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Garrett, Coby and Sparky compete in the famous Dude Perfect Death Race. Who will hold the crown on this weeks episode!
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30 oct. 2020




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Commentaires 100
Andy Obryan
Andy Obryan Il y a 18 heures
Nice I loved this video
E&E Fleming
E&E Fleming Il y a jour
I LOVE the SPICE 🔥of jalapeño peppers
Some Dood
Some Dood Il y a jour
New DPG fan in chat: Hey, did this channel start recently? OGs: Much to learn, you have.
Bamchaga Il y a 2 jours
Is it just me or did sparky cuss after Gar one the second race
MZC Plays
MZC Plays Il y a 3 jours
what’s wrong with saltines
travis Higgins 10
travis Higgins 10 Il y a 6 jours
Jayden & I L.
Jayden & I L. Il y a 6 jours
garrett puke!!
Jayden & I L.
Jayden & I L. Il y a 6 jours
garrett puck!!!!
Cricket Hopper
Cricket Hopper Il y a 7 jours
This is absolutely hilarious! Keep up the good work, DP!👏👏👏
Samuel Sherman
Samuel Sherman Il y a 7 jours
Coby sounds like an old man lol
BW Batchelor
BW Batchelor Il y a 7 jours
Wow the pain!!!! Bro i did it with you it hurts
Abigail Richards
Abigail Richards Il y a 10 jours
How are these guys still alive?
Thunder Of Thor
Thunder Of Thor Il y a 13 jours
😂 reactions for me while eating the chilli was hilarious I'm Indian so I have good tolerance to spicy food I do enjoy it But tbh who tf takes on a chilli like that bruv LITERALLY NO ONE Respect to my g's 😂
Something Else
Something Else Il y a 14 jours
I’m sorry to chad
Jenson Muller
Jenson Muller Il y a 15 jours
I’m 11 and I can eat a full jalapeño without milk 🤣🤣
tacocatgod catcat
tacocatgod catcat Il y a 15 jours
well aren't that spicy
tacocatgod catcat
tacocatgod catcat Il y a 15 jours
jalapeno's aren't spicy I've had one
Enquire Il y a 17 jours
Garret is my guy bro he’s so funny
Derek Hoh
Derek Hoh Il y a 17 jours
Do y’all think mayo is spicy too
Lucas Dlc
Lucas Dlc Il y a 17 jours
That was hilarious! 😂
Rick Courchaine
Rick Courchaine Il y a 19 jours
It’s a jalapeño... you guys are sad.
J Dubs
J Dubs Il y a 19 jours
Invisible Jalapeño 4:54
Piggy production Studios
Piggy production Studios Il y a 19 jours
Janro Berning
Janro Berning Il y a 20 jours
Game play
Janro Berning
Janro Berning Il y a 20 jours
Carter Lee
Carter Lee Il y a 20 jours
I like how the jalapeños got green screened😂
Joe vs Life
Joe vs Life Il y a 20 jours
Garret: WATER Me: MILK
Elizabeth_Rutledge 101
Elizabeth_Rutledge 101 Il y a 20 jours
I love Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!! I play on my Nintendo.
Brian Joyner
Brian Joyner Il y a 21 jour
Cracked Il y a 22 jours
I love how Garret said he was a weakling
Victor Khafif Tawachi
Victor Khafif Tawachi Il y a 24 jours
I no dat geme and i am better
InfiniteTube TV
InfiniteTube TV Il y a 24 jours
I can destroy anyone in Mario Kart
Laura Manca
Laura Manca Il y a 24 jours
How does this comment have 10k likes ? 🤩
Ryan mclendon
Ryan mclendon Il y a 25 jours
What dose og mean plz tell?
rene carcamo
rene carcamo Il y a 25 jours
I would never do something like that
Jorge Tavares
Jorge Tavares Il y a 26 jours
Green jalapeno blends in lol
Ruben T
Ruben T Il y a 26 jours
I don't think any Dude Perfect video has ever made me laugh as much as this one.
Job Franco
Job Franco Il y a 26 jours
Ariana & Lilly
Ariana & Lilly Il y a 27 jours
chuck finnly
chuck finnly Il y a 28 jours
we're DPG OGs people
tri sha
tri sha Il y a 28 jours
The addicted astronomy neuropathologically branch because pigeon particularly pump into a black sound. chivalrous, domineering half-sister
Adrian Martin
Adrian Martin Il y a 29 jours
That was hilarious 🤣 😆
Izaan Luttakome
Izaan Luttakome Il y a 29 jours
i pLAY this
RaymanRome Gaming
RaymanRome Gaming Il y a mois
I’ve watched this over a hundred times. When is the next one??!! Please!!
Maxi Boy
Maxi Boy Il y a mois
I love Mario kart I have it
Hannah Crawford-Keck
"I think at the end of the day, we are all losers" - Garrett Agreed. hahahah
PotatoAim 1805
PotatoAim 1805 Il y a mois
Do a habenero
PotatoAim 1805
PotatoAim 1805 Il y a mois
Garrett its not waligi.
