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- KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.610
- MAMAMOO - gogobebe
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[Kor Ver.]
4인 4색 매력 '마마무'
무무들! 맘무 손 잡고 다같이 고고베베♥ '고고베베(gogobebe)' 무대!
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14 mars 2019




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Commentaires 7 391
01:27 Il y a heure
they are like strong sexy feminism every girl needs as an icon in their life
Viorencia Djie
Viorencia Djie Il y a 2 heures
Wheein's bling bling bling and drop drop drop voice omg.. im obsessed
Alleson cheine
Alleson cheine Il y a 2 heures
Aldyfa Naufal
Aldyfa Naufal Il y a 3 heures
If i was there, i'd fucking climb the stage to take off Hwasa's boots the fuck are these shite
Love for K-Drama K-pop
That boots so famous, even Rihanna use it. Hyejin always choose her own outfit..
Hannya Il y a 3 heures
Omg my new fav group. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
lin chhayheng
lin chhayheng Il y a 3 heures
Solar why do you so beautiful ??
ir em
ir em Il y a 4 heures
mv 3.851.511 stage 3.010.867 wow definitely i prefer the stage
酒井かおり Il y a 4 heures
Hyde Bevers
Hyde Bevers Il y a 4 heures
shad covert
shad covert Il y a 5 heures
This is garbage. Might be interesting if they were naked. Other than that, this is completely pointless trash.
000111 Il y a 2 heures
just like this comment, the only difference is no one wants to see you naked
Nightcore Flawless
Nightcore Flawless Il y a 6 heures
Now world fans mamamoo for egoistic, falses xd, pd: Queens of kpop, hwasa slay
little miawmiaw
little miawmiaw Il y a 6 heures
Bangtan Lives
Bangtan Lives Il y a 6 heures
Why do I love this song uuhhhhhhh
Hi Hello How are you
Hi Hello How are you Il y a 6 heures
Damn mamamoo stop slaying ughhh 😭❣️
Hwasa Moo
Hwasa Moo Il y a 7 heures
Congratulation s on your 1st Win my queen. I love you. Continue on making good music. Hope to see you soon 💗
Kowen Yerro
Kowen Yerro Il y a 7 heures
I want hwasa as my sister
I’m living for Moonbyul’s outfit :)
Sinta Nur Rizqi
Sinta Nur Rizqi Il y a 8 heures
lol i'm laugh with hwasa boots xD
CrackPink Tour
CrackPink Tour Il y a 8 heures
That person who shouted 'handsome' in hangul made Moonbyul's heart happy 😂
Keith Lund
Keith Lund Il y a 8 heures
This is a good comeback song by MAMAMOO.
Elex 2Moo
Elex 2Moo Il y a 8 heures
3million legggooo!!! 🏆👍
Ate Ramen
Ate Ramen Il y a 8 heures
Moonbyul 😭❤❤❤
Kimberly Il y a 10 heures
That small stage isn’t enough to showcase those 4 talented women’s talents yet they still slayed it.
Santiago Rodriguez Guillen
I am proud that I don't know what they are saying 😓
drifting cool
drifting cool Il y a 11 heures
my harem is mamamoo
Dlghtme_up Il y a 12 heures
Fatin Wardinah
Fatin Wardinah Il y a 12 heures
vernon chwe
vernon chwe Il y a 12 heures
even mamamoo singing live on m countdown!
KRbIM 4ANIN Il y a 12 heures
Jane's Palace
Jane's Palace Il y a 12 heures
okay im still new to them and k pop in general but can someone explain to me why they have solo songs? and are they a group and solo artist? im sooo confused but i love their voices.
Jane's Palace
Jane's Palace Il y a 12 heures
+Karina flores yeah it does, i was just very confused and I'm glad you answered my question. thanks
Karina flores
Karina flores Il y a 12 heures
Jane's Palace So Hwasa the woman with the red boots released her solo song that is separate from this album called Twit. A lot of artist do it like Taemin from SHINEE, Jeenie from blackpink, Jackson from GOT7. The new album is called White Wind which has Wheein’s solo song called 25 on the album. So each member has solo songs on their album that represent their color/season. Hwasa= Yellow Flower Moonbyul=Red Moon Solar=Blue;S Wheenin= White Wind I hope this helps
little dubu
little dubu Il y a 13 heures
i always love their performances💓 and i also love how Hwasa is slaying with that boots man!
sakura Il y a 14 heures
hwasa's boot bothers me sooo much D: but amazing comeback either way
Siti Hajar
Siti Hajar Il y a 14 heures
Koey Cheung
Koey Cheung Il y a 14 heures
I love the one who sings
A Said
A Said Il y a 15 heures
Almost 3 million views yall!!
namkhaira 118
namkhaira 118 Il y a 15 heures
They never disappoint ❤❤❤
별Star Il y a 15 heures
I love this song soooo much I can't stop listening to it. It happened before with their songs tho, they're amazing, fav girl group so far
Plainly Rude
Plainly Rude Il y a 17 heures
Solar's smile is so fucking contagious like, holy shit, I find myself smiling throughout the whole video.
