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24 mai 2020




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Commentaires 80
Millennium Il y a 9 heures
Kevin Harlan??? Cmon Kenny that’s Mike GOAT Breen
pLAymaK3r3 Il y a jour
You talk a lot , like if flight is better
Sivaranjani Kalala
Sivaranjani Kalala Il y a 2 jours
Where is drummond
El-ahrairah Il y a 2 jours
Come on.... we all know what number 1 is.
Matthew langel
Matthew langel Il y a 3 jours
Do people actually fine this shit funny? He’s not even interested in the video 😂
Noah Pink
Noah Pink Il y a 6 jours
5:12 HOF indimidator
callmemoses G.
callmemoses G. Il y a 7 jours
The one against harde would be smart if he could only win with a three pointer
Luke Kahs
Luke Kahs Il y a 13 jours
First play is just a shitty 2k animation lmao
Please Leave
Please Leave Il y a 14 jours
RIP Fred McLeod (The announcer Delly fell on at 1:20)
Cancer Gaming
Cancer Gaming Il y a 17 jours
REACT to SB Nation Larry Bird and Bill Laimbeer Beef
Uninteresting YouTube commenter
I know he makes really long NBA videos on other channels. But in what world is it considered impressive to make 7 videos in 7 days if you're literally spending 10 minutes just watching someone else's video?
Adam The Turtle
Adam The Turtle Il y a 29 jours
James Harden telling Tucker how he plays defence. 10:31 😂
Drew 74_i
Drew 74_i Il y a mois
I hate Joel and Boogie
worlds bestnoob
worlds bestnoob Il y a mois
0:30 get into it
Wild Vince
Wild Vince Il y a mois
The title is low IQ plays 3:08 so lebron james eating is a Low IQ basketball play. 😂
Alex Bailey
Alex Bailey Il y a mois
The commentator is Mike Breen during the JT miss dunk cavs
TJ Kane
TJ Kane Il y a mois
RIP to the commentator Delly ran over
Alijah Lynch
Alijah Lynch Il y a mois
Don't disrespect Chris Paul
Ryan Ball
Ryan Ball Il y a mois
Do better Kenny
JJ Blackner
JJ Blackner Il y a mois
2:05 does Kenny know that the rockets won this game and it wasn't a series?
Yurzys Il y a mois
It's funny when people run on the court tbh
Mr. Cheesekake
Mr. Cheesekake Il y a mois
I guess Mike Breen is Kevin Harlan
Christian Ingram
Christian Ingram Il y a mois
Kenny has the lowest IQ of them all
Fiend Archive
Fiend Archive Il y a mois
RIP Fred who was the commentator Delladova ran over.
Little Richard
Little Richard Il y a mois
Kenny not laughing at the funny moments is like the funniest thing ever
Nick Baller
Nick Baller Il y a mois
i almost cried when you didint say ''and we back''
Luke Nolan
Luke Nolan Il y a mois
who else tryed to click on the video at the end called why we miss the playoffs
Fundings GT
Fundings GT Il y a mois
Kenny cmon bro u know the difference between Kevin Harland and Mike breen, Mike breen was definitely calling the jaylen brown missed dunk
Freddie the Boss
Freddie the Boss Il y a mois
Who remembers when boogie and draymond green went at each other the whole game
Jake Washington
Jake Washington Il y a mois
6:01 Kenny didn’t get the joke. It’s a quote from the Phantom of the Opera play 😂😂😂
יובל הורביץ
Where are all those lebron/wade/bosh videos
DJ Lindahl
DJ Lindahl Il y a mois
Bro that is not a regular atv. That’s a mini atv
JACOB BARTON Il y a mois
You can see in 2k, because of that 4ot game, Jokic played the most minutes in a game in nba history. CJ McCollum is 3rd
Jacob Rivera
Jacob Rivera Il y a mois
Yo not even joking Is Kenny high this vid😂 he called mike Breen Kevin Harlen and he said that the kevin Durant out of bounds play changed the series when it was a regular season game in January and the miss call didn’t even matter bc harden hit a crazy double teamed 3 to win
tf2 fragvideo
tf2 fragvideo Il y a mois
Dang who else thought their screen was cracked at the bottom
George Wilkes
George Wilkes Il y a mois
CrazyManGaming Il y a mois
Kenny getting everything wrong 😂 called someone out for getting things wrong and said it was Kevin Harlan. Mike Breen is the announcer in the clip and it’s Marv Albert that gets names wrong 😂
LIL MONEY Z Il y a mois
Ay did anyone tell you You look like ja morant
Roque Aldana
Roque Aldana Il y a mois
i was at that heat nuggests game when the guy ran on the court😭😭 whole arena went crazy
Abdul Wahab
Abdul Wahab Il y a mois
2:50 Bruh you can’t call Mike Breen your favourite broadcaster of all time and then mistake him for Kevin Harlan lmao
Mason Myers
Mason Myers Il y a mois
The kd clip was in the regular season
NBA Hopeful
NBA Hopeful Il y a mois
But in the refs defense, even James Harden thought he missed because if you watch it he goes after the ball for the rebound. Can’t blame that sh** on the refs
Nasier The GOAT
Nasier The GOAT Il y a mois
Kenny joel ain't have the 0 point game against Raptors in 2019 he had it this season cause re watch that clip Kawhi on the court
NBA Hopeful
NBA Hopeful Il y a mois
It was because Tatum missed a dunk and then Jaylen misses another dunk.
