Making aerogel

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It has taken many months, but I was finally able to make a decent aerogel!
Procedure resources: and
Veritasium video:
Applied Science video:
NileBlue video:
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NileRed website (Glassware & Beaker Mugs):
Nile talks about lab safety:
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Science et technologie



30 mars 2020




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Commentaires 80
Nile the type of guy that could make glow in the dark Methamphetamine
MSSGNO Il y a 8 heures
41:25 someones dad
Sarah Neff
Sarah Neff Il y a 9 heures
*O N E W H O L E D O L L A R S T O R E C A N D L E*
Waldemar Johannesson
Waldemar Johannesson Il y a 9 heures
The heat gun ( 29:23 ) looks like half life 2 graphics, for some reason.
Yujus Kila
Yujus Kila Il y a 14 heures
Manish Il y a 17 heures
Video request for aero chocolate please.
jack daniels
jack daniels Il y a 18 heures
I swear I clicked on a video about synthetic rubies lmao Il y a jour
Nile Blacksmith channel next?
JesusLovesYou Il y a jour
This cost him $10,000 then the cops broke down his door and took everything!!
12:15 Il y a jour
All this for a block of glorified styrofoam
Q Il y a jour
I can not watch this mans videos if I'm tired and laying in bed. He has one of those voices and this is the third time I got knocked out. Love the the videos tho
Julian R
Julian R Il y a jour
I enjoy seeing him smile. It makes me happy in turn.
Lowlysteam956 Il y a jour
Subnautica Anyone?
Terra Il y a jour
He said rai... I thought it was Raid shadow legends
celia s.
celia s. Il y a jour
i wanna eat them like chips
Bob3D2000 Il y a jour
Really interesting. Subscribed. :)
Bob3D2000 Il y a jour
16:41 . I would have laid it out gently. Badum tish.
Ten Unda
Ten Unda Il y a 2 jours
Amazing vid. So much work. And burnout is real, take care of yourself!
ov9k5wj0 Il y a 2 jours
Next project extracellular matrix
MSSGNO Il y a 2 jours
from glass pop rocks to the carbon crucifix
Jonathan Martin
Jonathan Martin Il y a 2 jours
Interestingly, this was the next video after watching Hydraulic Press Channel crush some aerogel. FRvid takes you places ;)
Mat Stuff
Mat Stuff Il y a 2 jours
20:24 It looks like a rocket is launching
Ellis Dee
Ellis Dee Il y a 2 jours
1000 bucks to trap 99% air ;-) i really enjoyed watching this thx :-)
Cassandra Prophet
Cassandra Prophet Il y a 2 jours
38:24 as a good and thorough scientist you gotta give those tongs a few practice clicks
Riaen Wilow
Riaen Wilow Il y a 2 jours
So I have a request. I've been trying to do research as to what vape juice and nicotine salts are and how they're made but all I can find are videos of vape users doing DIY videos. Also in every one I watched they said "now I'm not a chemist so..." so I didn't learn anything. It would be nice if you could do something on the topic.
Joshua Tun
Joshua Tun Il y a 3 jours
-Chemist- *kemist*
Joshua Tun
Joshua Tun Il y a 3 jours
This guy is a legend, I learn more than school from this dude.
Mewcat Il y a 3 jours
Ugh, its not that hard, just take a gel sack and some ruby. How did you manage to take 50 minutes??
Minecraft Dancers
Minecraft Dancers Il y a 3 jours
can you make a therafluid table hockey?
Graeme Craib
Graeme Craib Il y a 3 jours
Kaneki Kun
Kaneki Kun Il y a 3 jours
Just my mind running to somewhere but, Is Aerogel a spaced thin silicon? My mind thinked it's just silicon thats as thin as 15 micrometers or something spaced a couple micrometers. And I'm fucking dumb cause it isn't.
Simo_246 Il y a 3 jours
Hey... would you do a video about recycling paper?
This&That Il y a 3 jours
Breaking that silica with your finger was very ASMR
Roy Smit
Roy Smit Il y a 3 jours
Extremists: "we need to reduce the CO2 outbreak" Nile: 20:25
Jeana Hend
Jeana Hend Il y a 3 jours
When's the next video going to come out
joeslouie Il y a 3 jours
He posts more frequently on his other channel
Yoni Ifrah
Yoni Ifrah Il y a 4 jours
when he drops it accidentally into the water I died of laughter the noise he made he was just like fuck but am annoyed fuck
Perry The platypus
Perry The platypus Il y a 4 jours
You have not been posting so I unsubscribed
joeslouie Il y a 3 jours
He posts more frequently on his other channel
A Dog
A Dog Il y a 4 jours
I wonder about those DIY chambers - are they made as a teaching resource, for universities and such? I also wonder how do they produce the gel in factories. If similar methods would be used - it would probably too expensive for most uses ;)
Vitu Augusto
Vitu Augusto Il y a 4 jours
had you heard of "Practical LSD Manufacture" by uncle fester? if you did, what do think of it?
mano do sky
mano do sky Il y a 4 jours
