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After a breathless second half the game is over and it's Inter who take the points, a potentially crucial win in this tightest of groups. Wins for the bottom two over the top two have left things wide open tonight, and all four teams can still qualify next week. Lukaku starred tonight, scoring twice and being a constant threat, while his opposite number Pléa also scored two. Thrilling game, thrilling group, and more to come next week
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1 déc. 2020




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Commentaires 100
Gcastaldo 7
Gcastaldo 7 Il y a mois
If inter win vs shaktar and madrid win vs borussia do inter go through now because of the head to head vs borussia
The Nyne2Fivers
The Nyne2Fivers Il y a mois
I see You... Plea Plea
1AMRamen Il y a mois
Lukaku shoving off Zakaria for the first goal was immense strength
Anthony Hrebien
Anthony Hrebien Il y a mois
I wanted underachieving Inter to lose. Conte is obnoxious.
shakesbeer Il y a mois
8:49 is blocking his vision?
RelaxingAngel Il y a mois
Hala Madrid thank you inter for winning
InterPool CapsTide
InterPool CapsTide Il y a mois
9:08 for Brozovic's absolutely PERFECT, phenomenally CONTROLLED slide tackle in our own box to stop Gladbach's dangerous stoppage time attack AND win the ball back all in one extraordinary movement
MysticFellow Il y a mois
I'd just duck out of the way if I was a keeper having to deal with Lukaku's insane power goals.
Choice Meat Randy
Choice Meat Randy Il y a mois
Lol @ the disallowed goal. VAR is a joke and clearly corrupt
jay f
jay f Il y a mois
I'm over Var
TheOman1997 Il y a mois
Since when has Lukaku turn into this beast with pace, passing, vision, agility, right footed!?
zenish neupane
zenish neupane Il y a mois
Lukaku the fucking beast
Geo C
Geo C Il y a mois
Inter robbed a win.
A Alagao
A Alagao Il y a mois
The faint fair partner chronically scorch because oyster analytically like following a last stick. rare, utopian digger
Zyncta Il y a mois
Impressive seeing lukaku move around creating chances & plays with the way he’s built. Definitely not just strength and power but technical.
L. Velez
L. Velez Il y a mois
Lukaku showing hes still a freaking BEAST. That man is incredible.
Tam Dang
Tam Dang Il y a mois
MG deserve 1 point
Tony Richard
Tony Richard Il y a mois
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Jonathan Spencer
Jonathan Spencer Il y a mois
The bright floor optically puncture because ticket histologically reply midst a crab. private, unable gun
Tide Tyler
Tide Tyler Il y a mois
Why lukaku moving like Messi in this game tho damn🔥
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez Il y a mois
Someone explain to me how the goal was disallowed? The player didn’t touch the ball, and he wasn’t in the line of vision from the keeper to the ball...
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez Il y a mois
Lukaku with that left foot composure
ksvrs msv
ksvrs msv Il y a mois
Lukaku's strength just feels like an unfair advantage sometimes.
CHELSKI9 Il y a mois
Jovani Gonzalez
Jovani Gonzalez Il y a mois
Lukaku killing it damn!!!
Jolly John
Jolly John Il y a mois
Great game for united!
Juan V
Juan V Il y a mois
lukaku was such a bully in his first goal
176cgna Il y a mois
Fuck VAR its killing the game I hope the new fifa president scraps it.... it's the beautiful game not the perfect game... they are trying to make it perfect yet you still get stupid ass decisions in la liga vs Barca in liga mx vs teams like america and chivas in Bundesliga and in internationals and champions wastes time maybe they should do a.hybrid half like maybe only 1 review per half or.some shit like that....
DAVID FLORES Il y a mois
The Real G.O.A.T
The Real G.O.A.T Il y a mois
Maradona Tribute video👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
D_D Il y a mois
Why was the goal disallowed? Ball didn't touch Embolo
Jessie Gonzalez
Jessie Gonzalez Il y a mois
Lukaku was unbelievable!
