 👇
superluminal89 Il y a jour
So in 40 short years, rap has gone from consciousness to strippers who can curse and rhyme. 😒
Seif Eddine
Seif Eddine Il y a jour
That Naruto REFERENCE *DEAD* This lady is lit. Yup. I heard the song once my Jamaican friend was playing and damn, catchy AF. Like we say it in French, Bonne continuation! :)
Kayla Chu Hing
Kayla Chu Hing Il y a jour
I like the original better 😹
De’Azia Moore
De’Azia Moore Il y a 18 heures
king mauza
king mauza Il y a jour
you rap is hard but the beat is stolen 🤦‍♀️
De’Azia Moore
De’Azia Moore Il y a 18 heures
nope its not sampled
Juju Playz
Juju Playz Il y a 23 heures
Not stolen but sampled
Siqnih Hamilton
Siqnih Hamilton Il y a jour
Aye she really can spit I mean I'm a dude I might can't bump her shit and relate but I know talent when I see it And she can really spit!!!
Aaaaaaaaaaa, she gave a shoutout to Boyz-In-Tha-Hood!!!!!!!! We love the throwback
Fay Stan
Fay Stan Il y a jour
BLM freestyle/song?👀👀
Music blaring
Music blaring Il y a jour
Pudding Gaming
Pudding Gaming Il y a jour
cruisin down the street in my 64’
Ann L
Ann L Il y a jour
Certified Ratchet....🙂
Enigmatic Soul
Enigmatic Soul Il y a jour
Dre,ice cube and eazy did it better.
MANI WORLD Il y a jour
I like this
Jazzy Jazz
Jazzy Jazz Il y a jour
Ok but this is TRASHHHHHH she Ruined a good song 🙄
edward levesque
edward levesque Il y a jour
King Kali
King Kali Il y a jour
She Took Over 🥳💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
Issaxmood xo
Issaxmood xo Il y a jour
I like Megan the Stallion and the fact this beat is from N.W.A Boyz in the hood makes it hit even harder 😝
acole1974 Il y a jour
Love it Dope as hell!!!