Kevin Hayden
Kevin Hayden Il y a mois
Yes we do
zakaria warsame
zakaria warsame Il y a mois
Make a video of the top 10 I am back moments 🏀🤘
Caleb Wright
Caleb Wright Il y a mois
7:58 that’s the sexy jersey too
Cormac Ó Duigneáin
Kenny, you should react to the Irish sport hurling
steevn shires
steevn shires Il y a mois
anyone else getting some major sad vibes from kenny? :( we love you bro keep pushin
Antnio Fry
Antnio Fry Il y a mois
Nah Harlan wasn't crazy, in that game of that series vs the Cavs the Celtics kept missing layups and dunks and they lost the game
Ben Schramm
Ben Schramm Il y a mois
I’ll just take $100 rn bc I know it aint gonna happen😂
Sheepje Il y a mois
The montage was fire, but very little low IQ plays. Some of them were really high IQ plays
Jordan Hernandez
Jordan Hernandez Il y a mois
Michael Beasley reminds me of flight
Mr. Apple
Mr. Apple Il y a mois
Day one of asking Kenny to react to Chris boshs funniest photo bombs
King TA
King TA Il y a mois
The title should be "Flight Reacts nba plays" 😂😂
Jake Paster
Jake Paster Il y a mois
kenny watch the allen iverson mvp season highlights on the nba channel
Clunker_Ablaze Il y a mois
Most of these aren’t low iq plays
edzzz Il y a mois
Wooooooow kenny's voice in the start of the video was deep
ChaseNYummy -
ChaseNYummy - Il y a mois
That was bad time for the Bulls wait it is still bad for the bulls I want Jordan back
Donaven Brown
Donaven Brown Il y a mois
Watch rondos funny clips
Luca Lebrun
Luca Lebrun Il y a mois
Curry probably did give a shit
Luca Lebrun
Luca Lebrun Il y a mois
Kd play bro harden still won so it doesn't matter
GeneralShowHD Il y a mois
Please do high IQ plays now
Thomas Cooper
Thomas Cooper Il y a mois
He should react to Nba's role players hitting big shots.
Swift Aspect
Swift Aspect Il y a mois
React to some kobe pls
Ayertey Nathan
Ayertey Nathan Il y a mois
That wasn't Kevin harlen that was Mike breen
Flynn Awty
Flynn Awty Il y a mois
Love your vids
Shaqo Fall
Shaqo Fall Il y a mois
Ivica Zubac got traded cause he ruined Taco Tuesday for the fans
Humza Heel
Humza Heel Il y a mois
Man said harlen was breen
Stuart Thorn
Stuart Thorn Il y a mois
snub challenge sim a season and see who was a snub of an award or team selection and get them on your team and win
pesty Il y a mois
2:05 that was a regular season game, also James Harden hit a game winner right after so the rockets won
random kid
random kid Il y a mois
Lol Kenny called Mike Breen Kevin Harlan
MeepZyy Caps
MeepZyy Caps Il y a mois
Rip Fred mcloud
Trunkten 26
Trunkten 26 Il y a mois
I be waiting for my money Kenny
Tina Ball
Tina Ball Il y a mois
beastybad Il y a mois
Love the videos Kenny!
Ben Locatelli
Ben Locatelli Il y a mois
steve kerr was BAKED
RipRasco Il y a mois
kenny, you have to react to the heartbreaking injuries comps
NaSi Vids
NaSi Vids Il y a mois
Make a vid with flight
ethan Wood
ethan Wood Il y a mois
Yo Kenny you seem off this video, you been on the grind for us lately, we get it if you gotta take a break. Stay good brotha