Đức Nguyễn Thành
Đức Nguyễn Thành Il y a 17 heures
Aaaaa MMM 😙
м ɪ s s ; 『Jʌeger』—
AHHHHH, queens!!!
ayo Il y a 19 heures
is wheein era
Moon Jar
Moon Jar Il y a 19 heures
Omg mamamoo is so strong that even all of the girls fall for them i mean hear my moomoo’s screaming😌❤️
Jay Il y a 19 heures
3M Leggo
Cough Cough
Cough Cough Il y a 19 heures
Confidence is 🔑
And talent to back it up
Catalina Ester
Catalina Ester Il y a 20 heures
*Q U E E N S*
alejandra mackliff
alejandra mackliff Il y a 21 heure
Solar looks like Iu
Suzy Gialla
Suzy Gialla Il y a 22 heures
Am I the onlynone'who think that hwasa boots looks so unconfortable?
Farah Abozied
Farah Abozied Il y a 22 heures
Queens 😩♥️
Atlantis Japps-Will
Atlantis Japps-Will Il y a 22 heures
I can't believe!!! They have so much stage presence and they look so good!!!
Gabi Garcia Cedillo
Gabi Garcia Cedillo Il y a 22 heures
Diooosaaaaas ❤
Jimin or jimout?
Jimin or jimout? Il y a 22 heures
They always give such a great performance and bring life to the stage. They look t Like they love it which is everything in a performance. If you enjoy what you do you are bound to do well just like these girls. Support All the way 💜💜💜
Jimin or jimout?
Jimin or jimout? Il y a 22 heures
These Queens make me feel so gay. I think I know why people... 😉😂💜💜
Dora Fidersek
Dora Fidersek Il y a 22 heures
They are all so pretty!!!! ❤❤
P Il y a 23 heures
I've just been a fan since last yr but im so proud of them for being one of the few girl groups actively promoting rn who actually sings live
Maryam P.
Maryam P. Il y a jour
They look like they have so much fun on stage ♥
Jo Yuri
Jo Yuri Il y a jour
Parece com a musica F•R•I•E•N•D•S Mais eu gostei mais dessaaaaa adoron
Jo Yuri
Jo Yuri Il y a jour
Só a batida
GabrieIa Owusu
GabrieIa Owusu Il y a jour
Just love mamaoo
Agush Nahir
Agush Nahir Il y a jour
Es de los pocos grupos que no usa playback a la hora de cantar y no desafina a la hora de coordinar baile y canto 😊
Bushra Ahmed
Bushra Ahmed Il y a jour
They remind me of little mix
Yao Mart
Yao Mart Il y a jour
Gosh.. Marathon watching Mamamoo stage performance.. This song n piano man attached to my ears like glue💘💘💘
000111 Il y a 2 heures
check out sleep in the car!
Apple Berry
Apple Berry Il y a jour
What is the name of this particular dance sequence?
Taetae ARMY
Taetae ARMY Il y a jour
Sexy both" 🔥❤
soul9397 Il y a jour
I love mamamoo..I love how different they are from each other and still fit together perfectly. Kudos to their company for letting them keep the originality and not make them almost clones of each other like alot of other groups.
Katy Tomlinson
Katy Tomlinson Il y a jour
Hwasa my favorite
KiByulKai Moo
KiByulKai Moo Il y a jour
3M legggooo!!💪💪🔥🔥🏆👑
Mahrukh Iqbal
Mahrukh Iqbal Il y a jour
Honestly whenever I hear moonbyul, it takes me a minute to adjust because her voice is so deep _omg_ you do not expect that, but it's so good nonetheless
Alias Yumi
Alias Yumi Il y a jour
Shoes at Hwasa 😂😂❤️
Justin Jjang
Justin Jjang Il y a jour
They made it live even if comeback stage on Mnet isn't for live stages, such queen exists. Next time when ya'll make a gg vocal battle make sure to add Mamamoo then let us see who will win. ; )
Adela Nanda
Adela Nanda Il y a 15 heures
they usually left mamamoo out because they think mamamoo doesnt dance as 'hard' as other groups:))
Aina Yua
Aina Yua Il y a jour
why they remind me of SISTAR ?
mandukii Il y a jour
Hwasa's boots, exposing them thighs :3
InfiredArmy Il y a jour
I never thought I could be 'more' gay until Moonbyul came out with that dyed hair....
