Malibu Surf Cast SURPRISES Fans! You won't believe what happened...

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Watch some of Malibu Surf’s biggest fans react to the top moments of the show. Binge watch now to catch up to season 5!
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Drama set on the shores of Malibu highlighting the love triangles of a group of friends.
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25 janv. 2020




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Commentaires 31
Allondra Mendoza
Allondra Mendoza Il y a mois
I need another season asp
Joanna Martin
Joanna Martin Il y a mois
ally and joey need to get back together
TRAN THAO Il y a mois
Is there a next seasonnnm
Olivia Carter
Olivia Carter Il y a mois
jenny Il y a mois
“he was a veeery good singer”. GORLS
shaghayegh manesh
shaghayegh manesh Il y a mois
Season 5 of Malibu Surf is confirmed!
Ashley Felix
Ashley Felix Il y a mois
man I look so ugly in the video but I don't care because it was one of the best days of my life
Nethmi Perera
Nethmi Perera Il y a mois
Are they coming out with a new season?
Nethmi Perera
Nethmi Perera Il y a mois
Confused af rn
Chloe Dunham
Chloe Dunham Il y a mois
ally and joey for life
Diamond Il y a mois
New season!
Diamond Il y a mois
Omg I miss them🥺🥺🥺
Kerem Solorio
Kerem Solorio Il y a mois
Wait why couldnt i be there !!!
Belle Kol
Belle Kol Il y a mois
Is there going be another season of Malibu surf or series came after it
Lucy Hhh
Lucy Hhh Il y a mois
I lost track of what seasons there are and if it’s finished or not. Very confused rn.
Reinah Kristi qwq
Reinah Kristi qwq Il y a mois
Reaction's amazing!😂😂
parkfare princess
parkfare princess Il y a mois
When you wish that was you 😂😂
Emily Narine
Emily Narine Il y a mois
Drama is spilling the tea everybody
Emma Trott
Emma Trott Il y a mois
They must be coming out with a new season soon!!!!!!!
madi purpur
madi purpur Il y a mois
they posted on their insta asking who’s ready for season 5 so they are !!
Brook Hart
Brook Hart Il y a mois
That's what am saying
avery violet629
avery violet629 Il y a mois
I am early and the ninth commenter!!!!!!!! Love the reactions lots!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
It’s your gurl Blossom
6th lmao
Nelly Fonse
Nelly Fonse Il y a mois
FRvid is drunk again😂
Riley Hawktop
Riley Hawktop Il y a mois
I miss Malibu surf
imawierdo Il y a mois
whens the new season of Malibu surf bc I missssss Malibu surf so much like I need to know the tea
dl murray
dl murray Il y a mois
aljouhara aba alalaa:Or City Girls
Ariana Essa
Ariana Essa Il y a mois
Ayes Il y a mois
Hi their Just Wanted To Say Have A Happy 2020 & Hope u reach your goals 🤩😁 My Goal Is To Get 17k Subs But u know Probably Won’t Hit that😔
Angelina Vivian
Angelina Vivian Il y a mois
I subscribed
Morgan Riley
Morgan Riley Il y a mois