Jishnu Jeevan
Jishnu Jeevan Il y a mois
The chillies are not visible coz they used green background
Broock Staley
Broock Staley Il y a mois
Coby: MOM!!!!!
Dominick Somers
Dominick Somers Il y a mois
Sparky having trouble eating 5 salty crackers even though it's his own rule while Garret and Coby gulp them down no problem 3:12
Timothy McConnell
Timothy McConnell Il y a mois
Can you please play madden
Malynn Branham
Malynn Branham Il y a mois
That was so funny 🤣 I'd die before I'd try one of those peppers! Lol 😂
Sugarcube5 Il y a mois
I love that edit at 8:02 (bumps into wall)
Daniel Reisch
Daniel Reisch Il y a mois
I’m sorry but they are terrible
SriRam - 8D
SriRam - 8D Il y a mois
absolutel lol gameplay ever cobes and gar!!!
Yasmine Feriel
Yasmine Feriel Il y a mois
Seth Bryant
Seth Bryant Il y a mois
7:14 Even in COVID times? Disgusting
Seth Bryant
Seth Bryant Il y a mois
4:39 *Waluigi
Seth Bryant
Seth Bryant Il y a mois
You guys should’ve had something sweet for Sweet Sweet Canyon
Seth Bryant
Seth Bryant Il y a mois
How are the characters driving when the players are not hitting the accelerator?
Seth Bryant
Seth Bryant Il y a mois
In the description, it’s week’s
Dharma Drawdy
Dharma Drawdy Il y a mois
Once, I warned my friends not to eat it, but they ate a ghost pepper at least in half, at least!! It was e most hilarious day ever!!!
Owen Stine
Owen Stine Il y a mois
They should do Minecraft survival like if you agree
Yenifer Higuardia
Yenifer Higuardia Il y a mois
What games did Dude Perfect made so I can loaded all of them ☺️🥺😊
Liam Clark
Liam Clark Il y a mois
more among us
Liam Clark
Liam Clark Il y a mois
more among us
clemente rodriguez
clemente rodriguez Il y a mois
that was awesome
unboxing paket
unboxing paket Il y a mois
What the helllllllllll
PianoDayz Il y a mois
Coby uses the HyperX Cloud Stingers? Nice 👍
rawgrave Il y a mois
I’m og
shamus george
shamus george Il y a mois
I’m better then them at mariokart. They didn’t even get the start boost
Elvira Jackson
Elvira Jackson Il y a mois
The longing belt finallly encourage because stew concretely flood versus a exotic protest. tested, cynical clipper
josiah mackey
josiah mackey Il y a mois
7:29 garrets mouth blends in with the greens screen
bruh Il y a mois
Love how they used the Mario kart 7 art for the thumbnail
Blake Jones
Blake Jones Il y a mois
Garret could you beat me and I want a shout out
Snow Boarder
Snow Boarder Il y a mois
I would fail this challenge so hard. I can’t do those warheads candies at all, and I cannot do the jalapeño peppers either. 🌶
Doggo Dude
Doggo Dude Il y a mois
I eat a ghost pepper and didn’t react that bad
Liam Clyde
Liam Clyde Il y a mois
Play anong us please
Liam Clyde
Liam Clyde Il y a mois
1st gar 2 wins 2nd cory 1 win 3rd sparky 0 wins
Xilen Il y a mois
Keegan Langlois
Keegan Langlois Il y a mois
Jalepenos aren’t spicy grow some balls
Aron E. Hanger
Aron E. Hanger Il y a mois
Will power Gamerz
Will power Gamerz Il y a mois
Very funny 😂
Noven Rozano
Noven Rozano Il y a mois
One THOUSAND comments checkmark
Skater tate 08
Skater tate 08 Il y a mois
Guys I ate the lil nitro I’m 12
Rainer Skis
Rainer Skis Il y a mois
U should play madden
Olivér Molnár
Olivér Molnár Il y a mois
Luconic Il y a mois
Truett Beeler
Truett Beeler Il y a mois
they should put eat 5 Jalapenos in 10 minutes on the wheel unfortunate
Truett Beeler
Truett Beeler Il y a mois
and am eight
Truett Beeler
Truett Beeler Il y a mois
I like jalapenos!
Wolfpackonly55 Il y a mois
Over a jalapeño 😂😂😂 so funny
Lets Kick It To The Sky
You guys need to eat more spicy foods
Graham Orpwood
Graham Orpwood Il y a mois
Some how horrible ideas are the best.
reagann garcia
reagann garcia Il y a mois
is anyone a girl that watches these videos??
Siva Playz
Siva Playz Il y a mois
Channels so underrated compared to the main one
Josh Smith
Josh Smith Il y a mois
Am I a OG I mean I am three months late
Anime Edit'z
Anime Edit'z Il y a mois
Please make minecraft survival sires
ashley wagner
ashley wagner Il y a mois
“MOM” 😂😂😂😂😂
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