Brooke Dardik
Brooke Dardik Il y a mois
That was a very soft offside call, I doubt the keeper was getting there anyway. I hope Borussia go through they are entertaining to watch would be fun to see another underdog go on a long run in the knockout stages.
J P Il y a mois
I love inter but that var decision was bullshit.
void scythe
void scythe Il y a mois
This was so entertaining two teams refuse defeat 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nuveo Il y a mois
How tf was that goal disallowed, embolo didn’t touch the ball
Aych Bhomas
Aych Bhomas Il y a mois
Lukaku gained a new fan to40day. It's a treat to see a player in such form where you can almost anticipate a goal if he gets the ball with space around the 18, i.e I had no doubt that he was going to score @4:50
The King
The King Il y a mois
Alexis Sánchez showing Utd fans why he was a flop with that giveaway.
The King
The King Il y a mois
Alexis Sánchez showing Utd fans why he was a flop with that giveaway.
A Poocumber
A Poocumber Il y a mois
Plea definitely looked offside and I almost never say that
A Poocumber
A Poocumber Il y a mois
Dude lukaku was unplayable. Complete fire
E. Carter Uslabar
E. Carter Uslabar Il y a mois
Goal at the end should have stood. Whenever the ref is called over to look at it, they're pressured to overturn it regardless of whether or not it was right.
Khiry Managan
Khiry Managan Il y a mois
Lukaku the Inter Legend in the making💙🖤🤍
Remex333 Il y a mois
How was the goal disallowed? Handonovic is literally staring at the ball.
shakesbeer Il y a mois
and then he raises his hand for an OFFSIDE like what
Mo 7
Mo 7 Il y a mois
Can we just talk about how the ref screwed 3 teams in one call..
Shell Dahl
Shell Dahl Il y a mois
Zlatan is right about Lukaku! - he is far from accurate ! 🤣 (- but as I have said before; he is dangerous as he is big, strong and actually fast too; he is a bulldozer -)
Douglas Asante
Douglas Asante Il y a mois
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keiff Boss
keiff Boss Il y a mois
Lukaku is unplayable . 🔥🔥🔥 What a difference mental happiness makes .
Siyao Wu
Siyao Wu Il y a mois
I don't understand how the centerback didn't see Lukaku for so long a time before he scored his second goal.
Jp tyrannosaurus 29
5:54 what a pass from alexis sanchez
Jens Eser
Jens Eser Il y a mois
3-3 was no regular goal???? The Inter keeper had clear sight to the player who shot the ball! - UEFA Mafia..
Jp tyrannosaurus 29
Crazy to think inter fans want to sack conte. Even after he turned man utd flops like sanchez lukaku darmian and even YOUNG!!!! Into weapons
Raul Rubio
Raul Rubio Il y a mois
Bruh Lukaku doesn’t even need space damn
Steve M
Steve M Il y a mois
Lukaku is having fun
Kaiser Il y a mois
Lautaro and Lukaku are so fun to watch together.
omargamer1111 Il y a mois
If Inter beat Shaktar and M'Gladbach beat Real Madrid then Inter and M'Gladbach are going thorugh. Real will be bottom of the group. Interesting.
Gcastaldo 7
Gcastaldo 7 Il y a mois
why can lukaku sprint and dribble now
Bro did lukaku just hate man utd or something
Bryan Hilfiger
Bryan Hilfiger Il y a mois
My mind is trying to figure out how young missed that shot
GhostRider5370 Il y a mois
Inter is so comical u dont know who they are week to week, the sad thing is Conte reinforced a lethal duo in Lautaro-Lukaku with some washed up players, and uses his old weapon Vidal instead of Eriksen
Abri Il y a mois
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iNexl Il y a mois
Gladbach were robbed of a point
Mista Schlick
Mista Schlick Il y a mois
This proves how wrong Man U's system is if someone like Lukaku was let go. And so many others
Do Tung
Do Tung Il y a mois
Lukaku has been absolutely unstoppable this season🔥🔥🔥 What a player, coming into his prime as well
Chidera ann ugwu
Chidera ann ugwu Il y a mois
Lukaku is an excellent player. That guy is on fire❤️❤️❤️💥💥💥👑
Evan Tansimore
Evan Tansimore Il y a mois
i swear i hear "munchie glad-back"
Stephen Ugochukwu
Stephen Ugochukwu Il y a mois
This match gave me joy 🤩
E_M_E_T Il y a mois
I can't believe it's actually possible for madrid to get 4th in their group
Smookiie Il y a mois
Chad Gardner
Chad Gardner Il y a mois
Lukaku activated beast mode in this game
Guy Doctorio
Guy Doctorio Il y a mois
I'm so glad that Lukkaku left Man U and found his place
Javier Torres
Javier Torres Il y a mois
Is that lukaku or Messi?