aerogel? more like fragel
sibiris Il y a 4 jours
if this is not witchcraft, I dont know what is. These videos are an inspiration for me to go back and finish my physics degree.
Yanni Chavarría
Yanni Chavarría Il y a 4 jours
I hate being an adult because i can't spend the whole 40 minutes watching your video :(
Sayma Sultana Shinha
Sayma Sultana Shinha Il y a 4 jours
Nile you make KClO3 . I need it so much.please please.....
TheRegret Il y a 5 jours
hey idk how to get in contact with you or pose a challenge, especially since i dont use twitter, so i figure i would comment on your most recent video. Can you get raw sulfur from rotten eggs? and would this be a sizeable amount of income selling raw sulfur back to manufacturers as a individual farmer? really i am just curious as the gains of synthesizing sulfur from rotten eggs and if left over eggs from an individual farm could be put to use for a profit. or really any kind of gain from waste. i am also posting this on cody's lab latest video to see if he will take the challenge as well, as you guys are the best scientific synthesizing content creators on youtube that i know of.
Edge Murphy
Edge Murphy Il y a 5 jours
Hey nile I had a simple idea for a video. Try extracting calcium chloride from ice melt then turning it into a carbon filter
love u
love u Il y a 5 jours
k but mans spent over 2000$ for this...
j s
j s Il y a 5 jours
Can You Fractionally Distill Deoderant to get Butane and Propane?
Brad Axford
Brad Axford Il y a 5 jours
Shut up weeds lighter
The Overcomer
The Overcomer Il y a 5 jours
Is Nilered an Exodus reference?
Wow... 😊
Salteen Gamer
Salteen Gamer Il y a 5 jours
Should've snorted them crystals. FoR sCiEnCe
Seth Tenshi
Seth Tenshi Il y a 5 jours
"I also figured out that it's good to punch the table in general"
Zarah Andrahilde
Zarah Andrahilde Il y a 5 jours
Amazing video, your content is amazing
Chaotim Il y a 5 jours
Why wouldnt you had just use wax paper?
liaojun liao
liaojun liao Il y a 5 jours
make a graphite airogel sometime:D
Technimechanical Il y a 5 jours
How tf do you get the different shapes!?
Peter Harper
Peter Harper Il y a 6 jours
What school/s did/do u go to
TheRedPanda Gaming
TheRedPanda Gaming Il y a 6 jours
Can I eat it
Yellow Lobster Supreme
Yellow Lobster Supreme Il y a 6 jours
who else clicked on here because they heard of aerogel from subnautica
Aaron Watkins
Aaron Watkins Il y a 6 jours
We miss ya bud.
Absolute Clown
Absolute Clown Il y a 6 jours
ok hear me out extract the caffeine from a can of bang and see how much there is
call me what you want
call me what you want Il y a 6 jours
I could never make something like this
Dustin Grubb
Dustin Grubb Il y a 6 jours
That grunt of frustration just killed me
Bread Leaf
Bread Leaf Il y a 6 jours
The Walter White of aerogel
Mike Adams
Mike Adams Il y a 6 jours
where do you just get a laboratory to yourself anyway?
Mike Adams
Mike Adams Il y a 6 jours
I work with a supercritical co2 fluid extractor at my job, very cool that you did that at home, at quite a pretty penny to build that chamber too!
Saad Alqahtani
Saad Alqahtani Il y a 6 jours
Can you tell me is there any way to distillate sea water chemically? Or how to remove salt from sea water chemically
The Ultimate INSECT Person
*"Science class basics."*
PadorUmin Il y a 6 jours
nice Profile Pic
catfish4975 Il y a 6 jours
I don't think that 'hosing' is a word or term to be used in this context. Tubing, perhaps.
BOBAN Il y a 6 jours
How many times he said SLOWLY: 👇🏻
Cian Brady
Cian Brady Il y a 6 jours
Remove the nicotine from tobacco?
alaskanalain Il y a 7 jours
Next: Nuclear reactor.
isra Il y a 7 jours
12:03 12:04
Zohaib Rajputs
Zohaib Rajputs Il y a 7 jours
Helow brother i want to talk you about Gold making... can you plz contact me
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Il y a 7 jours
Can we hang out?
Garbage Knight
Garbage Knight Il y a 7 jours
i wanna see him attempt something similar to rearden steel, from atlas shrugged. a steel strong as or stronger than steel, but lighter than steel, with the properties of stainless steel. and i feel that somehow the process of making aerogel could be used, im some sort of way.
Follow My God
Follow My God Il y a 7 jours
Can you teach us how to make Isopropyl Alcohol, and Hydrogen Peroxide?
Tyler B
Tyler B Il y a 7 jours
This content is incredible man, I really appreciate you putting all this energy into chemistry and applied science. I love and appreciate everyone that dedicates their life to science communication, and someday hope to join your ranks. Keep up the good work man!
Neki Stunter
Neki Stunter Il y a 7 jours
They used your clip in my Online school 42:25 You can see your logo clearly there
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