Whats in korea
Whats in korea Il y a jour
*best part* : 0:00 - 3:27 100 out of 10
lica pineda
lica pineda Il y a jour
I like their live stage better than their mvs. Its just so satisfying and more enjoyable to watch. There's no boring stage with mamamoo!
vanessa Il y a jour
Park Bom OR Mamamoo Park Bom =comment Bom Shells Mamamoo=Comment MAMAMOO 4 LIFE
stanoneus rookieking
No need i guess these kind of comments lol
Bullyangbae Il y a jour
Hwasa to Loco: GOGOBEBE
Dennis Gamatero
Dennis Gamatero Il y a jour
Queen Moonbyul 👑💋😍 yaaaassssss
Teresita Barado
Teresita Barado Il y a jour
Moonbyul can step on me.
Refah Alajmi
Refah Alajmi Il y a jour
Solar hair so long and beautiful ☺️😊🤩
Isabela Gois
Isabela Gois Il y a jour
Wheein ♥️
Lim C
Lim C Il y a jour
ratchet velvet
ratchet velvet Il y a jour
Jasmine Teo Wen Xin
Something I just like about Mamamoo: They have four perfect voices so their lines are always distributed evenly, They are four perfect dancers so no matter how their formation, four of them always shine, and something I love about them is From their debut stage till now, they are the only GG that ALWAYS enjoy performing on stage😍😍
Alisa Roman
Alisa Roman Il y a jour
That red dress is so good😊
faney juana
faney juana Il y a jour
Im here because of 2ne1's stage presence. Haha comments say no gg comes close to 2ne1 aside from this group. Well, kinda. They're engaging as well. Nice work.
Lamying Yee
Lamying Yee Il y a jour
All them hair so BEAUTIFUL this song amazing too 😍😍😍
Mhai Figueroa
Mhai Figueroa Il y a jour
The only kpop diva can sing live
Amanda K
Amanda K Il y a jour
the number of times Solar gave me goosebumps....... .... .... .... .... .... i lost count
Tropicl Fruit
Tropicl Fruit Il y a jour
I’m not being mean or nun but lordddd this gurl boots💀💀
Serwena1212 Il y a jour
Those boots always get on my matter whose wearing them...... J.Lo, Leigh-Anne Pinnock from the group Little Mix and now Hwasa......This boots are not made for movement......RANT ENDED
Yeeun Park
Yeeun Park Il y a jour
One of the very very few girl groups who actually have FUN performing instead of just doing the choreo. You can basically feel it.
brokennoah Il y a jour
I just realize where I saw the boots Hwasa is wearing before - it's kinda similar to what Lisa was wearing in one of the scenes in As if it's your Last MV
roseland babe
roseland babe Il y a jour
Who came here after Mina video??
Ruth Christian
Ruth Christian Il y a jour
Ruth Christian
Ruth Christian Il y a jour
How could they maintain those vocals while dancing???? If I were to sing and dance...umm no thanks😢😂
Angelika Shayne Luna
3:49 i just realized that it's similar to itzy choreo..but not that similar...ples don't bash meh...i just saw it....sorry..😉😉
hwalion moomoo
hwalion moomoo Il y a jour
Bash bash bash bash 😂😂
stanoneus rookieking
Its not btw😍 and its mina myong 1 million dance choreography btw
Baby Love
Baby Love Il y a jour
Excited for the up coming adlibs!💓💓💓
Hyung Vae
Hyung Vae Il y a jour
3:15 got me really shooked af
Amanda L
Amanda L Il y a jour
For who's curious "gogogbebe"plays off of the word from old Kim gun mo's song"jjanga", which is a bird sound and has the meaning of good things will come and forget the bad things. (I forget the exact meaning but it's quite similar) The 9/6 in the song references their debut date backwards, which is 6/19. And the 9966=ggbb=gogobebe
Elle Alawiyah
Elle Alawiyah Il y a jour
Emilia clarke 😍😍😍
Avantika Arvind
Avantika Arvind Il y a jour
3:06 I just died.
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