kc414 Il y a mois
Lukaku, Alexis, Darmian, Young... only a matter of time before Phil Jones and Lingard end up at Inter
eason777662893 Il y a mois
Lukaku, Darmian, Sanchez, and Young. lol
Ben Meilinger
Ben Meilinger Il y a mois
announcer: Inter surely have the win they need gladbach: scores two goals (kinda)
shakesbeer Il y a mois
they were robbeb don't u think?
John Avi
John Avi Il y a mois
Lukaku is a beast. Definitely Inters best signing In a while.
Michael Il y a mois
Inter just saved Madrids chances of making it out the group
Tayfun Sengul
Tayfun Sengul Il y a mois
Gladbach's goal is stolen!
David Noriega
David Noriega Il y a mois
Daaaammn they got robbed! That was clearly a goal!!!
Juan Mejia
Juan Mejia Il y a mois
lukaku is a tank
Newton Obeng
Newton Obeng Il y a mois
Lukaku’s best performance fr
zenith12417 Il y a mois
Alexis shouldn't be dribbling like that in midfield anymore.. he ain't at arsenal
Jason Bonilla
Jason Bonilla Il y a mois
Football Masters
Football Masters Il y a mois
If Harry Kane had a game like Lukaku had the press wouldn't stop talk about it.
marco sanchez
marco sanchez Il y a mois
RA45 YT Il y a mois
Inter has so many Manunited Flops that are amazing at Inter
RVSS TrackUnion
RVSS TrackUnion Il y a mois
Still that would be a 3-3 easy lol
Emerzon Gonzales
Emerzon Gonzales Il y a mois
Lukaku saved Real Madrid from making it to the round of 16, 😞 Real Madrid is some Shi, and I’m a Real Madrid fan, but I gotta be honest
Patrick Lopresti
Patrick Lopresti Il y a mois
lol how tf did Young miss that
Jacob Speckman
Jacob Speckman Il y a mois
Lukaku wtf
John miklo
John miklo Il y a mois
Bullshit ending. Fuck UEFA
DenariHD Il y a mois
What a goal line clearance from Ashley Young !
K M Il y a mois
That’s was a goal similar happened in man city gainer Lyon and was allowed why now this one not
Christian Pazmino
Christian Pazmino Il y a mois
Lol anyone noticed the inter Milan defense line at the whistle lmao they jump together like kids getting ice cream for the won
AShahKhan Il y a mois
How da faq is that offsides? Did i miss something?
Antonio Rodriguez
Antonio Rodriguez Il y a mois
Var call was horrible. Didn’t get a touch on the ball, and wasn’t blocking Samir’s view. As you can see in the last angle, his head is clear and is able to see where plea is shooting as well as able to have enough time to dive. That’s on him for not moving. Congrats to var, once again ruining a game
Michael Sánchez
Michael Sánchez Il y a mois
Woooow thank you Reff!
Joel Pineda
Joel Pineda Il y a mois
Me happy with the result because I’m a Madrid fan😭😭
Yaro Sketches
Yaro Sketches Il y a mois
Inter made Madrid look soo good....😤....#inter out!!
Lionelson Auguste
Lionelson Auguste Il y a mois
Inter so bad vs a small team.. lucky the goal was disallowed
Jägermeister Bator
Borussia played well and deserved the goal! SofaB referee